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0 reviews for “Star Garden

  1. Alex L.

    I love this place. I have been going there randomly for years. I think they are trying to turn it around but it still has that same old Cham. Crazy chicks with Albainian stab wounds that are always cool good music and beer. The best titty bar ever. I hope it’s around forever.

  2. fuckery12

    Ok, so I just came home from the Star Garden and all I gotta say is Becka is one of the finest, prettiest dancers that I’ve seen. EVER!!!!!!

  3. fritter17

    First time going to a gentlemen’s cluband it was a very great experience.the drinks are about the same price as typical bars.and the dancers had great slender muscle tone. The night i went they also had 4 dancers for a Monday night. one Caucasian (Sara) dancer had huge cleavage and was mesmerizing to see her dance, another was a Asian Caucasian (Luna) hybrid that had a great slender but toned body and danced with elegance and seductiveness. there was a beautiful African american woman too. I liked the easy going mood of the place with great DJ music.and i also really liked that they changed outfit every hour or two too. and their outfits were…. fuking great!would definitely go back if i ever visit LA

  4. richard95

    wow they remodeled! it’s even better than before…..2-7 is happy hour drink specials $3!! with free billiards! always fun times – staff and management go above and beyond to make your experience memorable, they also can host your parties!

  5. Rick P.

    First time in a LONG time i go to one of these…i have to say bartender very nice and the ladies are attentive it gives more attention to those who need it, well not bad for a place out in NOHO. Not many like it. Small vivacious & absolutely entertaining. Thts wht there in business 4 folks & these ladies do it well!! bravo

  6. winston12

    This place was great! Went last night with my friends. Great selection of woman, everyone is nice. My favorite was Luscious,she was a pleasure to talk to and has a great smile. If you wanna have a great time with yourself or friends, check this place out

  7. Franklyn

    As we arrived in the Los Angeles area, slightly buzzed from bourbon and coke, we decided that the only logical thing to do was drink more and look at some titties. Star Garden certainly did not disappoint. We had $3 happy hour drafts, shot some pool for a buck a game, and saw about 9 girls shake their groove thangs — all at 2:30 in the afternoon. Decent, older / grown up Cholo crowd,no cover, and no hard sell for lap dances. It reminded me of Jumbo’s of yesteryear, but leaning slightly more towards the classy / chain strip clubs (in a good way). Nice mix of ethnicities for the dancers, too. I’d come back — with a stack of singles.

  8. AssnTits5

    Probably my favorite strip club. The drinks are cheap, the cover is cheap, the dancers are really good-looking, the music is always pretty good (in my opinion, anyway — I am not a fan of clubs that play nothing but rap and hip hop), and the girls never ever bother you for lap dances. As a female patron, the male patrons never bother you either. Some will even share their cigarettes with you!An obvious five stars as I drive all the way to Star Garden from Koreatown just to visit this place!

  9. Lala R.

    This place rocks! The drinks are cheap, the girls are cute, and even some of the girls in the crowd are hot! I love this place!

  10. Sam

    Girls are nice, private dances are awful, not private at all

    and the bouncer is watching every move. DJ that WAS on Sat

    was great, went last sat and they had some fag working, I was

    told he is permanent on sat. guess I’ll have to go on a night

    the other guy is on or I’ll go somewhere where the laps rock.

  11. Jennifer M.

    On a whim, my husband and I came here the other night after dinner (so it was still pretty early – like 9pm.) It is definitely divey, but we had so much fun! The thing that really struck me was that most of the dancers were not model thin & typical “stripper” pretty. There were a variety of body types, and ranged from pretty to exotic to quirky, but they all had one thing in common: a massive amount of self-confidence. For the most part, you could tell that the majority of them loved to dance. The beer selection was great. The ladies bathroom is TINY. lol. I’m sure they don’t get a lot of women clientele in there. We had a great time. All the dancers were friendly & cool. The sound system needs help, but I liked the DJ. $5 to enter, not too bad. All in all, a fun way to end our date night 🙂

  12. andrya h.

    I came here on a Sunday afternoon for cheap pitchers of beer.Needless to say, the joint was pretty empty….We watched 4 girls rotate, over and over and over and over. It’s a topless bar only, so it wasnt too bad. I felt bad that it was dead in there, so I felt obligated to throw some dollars at the bitches……lovely ladies. whatever. The thing was, that everytime I’d throw a dollar up there, they’d start doing a sexy dance right in front of my face…I would just keep thinking to myself “Here’s your dollar, I respect you!! I respect you! Please dont make eye contact”But besides that, I had a great time…The girls danced to good music, and the beer was cheap….They also were very easy on the eyes…Even mine, which were avoiding contact.

  13. timmykilla

    My experience was fun, cover fee was $5 drinks are at reasonable price. Just Go in and sit thru a song or two before judging. It was fun for me I’ll be going back soon 😉

  14. james1412

    Cool atmosphere, cute fun girls who are happy to hang out with you and show you a good time — no attitudes here like most places in the area — great beer selection, and 80’s and 90’s nights during the week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) with an awesome DJ who definitely knows his stuff. Love this place!

  15. Marie S.

    Less “access” than I am used to as the woman, but it’s a cool place. Most of the dancers are cute or hot, have personality, and don’t put on the heat for tips and lap dances. The drinks are reasonably priced too. The lap dances are not topless, which mystifies me, but I wasn’t in the mood for that anyway. If you want a kickback place to drink for decent prices, watch some girls shake it, and not feel too much pressure, come here. Just beware they have a very strict no hands policy. We saw two guys get kicked out while we were there. And if you have a chance to go on a night when Jasmine is dancing, she will not disappoint.

  16. XXXbeast

    If I am going to go see tits in LA (that don’t belong to me or my girl friends) this is my favorite place to do it. And I don’t even live in the valley! Yes, my friends. Star Gardens is that great. It is a destination titty bar. If you’ve ever enjoyed a strip club in Portland, you might enjoy Star Garden. Spearmint Rhino, it is not. It’s rough around the edges and the girls seem like they’re having fun. If your type is human barbies with stapled-on fake boobs, then Star Garden may not be the place for you. Every time I’ve come here, though, it’s been a rollicking good time. Good music, pretty ladies, reasonable cover, and they have a pretty good beer selection! I don’t go to full nude strip clubs in LA because I find them a little depressing. On the titty bar scale, though, Star Gardens is all of the fun element of Jumbo’s, but with cuter girls, less hype, and lower prices.

  17. Rosie C.

    Tyler who?Clearly, Roman, Beer, and I have different taste in women. It was all about Lola. The girl knew how to WORK IT. And when she danced in front of me, I got all flustered and stuff. I blushed. I gave her a dollar bill. I blushed some more.I wasn’t too fond of the other ladies who took the stage. One had cheap red underwear on, another had really ugly boots. (Anyone else notice how the heel was worn out? Time to toss ’em out, girl!) Another performer had the devil himself tattooed on her back. Her ENTIRE BACK. That was fascinating. I also liked the music selection. Instead of the traditional booty shaking music, the ladies danced to some Smashing Pumpkins and Rob Zombie.

  18. fisherdex1

    As far as topless bars go, this is the spot. The girls are great, the staff is friendly (BIG shout out to Isis and Kristine behind the bar and DJ Matt spinning the tracks. XOXO) and I always find myself here at least once or twice…okay more like three or fours times a month to escape my troubles and enjoy my favorite hard cider as well as some of their rather reasonable drink specials (Wine Wednesday’s are my favorite). I also highly recommend their sister club, Burlesque at 13324 Sherman Way North Hollywood CA 91605. You will find a lot of the same girls you see at Star Gardens, but this place has a FULL bar and a slightly different ambiance.

  19. maxxy1

    How to say this nicely. About to throw up. We’re here right now andyo felt compelled to review now to save others. Saturday 1130pm. 5 girls. 15 min and back to the same one u wished u didn’t see in the first place. None are are pretty and only one has a decent body. All these reviews must be by friends or staff. Girls in frigging Milwaukee are better than this! If u want good bodies go to the body shop on sunset. Pay the 10 cover and 10 for two drinks and u won’t be covering ur eyes.

  20. Weedman420

    This place is pretty cool. Me and my 5 friends brought our other friend for a bachelor party get-together about 5 months ago and we enjoyed ourselves. They played some kick ass metal music and we paid to have our friend taken on stage and abused by the girls, ha.We werent pressured for lap dances and the bar was reasonable priced. Ive been bugging a few friends to go back and hang out…we just havent done it yet but we will soon enough

  21. joseph1k

    Oh my sweet sweet Gardz. Let me preface this by saying that if you are into a “high end adult entertainment experience”, turn around and head back over the hill. If you enjoy the diviest of dive bars, topless women who are both kind and attractive, and cheap beer, hail the first cab you see and say “take me to the gardz!”Star Garden is a pretty dumpy, but let me set the record straight – that is the charm that IS the gardz. No frills here – a stage, tables and chairs, a pool table, and a chair on stage shaped like a giant high heel. If you enjoy the dive bar experience, this place is virtually second to none. The people are friendly, the beer is DIRT cheap, and there is an unsaid camaraderie amongst the patrons and dancers, everyone knowing full well that you are all in this together.While one might expect the lowest of the low-end dancers, that is certainly NOT the case here. Granted, a few girls could use a solid make-over, but the majority of the girls range from attractive to super-hot. If you can get past the less-than flattering decor and one of the worst neighborhoods of the valley, this place is just a blast. Go in with few expectations and you’ll have a blast – get hammered on cheap ice cold beer, look at T & A, and experience all the wonder that a valley topless bar has to offer . How could you go wrong?p.s. Buy a beer for the awesome DJ – he might even let you get on the mic and introduce the next dancer.

  22. yanard12

    my friends and i have heard of this place for a while. we finally got to check it out last night. some of the reviews here about the women were not kind. well heres our review!the women here are hot!my friends and i prefer natural breasts instead implants you usually find at a strip joint. the women here are pear shaped which appeal to us. most of the girls there really know how to twirl on the pole and really gave us a good show. i liked how one girl danced to a perfect circle and they played skinny puppy prior to her dancing on stage. another chick danced to metallica. good music choice… awesomeness. im sold.they were super friendly too. most of them walked up to us and greeted us and thanked us for coming in. they were not pushy at all. its a fun, relaxing place to hang with your friends. there were other females there too just chilling out. i didnt feel so alone!

  23. billtheguy12

    Love LOVE!!! I went with my husband for our 2 year anniversary. The girls are beautiful and friendly, and have real tits!!. 2 for one lapdances!! Such a good time, good vibes. The neighborhood is seedy but it nice on the inside. We will probably be back. Btw Kimber and Reagan are lovely!

  24. Jonathan G.

    i have so much to say about the Gardz. So here we go. The gardz is a magical place in many ways but the flowing beer and soju drinks make it wonderful. In terms of quality girls, you have about 60% that are fantastic and the remainder I typically go smoke a cig or two while they dance. Sometimes I feel bad but im paying for a service. I have only seen one lap dance and it didn’t seem very exciting. The music is typically great because it’s music the girls want to dance to.The best night in my opinion is friday. Saturday usually doesnt have the greatest line up. Once the management changed it has gotten much classier. You no longer need floaties to use the mens bathroom and the white drapery is a nice touch. The bartenders are always great and my friends and I have had so many unforgettable nights there.The neighborhood is terrible but Im from the Valley so it doesnt really phase me. Fortunately you can park on Lankersheim without a problem.All in all i love the gardz. It has been a staple in our “man” night for quite some time.

  25. Vinh L.

    Went to Star Garden last Sunday to watch football and drink beer. They just got the NFL Sunday Ticket package on their televisions, so they had every game on. They also have awesome drink specials. Had a great time and I’ll definately go back again soon.Oh, forgot to mention, they also have dancers.

  26. ray

    much better, remodeled, full bar, nice girls and hott girls esp. ericka, tyler,

    sunny and once ina while porsha

  27. felixnada

    First of all: I really like that place. Sure first for the great entertainment and second for the beer and the great music. Ideal place to go after work with your friends and shoot some pool.Tip: talk to the owner, he is very friendly and speaks quit well German. Don’t miss the coupon for the reduced price on one tap beer. When I’m back in town: I’ll be back!

  28. Kevin K.

    If you want to go somewhere to watch mildly unattractive girls flounce around on stage and pretend they’re working center stage at the Olympic Gardens in Vegas so you can feel better about yourself, then look no further. You’ve found Star Gardens.It’s small, dank, and the “strippers” all gather out back to swap stories and hose themselves down in cigarettes and Stripper Stench body spray. It’s worth it for the “What the hell?!” factor, but not much else. Unless, as mentioned above, you’re at a very low point in life and need a shot in the arm. You’ll walk out with a spring in your step and think to yourself, “Well, at least I’m not picking up singles with my ass cheeks at a wannabe titty bar in North Hollywood.”And… scene.

  29. Starplaya S.

    Wow wow wow…… ALL da girl are Bomb Shells. Top notch. I will be spending a lot more time here lol

  30. Derek Z.

    Damn it, how can you choose up to 3 best nights only???Rocker chicks rule the end. Funny how only the girls noticed that a stripper’s heel was worn off and one was wearing old panties, guys don’t give a s*it about that. I expected this place to be so seedy that i would have to wear latex gloves. Well, maybe to the bathroom cause damn that was scary. Most of the girls were very cute and some knew how to work it and others just cant. I saw the whole gambit of fake, not fake, big, small boobies. I totally agree with Beer. Give the girls some $$ even if you didn’t like their performance (insert music here) she works hard for the money so you better treat her right. I think we should do it again but on a Friday. I think the girls didn’t expect a large turn out and they had to warm up.

  31. williamr

    This place is a complete joke. At least it wasn’t $20 to check in. It was $5 to check in but still waste of my money. Bad customer service, bad dancers, 4-5 strippers, empty place….. Etc. i am still giving them a 2 star rating. Not recommended.

  32. ryan123

    It’s been a while since I’ve been in, but seeing the reviews is a trip down memory lane. This is a great place w fabulous entertainment and wonderful staff!

  33. Alexis P.

    This place is fun. The dancers aren’t exactly the most…. attractive, but what do you expect at a place like this in NoHo. So go in with low expectations and you won’t be disappointed.They have a happy hour and relatively cheap drinks. Cash only. Pool table. Really mellow vibe. In my opinion, don’t risk the parking lot in the back, it seems like a clusterfuck… but there’s plenty of street parking. Their Wednesday night theme with tattoo girls seems like it would be right up my alley, but I haven’t checked it out yet.$5 cover after 9pm.

  34. rogerrab2

    Cheap drinks, no pressure, a really nice layout to the place, and a smoking area. Plus? They have three different kinds of M&Ms. This spot is about to be my new home.

  35. El T.

    Worst!! Place in the valley.. If you want to be bored come here.. Parking sucks… The girls are all slow and not even interested in working..beers are like $10..I should of just stayed home

  36. Rusl B.

    Very friendly small place … may not be to everyone’s expectation, but the ladies are happy and talkative.

  37. Sharicka W.

    I went on a Sunday and it was pretty lame. But if u are the type to make a good time out of nothing u will have a decent time. And it’s only $5 so that’s a plus

  38. BB

    Kind of dumpy. Only 3 girls working, one of which was the bartender. At least they serve beer though

  39. mathewater12

    Matt, the DJ is a treasure. Tonight I watched really cool chicks strip and do pole acrobatics to Type O Negative, Kendrick Lamar, Aesop Rock, Rob Zombie… Star Garden is the best! It’s Jumbo’s North.

  40. GarryWas

    Not a bad place, great if your alone and want to go for a drink, girls are all friendly, most come up and thank you after tipping them on stage, which is always nice for the recognition. Place is dark, and small, but conveniently across the street from a jack in the box and carls jr for munchies after drinking. Girls here are decent, but there’s always at least 2-3 hidden gems like Kumiko (who no longer works there) or the always sexy and big booty Celeste. Lap dances are $20 and fully clothed, but if it’s the right girl it can be worth it. DJ Matt is the best, dude plays the best music in between performances, and overall always has the place bumpin playing that dope hip hop. I give it 4 out of 5 stars only because of the girl selection. Other than that great place to go chill and have beer any day of the week. Enjoy. Tell em LARGE MARGE sent ya!

  41. Rick R.

    Great dive bar/ strip bar here. Cheap beer, holes in the ceiling, peeling paint, truck stop quality bathrooms, and a no nonsense bartender. I love it! And add in half naked chicks… you can’t go wrong! Great music here also…. Hard rock to 80’s. Kept the vibe going. The ladies ran the gamut from tatted-up scary chick to fresh faced high school dropout looking babes. And the skill level varied as well.The chick with the devil tattoo on the back was interesting. She looked like she wanted to scare u into giving her $1 bills, and another seemed like she was thinking of her grocery list, window treatments or something else instead of us paying patrons. . Whatever! The two best performers there by far were Lola and Tyler. Lola had great assets, shall we say, and was very much into it. But it seemed to me that Tyler connected a little better with the audience with a hot body as well. A tad thin, but great curves nonetheless. Either way they were both top notch and well worth my gas money. Would definitely go back as part of the group.

  42. StripClub431

    Not what I expected. I hear the manager is really picky with his dancers, we’ll all I have to say to him is why are you so picky when your dancers aren’t even all that too many tweaker and anorexic looking girls that aren’t even pretty in the face. You need some curvy girls working here because not every guy wants bones. Remember bones are for dogs meat is for men… And as far as what I expected I thought this was an old fashioned rock club? I didn’t see any girls dancing to rock music. Aside from all that the drinks were great

  43. Vinny M.

    this may be the only place in LA where you can see topless girls and get an alcoholic drink.LA strip club laws are retarded.Anyway, this was Tuesday so quiet, but lucky to meet a very friendly girl by the name of Sacha. We had a pitcher of beer $15, so very reasonable, then went off to 2 other strip clubs, but quickly came back. If you want alcohol with your girls then come here.

  44. Mistercap12

    love this place after work but the late night not so much best time is definitely happy hour

  45. Gabriel H.

    Nice Lil spot, girls are friendly and natural no fake parts!!!! There’s some real beautiful girls of all flavors Morenas (black), white, Latina…..something for everyone. It’s not all glamorous but it’s women you would run not every day, real down to earth……no pressure for lap dances. It’s all casual and a fun environment.

  46. Johnson12

    First of all, I HATE when people knock off stars because the dancers didn’t have huge fake tits. This is a titty bar, featuring all kinds of titties, not a Silicone Implant bar… I personally like variety, seeing the same ol’ carbon copied McBarbieStripper is BORING!Second thing I wanna say is, the beer selection is excellent. You will not find another strip club with as many types of brews, and the prices this low.Third thing is the music and atmosphere. It’s hip and unlike other places. Come with friends. I liked this place, will definitely be back when I’m in California again.

  47. kenston12

    This place has the potential to be a nice place however , the ” entertainment ” is not that up to par . The girls just seem beat and the residential drug dealer bugging everyone in eyesight to go party is a bit of a burnout . Blue zebra down the street offers a much better selection of dancers and is a much more upscale establishment .

  48. tom

    great club gotta check it out and see my the sexy ladies they have

  49. Richard C.

    First Aid kitPurell Hand SanitizerDollar BillsTetanus ShotLatex Gloves (If needed)BleachNeedlenose PliersScavenger hunt? Nope. These are the vital supplies you’ll need to survive a trip to Star Garden. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t he just review another topless joint just a few weeks back?” Yes, I did. And for the record, I’m not a regular at topless bars…I just happened to go to another one. Get off my back. Ok, so, Star Garden. First the girls. Decent enough females with great figures, pretty faces, good attitudes and surprisingly technical routines on stage. I still find it incredible how these girls can balance themselves at the top of the “pole” with no hands and one leg….and do it so effortlessly. Another positive is that there’s no pretense with any of the dancers. You want to leave a dollar? Go ahead. You don’t? Don’t. It’s all the same. No attitude. No pressure. It’s the way a topless bar should be. Now onto the bar itself. This is where the aforementioned “supplies” come into play. Star Garden brings dive bars down to another level. The term “shit hole” does a service to Star Garden. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the Andy Gump meter, Star Garden comes in at a solid 11. The decor is what I like to call the Coors Light minimal. Seriously, not too much to write home about here. Chairs, tables, floor. That’s it. The bar is small, the service is good and the beer is well, beer. At some point you’ll have to use the facilities. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. While the toilet did flush…I think…there was no handle on the faucet and no papertowels. Yeah, I know…what do I expect. I can go without papertowels…but a faucet handle? Come on. After a good five minutes of effort I did get the faucet to turn on but that’s after peeling some of the skin off of my fingers. Whatever. Star Garden is a good spot…sort of…ok, well not really. But the girls are pretty and the beer is cheap. They should just update some things and douse the place in a bleach/ 409 concoction.

  50. Erin K.

    The only reason to go to this place is to laugh at how much it sucks. Honestly, it is comical. Funnier then most comedy clubs in Los Angeles. Go in, get a beer and enjoy the laughs. You feel like you are at a strip club in some guys garage. You would be better off getting a 6 pack of beer from a convenience store and paying the homeless guy out front to come home and strip for you, he would be hotter than what this place has to offer.. absolutely terrible unless you just want to laugh at its ridiculousness.

  51. Cristina M.

    grew up around this place its chill. You can play pool and have Belgian Beer!! At a strip club???? YES!!! . they have 24 types from the fully stalked bar. ALL GOOD!! and O yeah the girls are awesome every time. fresh faces every time i go. different styles of dancing and music that ranges s from burlesque inspired to punk to my favorite erotic. if you are in the NO HO district its a must … one thing tho the north holly wood police department is very close so drive with caution Lankershim is hot its always got at least one on patrol all day every day .. its more of a hang out than a strip club bring a group of friends and make it rain! Those implants aren’t going to pay for them selves lol party on savages

  52. Harrison69

    The ultimate stop for T and B! Mad beers on taps! Love this spot! Red and Nikki always sure we have a great time! Girls are great and nice, fun chill spot. Nice selection of booze. What else can I say… It is what it is, it’s the tittes in no ho.

  53. eddyL

    I’ve been there 4 out of 6 nights I was in L.A. the girls are hot, the bouncers are cool and the bartenders are on point. Alexis and Luna and the blonde that can dance her ass off made my trip so much better. I can’t wait to go back to LA and hit up Star Garden again

  54. Johnnyboy123

    First let me say that I’m not a “strip club” type of guy. You know the places where you’re constantly hounded for your money and there are super creepy dudes by themselves that actually believe that the strippers are sincere and want to speak too them. Not to mention the prices for drinks. Star garden is a bar with girls dancing. Very good music if you’re on the rock/ punk side of things. They have sports on the TV’s and I think a pool table. (could be wrong about that) Very reasonable drink prices and all the staff and dance’n girls are awesome. Most of the people I’ve seen there have been couples. I go with my GF and she loves it. Even got her a lap dance! Bottom line is I’d recommend it for a little mild adult entertainment. It’s a good time.

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