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165 U.S. 11, Nanticoke, PA 18634


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jules Greenburg T-A Carousel

  1. 1st time/last time

    Dead Beat Club!Ugly girls!Thiefs!Bartender is fat!Manager(jimmy) is only interested in his wife(princess.The club is has no customers.

  2. Mike S****

    Dakota is one of the best dancer’s I have encountered in my 17 years of going to clubs.She is worth every dollar and than some, you will not be dissappointed at all with her. I will be back to see her when she get’s back from vacation. P.S. the free beer is a great idea,bathrooms very clean,and was very impressed…….

  3. Shawn

    This place BLOWS!Dancers are terrible.Never again.A waste of time and money. Stopped in and there were 3 dancers and I wouldn’t call them dancers but for this place I guess thats what you call them. I was one of 3 customers for the 30 minutes I wasted.

  4. visitor

    I recently worked in the area for a week and visited the club on a few nights. I loved the dancers, most were very hot, but especially Connie & Casey. Both were so nice and friendly, and both had the most amazing boobs I’ve seen in a while! And the bartender, Tanya, is also a real cute lady, and so nice and friendly. It is really a great place…very customer friendly! I’ll be back when I’m in the area again!

  5. Zach

    Saturday night was a blast! So many of the attractive veteran dancers, plus a whole new batch of hot, young things! All were friendly and great to talk with between dances. And their VIP’s were so amazing! No pressure…just a lot of fun. The club, especially with the hot bartender, has come a long way. Plus, you can still bring your own beer if you want. They have all bases covered!

  6. frequent guest

    this club rocks. I always have a great time with the girls and other staff. The bartender is cute as hell and the dancers are top notch. I have been to alot of other clubs and their girls are no match for these girls here.

  7. Tony

    a great place with some amazing dancers! had a blast!!

  8. Frank

    Carousel SUCKS!Music is to quiet when there is music.No dancers and no customers.Drunks at the bar too.

  9. Hank

    Was in Wilkes Barre for a business meeting and my hotel recommended the Carousel as a good club, and it was! Very relaxing, pretty dancers who were very friendly, and a great bar. No high pressure ladies…only fun and a great time! I’ll be back!

  10. Jessie


  12. Stan

    Nice club with some sharp dancers. A friendly place with a great bar setup.

  13. Craig

    This place SUCKS! I saw only 6 dancers saturday night if you call them dancers.There were only a few customers.Not a place to spend time. Left and will never be back!!

  14. Reg Customer

    Went to see the old “Feature” appearing in WB, who made her name HERE and collected so many big bucks from us loyal customers in her VIPs. What a waste, as she ignored me and all the time & money that she lured as a Nanticoke gal. She is not a local, but all greed, with no loyalty! Forget her!

  15. Carl

    I agree with Will This place has really gone downhill. I was last in last week and definately won’t be back for a while.

  16. Matt

    I had a great time tonight and I got to see that ALYSSA who everyone has been talking about. Wow! She’s hot!

  17. rick
  18. Jimmy

    What a nice club! Thursday nite was so good, about 12 dancers, most very hot…and all very friendly! All the girls liked to stop and talk at the tables or bar and give great lap dances. No drunks that I saw?? And I had my own beer, no prob. I agree with erick, prob a nasty old ex-dancer who is mad at the club keeps posting these nasty comments. I’ll def be back again.

  19. Mike

    3 customers at 10pm saturday nite!This club sucks!

    Never will be back!The 10 or so dancers were dogs. BOw Wow!

  20. New customers

    Four of us went to the club for the first time Friday night around 8:00. It was really busy, with the bar and stage being pretty full. There were about a dozen dancers, mostly good looking, and all very friendly. We each had a few VIP’s…loved MaryJane and Fantasy…and we all had a great time. We did out own byob, so we spent our money on the dancers, a wise choice. We stayed til 12:00 and things were still busy. We’ll def be back again!

  21. 2 new

    New costumers regret the visit last night!

    A real boring club!

    A couple decent girls,mostly just after your wallet and nothing else. Music was very low and no DJ till a little after 7. Stayed a few hours but will never visit again.

  22. nuke
  23. mark

    I’ll never be back to this dead club. music is so quiet whenever the manager and his wife are working. You could hear the guy pissing in the toilet from the bar area with the music playing. This is not a club,its a place to get your money stolen from you or your rocks off at a hotel from one of the pigs.

  24. aaron

    where did all of the hot chicks go in this club? i’ve been coming here for awhile and theres not a great selection anymore…theres only a few sexy ones, but they make it worth the trip

  25. Jake

    Had a great time Saturday night. I’ll be back.

  26. TaoDude

    Still the best club in this area – most personable and talented dancers, great staff, comfortable atmosphere.

  27. kenny

    Maryjane is the best! A hot, friendly lady. Great vips! Wish she were there more nights.

  28. j.m.f.
  29. Sam
  30. Passion
  31. Jason

    Love the club! Always have a great time, especially when Autumn dances! I hope to see her this weekend. She’s so hot and a lot of fun!

  32. Pete

    When your bar opens in a week or so, how will things work? Will there be an admission fee? Will BYOB stop, with drinks only bought from the bar? Will there still be nude dancers, along with the VIP rooms? Can you explain please?

  33. Carousel Fan

    Like the club as it is now…friendly. No backstabbing or jealousy as before…no favoritism by the manager. You don’t sacrifice those things for personal gain. The girls and the place are great!

  34. jimbo
  35. old regular

    The carousel actually turned to shit since the bar opened.No free beer from 3-7. No free beer on sundays from 3-9 No free pizza days. Just pay your money to get in and then get sacked by high price drinks and ugly dancers hounding you. Place now opens at 5 because there are never any dancers early and even at 5 or 6 there is only 1 or 2.

    Jerry is a promoter and probably the same person writting here constantly about promoting a dump so that his dancer/girlfriend could get a customer or 2 to come in the [place.Not worth anyones time anymore.

  36. new customer

    I was at the Carousel for the 1st time this weekend with my buddies & it was amazing! The ladies are really hot and friendly and the bartender in so sharp! The bar set-up is great and the VIPs are so good! My friends said the place has gotten much better in the past few months and they are right on. I’ll be back soon!!

  37. Squeaker

    Like the club and the dancers a lot. It’s small, but you get real personal treatment. The vips are worth the bucks, and the bartender is a nice addition.

  38. ClubVET

    The Atmosphere makes the club,Hot dancers,Attractive Barmaids,BYOB Or a Bar drinks,Affordable VIPs,Reasonable $ Drinks,No Metal Detectors at the door # 1 Connie

  39. patron
  40. customer55
  41. About Alyssa

    This is Alyssa….I dont know who this other Alyssa girl is but its not me….the only club I have ever danced and still dance there is the Carousel…. I have never danced at those other clubs…..so make sure whoever you are, that you are trashing the right girl!!!! cuz I am not the Alyssa that you are thinking of.



  43. jerome

    Hot club and hot ladies! The place to party!!

  44. Exotic Dance Masters

    We vsiited the club on Saturday the 5th and we found it to be refreshing in many ways! The club staff is polite and professinal, the club is clean, the prices are appropriate, the entertainers are professional. All in all we give it major thumbs up ! Would love to see them have a website!

  45. old customer

    I haven’t been in for a while, but was pleasantly surprised to see Casey dancing at the club! She looked terrific! A great figure, such amazing boobs, and a real friendly welcome! We had a great VIP and a nice chat. She’s a great addition to the Carousel’s dancers!

  46. first timer

    had the time of my life and would go back any day

  47. Luke

    So many dancers are advertised, but so few show up. I’ve been there when one dancer is alone for hours. Why the false hype? If you have the dancers, get them in!

  48. big fake

    Alyssa is a big fake money hungry cunt. I’ve seen her at Wild J’s, Tabu, G10, Mustangs and she was chased out of all of them. I heard she was fucking the owner of Tabu and he dumped her. I now she blows Bob from mustangs also. stay a way far away.

  49. Raymond

    I like the place a lot. Theres a nice group of dancers there, both young and mature. They are friendly and a lot of fun. And the bartender is nice to talk with when you want to take a break, she could be a dancer, very hot! And it’s good that you can but a beer there or bring your own.

  50. guest

    this club rocks!!!!!!

  51. To Stripper

    That’s not true!!

  52. loyal customer

    Dakota’s shows were amazing! Hope we see her here again!

  53. up north
  54. Ray

    Had a great time at the club. Met a nice dancer named Mary Jane, real cute and a great body! A very friendly lady, who I had a great vip with. Definielty worh the trip!

  55. Weekly Customer

    I’m surprised to see some of the old dancers back here again. I don’t like the path the club is going down now. What happened?

  56. Tim

    Had a great time Sat nite, sharp dancers, great vips and a nice bartender.

  57. Sammy

    Are there any dancers there today? How about Sat & Sun…whose on?

  58. john

    It seems to me as if Jersey is just trying to promote herself on here, she is OK but nothing to write home about.

  59. good ole boy

    the best club in northeast pa

  60. legend
  61. anonymous

    Had good time in club, small club and ok dancers but none too pushy and good had a good time

  62. harry
  63. Feature schedule

    Feature Entertainer DAKOTA will be performing friday,saturday,3 shows each night.

  64. STEVE

    Place was dead for a friday!not worth anyones time.Acemetary would be more exciting.

  65. Freddie

    Whoever said the club was shit should have been there Sat. night. Over a dozen girls, many young and very sharp. The bar and dance floor seats were filled. A great time!

  66. Toby

    my first time in. sat nite was rockin! a lot of good lookin ladies! partied hardy til1 1:00. a great place!

  67. you have got to be kidding me

    What a dive!! I will never return to this bar. The girls are nasty and the bartender was worse. This club is not worth your time or money trust me I found out the hard way!!!!

  68. ron
  69. Len

    I’ve been a customer of the Carousel for the past few years and liked it a lot. Dancers and managers have changed, but in the end, it is still a great place to chill and have fun. I like the bar and the bartender a lot, Tanya is hot and is nice to play with when dancers aren’t on the stage in the early hours. But after 6:oo, it is a rockin club. Connie has always been the hottest babe there, and Jersey is to great to haave back. Don’t change a thing!

  70. Kev

    The girls are really HOT and the VIP’s are awesome!!! I really like the 15 minute VIP’s! Next time I am going to get a 30 minute VIP! This club rocks!!! Can someone post the dancers’ schedules? I’d like to come when Connie and Alyssa are dancing. I want a VIP from both!

  71. Jeremy

    Great club in Luz County. Was in the area & my hotel said this was the place to go! Such hot dancers, a great bar, and a really friendly atmosphere. I will be back!

  72. Tao Dude

    Excellent club with beautiful ladies, a fantastic bartender (also beautiful) and great music.

  73. Nicky

    Was in Sat nite with some buds…had a great time….such hot babes were dancing…so hot & eager to play…. such great bods and attitudes 🙂 So yummy!

  74. erick

    this club rocks, hot chicks, hot bartender, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and very personable girls…what’s up with all the negative comments? Probably jealous dancers from other clubs that want to take the carousels business?

  75. Timbo

    Fantasy, Arianna, Serena, and Alyssa are my favorites. I saw them each a few times over the past few weeks. Alyssa is my favorite probably because I like her looks more. But the others I mentioned are all excellent dancers too. I keep coming back because I really like the place.

  76. jayyyy

    1 of the best

  77. Eric

    This place has never been the same since Dakota left to feature. Don’t let anyone kid anyone. She was here to open the club on stage at 3pm almost everyday and stayed to close. i don’t care if she was with tom or not with tom. She was a doll to me and a pleasure to watch dance.

  78. Mitch

    TERRIBLE Place!Ugly,fake dancers and thieves!STAY AWAY!

    Biggest thief is the one with the huhe ass fake tits and fake hair.came in at 7:30 and lft about 9;30 after I couldn’t take the pissy girls that were there. There was more than 5 girls this time but still it was me near the stage and 2 other guys. the bar had several customers by it but overall the place was empty and the girls were nags.

  79. jj

    this club is a lot of fun, the girls are cool and down to earth, the bartender is really cute too, i will definetly be back

  80. Jared

    Had a great time here on Thursday night. Came in at 8:00 and there were at over 10 dancers, all cute and very friendly. Brought my own beer and did 2 VIPs. A good time was had by all!

  81. Bill

    my first time at this club was last year. The club was great then. Tons of people and great girls.I went there a few times after to see Mia and Felony. Mia was by far my favorite dancer. such a beautiful girl, not pushy at all and performed great. Did a few VIP’s with her. I went there this week. the club was dead. The girls are to pushy for VIPS, and not good looking at all. where did Mia, Felony, or Asia go? this club needs some better dancers and friendlier girls. I wasted money just so theses girls would stop nagging me. such a waste, didnt enjoy myself at all.

  82. jf
  83. Old Guy

    Saw dakota and thought she looked good rom a distance, but really got ols & wrinkled when up close. She moved fast and hustled for her money, but ne time for us old friends who made her big back when. THe Carousel was big enough to feature her when the old manager diid it. Why not now?

  84. one of five

    Several skanks work here!NO customers!Beautiful club but DEAD atmosphere. poorly run club.I was 1 of 5 customers for the 2 hours i stayed. Not worth visiting again.

  85. read this

    differant name but still the same place for junkie bitches to make money for their next fix. there is only 1 hot girl there, the manager’s cousin, place looks good but still a place for drugs, went to leave it to beaver’s the next night and had a blast

  86. Johnny

    Dead CLUB!Honestly this place sucks!The girls are nagging you for vip’s because there are NO customers. My first visit sucked. Fat girl with stretch marks would not shut up. red head walking around waddlling her saggy ass,the scammer with fake tits and fake hair along with a terrible dj. Will never come back unless there is some good reason and I can’t think of one right now.

  87. current dancer

    I’ve been dancing here for 2 years. The current management is not bad…doesn’t favor special dancers, as others did. The club opens at 5 & there are 4 or 5 dancers here by 6:00…so much better than under the last manager. By 7:00 there are about 6 or more dancers coming in. Buying from the bar is up to you. This is stil a BYOB club, so you can BYO or buy. From Wed Thru Sat the bar is open and its seats and the dance floor seats are filled after 8:00. There are a lot of new dancers, including many who left the Dome, along with many of our old favorites….like me 🙂 I danced at the Dome & left, as other feature dancers have, but that’s the business. Believe what you want…cum in and see us, esp when the bar is open…Thanks…..a REAL DANCER

  88. regular guy

    Like the place a lot. Connie is my fav…always there early and really friendly. And she has the best boobs ever!

  89. Jerry

    The club is great with the bar(and sexy Tanya, the bartender)and all the new dancers, along with the hot ladies who’ve already been dancing there. I went in at 5:30 on Wednesday & there were 6 dancers there, and by 6:30 there were at least 6 or 7 more…Connie, Casey, Fantasy Melissa, Brittany, Mary Jane…these were just some of the hot ladies I met and had a blast with. When they weren’t dancing they would come and play around at the bar & do lap dances for the guys. And my VIP’s with Casey and then Fantasy were amazing. It was a great time and I’ll be back soon!

  90. Andrew
  91. Smitty

    Never been here,just wanted to defend and promote Dakota. She is a doll.

  92. first time

    Never again!Boring!Dull!Blah!Dead!Oh and did I mention BORING!!Waste of time and money to get in here.Never will I come here again and I will make sure I tell everyone I know how much this place sucked!

  93. Dick

    Stopped in Wed night and had a few beers. Also had a great time with some nice, friendly ladies. Fooled around and then had a great vip with one. I’ll go in again soon.

  94. to Dakota

    Dakota’s new pics are great! One of her fans said to check her out on Stagedoor Johhny’s site in Conneticut. She is shown under their Club Website section and is so hot…esp the nudes! She hangs in with the sharpest porn stars and shows it all so well! Dakota, will you post them on this site for everyone to access more easily? You are def moving up in the business!

  95. who is lieing

    Saturday night sucked! 1.5 hours of ugly so called dancers!

    Nobody in the place but money hungry so called dancers. This club bites the bullet! I will never come here again and suggest everyone to not try their luck here.

  96. Club Fan

    The last time I was there, MaryJane was so amazing!!! What r her hours & days? Please publicize them since my friends & I will be there for her! She is such a friendly hot babe & better than so many regs at other clubs! When she is there we will def be there also! That makes all of us happy…us, her, and the club 🙂 WOWOWOW….MaryJane!!!

  97. Mitchell

    one, maybe two alright looking girls. the rest, forget out it.

  98. customer
  99. Ricco

    Met some very nice babydolls who like to play. A good time!

  100. Club Couple
  101. Roy

    Sat nite was a good time. Lots of tasty dancers who liked to play around. No pressure, just fun. And Tanya is so damn hot! Would love to see her dance! Any chance she’d come in and dance earlier in the week? I’d be in then for sure!!!

  102. Bob

    I had a great time at the carousel, I’ll definetly be back

  103. Santo

    Had a great time! The dancers are hot & friendly, but there’s no pressure for VIP’s. MaryJane is a honey and made me feel very welcomed. Liked the bar and barmaid a lot. I’ll be back soon!

  104. Darren

    A great club! Connie blew me away!!!

  105. first/last

    Beware of this place! Dancers are terrible! Beautiful club inside. No customers and money hungry thieves as dancers.strongly recommend staying away from this club.One dancer pick pocketed my wallet while doing a vip that she nagged me for. Another dancer before her told me that another dancer has a disease. couldn’t wait to leave after that vip. What a shithole for a club becaue of the quality of dancers and type of dancers.

  106. rocky
  107. Gino

    Saturday night was the best! There were a lot of hot dancers who were really friendly. Had Vips with 2 dancers and both were great! The bartender is hot and a lot of fun.

    I’ll be back and recommend it to my friends!

  108. Greg

    Real nice time Sat nite. This club rocked! Partied with a lot of hot dancers. Very sexy bartender…..wish she’d dance too!

  109. local guy

    the new Carousel is great! Love the bar set up. The dancers are nice and not pushy. Why not give them some credit and stop letting old Dakota use this site as for promoting her “famous” new acts. She’s moved on….let her go.

  110. jim bob

    Much better girls since the place was the tilbury. The dancers are all very friendly and down to earth.

  111. JoJo

    Sat nite was a blast! A lot of hot women, very friendly and lovely! A very good time!

  112. Tommy

    Real nice club. Dancers are friendly. Had some great vips! Nice to not have to brink in your own booze…the bar and bargirl are great! It’s an upclose and personal atmosphere.

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