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5921 Tacony Street, Philadelphia, PA 19135


40.0133145, -75.0563103




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Risque

  1. xxx

    Used to be my favorite place then it fell off the map. I heard they made some changes to the staff? Its been lonnnnggg overdue! look forward to dropping by

  2. David

    Dirty Tacony, Dirtier Girls, always HAS been grimey.

  3. XXXbeast

    Terrible place, they wouldn’t let in the bachelor on a bachelor party. This place can go screw itself, Philly style.

  4. zEUS

    looking forward to thi big “BATTLE of the BARS” coming up this week between Dangerous Curves & Tattle Tales II

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  6. dave


  8. blahblah
  9. Russ C.

    I’ve never reviewed a strip club before, so I’m not quite sure as to what I am to review. I’ll try to break it down in terms of what matters to those attending.Girls-Well, I gave it two stars for a reason. To be fair, I have only ever been there on off nights… but even some all-stars play in games that don’t matter and I never saw one “all-star.”Beer/Drinks- What you would expect to pay at a strip club, in other words: expensiveSet-up- The stage is in the middle of the bar and there is an elevated “platform” with tables to sit at. This, I feel was the best aspect of CR, those who seek a close up view can sit at the bar, while others can talk with friends on the side.I say give Club Risque a chance, it may be more your type of place than it is mine. I am feeling like my initial two star rating may have been a little harsh, it is probably closer to 3 stars. My advice would be to check it out on a Thursday-Saturday night, I feel like the set-up gives it the potential to be a fun place to “relax.”

  10. cutie
  11. AssnTits5

    I’m surprised Risque has such poor ratings on here. I didn’t think it was the best place ever, but it’s pretty alright. Here are some highlights: drinks are reasonably priced, they’re open until 4 am some nights, couples’ nights = free drink for companion, impressively clean and new ladies’ room, several TVs, and they give away free stuff sometimes. I scored a free hat. I used to list smoking inside as a pro, but now that I’ve quit, it’s annoying. Fun place, I’m a fan.

  12. lapfan

    great lap dances

  13. dan
  14. ex customer
  15. Johnnyboy123

    Came here for a Bachelor Party. It was our last stop for the night. One of the strippers, Lita, was super friendly and not aggressive. I’d say most of the other strippers were not approachable. We were sitting there for probably an hour and none of the strippers were soliciting us. It was like they didn’t want to make money. Eventually we had to scout strippers for the bachelor and he had a great time. In terms of looks, our group tends to be into thicker women, so you won’t find that here. Drinks were relatively inexpensive.

  16. gogohound

    overall worst club in philadelphia don’t ubderstand how club risque has a 6.2 and this dump has a 7.2 is someone paying for the rating?

  17. Sean and friends

    WOW decent sound, fine dancers, sexy moves, delicious food I’ll be back!

  18. joseph1k

    Club risque delaware ave is the best gentlemans club in philly. The dancers range in age with some above average hotties Also, some of the best looking and friendly bartenders ive ever encountered. I absolutely would recommend this club

  19. Lauren H.

    This place isn’t getting enough credit. First of all, it’s a strip club in Philadelphia, on Columbus Boulevard, so don’t expect too much. That would be like walking into Ikea, and expecting to buy furniture akin to West Elm. Or buying a case of Keystone light and expecting the same quality as corona. etc etc. Anyway, I went on a friday night with my boyfriend, and had a great time. The drinks are expensive, and there’s a 2 drink minimum if you’re sitting in the chairs, not sure if it’s the same at the bar. It was a $10 cover for each of us, and there’s a metal detector. There were 3 girls that were just gorgeous, 1 Caucasian, 1 African American, and 1 Asian. Most of the rest had at least 1 redeeming quality physically, and there were a few Uglarians. About half of the girls had breast implants, some obvious, some not so much, the rest had naturals, some big, some small, some none at all. Not everyone was in great physical shape, but I could appreciate that because not every man goes to a strip club to see Barbie take off her clothes. Even the aforementioned Uglarians got a lot of tips from different men. There were a few girls that had no idea what they were doing, a few that really knew how to shake and work the pole/stage, and one that just walked around and didn’t do anything with a stank attitude. There was also a girl that only gave massages, and from the looks of her clients, they were goooood massages. I had 2 drinks, I don’t know what the first one was, I told the bartender I wanted something sweet and strong, and she made me something pineappley. The second drink I had was a peach martini, very strong, and I also had 2 shots from the shot girl. It was the shot girl’s first night, but she was really cute and outgoing and I liked talking to her. The shots were $5 each, $10 if you wanted her to straddle you, deep throat the tube and pour it down your throat. I had one each way, I enjoyed them both. The women’s bathroom is locked, and you need to ask one of the many tuxedoed men to let you in, which isn’t a problem. One thing I didn’t understand is that you aren’t allowed to throw bills on the stage, which I’ve never heard of before, and they don’t exactly make it clear beforehand. Another thing I didn’t like is that since we went close to Christmas, the Dj was playing CHRISTMAS SONGS… which is a little twisted and not really conducive to the atmosphere. He also wasn’t very good at playing songs that meshed well together, he needs to work on his flow. All of the girls work a circuit, starting at one end of the room, stopping at each pole along the outer circle, then getting on stage, stopping at each of the 2 poles, then working their way around the bar, then out onto the floor. Just make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind if they smell like smoke. You don’t really notice it when you’re inside, but the next morning, everything smells horrible, your hair, your clothes, everything. ugh. Oh, and last thing, strippers love girls.

  20. surprise


  22. yanard12

    2 and a half short years ago, I had the deep displeasure of experiencing Club Risque. It was my best friend’s bachelor party and Risque was supposed to be the capstone to an otherwise beautiful night of friendship and revelry. We exited our bus and began to enter the venue. After 3 or 4 members of our group paid and entered the club, one of our friends was denied entry. The reason given for the denial was that they had seen someone “stumble” out of the bus. Regardless of the fact that no one stumbled out the bus, they refused to refund half of the group the money that they had already paid to walk in for one minute. Of course, none of us entered the club and left unrefunded and, understandably, upset. I wish I could review the quality of the experience that Club Risque provides, but the management made that impossible. It’s one thing to deny entry, it’s another thing to steal from patrons while veiling it as “policy.” If you’re looking for somewhere to go, look elsewhere, unless you want to pay $20 to walk in and out of the door.

  23. ttfan78

    ok, this club is now a shit-hole! the bartenders look like 12 year old boys and there is only maybe 3 white girls that actually dance there now and they are all busted. what happened? i heard the owner is going to jail and just letting the club slowly close on it’s own. They don’t even have a web site anymore….that’s just bad management!!!

  24. lost
  25. Jim

    Great food and bartenders who are hotter than the dancers. It’s very clean. DJs on Thursdays are great.

  26. Yvonne G.

    Crappy service, unable to get service for food, even though they have a full menu. Long wait lines for shows upstairs, rude attendant, unable to be seated before start time, show didn’t start on time. Forced to sit in strip club side in order to keep warm, couldn’t get food there either and had to tip for dancers that i didn’t want to watch! Don’t waste your money!

  27. BY FAR...

    The BEST place aroound to work and/or visit!

  28. Battle of the Bars

    This weekend. Be sure to catch the entertainers from each club at their new location, at least for the weekend! 5 girls will be heading from Dangerous Curves to Tattle Tales II and visa versa. All starts at 9pm Fri n Sat at each location. Dont miss out!

  29. BT

    went there to have a good time and have a few drinks, nothing bad, but i wanted to go after 10 mins. I’ve never went into a bar in phily and it had a no smoking rule, but i wasn’t too mad about that. What i was mad at, as soon as i go outside to have a cigarette, two girls trying to convince me to go to the champange room for an extra $250

  30. Tom

    every dancer is worthy of a lap dance. SO SEXY! and they worked me over too

  31. larry1

    Bought a $200 bottle plus $20 tip from a waitress named Kate. Checked my credit card statement and they decided to take the privilege to charge me at $240.00. Don’t trust them with your card. I didn’t have any trouble at Delilah’s and you can see why they are 20 times better and more successful.

  32. Club Hopper
  33. richard95

    I’ve been here a couple times and have not been disappointed. Basics: Cover is $5 Sun-Thurs after 7. $10 Fri and Sat after 7 and some special events. Went this past Tuesday for the Fat Tuesday hosted by the Preston and Steve crew. $10 cover to get in. Standard $20 couch dances. $200 for 1/2 hour in the Champagne Room gets you a couple of drinks and (maybe) a bit more privacy depending on how busy the room is. The couches are a bit bigger and (at least during my trip there) the girls really turn on the charm.Triangular bar surrounds the two stages. Unlike a couple such establishments I’ve been to there is no obstructed view anywhere in the main room. A fair amount of seating off to each side, but if it’s busy expect to do a bit of standing. The couch room is in the back left corner. Many couches, spacious, and just the right amount of light. It’s not particularly private but with a lovely set of twins in your face you don’t notice much else. A nice rotation of girls, and hey!, this particular night there was no old lady who really should hang it up and stop trying to make eye contact with me!! Beautiful brunette Mandy graced me with a couple dances. She was by far the sexiest lady in the place and really knows how to move in the couch room. Highly recommended.

  34. educated mami

    this club is awful i worked thier for one day and never went back i felt way out of place some of the girls thier were gorgeous but they were ghetto and distasteful guys if you want a lil extra care this is the place to go whores everywhere

  35. johnson

    club is by far one of the more enjoyable and comfortable clubs ive been to bar tenders , bouncers, girls, are all very sociable

  36. harryharry

    Another great time at the anniversary party! Gina, Tracy, Kelly… Best bartenders out there! Best girls in philly! RisquΓ© always a class act.

  37. Strip club hopper

    This club is not what I thought it would be. Atmosphere is great. Out of about 17 dancers there, 7 Should have never been hired.

  38. doing it right

    Some girls are doing it dirty here! Does the lack of looks require you to sell the extras? This is supposed to be a gentleman’s club not an audition for a whore house. Because of this clientele is down and expectations for sexual favors is up!

  39. winston12

    This place is small compared to Penthouse. But they had more strippers. Economic and sum what crowdy. Sometimes the place feels congested but lapdance was cool.. πŸ™‚

  40. The Godfather

    Good time, great place, nice atmosphere. Food is incredible as well!

  41. Bitch
  42. st

    I have been there many times….most of the times its a lot of fun… maybe some people are to critical..The only negative thing was that the last time i was there i was getting a couch dance and the guard stared at us the whole entire song…

  43. Jay

    Ok, been some heffers & nasty chicks last time i was there. Also alot of blacks. But always has some really cute girls too, as long as there’s 1 or 2.

  44. Eric

    Best club in Philadelphia! Delilah’s who? The girls here are gorgeous and friendly, the drinks are 10/10 and the atmosphere is crazy! If you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend with the gang check them out, best part is they’re open til 4 am! I recommend spending your money on Aspen, Lacey

  45. XhXeXy

    Meh.The girls were definitely above average. I did go on a good night tho. Fri/Sat (can’t quite remember it was about half a year ago). A couple real beauties. And of course a couple not real beauties. But you’ll get that anywhere you go. Well of course you’re on Broad in San Fran. Oh how I miss you California.Anyways, drinks were expensive of course. But the thing that really ticked me off is that the closest you can get to the girls without buying a dance is nowhere near close!!! You sit at the bar and the stage is an island like 10 feet away from you. You can’t lay down dollar bills (my FAVORITE thingggggg…I always make all the men in the room jealous how I throw it down and get the ladies to come to me!) but instead have to throw them to even attempt to get them to the dancers. (Although I read below that that is not allowed? No one said anything to me.) So stupid.Bought a couple dances for myself and my friend. Good damn dances. The atmosphere could be better. It’s a room in the back (didn’t feel grimy at all..that’s one thing, the club is clean. Besides the heavy smell of smoke which you will indeed smell on your clothes the next day), but it’s not all that private. There’s little booths around the outside of the room and your dancer will take you to one. There were probably about 10 other dancers giving dances to other people around the room when I got mine. But I’ll be honest it didn’t bother me that much. Like I said they had a couple real beauties. Very friendly too πŸ™‚ If only I had written this review closer to when I had gone.I think dances ran about 30-40. Cover was decent if I remember correctly. Unlike Show & Tel across the way. My party (me and my other sexy female friend, and 3 guy friends) and I stopped at Show & Tel first and they wanted us ladies to pay the same as the guys, and they were also rude when I asked for a discount for the girls. Oh well, I don’t deal well with unfriendly strip club staff so I said peace and took my group across the way to Club Risque hoping for better luck and nicer people. When I proposed the same discount to Risque they were more than happy to oblige. And also didn’t ID if I remember correctly for all you yunguns out there trying to see some strippers haha.This is the only strip club I’ve been to in Philly and it doesn’t compare to San Fran but I’d go back if I had some extra cash to spend. Definitely want to find a place that will let me make it rain during stage performances though.

  46. eddyL

    I don’t like to review a strip club but I have been to Risque’ for two different shows. Last time it was Wednesday night. The prices are bit higher than in the other clubs but is kind of normal for a club anyway. The girls are pretty just the strippers are a little bit old. I had fun, but I can’t say that I liked the music. It was terrible. For example after a rock song he played Ameno then a rap song. It was the same problem when I’ve been before, a Monday night. I think it was the same DJ. There are great DJ’s in Philly they should try an other one in Wednesday nights.

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