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1032 East Hector Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428


40.0754918, -75.2885112




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “7th Heaven

  1. re" disappointed dave"

    dissapointed because no one would blow you

  2. anon in pa
  3. RE: VAN

    ok Van, obveiously you have no clue what you are talking about because you think Sydnee and Victoria are so great. I have been going there for a while and I can tell you that you have got your facts mixed up. Jenna is one of the realist girls in that place, probably one of the few that aren’t on some type of drug. Most of the girls dont give you the time of day unless your spending some kind of money on them. And the ones that do probably dont have anyone else to talk to anyway. Ive noticed that bar to be sort of a regulars hang out, so a lot of the girls know a lot of the guys that come in and they go there to see a certain girl. Italia? Please. you cant get anymore ghetto than that. But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Maybe you should check your facts a little more before you go passing judgment. Sorry I didnt get any court time with sara, jenna, or brenda. Ill be back for you.

  4. Disappointed Dave

    The same guy owns this club and Baby Dolls, in Douglasville.

    Both clubs are dives and should be destroyed, as the lack of dancer talent is destroying them, anyway.

    Guys, save your money for girls who are worth it.

    I wouldn’t let my dogs hang out with the dancers there, for fear that the girls would orally attack the dogs.

  5. Sam

    One of the worst places I ever went to

  6. rjb

    Needs to be updated– need a smoke eater,

    better seating, etc.

  7. Swoop!

    A hand full of AWESOME dancers carry the place!

  8. ryan123

    Well as I’m sitting here it’s pretty dry not much found in see some cute girls but she can’t really dance nice breast tho that I will say uhm hard to tell if I’ll be back here again not really feeling it I’m bored out of my mind here Smh

  9. gjh

    AVOID AVOID AVOID. Dance is a joke. Everything is a joke.

    It should not even be put in a Strip Club category.

  10. JIm

    Does anyone know when Anna works this week? I know she leaves at the first and she is bangging hot.

  11. james1412

    This was the best place I have dance of my life. Customers are close to us. Charming place with lovely staff. My heart will always belong to 7th Heaven.

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  13. Michael

    It was so nice to be in a cozy, relaxed, and comfortable club. S0 many clubs are too big to get the personalized attention that I received here. I am home!

  14. LL

    First of all, the chubby bartender with the glasses just stands in the corner on her phone all night and is just horrible. The place is kind of suspect overall, with one major exception. The girls who travel and visit from out of town make it worth it. I don’t know if I would keep going when they aren’t there. Haley and Serena in particular were a lot of fun. Overall the place is ok and worth a couple bucks…

  15. fritter17

    Listen. As many other reviews have noticed there a few consistencies you’ll hear in the opinions: good place to go with limited funds in your possession, cheap cover, drinks are pretty standard priced if you ask me besides beer, and you will certainly forget the sun was ever outside. Keep in mind though, this is a C+ strip club. Yes, it wasn’t intended to possess the glamor and glitz that “city” gentleman clubs have and it is pretty small in comparison to those clubs as well. However, the one thing I appreciate about 7th Heaven is that a good amount (certainly not all) of the girls give a shit about their jobs and don’t approach you like mindless dancers that just want a dollar. Of course they want a dollar but you don’t get the same level of sincerity you would from a 7th Heaven dancer as you would at a “city” club. All in all, it’s a good time but don’t expect to be wowed; just entertained.

  16. bill
  17. TJ Smith

    Decent place for a quick beer and to see some boobs. Definitely look elsewhere if you want a dance. Can’t touch the girls and although they’re nice, they aren’t that talented.

  18. Gregory

    Not worth the visit.

  19. Mojo

    Stopped bye on a Friday and Tuesday afternoon. I understand the afternoon doesn’t have the A list dancers but these girls weren’t even trying! You can’t just stand against a pole, rub yourself then expect a tip.

    I caught 3 of the dancers both days before leaving – bored. Work the pole, Philly is a working town – you work for your cash or leave.

    I’ll stop bye some night soon and see the A list but I’m not holding much hope.

  20. Mark E.

    What can one say about a local strip joint on a public site :)For one it is the only place of it’s kind for 20 miles. I have gone there once or twice a year for the last 20 years. My wife has even been there a few times with her girlfriends as well. It’s not a bad place. There are some local dancers that have been there for years and then there are some new fresh faces that come in every few months. I have heard they serve standard dive bar deep fried food although I have never eaten there. I have gotten to know some of the bartenders over the years and they are a friendly bunch. As a small strip bar it serves its purpose 100% The drinks are a little more expensive than the other local dive bars but still cheaper than the upscale eateries nearby. One piece of advice is to give about this place is that is is extremely dark inside. If you are coming in from daylight don’t expect to see much for five minutes. But once your eyes adjust you can see all you need to see up close and personal.

  21. balls deep

    dancers are pretty beat. same old scene over and over again.

  22. WALDO

    I know this sounds dumb, but it was hard to find the front door to the place. Der.

    Overall, this place wasn’t that bad. The bar itself was kind of a dive, but no different than any other local bar I’ve been to. It was a little crowded, but it was Saturday night, so it was to be expected a little. I had to steal one guy’s chair while he was getting a dance 😉 The drinks are a little expensive, but not very. $4.25 for a Yeungling, but I understand. People kept mentioning the bathrooms, but they weren’t nearly as grody as everyone says.

    The bartenders were hot. Especially the one with the little bit of attitude. She was on her feet all day, and tired and cranky, but she was still managing to be friendly to everyone, especially me. That just made her even hotter.

    Most of the dancers there were bangin’. Some people say that when you go to a local joint, you get local talent, but these girls were spectacular. Some of these girls were really off the hook. There was only one girl that I thought was maybe a little too fat to be dancing. The club kept about a dozen girls in a two-song rotation. That’s pretty darn good for a place this size. After they got off stage, the girls would circulate and come and talk to you. They were really friendly and personable. I didn’t feel harrassed for a dollar. I didn’t feel like I had to give you a dollar just to go away.

    On a personal note, Carly you rule my world, baby. And to Jade and Fantasy; I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to spend some lap time with either of you, but I will be back. That’s for certain.

  23. ballpark

    Really ugly and fat girls.

  24. Looking

    Does anyone know if a dancer named “Talon” still dances there. Thin, no tits, short dark hair, killer eyes, and dances with a Cigar at times, but very good personality, used to work at Pump Time Tavern in Spring City 5 years ago?

  25. a

    ok place to grab some beers with the guys. They need to seriously fix the bathrooms though.

  26. duh

    Only a few gems here and it is a crap shoot if they are there and available when you show-up. Walk in and wake up. Chances at having a good time with a quality dancer is not likely if one of her regulars is there to meet with her. Hope you are into latin women because that is all that is left!

  27. Memphian
  28. Pigpen_lives

    I have been to all Philadelphia clubs — this is the worst. The girls are truly

    frightening and if you see a cute one get a good look because chances

    are you’ll never see her again because this club is so horrible they use an

    agency to send girls over & good ones never come back. Girls openly

    complain about how horrible it is and the bartenders are lazy. They had

    one good girl named Vanity and she left. They allow zero contact so save

    your $$

  29. Farther
  30. Down With It

    OMG, this place is a dump. Ugly ugly girls and terrible service. On the up side, if you spend enough money in there, the bouncers and dancers will let you get jerked off in the champagne courts.

  31. Glow Gentlemens Club

    NOW HIRING DANCERS!!! Ladies my name is Mark Mariano i run Glow Gentlemens Club in Bethlehem. We are now hiring DANCERS to work for Glow. We promise you more money than you are making here at ERVs. Come check us out or call. Ask for Mark or Paul. 3868 rte. 378 Bethlehem PA (610) 866 2110

  32. Chuck

    There has been a decline in talent lately, there is no more food except microwavable crap. But at least the bathroom is redone and isnt as revolting as it was

  33. Harry

    Classy club with neighborhood feel. Excellent and gorgeous bartenders. Cindy is hot hot hot and a sweetheart

  34. Pixy

    I have always loved this place

  35. Megan K.

    i hate to admit it, but i have been to the conshohocken ballet on more than 1 occasion. like i mentioned before, i dated a boy in this town, and we were limited to fun and night life. but, it is fun. my ex got a lap dance in a place off to the side that was kinda funny. the bartender was surley. i’m sure it has to do with the crowd that hangs in there. its very dark and the “ladies” def are not delilah’s caliber. but have positive attitudes. the drinks are not pricey and the music is good.

  36. wtf

    you talking about the anna who in jail for getting dui with her kid in the car

    shes in jail where she belong

  37. JD

    Best club ever! Love you Sydnee!!!

  38. Paul

    been here a few times and never had a good dance till last night.. last night I got a dance with the new girl jennifer Very Exotic and hot she gave me a great dance. I must say shes my fav. when I return to PA she is definately getting a good part of my money.

  39. Cletus
  40. YelpHatesMe Y.

    Remember Pirates of the Caribbean when the cursed pirates looked normal until moonlight him them? Its pretty much like that.Bottom line; If you have a fetish for toothless girls, then your mecca awaits.

  41. Taz
  42. MIke

    This club is prefectly fine for what it is: a small, intimate, neighborhood club. The club is clean and safe. The day shift girls were very friendly and did not overly hustle for private dances or drinks. The sets were limited to 2 songs: first fully dressed, second topless, and even with a small crowd the girls were pretty enthusiastic. The only real negative is the bathroom (one toilet that on a busy night will definetly get pretty foul) and if the place gets crowded, the only seats are at the bar.

  43. Steve

    Permanently Clisef

  44. disappointed

    This place is probably on it’s last legs and if it isn’t it should be very soon. The quality of the girls have deteriorated over the past few years so much that the bartenders are the hottest women in the joint. It’s always hard to tell when a good time to go is because the girls that are worth seeing don’t keep a regular schedule and you could end up wasting a lot of time with women that barely speak english. Good luck, you’ll need it!

  45. Ralphie
  46. john

    No atm on site, must pay 10% for a cash advance, and you dont recieve cash. its like monopoly money used for only the club! RIP OFF

  47. Bob

    7th Heaven is the most fun strip club I’ve ever been to! The girls are not only beautiful but down to earth and fun! I would recommend this club to anyone who wants to meet gorgeous girls and have a great time!

  48. Out of town vsitor

    Visited the club Friday night 09/28/2012 around 11:00 pm. The area seems safe and the parking lot was well lit. Paid the $10 cover charge and walked it. The club was pretty

    packed – 25-30 guys and 15 or so dancers. Most of the girls were fairly nice looking and seemed friendly, with many sitting and talking to customers.

    The club setup was different than most clubs I have visited. There is a rectangular bar that took up most of the room and seating all around the bar. In the center of the bar is a foot high platform where the girls dance. There is no contact between the dancers and customers while they are dancing. When they finish their two songs, they

    make their way around the rooms trolling for tips.

    At one end of the room is the DJ. To one side of him is a side is a small area with 8 small chairs (2 rows of 4 facing each other) where the dancers do lap dances. There is no privacy inside the room and you are almost banging into the person next to or across from you.

    You pay a bouncer $20 when you walk in for the first dance. You can pay for additional dances when you leave. I am not sure how it was timed. They did not seem to go by song

    My guess is it was timed – somewhere around 3-4 minutes per dance. The girls do not pay a house fee and get a portion of the dance or VIP money. Most also try to hit you up for a tip after the dance.

    Dance quality varied greatly from poor (wishing the dancer would hurry up and get it over) to very nice. Very limited two-way contact was allowed. They also would not let you take your drink into the lap dance area. There was a small ledge where you could leave your drink near the entrance. I am just not that trusting to leave a drink out of my sight at a place I have never been before.

    On the other side of the DJ was the VIP room. It’s setup was nicer, with 6 loveseats set up in a “U” shape with a drink table in the center. Although there was still no privacy (and a bouncer stayed in the room)it was much better than the lap dance area.

    The VIP dances were $200 for half an hour and included a free drink for you and the dancer. Soft, two-way contact seemed to be allowed. I strongly recommend tipping the VIP room bouncer to improve your time there.

    I spent some VIP time with a beautiful brunette dancer named Bella. She said she is from Canada and comes here for part of the year. Bella was sweet, smart, sexy and seems to really enjoy her work (especially if you treat her nice). She gave great dances and was fun to spend time with.

    Smoking is allowed in the club, but it was not horrible. As I mentioned, It is a pretty small club, so finding a seat on a Friday night was a challenge and the seat was

    sometimes lost if you left to get a dance. There were speakers all the way around the bar and I felt the music was very loud for such a small club.

    Overall, it seemed like a nice, local place where you can have a good time if you have some money and find the right girl.

  49. Local3221

    As other have said, this is essentially a bar, with some dancers rather than a strip bar. It has the same feel as a bar with no strippers. As a bar, it’s OK I guess. But don’t expect much time with the strippers. And it’s way too crowded.

  50. Space Shuttle
  51. winston12

    This place is so skannky – ugh the girls belong on Frankford Ave. There is also a fat ass bald guy who is so rude -says he’s the manager. He walked by me and I smelled his body odor. The other employees were cool but this FAT BALD MANAGER GUY was so gross ,he reached over me to get a napkin and his sweaty body odor made me gag. The place is shady ,smelly ,not a place u wanna hang or go to unless u have been in jail for 10yrs . Otherwise take my advice don’t waste ur time or $$ place sucks

  52. KKZ
  53. fred

    some of the dancers are pretty lame but they also have some

    really friendly ones such as Lily and Tatiana

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