Cloud 9 Show Bar



1110 Sumneytown Pike, Harleysville, PA 19438


40.3077975, -75.425302




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cloud 9 Show Bar

  1. hell yes
  2. JOKER
  3. homo

    faith u were great last night…in my bed that is.

  4. Brian

    This was my first night there and I will be going back the girls are beautiful and the LD was wonderful

  5. hler
  6. re-Vegas

    Hey Vegas,

    Isaiah 54:17 just ask Willow

  7. Happy customer

    Great club with beautiful girls who for the most part don

    ‘t hit and run. Celeste and Sierra are the best the club has to offer. Come in and check them out guy’s. You wont be disappointed!

  8. RE STEVE:

    RE steve: the biggest whore in that club is tasha, flash some coke in her face and shell suck your dick in a second and let you blow a load right in her mouth. Anyone who knows her will tell ya the same thing. There are a bunch of whores in this place but she is the biggest and nastiest!!!

  9. Rick

    Love this place! Anyone else is just spewing their hatred at everyone.

  10. lister

    always a blast and so many hot girls, angelina, ivy, summer, sunny, jade, isabella, april can never go wrong

  11. dale

    i love to come here the ladies are great..and i always leave w/ a smile on my face!!

  12. pope

    This place rocks out. Still has dignity and self respect than other clubs trying to do something that won’t last.

  13. The Floridian

    While this place might look like the Titty Twister in From Dusk to Dawn You won’t find George Clooney or any zombies inside,just friendly people and a neighborhood bar type atmosphere. Looks like they put in a new ventilation system and it is way less smokey and stale smelling.

    The girls are great and are more of the girl nextdoor types

    Very sexy indead.

    As Tony Montana would say “keep up the baaad work girls”

  14. Scotto

    Been coming here since it opened in like ’89 The girls and managment have always been great.I don’t live in the area anymore but I get in every couple of months and it seems to get better.Dosen’t seem to be as smokey as it used to which is a positive for us nonsmokers. Vegas is a real sweatheart.

  15. Guess who...

    Oh Frannie SHUT UP!!

  16. cluxton

    Faith has been doing more then working IN the club, I have a friend who she tends to. what a lucky guy.

  17. OH NO!

    Should we feel sorry for u Steve!?!?!? You ain’t gettin any at home-so u have to come here and call your favorite girls names!!! You poor,poor thing. Well, my suggestion is grow a bigger dick and then maybe you won’t feel so ashamed of yourself!

  18. Charles

    Dancers care about themselves and their own drama instead of making money and taking care of the customer.

  19. Love4Cloud

    “Steph are gonna break some next week”, “Babies daddie”, “maybe since you got you ass in shape”, “STI’s”, “you said and ignorant I remember”, “fake ass tits don’t make a womEn”…hmmm…sounds to me like you may have some sort of substance abuse issues…or you just suffer from an utterly small brain…perhaps both? I hope these girls don’t take this jackass seriously….whoever this jealous ex dancer is really needs to get herself some education…or rehab.

  20. Dirty Dave

    Love the club. The ladies are always great and very friendly. Champagne dances for everyone!!

  21. jay
  22. sa3f
  23. on a cloud

    welcome to the area!! the hrs are posted on the site. just come in and the girls are great! You can get just about any drink you want. they have couch dances and a vip room

  24. Tim

    Great club fun time nice atmosphere

  25. A Regular

    This club and its woman are the areas best kept secret.

  26. *Dancer*

    AGAIN… LET US KNOW in the comment section of how we can improve! It is our pleasure to serve you… 😉

  27. Big Stan
  28. Man in the know

    All these girls work so hard to get a dollar. maybe the guys should show appreciation and give them more than a lousy buck

  29. mr.j

    all i can say is wow!! i love how much fun all the girls are everyone here has something special to offer this club!

  30. mojo

    ugly women 4 sure.

  31. Down

    Cloud 9? Check to make sure you’re legal… A small titty girl with a big ass tried to sell me drugs… HA… under cover cop…

  32. To awesome!

    You have to be a stripper at this club because no real man would ever say something like that. Unless he’s a filthy, dirty, lonley guy that has no money to pay you when you grind all up on him

  33. ted

    girls are hot. service is great. nice skinny sexy girls. lots of brunettes. love that.

  34. Jeff

    I was in last night for the first time in a while. I normally go to another club in the area but decided to check out cloud 9. I have to say, I was very impressed with the girls. Very friendly and sexy. I went downstairs with Cali and had a great time. Can’t wait to go again. From the outside, the club looks like a dump and not much better from the inside. But, I have been to the higher end clubs and I much rather spend time with the cloud girls.

  35. 1way2rock

    Great club.

  36. Mack
  37. me me me me

    cool place to hang out and have a great time!!

  38. treacher
  39. Ray P

    Tom, stop complaining about who doesn’t have talent. You can’t even speak right let alone put it into sentences! Sure you are not the LOW LIFE! Go get a JOB!

  40. Rob

    great club – very nice girls

  41. timmy
  42. Re: re: dancer

    That must have been Hazel. She fell asleep (passed out?) drunk on me during a champagne court once. Luckily the manager graciously refunded my $ and apologized profusely.

    Hazel is a piece of work for sure. But the managelment runs a good club. Peace!

  43. DANCER

    I agree then… not cool.

  44. Barry

    I love it here thats all i can say.. i dont get out much but once a month but boy is it worth it!!

  45. Joel
  46. Stan

    Has the feel of a corner bar.

  47. Regular John

    HORRIBLE! Do not even waste your time! The girls are either doped out or

    400 lbs! And always drunk. All they do is sit with you and gossip about the

    other girls working there. The management is horrible and there is a

    pregnant girl who’s is like 7 months along and from what the other girls say

    she has chlamydia it’s just gross. This place needs to be shut down.

  48. TBone

    I’m biased. Ivy is fucking HAWT.

  49. Lucky

    Never a bad time here. Ladies are ALWAYS great. Plus one of the best staffs in any club.

  50. Dude

    I love this place, just wish lilly was still here

    We miss you babe!

  51. jason

    i like it here not a hard core hustle. i enjoy my time have some beers and get on my way.def on of my fav clubs.

  52. Mr. Sinatra

    The females are awesome in this place. You will forget the real world once you pass through the doors

  53. me, me, me, me

    This place is great! Cool staff! Always have a good time there! Let’s bring back body shots!!!

  54. never to return

    place is a joke

  55. loxrjm
  56. Strprgrl

    These girls are HOT

    MOjo? More like MOFO! What’d you do, try to stick something where you shouldn’t and get thrown out?

  57. HighSchoolEducation

    Damn….the person, or people, trashing Cloud 9 are really,

    REALLY dumb….the spelling, grammar and umm….english is

    really, REALLY disgusting….if your going to bash on

    someone or an awesome establishment in public…please….go

    get your GED….at least….because not only are you making

    yourself look like a total fool and making Cloud look ALOT

    better for getting rid of your ignorant ass. Thanks!

    Annnywho….Cloud 9 girls…HOTHOTHOT!

  58. Nite

    It totally depends on what night you go in how good this bar is. Mondays and Thursdays suck regardless, Tuesdays and Wednesdays can go either way, depending on who they got dancing, Friday and Saturday usually has a really good selection of girls, friendly bartenders, good DJs and an overall fun atmosphere. Only been in here once on a Sunday, 1 girl, no DJ, the lights were way to bright, it just wasn’t a good time, only stayed for a little bit

  59. A

    I’m in love with the bartender michelle. She is gorgous and very friendly.

  60. earl

    what a fun time last night heard some songs that i couldn’t believe someone would play at this place. why did you have a girl dance to mmmbop? weird

  61. Frank S

    hot hot hotter

  62. mk
  63. mj
  64. abcdefg

    this club rocks. the dj’s are fun as shit and our girls are really sweet. just because you may not like 1 or 2 doesnt mean we are all bad. not to mention we all have our good days and our bad days. ALL the girls are nice!!

  65. To Wong Foo

    Was in the area visiting relatives and stopped by to check this place out on Sat. night. Girls were wonderful. Great personalities! Some a liitle pushy, but hey what are you gonna do. I will be back again. I had my eye on a little sexy female!

  66. Matthew

    The girls could interact with customers more.

  67. alex

    sexy ladies, cold drinks, good times you have to try a lap dance!! AMAZING

  68. TroyH

    Damn…whoever wrote all that ish about the cloud girls is really dumb…I think my 1st grader has more intellect….I think cloud is an amazing place…the girls…especially…oddly enough mainly the ones who were named by the bitter idiot below are really cool…my favorites are Angelina, Lolitta, Stephanie, Summer, Sasha, Skylar and Monroe

    …there really isin’t a bad girl there….they all have fantastic personities and are incredibly beautiful….be in to see you soon girls….

  69. ur an idiot

    look i have been to many different club all over the US and lemme tell you, this club holds no candle to shit. the girl are hmmmmm yeah maybe okay. the service is ahhh hmmm okay. and whats with the hole over the pole? is that so ppl spend more to try and fix up the club? wow do something to this club before it’s to late….

  70. jack

    i love this place!! whenever i come to town i have to stop by!!

  71. Crotch

    the girls here are wonderful, for the most part. there are only 2 that i can think of who i dont like, but the rest are very pretty and also very nice and sociable. i recomend this club to anyone in the area looking for a good night out.

  72. ME

    great club

  73. Joe

    This place blows.

  74. dalt

    Great place. Only wish george would bring back jayden. Then it would

    be even better.

  75. heyhater

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that fran, who claims she quit (but was

    really fired) can’t stop obessessing over the cloud. Talk about a girl with an

    ego, a big ass, and too big to be hired anywhere else. Hopefully, she’ll be

    able to get past this and go backstab somewhere else. So ladies, if you really

    think fran was your friend think again, because if you weren’t there she was

    trying to take your money. Stop pissing under your burnt bridg

  76. billy
  77. Capt. Bligh

    Club looks great, Girls are smokin hot, friendly people, great staff,pool tables are level and true,what more could you ask for?

  78. DW

    go in once a month. girls are allways fun. barmaid is HOT, and pretty quick gettin drinks. allways have a good time

  79. Satisfied

    I was in about 2 months ago and met a dancer named Faith. She was very aggressive about getting a private dance, but I agreed. After 5 minutes of her rubbingly my cock continuously I agree to a champagne court. She asked me to tip the bouncer well (to look the other way downstairs) so we could have some fun. I was not ready for what was to cum. After about 10 minutes of serious grinding & groping (I was allowed to touch her as well) Faith unzipped my fly and gave me a hell of a hummer. She then slid her g-string to the side and rode me like a cowgirl….bareback. We both came together in a shuddering climax and fell exhausted into the leather sofa. She promised me a ride and I got it!

  80. Stripper

    I like this club, a lot of the catty crap you find in the dressing rooms of city clubs is missing here which is a really super extra good thing (I hate that stuff, this aint highschool ya know)

    If you know what you’re doing and are aware of what season it is you’ll have no reason to complain about the money. Yeah, some of the girls are bitching upstairs about not making any money right now, but come on! it’s January, the slowest effin month of the year!

  81. rasheed

    this club is ghtto like me…good

  82. Doc

    because of where it is located, Cloud 9 could be a real moneymaker for Gus, who owns the joint. However, with drunken Debbie, a former dancer, in command; the place is getting worse and worse. in addition, the guy who counts the dances is a crooked piece. He makes hard on’s go down, down with his loud voice. Gus should bring in new management to reach the full potential of this club.

  83. ju
  84. gj
  85. matt
  86. awesome

    i love this club, the girls are smokin hot and friendly!!! i’ll definitely be back this week

  87. Hmmm...
  88. Sax-o-mopho

    Had not been in for a while, and wow, what a difference. The place is remodeled – MUCH improved. Much better caliber and variety of dancers, and a couple of really top-notch bartenders. They’ve got sweet angelic girls, mysterious goth chicks, tough babes, models.. all beautiful and friendly. Surprising variety of much hotter than average girls, especially so far from the city clubs.

  89. tom

    who could possible enjoy this club?

  90. The Candyman

    Quite a change in the decor since my last time there. The couch dance room however,should be a bit more private. It’s too open in its design. Overall though,I’d would go back for another fun night.

  91. dave

    love it love it

  92. Re: Faith

    We were well aware of her whorey qualities… that’s why she no longer works here.

  93. FranISpoop

    Yea Fran def. did have a little boy haircut….and really

    had love for the “N” word…I wonder how her dealers would

    feel about that? Nawww…..she’d never say that shit to

    their faces…thank goodness she’s gone…now Cloud 9 can go

    back to being pretty again….feel bad wherever she’s at

    now…hope there’s no African American people….

  94. Please

    I guess whoever wrote the last comment is a little bitter or jealous. i guess we cant distinguish the fact that it could be a customer with self esteem issues or just a jealous dancer who has nothing better to do with their time. if you can take the time to write about some of these girls, you can take the time and come on in to the club and say this to each and everyone of them. and if you cant, that says a lot about you. By the way this is a strip club site, you dont think these girls have heard that stupid shit couldnt come up with something original or better then that..

  95. maddog

    they are making women look bad…

  96. Capt B.

    Missing all my friends at the club.I hear they got some new hotties that melted all the sno since I was there last.This is my first stop whenever I’m in town.Great place friendly peeps goodtimes.

  97. paul

    last week when i was in there i saw a couple of women that SHOULD NOT be a dancer!!! there were a couple of very bad boob jobs,frankly i don’t understand why these ladies think they need them,they would look better without the fake boobs

  98. a favorite

    i love coming in with my friends its always a good time.

  99. Liked It

    On my way home from a concert, we stopped by. A club with no cover, you just can’t beat it. Friendly girls. No fake boobs, anorexic girls if thats what you want, just cute girl next door type. I had a blast will stop by for a beer next time I am around.

  100. hhmn
  101. ken

    this club is great!!! the girls are beautiful and hospitable, the staff is helpful and cheerful, and the djs are awesome!! i always feel like i am at home when i go there. there is no club i would rather go to. most clubs usually carry to much drama along with them, but not here, it’s like visiting family everytime.

  102. kill
  103. Nodoze

    Chill club Nia and Devin the 2 hottest chicks in the spot bartenders aright too. No cover. Could use a little better music. I will go back!!

  104. Scott

    I was in last night and WOW what a wide variety of beautiful girls! Guys there is many to pick and choose. Even the bartender was HOT! Great service too! I will be back!

  105. kc
  106. steve

    what happened to all the comments before? Anywayz great club i just love to come out and see tha ladies!!

  107. jim

    very friendly girls. look for Summer. wow.

  108. cage

    I hope this place goes down

  109. Mr B

    Was in last night had a great time! to all the ladies that worked last night thank you. you all were fantastic! keep up the good work.i’ll be coming in again.

  110. Hank the Tank

    I have to say there are many beautiful girls at this club. Very friendly too. I was here couple months back, met an amazing brown haired girl with cute little figure. Will be in again to enjoy my time with her.

  111. mn
  112. Bill

    Over all, I enjoy going here. I’ve encountered the good and the bad when it comes to the dancers. Angelina is by far the best…she does an excellent job at making you feel that you’re the only one she’s dancing for…and she has a pleasent personality when she makes her rounds. For the most part, the ladies are polite and make a little small talk, but unfortunately, there are a couple of dancers there that come up to you, don’t say much, take your couple of dollars and move on. One or two even wander out and approach guys playing pool, which, to me, comes across a little desperate. Like I said, Angelina is defintiely the best reason to go. Summer, Monroe, and Ava (I hope I spelled that right) are also very personable and make for a positive experience.

  113. Cloud 9 has REALLY improved!

    I was in there twice in the past 3 weeks after years of not going. The girls were smoking hot and very nice. I’ll be going back again real soon!

    My bigest complaint about other clubs, other than ‘butter faces’, usually is when the girls give you 1/2 a fake smile then take your dollar and run. Not only were there no “butter faces” here but they all made me feel like they were glad that I was there. I know it’s an act but that’s what I’m paying for and I truly appreciate the professionalism shown by these girls.

    Wish I could afford to go there every night!

  114. Anonymous

    Crazy women. Need an ediquite class

  115. Hereisthesadtruth

    This place is disgusting. Very very low quality in every way. Management just does care at all. The women are beat. One of the ugliest woman I have ever seen works here and is aggressive about getting tips. When you hire multiple ugly women just to fill up the place, customers and hot women go elsewhere. This used to be decent to crappy now and for the foreseeable future its a shithole with ugly ass women.

  116. Tango

    ho’s in the house…..

  117. kevin

    always smiling faces and great music!! A+++

  118. Capt Bligh

    Hey y’all I’m back in sunny so. Fla.Thanks to all for making my visit to the land of rain and snow fun. Vegas, I hope the rest of your Bday was fun thanks for the hug. I needed it.To the fisher girls Mckenzie and Francesca “catch em up”thanks also to the bronzed babe Eva, the ever flexible Willow ,the statuesque skylar,lutious Lolita,and not to forget the endless Summer,and all the rest thanks for a great time.

  119. dennis

    this is my favorite place to be!!

  120. J

    This place is in the middle of bumfuck egypt and thank god this gem isn’t crowded by alot of distractions. You can come in drink some beer tip some chics and get right on your way home.

  121. the cloud

    sad to say… the girls are “wonderful or great” abby your a whore that plays off a guilty plea…. vegas ur a two faced cunt, sasha ur a chunky pill popping whore, lolita how many men are gonna gonna fuck over before ur happy? steph are gonna break some next week? trying to be better than some else is never gonna be on your side….. summer do you know who ur babies daddie is? maybe since you got you ass in shape you dont notice that your tits point east and west….. come on girl your more fake then a fucken mattel barbie doll and most of you dont have plastic or saline…. smuts ass grimey hoes….

  122. new reg

    I just wish the LD’s were a little better

  123. BeBe

    Vegas is the shit!!!! All the girls are great!!!

  124. JD
  125. twitty cents
  126. john

    always a good time. i love it here

  127. Leroy

    The best Club in the Burbs

  128. Johnny

    Always have a fun time when I come in. Girls are sexy as hell and fun to talk to and the dj is funny and keeps the mood going. Unless people don’t show some love then he becomes angry at ya. So I always clap when I get the chance.

  129. ok,ok,ok

    Came in last week and have to say there are a lot of plastic surgery nuts here. What happened to all natural. Why do people have to be FAKE! There was one girl, don’t know her name, but she was gorgeous. Very natural and is a brunette. Can’t wait to come back and spend a little more time with her.

  130. Stevie

    Always a great time at this club. laid back some hot ass chics never a dull moment

  131. anon
  132. Freddy

    And how does this club blow exactly? It’s easy to talk shit but you need to back it up with something.

  133. Gonz

    This place rocks.

  134. les

    i love this bar. the dancers are great and so are the bartenders.

  135. Bobby

    I was not impressed at all.

  136. i dont recommend this club

    stopped by with a couple buddies while out for a long street bike ride. really disliked the club. was not satisfied with any girl

  137. Your welcome

    you seem to think im jealous??? lmao of what? a bunch of smuts? coke whores? yeah i may be an ex dancer, but sad to say i know more dirt on most of these girls its not even funny…. hahah come into the club and say it to their faces? nah ill pass the STI’s and sad convo…. most of you that respond on this page anyway are dancers themselves and you all act like you are some poor helpless costumer…. you said and ignorant remember I DID WORK WITH YOU AT ONE POINT!!!! you sit and act like your gods gift to this world just because some drug gave you your body but your not and fake tits dont make a women…. sad sad sad poor cunts your never gonna know what its like to live with self respect…. have fun under new management….

  138. Typical burbs club

    Honestly, this club is average, or below average. The girls, overall, are nice enough, but again, average. Nothing special. Drink prices are typical for a place like this, bartender is usually attentive. I’m not sure how the place generates a rating above 6. (obviously, it’s self-ratings from those who work there) If you’re on a ride, it’s not an entirely bad place to stop by for a drink.

  139. sweir
  140. New Jersey Guy
  141. Dick
  142. HatesHaters

    Fran….u are one angry little boy! You come on here to bash these girls, but your too stupid to know how to spell anything correcty….your so white trash, and anything you’ve put on here about the other girls IS YOU! Well…what makes sense anyways:) Your a boy Fran, a dirty stoner, sloppy, porky little boy with the education of a 3rd grader…since you’ve been fired, no1 cares about you or thinks about you…its a real shame your so infactuated with the cloud girls you had to come on here with your poor grammar and horrid vocabulary (daddie? SERIOUSLY!?)….please, stop being obsessed with cloud and the beautiful girls who have class, don’t have to constantly borrow $ for their gross weed habit, and who actually care about their appearance…go to a club where it’s OK to pack on the pounds and where being bitter, stupid, obsessive and the “tits to the knee caps” look is exceptable. No1 from cloud thinks about you…so please…stop obsessing…your a stalker who can’t get over being fired from a great club. Get over it and go pollute some other establishment with your gritty bullshit 🙂 You are SUCH a hater….its sickening!

  143. roger

    its so much fun in here a few i dont like but ill deal with them to have the rest i love you ladies you can always cheer me up.

  144. seriously

    the girls are so nasty and jealous of every other nasty girl. would NEVER EVER recommend this club to anyone! management really needs to clean house!

  145. mike
  146. Donny

    Ya no I used ta come in here couple years back and it was slamin all he time on the weekends. Stopped by last night and was really disappointed.

    Geez, I thought Suzys was bad but this must be the new retirement home for strippers. what I saw shoulda been put out to pasture years ago. They had some younger ones but they didn’t know their asses from a hole in the wall and I’d prolly be better off grindin gainst a hole in the wall, least that way I woulndt catch something

  147. re: charles

    it’s a dramatic field, charles. don’t tell us what to do. you’re not in charge. haha! Charles in charge. i made a funny.

  148. re: to dancer

    Let’s so.. well I was sitting next to a very nice customer and talking to him all night long, again very nice!! When a drunk, actually she was more than drunk, entertainer walked up to him and was very, very pushy about getting her money, whether it was in her g-string or through a court, I don’t know what you ladies call them!! When she didn’t get what she wanted, she became very bitter towards the customer!! I then proceeded to hear her all night long being very disrespectful. Again, before you show others you have respect for them, you need to have respect for yourself and it was very obvious this entertainer did not!

  149. tjb

    they need more girls like: monroe, dee, angelina, and ivy who can actually dance and have great personalities!!!!! because some of the girls can’t dance at all and are RUDE and they expect money from me FUCK THAT!!!

  150. Capt B

    Back in fla missing the cloud great people good music can’t beat it.

  151. sd
  152. slammer
  153. stew

    LOVE IT!

  154. hahaha

    hahaaha thats something fran would definately say

  155. Woohoo!

    Heck yes! Give it up to the o’ naturale!

  156. Tyrone

    This place is a God send

  157. james

    always having fun at this place

  158. mark
  159. Re: Steve

    If there were truly “no heat” in the club, wouldn’t it stand to reason that it may be a bit chilly?!? If you’re going to say obnoxious things, at least make some sort of sense.


  160. haha

    That never happened you idiot. Cause the bouncers don’t take bribes and secondly if she actually did what you described then she would have been fired once the owners checked over the cameras. Nice try idiot. She did nothing of the sort and never would with a git like you.

  161. jojo
  162. #1 Customer

    I have been in this gentlemens club a couple of times and want to say that the ladies are very beautiful!! I also, would like to say that I’ve been to a variety of different clubs and the ladies seem less enthusiastic here. The couple of times I have come in here the ladies are drunk and have no respect for themselves or the customers. What’s going on????

  163. Hey Mikey..

    Did u say u took a dump..gross! All I know is the chicks here are hot as hell, and i’ve been to many strip clubs. Let’s just say they are much cleaner. Thank you ladies.

  164. ukcbouz


  165. Louie

    This club is the best kept secret in Pa! Girls are hot and friendly…always a good time.

  166. cooper

    This club is awesome I always have a great time and look forward to the next. The girls are always 5 star

  167. Jc
  168. tittymon
  169. chris
  170. hmmm

    have to say that this place is alot of fun to work at! one of my fav jobs ever! who wouldnt love talking to a bunch of awsome ass people and working with some of the coolest girls ever! if you wanna have fun come chat it up with us and bring a friend! hope to see you all soon!

  171. hiel

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