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1700 Butler Street, Easton, PA 18042


40.6848073, -75.2351509




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Spankys East

  1. the panther

    fanniez is a very fun clubbbbbbbb

  2. smegger

    i enjoy this club. it’s a lot of fun to go to.

  3. periodic visitor

    was in this afternoon – afternoons here tend to be slow, so if you want a shot at some personal attention guys, you should try it! Jessica (the barentender) was hot and very nice (and fun), the regular girls were there…Kelly, Vayda, Monica, Arianna, Jennifer…overall, a nice way to spend the afternoon.

  4. BOSS


  5. Run

    Stay far away from this place. Worst club around.



  7. mcr
  8. stucklikechuck

    very cool club. the girls yesterday were all laughing and it seemed like they were all havin a good time. nicer to see than the ones who look like someone murdered their puppy on stage.

  9. david
  10. disappointed customer
  11. Ron

    I have been going to this club for years and there have been a few hot girls here and there. But I was there on a friday night and I have never seen anything like it before. There were these chicks jamie and jenni. Smoooooookin hot!!!!!!!! And they were just having fun. It’s hard to find girls in there that have fun. They usually just go around with attitudes or yell at the dj for playing bad music. Which I think the dj is awesome, he plays a lot of rock! I love this place because of jenni and jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yogurt

    my friends and i stopped in for a bit tonight. we had a good time as always. thanks to michelle! shes the best!

  13. chauncey

    My bros and i came in last night and had a blast. hottt girls!!

  14. benandjerry

    Always a pleasure coming here, gals are always nice!

  15. sparta

    LUV CR’s!

  16. customer

    This club has been getting alot better, keep up the good work!!

  17. C
  18. Cnut

    Good place to go to see some tits!

  19. horrible
  20. Mike and Dan

    Came in last night after not having been in a while, and were pleased to see that you guys still have it!! Flashback Fridays!!! What a great idea, although you could have played a little more of the hairband era.. The music also graduated from blowing out your eardrums to quiet and then back again. A little painful, and I still hear the buzzing n my ears!! Your girls are gorgeous and we can’t even name them all! Trust me, we tried!! Bartenders were hot too! We will definitely come back to see them take it off! When is it again?? You should really advertise dates like that!! Overall, loved it, will definitely be back with our friends!!

  21. Steven

    Had a great time last night, we will bw back next weekend maybe, thanks!

  22. tim

    good time

  23. brad
  24. yes

    WOW hot chicks

  25. Anonymous

    These girls are smokin hot! They all have great personalities!! I wish this club was all nude, I just wish I could see what’s under those clothes. To the comment below…jamie is hotttt don’t know who jenni is. vada and zoey are really hot too. sophia is hot but doesnt care to chat, just wants the money. As you can see I come here all the time!!!!!

  26. Dave

    I come in religiously about once a week, same day, same time, always happy when I leave. I have my favorites and they have never let me down. From dancers to bartenders, I am always pleased!! I’m a watcher and I like what I see!

  27. harold

    this is the only bar in town where we can still have a smoke and check out hot girls. this will become my new regular stop!

  28. Franklin

    Good day, I like going to this club for a night out with my bro’s. Good stuff, baby!

  29. oily moniker

    Nice club! Keep up the work ladies! I’ll be back on Saturday with some friends

  30. employee

    i am a dancer here and just read the comments for the firs time. to be honest i have to say im disgusted. to the people who say its to dark here, its notd the 50s any more so if ou dont like blacks or spanish people so some where else because chances are the only reason your mad is because they are having more fun than you. to the people who talk shit about fannys shanses are u just want extras and cant get them here so go to sillouhetes and then ull have fun

  31. wes

    cool club! vayda is smokin’ hot! I’ll be back for more!

  32. ivy/dana

    i use too work here and let me tell u somthin i loved that club the ppl the gurls the staff were all great if u ppl want it to be good then make it good give them ideas to do on wed,fri,and sat and ull just see

  33. ppho
  34. micheal

    i had a really excellent time here. too bad there wasn’t anyone else there.

  35. scott
  36. Diego

    I had my “CR Fannys cherry popped today” as cherakey put it 2day. And I loved it. Dug and I wanna come back 2morrow!

  37. ahhhhhhhh
  38. client


  39. zoey

    i miss my rick james cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Booooooo!


  41. Love

    I’m just going to keep commenting to cancel out the ONE person who keeps putting down the club

  42. shane
  43. trace

    Beautiful women, clean establishment, and nice people!

  44. paul

    club is fun

  45. milk

    last nite was great! keep it up ladies.

  46. a great time!

    all the girls and staff are kind and considerate to my needs when i’m at this club. the bartenders are quite prompt, and know my drink of choice. if you’re local and want some time to unwind, come on by!

  47. hey

    I see the same person keeps putting this club down.. it’s ashame how this person has no life and has to keep saying negative things to try and stop customers from coming. Sorry it’s not going to work, the club will continue to make money and they really don’t care what is said on here. I didn’t care what was said on here and now I love the place…. bartenders and dancers are sooooo hot and great!!! love you all. haters,,,, stop trying, it’s not working

  48. peter
  49. Disgusted

    This is the worst club around.

  50. Vince

    Went here sunday after the eagles game it was the shit cant wait for my next visit

  51. jones
  52. dkari

    Hire better looking dancers, the music was horrible,dollar dancers on the outside of the bar are a waste of money, been asked many time to be serviced outside the bar for a price..
    Should be providing a rehab..

  53. DB


  55. Lazarus

    I visited the area from New York for the weekend and ended up coming to this club both Friday and Saturday nights. I’m used to NYC’s upper class clubs. No, this is not one of them. However, overall, I’d have to give this club a solid 8/10! Many attractive and friendly dancers. A few mediocre (in my opinion, to each their own). The staff was great, very secure. The bartenders were even better and more courteous than the ones in the city! I give a high recommendation for CR Fanny’s.


  56. Tony Rome

    This club has the awesome Paris! Enough said!

  57. clint
  58. new customer

    much better club then most people say it is

  59. marmee

    always a good line up of girls when me and my buds go to fannys. mama mia, they are spicey!

  60. chubbychasin'mofo


  61. resistanceisscrotile

    Not a bad club to hang out for a bit. I will be coming back again.

  62. exavior

    i like going here from time to time. ive never had a bad time visiting the club. always hot girls and fun!

  63. jonny q

    what a night!!! this is my new favorite club!

  64. joii
  65. King Dinggaling
  66. passing through

    WOW hot chicks

  67. dirty boy

    i love this club….Lyric rocks!!!

  68. Chr


  69. ray

    Ok for a just for 1 drink

  70. duct tape fan

    i like what i like. the club has a bad rap, but i sincerely like a select few dancers. zoey’s my favorite, but elektra is smokin, too. selena gets alot of flak, but she’s a nice girl. as long as you treat them with respect, you shall receive kindness in return.

  71. HHH

    Best part of the club is the shot girl & bartenders.

  72. chlamydic fallacy

    Fun club for a night out! Go here and enjoy!

  73. Ginchiest

    Great club! Recommended!

  74. sparkley goodtime

    I have a sparkley good time EVERY time I go to CRF’s. Hot stuff!!

  75. toad

    Great local club, friendly girls, friendly bartenders.

  76. josh

    lovin cr’s

  77. Tony
  78. Kareem

    This is a HIGHLY underrated club. Bartenders and girls rank from above average to phenomenal in my opinion. I go here every other week or so and I am NEVER disappointed. Check it out!



  80. mason

    Love this place! joclyn, trinity, and devon are hot!

  81. cystsucker

    My buddy and I had a good time here the other night. Our only complaint was that it took us almost 20 minutes to get a drink. But there was only one bartender on, and she seemed busy…but still…it was a wait. After she noticed we were there, however, things changed..ALL for the better! Hot girls, cold beer and lots of fun! I’d like to play whiffle ball with these girls, during the summer, in the park, where they can run and bounce.

  82. Drew

    Fannys is a nice club and i like it here alot. Some hot ladies here. reasonable drink prices. Fannys is one of the best in the area, the other being scarlets. Do not even bother with the rest of the clubs they are all trash. If you are looking for a good club go to fannys or scarlets.

  83. Old Guy

    If you are looking for a New York City style club with highly paid New York City dancers, you should go to NYC. While you’re there, go ahead and try to light up a smoke.

    Since we are in Easton, PA……

    I found this to be a nice club. The ladies are friendly and the drinks are reasonable. Best of all, I can smoke a cigar without being hassled.

  84. qwert

    they had a good lively bartender. now there is a dumb blonde

    serving drinks. sorry the dumb blondes need to be behind the

    bar topless not thinking they car make a drink!

  85. doc cock
  86. To Yuck...

    get a life you know a lot of these girls are smokin hot

  87. Yuck!

    Smelly girls and club!

  88. weedhaze

    the only hot girl innocense. i would pay anything for 1 hour with that.

  89. Clayton

    I keep miss seeing Joslyn. Does she only work on weekends cause I have yet to see her on a week day. I also like Devon and the bartender Christine. All so very exotic. I will be in this weekend hoping to see my fav…….



  91. rick

    Went in with some friends for St. Patty’s Day. Awesome club! Had a great time! the dancers were friendly and hot as hell! great drinks, great food, great music! dj was graet. more rock then anythign else. we’ll be back./

  92. Algar

    I’m not good at writing reviews. But I will say that I liked going here. Bartenders were good. Prices were…strip club average lol. Dancers were excellent for the most part! Go here.

  93. Maria

    Me and my husband go here all the time. Eve is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen in my life! If it weren’t for all the other cute girls, I wouldn’t come here. Sorry eve you just don’t got it!

  94. Gruber

    Lydia is back and so Miss Sue!!! Thank you for the sarcastic Eye Candy!!!

  95. Matty

    Where the helllll is Jamie? I have been stopping in at least twice a week and she hasn’t been around. By far, the hottest girl I’ve ever met and a great personality. If anyone knows if she quit the business for good, or is working somewhere else… let me know. Gave the club a 10 because of her and some additional hotties that catch every guys eye!

  96. tellr
  97. Langden


  98. james
  99. joe
  100. You're not very nice!

    Okay we all know that’s not true.

  101. parachutepantsman

    I live in the allentown/bethlehem/easton area and this club is by far My favorite out of my options.

  102. ben & jerry

    man oh man, whats all the hate for… i dig the place, girls are hot, friendly, and yeah they are there for the money it is their place of business… i have been to quite a few places, i am glad to see “non circuit” girls the “girls next door” is always hotter…

  103. ,,,,,


  104. The Writ


  105. Goblin

    I go here a lot. best club in the area bar none! keep it up!

  106. Bradley Morehead

    I was in on Monday afternoon. not too many grlz dancin, but Jade’s Drink-making Skillz. And easy talkin. Made it grand as Kristal’z ass! btw that long haired guy behind the DJ booth played my wedding song i requested. thanx son. y’all need some mo pool tablez.

    Bradley Morehead

  107. suze

    My girlfriend and I enjoy going to strip clubs on occasion for a fun girls night out. We went to this club over the weekend, and we were impressed. Not only was there no staring from the male customers (because of our lesbianism) but the dancers were polite, courteous, fun and not to mention..CUTE AS HELL! lol. This is a good ‘night out’ atmosphere, I recommend this club.


  108. Washburn
  109. Ht
  110. Macson

    I love going to C.R’s! The staff is friendy and the food is really good! The dancers are AWSOME! They ask if they can dance for you and if you run out of money they don’t take it personally! I have to many fav’s to point one out! You get great lap dances and the girls like to sit and talk to customers. Don’t forget to tip them or buy them a drink, cheepskates! LOL


  111. Gordo Rubix

    i hurd some negativ stuff about this club…but holly crap they were wrong! whut a good nite we had.

  112. tammy

    thizz clubs got sum hott bitches n shizzle. y’all needs ta check it…son.

  113. skeet

    fuck the rest this place is the best!

  114. chuck

    oh yeah! cr fanny’s rocks! all right!

  115. Keith

    Bartenders looked so hot tonight in bikini’s! I just wish the bartender Kelly would have a better attitude, her nasty comments about the dancers turned me off. I would have had a better time without her negativity… but she did look hooooottttt!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Ken

    We went last night and found the ladies to be spectacular. There were young and mid-aged girls there and all were friendly. There were a couple that should not have been dancing, but the rest made up for it. There was this hot little babe with a 69 Tat that I could not take my eyes off. There were two hotties with dimples dyking it out. In NJ I see a lot of foreign girls, but here I saw down home girls I could approach and relate to. I can’t get 69 girl out of my head! Yeah, its a little bit of a dive but then what good bar in Easton isn’t? Plenty of parking, no cover, friendly bouncer, frosted beer glases, $2.75 Miller lite on tap that tasted perfect, very hot bartenders, clean bar, lots of chicks so you can look at what turns you on. Other patrons even were friendly. Place was busy without being packed at 9pm. The best time I’ve had in a go-go place – I usually go home feeling ripped off. In NJ you pay $20 or so just to get in the door to see nudity but no beer. Or you get in for free and drink beer to see swim ware. There were hotties wearing nothing but the smallest g-strings and they seemed comfortable and eager to please.

  117. Jonny

    Everything was great. The dancers wear hot as ever; especially Amber. That girl rocked out and tricked out that stage! DJ was sweet too, took and actually played requests. That’s not something you see everyday. keep it up the good work guys… but especially the girls. Hell yah!

  118. Happy
  119. KatieD

    They need to get rid of they’re dancers for new smaller sized not plus size. Hiring Connie was the worst thing they did. He’s destroying that place.

  120. beth

    i’ve been to this club a TON of times and i haven’t gotten sick of it yet. a+++++

  121. Shummer
  122. JJ

    Wasnt all that it was hyped up to b

  123. suga

    sorry i was coming down off my smack this is suga again how do i permantly shave off my happy trail?

  124. Mick
  125. raunchamesiter

    fun club. nice place to kick back, smoke a cigar and relax. oh lord, yes.

  126. B
  127. now&then guy
  128. fanny's fan

    maybe it’s just that I’m only there in the afternoons, so maybe I don’t see what you guys see – but, whenever I’m there, I have a great time

  129. jeff

    fun club! check it out!

  130. Dick
  131. jaque

    I love going here with some friends. We had a great time last night, all of my favorites were dancing. Plus it was great to see Michelle the bartender again. We were all laughing so hard! 10/10

  132. ZO
  133. teresa

    clean, friendly

  134. quincy

    Not bad! Could be better though. Great service at the bar, and lots of good looking women. Some, not all, of the dancers are very unfriendly and NEVER smile!I’ll be comin back, maybe it was just a bad night.

  135. marks
  136. jon

    love it!

  137. Joey

    This club is hot hot hot!!!! will be back

  138. Bradley


  139. Shakawanda

    I had such a blast last night. This was my third visit and no complaints whatsoever! Thanks guys!

  140. Nasty

    Go to any other club. Stay away from this one.

  141. former mousekateer

    What an awesome night! Sad to see Amber go, but she will always be one of my favorites!

  142. Rich

    come on….this place rocks…(thanks Samantha/Crystal; thanks Jade)

  143. MinkeyDoos

    I LOVE KELLY! today was her birthday, I had a blast! Hopee you like your gift hot ass!

  144. theone


  145. Re: Drew

    Are you fucking crazy??!! Scarlets sucks compared to this place! I had a better time at the Warrington Hotel which is loaded with shit girls. At least they showered. The girls at Scarlets stunk of sweat, perfume, and meth breath!

  146. Steven Shakalaka

    Hi, my name is Steve. I go into CR Fanny’s regularly and always enjoy myself a bunch. Why, I was just in earlier today and let me tell you: it was all sorts of fun!!

  147. SpongeBob

    Nice place and a few friendly dancers, who is everyone’s top five dancers there?

  148. man i am
  149. mike

    this place used to be hot now it is luke warm

  150. cliff

    i went into cr’s today around 3. there weren’t a lot of girls working but the ones who were there were hot! we were hangin and watchin football. i had a great time.

  151. fish

    love this place glad all those bitch’s are gone like raina desire, adrianna they think their shit dont stink have make’n 60 a nite at that dump the fox

  152. rex

    was in last wed. girls were hot ,but the dj was funny as shit!!!! why is he not their every nite?

  153. silvertip

    hey ladies! thanks for making the trip down worth while. hope to visit the club again soon!

  154. bob
  155. sally

    i took my bf here for his bday and we had a great time! willow was our fav.

  156. jojo

    hell f-in yeah!

  157. VasDeferanos

    I like going here. Cold beer, good food, hot girls. Lots of fun!

  158. Ty
  159. bastard sezs

    Lyrick makes this place work. jess has been a much better beertender as of late and Sophia is working up her game, but really miss Sue,,she was the BEST. The cameras suck guys !

  160. manager


  161. ricky

    this club is very nice. nice lookin girls and all.

  162. Tom

    this club should be way over a 5.4 Definatly an 8

  163. harryharry

    I placed here for one of their amateur nights. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a decent number of attractive dancers WITH TEETH!!!!! (being here in PA I’m not used to seeing a lot of attractive skinny people with teeth) There were the obligatory porkers mixed in with the rest, but they were covered up much to my relief. Girls circulate on the inside of the bar for tips. Beware some of them double back for second helpings. Dancers range from “what the fuck is that” to “DAYUUUM”. If you are one of those assholes that likes to look and not tip I would recommend sitting away from the bar at some of the tables by the pool games. That seems to be cheap pervert sanctuary. The dancers aren’t aggressive but they do love to double dip. No cover and reasonable drink prices.

  164. Disgusting

    This club has nothing good about it. Don’t even bother coming here.

  165. Lee

    This place is awesome! Scarlets sucks!

  166. ?
  167. d
  168. wow

    2 nights ago i told the bouncers that one of the dancers while i was getting change from the bar tender stole me 5 dollar bill and me beer her name is zoey the bouncer didnt do shit or even review the video she did it right in front of the fucking camera i am telling all my friends and we are going someone else next time i dont like being ripped off fuck this place

  169. NJkid

    So i am in town on business and decided to check this place out tonight. The place itself looks like a typical bar setting (nothing special here). The sound system and DJ are below par. As a matter of fact you pay the DJ for lap dances and he was bitching that he had too much to do ( i was 1 of 3 people in the club). The Girls are Cute with a couple of Dogs. To be fair they had about 4 Girls that i would rate as 7 to high 8’s and 2 that i would give maybe a 3 or 4. I got a couple of dances with Lyrics (excuse the typo) Very cute girl and great LD. would highly recommend. very friendly and no preasure at all.

    I will say 1 draw back is that they do not take Credit cards and for a business traveler like myself that is my lifeline so If they would fix this issue i would go back more often. They do have an ATM on site. Thanks again and Have fun

  170. javier
  171. GT
  172. dude


  173. crazydude

    Best club i’ve been to in awhile.Cold beer , beautiful girls ,and great food.I’ll be back!

  174. dascrute

    I love going here! check it out

  175. tj

    Last night was awesome!! great service! had a blast!

  176. Topeka

    Had a good time last night. Nothing fancy, but a very nice club with some very hot girls. Good food and music. The drink prices were a little high, but that’s to be expected in gentlemen’s clubs. I would come back for another visit.

  177. ramon
  178. Jocelyn

    Jamie is no longer here, and hopefully never coming back! She is not a nice person, and is not welcome.

  179. Yentel

    I like the CR Fannys. Good place for fun. I like the food also as well.

  180. club-guy
  181. Oshkosh

    Not a bad club! No cover charge which is awesome. I didn’t care for all of the girls, but to each their own. Some just seemed miserable…lol, work sucks some times. I would come back to this club! Good for a fun night out.

  182. duce

    No cover is the only thing saving this place, i dont mind tipping but some girls just walk by and expect something not cool. Girls are so so or maybe i went on a B night.

  183. pphole


  184. John

    Fanny’s has a variety of dancers ranging from hot and beautiful to just ok. But then again, most clubs are like this. Favorites are Devon, Aviana, Kyra, Elektra, and Summer! The bartending staff on the other hand are all stunning!!! I will go out on a limb and say the best in the Lehigh Valley!! Busy nights are from Wednesday thru Saturday. No cover which is great although I wish they had better drink specials. I love coming to Fanny’s. Always friendly and welcoming!!

  185. Shungee

    I enjoy C R Fannies!! Awesome place for fun. When Im wearing my top hat with a daisy on it, I come hurr.

  186. stop the negative

    had a great time at the club

  187. roy

    Whazzup!! Roy here. Ladies, you know! I dig this club. Just like I dig with a shovel. But it’s even better than that…and I’m a guy who loves digging with shovels. peace!

  188. rob
  189. Jim
  190. sean

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