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8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Delilah’s

  1. Jessalyn C.

    Assaulted by the bouncer and denied entry because we were two females without a male escort. He wasn’t amused when I said prove I don’t have a dick. I guess my $$ is less green because I have a vagina.

  2. Will

    Had a great time and will come again and again!

  3. Chad
  4. Nat

    best by far

  5. Ty

    Bangin bodies! Love it!

  6. Carl

    I always have a god time here. I’ve never had a bad experience with anyone here. I think the ladies who work at Delilah’s are awesome!

  7. Rocky

    This place is amazing! Beautiful and talented girls and a very friendly staff.The atmosphere is very relaxing and enjoyable.

  8. higher anybody

    need to give drug and any sexual disease test before highering

  9. Zeroowww

    Total waste of time, I can’t believe this club anymore. Damn disappointing

  10. Johnny

    Great variety of dancers!

  11. Mick

    If you haven’t been around, haven’t looked around or have no clue, this is a good place to lose your money and get absolutely nothing to show for it.

    No tangible benefits. And the girls here degraded considerably, at least that was good in the early and mid 90’s.

  12. pete

    nice girls!

  13. Anthony Delilos

    the clubs atmosphere was very nice, the women were very nice looking, overall i had a damn good time.

  14. Jilly from Philly

    The lower level is alright, though crowded. The Red Room is the place to be. Steakhouse lives up to it’s reputation. Dancers are amazingly hot. Best in Philadelphia. Have been for years.

  15. Paul
  16. shit

    make scn get ride of the shit videos on this site or esle I will post 200 bad reviews everyday.

  17. George

    This club was awesome! I had a great time and spent a lot of money to relax and enjoy one of the beautiful girls-I’ll be back!

  18. Doopey

    I love it here!

  19. J

    Beautiful Girls-the best!

  20. Trey
  21. jon
  22. fisherdex1

    I personally love this place. First off, the girls are beautiful. Very few busty chicks, mostly very attractive dancers. The food is surprisingly great! The dances are inexpensive and it comes with a secured parking spot. I’m not sure what I can ask for more! This is by far the best club in PhillyI would give a shoutout to an incredible girl here… But I’m going to hog her and make sure no one looks for her here hahaha.

  23. dancer

    i have never been here. on my 3 hour drive to try to get an audition i was side-swiped by a drunk driver five minutes from the club. i was just looking through all the comments about how you lose your money for the show but don’t get your “happy ending”… GOOD!!! that is the place that i want to work then!! i don’t know who started the persona that dancers are dumb, gullable, whores; but they were wrong! any man that walks into a club should know you are going in to be entertained… not sexually pleased… you want more for your money… go find a street corner… stop asking women with class to be your trashy dream come true… if you complain about losing money… then you obviously don’t have enough money to deserve these women’s time… you give up your pride and dignity and kill your body night after night learning poll tricks dancing naked on stage for hundreds of dirty assholes who think you should feel privilaged to get their dollar and see how you feel!!! put yourself in a dancers shoes and i garuntee you’ll start throwing money to these ladies like they deserve for their beauty and talent and their sore feet from wearing 6-8 inch stillettos all night… sometimes even a double shift… because you think it’s hott… give them credit for their hard work to entertain you! that’s what they are there for… not to get on there knees…

  24. Erik s.

    do not recommed the buffet…. i would not eat the roast beef for obvious reasons .. the server’s outfits r fantastic…if bennigans’s adopted delilah’s uniforms they prob still be in business……they would not let my gfriend and her friends unless they brought guys which i thought was weird

  25. Nugent

    Better looking girls at the other clubs. Not even close.

  26. na
  27. newbie

    This place is great! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  28. Jaye V.

    This place reminds me more of a caberet than a strip joint. From the outside, it seems a little seedy, but I knew it couldn’t be from all the ads everywhere for it, even in every hotel room it seems. And if you use a hotel room key to get in, they waive the cover charge. Or at least, they did about 7 years ago when I was visiting Philly.The steak is pretty expensive, but here’s the tip — you can have a large enough portion of the steak if you get it in the salad. It’s much cheaper and it’s excellent. The steak is like butter melting in your mouth.I finally caved in to a shot from one of the shot girls (dressed like a cowgirl with a harness full of liquor bottles), and suddenly my chair was pulled around and my cheek was against her breast as liquor was poured into my mouth. Before I knew it, I was turned back around with a stunned look on my face. It was pretty slick; I totally wasn’t expecting that.All the dancers get together and perform big choreographed routines together on the huge stage, complete with different levels, stairs, and using chairs and such as props. I’ve never seen anything like it at a ‘gentleman’s club’. And everyone was really pretty, with perfect bodies. It was almost like a modern Moulin Rouge.

  29. Jim

    My favorite club in the city always lives up to my expectations

  30. Ant

    Better looking girls in this club than in other clubs in Philly. Service is slow. Club is nice inside.

  31. LK

    Love Delilahs…hot girls, good food, great lap dances

  32. t
  33. foto

    went last night did not see one girl under 30. wtf?

  34. dezel
  35. beauty lover

    i travel the u.s about twice a month, i’ve been to tons of stripclubs and Delilah’s is the best by far. P.s to guys who think they come go in there and not spend a dime delilah’s is the wrong club for you. atleast $100 to have a o.k time. the more money the more fun!!

  36. Ron

    Lovely ladies and great place to hang out

  37. over-rated

    totally over rated

  38. Vic

    I’ll keep coming back for more and more!

  39. Doc
  40. joel
  41. Lance

    Delilah’s is by far the best club around! It’s a very classy and upscale club with beautifully entertaining ladies and a great atmosphere.

  42. Terry

    Best club in the city

  43. wow

    Things have changed here. I use to enjoy coming here, everything is different. I remember the late 90’s to early 2,000’s that was when this club was the best

  44. amoroso
  45. sl

    Is Kim still working there? She is the best but haven’t seen her in awhile

  46. adamrod

    Came by here and was refused entry with my friend because we are female. Had two male friends come join us and said they still wouldn’t allow us in because we are lesbians. What? Filing a civil complaint with Pennsylvania’s unified judicial system. Don’t go here.

  47. Joe

    Lovin It! HOT girls!

  48. tom

    best club in philly.

  49. Gerry

    The dancers here are beautiful women inside and out. I always have great conversation and lots of fun!

  50. jay
  51. Mory

    Awesome weekend fun!

  52. Goldmember

    The epitome of style over substance, image over satisfaction – everything that went wrong with the strip club biz in the early 90’s.

    Their advertising guarantees tourists and clueless newbies will go here but most of us have found better alternatives in the city and even better outside. Spend less and get more customer satisfaction.

  53. Dick Darlington

    Delilah’s has the best looking dancer line-up in Philly. It compares well with anything in better “gentlemen’s clubs” (GC) in NYC, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. However, management does try to maintain a GC image. If you are looking for a “high mileage” grind club, this is not the club for you (and you’ll waste a lot of money trying to get what you’re looking for – go elsewhere, like the Playhouse in Burlington, NJ). If you want beautiful women, good service, and a comfortable environment in which to drop a few hundred or thousand dollars on an evening’s entertainment, Delilah’s will give you excellent value. If you want good lapdances, you’ll need to separate the good dancers from the “airdancers” (there are plenty of those at Delilah’s – for some reason some girls think that dancing here (and getting ripped off by management with the highest house fees in the area) gives them a license to rip customers off – avoid these girls and you’ll have a great time.) Overall, the best club in Philly with a comfortable atmosphere – the one improvement would be for management to turn down the volume on the speakers so that the bartenders and waitresses could actually hear you give an order rather than having to guess from what they think they heard.

  54. me

    Best looking girls in any club in PA or NJ. Hands down.

  55. ryan123

    I already called Delilah’s and told one of the managers how great of a time my husband and I had. After trying 3 other clubs in the area, this one was extremely couple friendly, and the girls were so hot compared to the other clubs. Yes, I have to admit it’s a bit pricey, but we were prepared for that. We ended up doing the champagne room with one of the hotties that I picked out with a nice rack, and even tho it ended up being almost $800 for both of us for only 1/2 hour, we had a fantastic time. We don’t do champagne rooms that often, but if we find a girl who may be worth it, we’re doing it! I think once the gals noticed that I wasn’t the jealous type, I was getting approached quite often for just MYSELF to get dances, and poor hubby left sitting there, but he thought it was hot!We will definitely be going back!

  56. stripclub expert

    i stop by delilahs often, i like the employees. th e ambiance is nice. moat of the girls are attractive. very nice place. i highly reccomend it.

  57. DINO
  58. gus
  59. Black AEX Card

    I never saw a Black AEX Card until I started working at this club. Now I see them all the time. It is not uncommon for a dancer to get some old rich guy drunk and them take him for 10 grand in one night. It happens all the time. These girls are all making a bundle.

  60. Big Fan

    I thought this place was great. The girls were gorgeous. The music was rockin. The food was delicious. Everybody I was with had a stellar time!

  61. eddyL

    Absolutely ridiculous. Paid 20 dollars to get in and never got a seat. The staff was so rude and inconsiderate, they kept asking us to move even though there was no where to sit. Do not spend your money here.

  62. Sharyn R.

    My fiance and I frequently go to gentlemans clubs while traveling. This time we decided to stay local and we are both glad we did. We visited Delilahs twice this week after having so much fun the first visit on Wednesday we stopped back in for a cameo Saturday night. Both times the service was excellent, the dancers were beautiful and entertaining, and the staff was friendly and accommodating. We brought several friends along Wednesday night and all of us opted for the Two for One lap dances. What a fun time! The dancers we chose were very couple friendly and engaging with both of us. I wish we had gotten their names; they told us they were sisters but when we back in Sat night no one was sure of their names. Even if they weren’t sisters the fantasy was just as fun! Saturday night we were greeted warmly from a gentleman by the name of Shawn/Sean which I ended up chatting with while my fiance used the mens room. He turned out to be the general manager and I have to say it was impressive he took the time on a Saturday night to be out on the floor greeting people. Overall we were very impressed with the friendliness and service of the entire staff. Unfortunately we did not have time to stay that long Saturday but we will be returning this Saturday with our group of people for my birthday after we have dinner elsewhere. Super couple friendly club, we are looking forward to future visits!

  63. michael M.

    very nice atmosphere, very lovely girls. great time. best ive seen in a long time. keep it up.

  64. Chris W.

    Would not recommend if you want to just chill and look at attractive women. The bartenders had attitudes, the bouncers just looked miserable (and were miserable to talk to/ask questions, ie, where’s the bathroom). I got a private dance and the girl was straight up gouging me, trying anything possible to get me to pay more money. Was not enjoyable, I just wanted a lap dance, I didn’t want to spend 10 minutes having her try to get me to another “more private” room which costs considerably more money. Just do your job.Most of these other reviews were from a few years ago. Definitely has gone downhill.

  65. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  66. XXXbeast

    We went there for a guys night. As soon as we sat down we knew that this was a awful place. The girls on stage were just walking around with very little effort into the dancing. One girl came up to us and I was going to buy a dance for my friend in the back. She just started dancing on him. Next thing I know she gets up and says that’ll be $40. I said excuse me. She said that’d for two songs. What a total scam. One girl was so drunk she couldn’t even talk. The only good thing was the bathroom attendant. I should have stayed in the bathroom. I will never go back there and I will make sure everyone I know will not go either.

  67. joseph1k

    My female friend and I were not allowed entrance to this club because we are female. Is that even legal?

  68. Marty
  69. Bernard

    The best in Philly!!!

  70. jackie

    hott danmmmm

  71. DetroitRockCity

    This place looks great, but the drinks are overpriced, cover too high, girls lap dances suck ….they have a long way to catch up to Cheerleaders or Oasis laps….and I’m not talking dirty,just normal laps you get at any other place in america… bouncers here are too attached to the girls and act like their BF’s , massage girls , Oh God where do I start ? ….one of them wanted my ph# (EVA ? ) so we could “hang out ” ….I guess thats what the standard line is they use on lots of dopes , so they keep getting massages , the massage was good , but I’m not becoming friends with a stripper/massage girl ….4get it ! The sound system is great, but they need to play more rock, I guess the hip-hop crowd frequents this place . I’ll come back another time for the food though, but never a couch dance or anything else

  72. R. Cantalupo

    I just went to the Diaminc G String Competition. This type of event puts this club over and above any club I have ever been in. I approaches Vegas, Atlantic City or Broadway. Yeah, I went to see the dancers, but what I saw was a surpirze and and an extra I didn’t expect. Why don’t more clubs do this. The sex is still there but the entertainment is incredable.

  73. Mac

    I love this club! I had a great time last week. I think the atmosphere and the dancers are exceptional.

  74. Popular

    I love Delilah’s! I’ve been coming here for a long time and will never venture to go anyhwhere else. The girls here are the best.

  75. awesome

    it rocks

  76. Anonymous

    The absolute best in the city. You’re wasting your time going anywhere else. Absolutely the upper echelon in every respect. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  77. Harv

    hmmmm i have to agree no good looking strippers during the day… not one…. maybe ill try after 9pm like the previous post said

  78. Jason


  79. JD

    booo. spent $500 in about 4 seconds and still had a shitty time!

  80. Maricruz D.

    If I don’t have a guy with me I can’t come in? I was ready to spend just as much money as any guy and have a good time. It’s the 21st century. I came as a consumer, and it’s quite closed minded to only let me in if I have a guy with me for every 2 girls? Are we still in college at a frat party? No. Open your minds up a bit. We’re here to consume too.

  81. Jack

    I think this place is incredible! Very good time and very lovely ladies!

  82. Carrie E.

    Do you like weak, expensive drinks to wash down your overpriced steak? Do you like Barbie so much that you wish you could pay her to sit on your lap and laugh at your jokes? Well, my friend, it’s your lucky day – this means you’ll LOVE Delilah’s! This “gentleman’s club” gets points for not being dank, dark and creepy-in fact, it’s quite swank as far as venues go. But usually people go to strip clubs to get up close and personal with the talent, and this is where they start to lose stars. It’s a little like going to a concert and sitting in the sky box-you may actually be in the same place as the lovely ladies but you may as well be watching on TV (my stage side judging led me to believe that this is not always a bad thing, as getting TOO up close to some of these dames may result in an overdose of glitter, spray tan or Victoria’s Secret body spray. If you’re going to Delilah’s on the DL, be warned-you probably need to hose yourself down before you go home). They welcome the ladies (I was with my husband) but don’t expect lots of attention. Bring lots of $$$ if you want to hang out more than 20 minutes – this place ain’t for cheapskates.Delilah’s is the Disneyland of Philadelphia “gentlemen’s clubs” (I still can’t say that with a straight face). I suggest you go elsewhere for a more authentic and debaucherous experience.

  83. scam

    beware came home 2 days ago the club ran my card for the max 3000.00. don’t use your card.

  84. chuck

    The best place to have fun!

  85. Long Time Fan

    Delilah’s has the best overall quality of girls I have even seen in one club!

  86. billtheguy12

    Variety of looks were good, $10 cover on a Wednesday (reasonable) problem we ran in to was we had to wait/ hunt down shot girls/ entertainers. We tipped well on stage (at least $10/song to the girls we approached and verbally requested getting dances from.) -no one came around!! We made multiple requests on multiple girls that we could see were not with other clients, yet, nothing! We were there for hours and did not get a single dance! They were not very busy at all in the club either. The girls more so had an attitude that they didn’t care or as if they rather be elsewhere. Unfortunately we were in the area for a limited time and ready to party but ended up going home with WAY more than we ever expected just Bc the girls didn’t seem to care….strangest and most disappointing strip club experience I have ever had

  87. ben
  88. dan d.

    Awesome club, great atmosphere, some of the bartenders are bitches but other than that, i had a good time..

  89. Rick

    The hottest and classiest girls I’ve ever seen in one club! I love this place! It’s fun and friendly and the girls are worth it every time.

  90. Evan

    Good times had by all

  91. Impressed

    very impressive line up of girls and very fun

  92. Yolanda Y.

    I wish I had come here sooner. I loved the atmosphere, and the way they have it set up I think it works for a lot of people. Although they allow smoking inside, I was impressed with the air quality because I could breathe normally and all of my things didn’t smell like cigarette smoke after I left. Drinks are terribly expensive, but I expected that. The waitresses are pretty efficient, which is nice too. I think the cover to get in was $20, but worth it. My advice is to get your drinking done before coming here, although for me this backfired because by the time I got here I was spending money uncontrollably.

  93. Chris
  94. Matt

    Delilah’s was great!!!!

  95. larry1

    After you come here, you will never go to a local strip club joint again. The atmosphere is amazing. The food is pretty good too lol!!! The drinks are a little high but they have specials when a Philly sports team is playing. The seating is nice and the lighting and sound is perfect where its not too bright or dark and you can easily still talk to your friends.^^ You don’t care about that though. The girls here are hot flat out. As long as you don’t say something offensive, they’re friendly and some will put you in your place is you’re acting like a scumbag. There always seem to be a good amount of college girls working and they’re not always trying to get money out of you as you may think. l sat w 2 girls along w 2 of my guy friends l brought and we talked and chilled for over an hour and they did not ask us if we’d like a dance or try to flirt to get money out of us. I even recently turned one college girl into one of my clients and got her real name and number haha. They’re friendly. Pretty much, don’t get all alpha male on the dancers.The bartenders, hosts, massage girls(normal shoulder massages) and shot girls are all also for the most part pretty attractive. The stage is set up well so no matter where you are sitting, you have a good view. Either up close or high and elevated. Upstairs in the VIP area, it’s nice to get a little preview up close before the girls go down the stairs and onto the cat walk. If you appreciate the art of the skill it takes to do certain tricks on a pole, you’ll be entertained as well as their pole is really high and most the girls climb nearly to the top and perform tricks. If you get bottle service in the high seating area, it’s really nice because it’s elevated and it’s more personal how they set it up. It is cool when a few dancers, shot girls and a massage girl are up with you and your friends, having a few drinks and talking bout whatever. I’ve partied w a few of these girls(dancers, shot girls, hosts) outside of Delilah’s in different parts of Center City and at Zbar right next door and they’re pretty fun. Oh yea, it closes at 2am but Zbar right next door is open till 3am so if you’re hoping to meet a certain girl outside of Delilah’s, you may get lucky if you go next door when Delilah’s shuts down. Overall…. flat out, these are the best looking girls l’ve seen at any Gentlemen’s Club. They don’t come around asking for dollars all aggressive like other places. They also always to seem to have a ridiculous amount of girls working. If you like girls, you should def come here.

  96. Edgar
  97. Wing Bowl

    I had a great time here with my freinds and will be back again!

  98. Gary

    I stop in Delilah’s every time I am in town and I have to say that I never regret it. Granted there are times that there are prettier dancers than others but overall I consistently enjoy myself. Keep up the good work!

  99. Nate

    I love Delilah’s! Only strip club I go to in Philly

  100. TIM
  101. wingbowlman

    First and last time here. Girls think they’re hot when they some looked like a bus hit them? What’s up with that ?

  102. Joshua V.

    In the cab ride to Delilah’s:Friend 1: You’re a sexist.Me: Yeah, and we’re ALL going to Delilah’s.Friend 2: Hey, you know how to get to Delilah’s.Cabbie: Hell yeah I know how to get to Delilah’s!Basically, this was the prelude to our night… a sign of good things to come. Went here the night of one of the Mayweather fights, and the cover was pricey, and all the dudes were decked out. Definitely resulted in a classy looking crowd (as classy as a crowd can get for a tittie-bar anyway). The girls are definitely nice to look at (most of them anyway) and they definitely put on a show. I gotta mention, their Russian girls (or Eastern European or whatever) run train on the Asian dudes; that is definitely not a complaint.

  103. Mike

    The best looking girls in the area. Great food and excellent service.

  104. Fred
  105. Nick

    This is the best club in the city by far! I always have so much with the hot and sexy girls. Worth every single penny

  106. Aidan

    I had an awesome time last night! I hung out with some buddies and had some really good dances-I’ll be back again!

  107. Brandon

    This place is definitely great! Very fun and pretty girls that are worh every penny!

  108. mc
  109. PJ

    This place is top of the line for a reason. The girls are superb and the atmospehere is fun. Period.

  110. Rich

    This place was very fun last night! Pretty busy for a week night as well. I had a great time and will definitely be coming for more.

  111. fuckery12

    OMG! That was the craziest night of my life!This place is great! I sat at the bar with my guy-friend and everybody was just buying us drinks. The manager came up and talked to us, he was really nice and welcoming, really nice and beautiful bartenders, even security was very polite. All the strippers were smiling at me and my friend decided to buy me a lap dance. I liked this one girl, her name was Envy. Guys, get ready to get jealous cause I ended up making out with her and she even gave me her number! I had a blast. Def going back 🙂

  112. Michael


  113. X

    I work at Delilahs, and I always pay attention to the guys at the bar. That stinks you had a bad time, you should try another night. I know what DJ is on usually effects the entertaining qualities of the girls. If a DJ that stinks is on, and plays music I can’t dance to, I am not entertaining. Try again, hopefully you have a better time!

  114. Russ

    I came here for the first time on Tuesday night with a colleague. We’re from out of town and travel a alot and we gave visisted many “gentlemen’s clubs” but Delilah’s exceeded our expectations! This was by far the classiest and well kept club we have been to. The women working here are extraordinary and very friendly. We spent hours in the champagne court and had a wonderful time! We’ll definitely be back next time we are in Philly!

  115. Lovin It

    Best club by far! Lovin the ladies and the atmosphere!

  116. david

    nice place, good food, great girls

  117. Big Man
  118. jack j
  119. Pat

    Love this place especially the girls!

  120. REX


  121. Joey D
  122. guy

    this place is going down hill fast!

  123. Tommy

    I really love it here! I’m always impressed with the quantity and quality of dancers.

  124. MissyFan

    This club is the best around. Beautiful girls…especially Missy. These girls know how to put on a show.

  125. went last night

    It seemed to me that the renovations of the club have now overshadowed the lack of quality(hot dancers) that has been an issue as of lately. The fabulous days of Delilahs is in the past. The club though in comparison to the other clubs in the area is still considered to have the better rated dancers

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  127. Peter

    I love the joint. Still, for my taste, it’s too loud. Also, while I like the kind of chairs used when renovating the “Ruby Lounge”, I think the red and the lighting is too much. The upstairs couch dance room, though, is the best I’ve seen anywhere.

  128. Marlin

    disappointing to say the least

  129. Lenny

    I love this club absolutely stunning women-dancers and bartenders alike!

  130. bill r
  131. BJ

    Best dancers in the city!

  132. walt by fault

    stumbled on to this place…… laps lame

  134. pauly

    I still think they have the best looking girls in the city but they are also the only club I can think of with a no touching policy. The lap dances you practically have a bouncer hovering over you to make sure you keep your hands to yourself which is lame. Drinks are over priced and the club gets very crowded. last time I was there not only was there no where to sit but I couldn’t even find a spot to stand. Bouncers kept telling me to move because I was in the way of traffic I asked where I should go and was told that wasn’t his problem and I was free to leave. Bouncers make money on the side by fidning small groups of 4 or less and charging them $25 each to sit at a table.

    Basically if you don’t mind dropping a lot of money for a strong stage show then this is the club for you. The girls are gorgeous and have skills on stage but the laps dances are lame and between the high cover, having to pay off a bouncer to sit down (on a busy night) and high priced drinks, it’s not a good value.

  135. James

    This is the best club in the area! I love the atmosphere and the music and most especially the girls which are smokin hot. This club has the most diverse group of girls around, I love that I can find whatever I’m looking for! Always worth the money.

  136. dick
  137. kidRyan24

    I’m In search of an Ebony please be petite , Great Hygiene , Tattoos are Limited .
    Please Reside in the greater Philadelphia . or Have you’re own Transportation
    For More Info 484 358-5130

  138. to dancer

    I think everyone would have some more respect for you, and other dancers if you learned how to spell and use proper grammar. Is it possible you don’t deserve more?

  139. zane

    I don’t think this club is worth the money. i have seen way better looking girls at other clubs in the city. This club I hate to tell you is not number one anymore. If you did your research you would find that out real quick. Pretty much bottom of the barrel, or at least it seems thats where they are getting the girls from lately

  140. Joey

    Over-F’N-Rated. The hottest girls are the shoot-girls. The Dancers are snobs and are beat looking.

  141. SHOCKED
  142. Billy

    This place has the hottest and friendliest girls in the city!


    Not the same place it once was in the late 90’s Better looking girls back in the day

  144. fotoass

    overcharge my credit card by 400.00 still waiting for refund.

  145. Shannon N.

    Some of ‘the girls’ worked here so on those random nights with nothing else to do, it was always fun to head down to a place that had free parking and was a guaranteed good time. With an enforced dress code, most people were usually on decent behavior. We’d have fun cheering on our friends, no trouble or hanky-panky (sorry guys). And I know you’re never supposed to eat at a buffet at a strip club (does topless count?) but this place is actually labeled as an actual ‘steakhouse’ where I’m told the food was actually very good (I never had any though). I should point out there was a happy-hour buffet, but table service was done all day, by actual waitresses, so no dancers were in the kitchen. Fun fact: one girl told me they had their own (healthy) menu to order from upstairs in the dressing room. Yes, a strip club has a dressing room…If you can attend one of their ‘events’, things can get pretty wild. The ‘Diamond G-String’ competition featured some amazing entertainment with a bunch of talented dancers (real ones) brought in from outside to join up the regulars. It was fascinating seeing the guys up there also. I’m amazed by some of the dance ability, but I know everyone else was checking out other attributes…which those too, were in great form, of course…This club still holds the bar high on what a strip club should be, at least from a ladies point of view. It’s simply the best not only in the city of Philadelphia, but I have to say after seeing gentleman’s clubs out in Nevada and California, they just don’t compare. I guess these other places seem to have that whole sleazy vibe which DOES make a strip club what it is, but this one just continues to still be a step above, for what it is.Or maybe, I just don’t belong 😉

  146. earl
  147. k.j


  148. #1 yeah right
  149. stripforme123

    With my radio show I work with a lot of Gentleman’s club so I tend to go to more of them then most. Delilah’s is by far the best club in the city. The girls are the best in the city and the staff is great! The food is very good as well. Plus they have a huge parking lot which makes things so much easier when you are out in the city! If you want to go out with friend and have a good time Delilah’s is differently a place you want to check out!

  150. Kyle

    This club is so much fun and the girls are incredible! Delilah’s is the only place I go

  151. Bruce

    Best place to go on a Saturday night!

  152. L & K

    My husband and I visited after a trip to Atlantic City to enjoy the early no cover and buffet dinner, but the highlight of the night was definitely DARCY!! The table side lapdance and her stage performance were great, but the best of all were the two private dances with Darcy. Couples, Darcy should be your #1 pick when visiting Deliliah’s.

  153. Out of Towner

    Best time ever! I will definitely be back to spend more time and money on these smokin hot ladies!

  154. CC

    Come on over to Delilah’s!

  155. Harry

    Visited this club twice in the last week and I will be back! I have really been enjoying myself, these ladies are fantatsic!

  156. LOREL
  157. Bob
  158. Anthony
  159. w
  160. Jamie

    First time there last night, it was fun until the private dances started. I booked a girl for 30 minutes for $250. She was only there for 15 because she had to pee half through. When questioned if she is going to continue her time she got on the defense. Had to ask the manager for a refund. Other than that, it was a nice club. The first one in Philly that I have visited. Compared to some other cities, I would not visit there again.

  161. To Diamondy

    You sounds like an ex-dancer of Delilah’s,very bitter. any man who has been a VIP member for years(which means he’s probably a little older)would not say Ghetto-ass. The VIP champagne room is open every night and sometimes they don’t allow anyone else to go back because all the couches are taken. If you are referring to the upstairs Ruby Lounge it is open every night Wed through Sat. If you were a card carrying member you would know that.

  162. getaclue

    this place has been at the bottom of the barrel for the last few years

  163. what?
  164. maxxy1

    great place to sit back and relax, enjoy a drink with friends. however, girls are aggressive here.

  165. StripClub431

    Not enjoyable. I was harassed by Gia for not doing a dance. Maybe it was a bad day for them but I had came in with the intent to spend but left because the lineup wasn’t very attractive.

  166. Ray

    I had a great time on Sat! The best looking girls around!

  167. bob b
  168. steve
  169. BRAGMAN
  170. ph

    i got sick from the buffet.

  171. John

    I haven’t been in here in a long time and man I was missing out! Visisted on Saturday and it was very busy and I had agreat time. The girls were exceptional! Definitely frequenting D’s from now on.

  172. Colbys

    This club is nice and big but managers are rude and racist! When you just come in you feel that bad vibe. They don’t even have AC, so for person who is non smoker it’s very hard time. Don’t go there.

  173. Loving It

    I love Delilah’s! The best and hottest girls in the city-well worth every penny!

  174. Old Vet

    The epitome of what went wrong with clubs in the latter 90’s.

    This club is all about marketing an image and phony reality to losers and those who don’t know better. It’s about giving you the minimum of real pleasure and air dances and selling you snob appeal, a vip card, a bubble lounge. or some propaganda.

  175. Alex F.

    I love this place. I know I know its a strip club but this is more of a nyc highend nightclub. Its very clean, the staff is professional, and the dancers are good looking. Even the food is delicious. The bartenders are no amateurs and will get your drink perfectly made. I have a great time each and every occasion I visit. I love the atompshere. You CANNOT go wrong with delilahs. A+

  176. ian
  177. steven
  178. kevin
  179. Bart

    Great atmosphere and beautiful girls! What else could a guy want?

  180. troy
  181. Delilah's Fan Only

    I love this place. It’s classy and upscale and very beautiful girls! Always a good time and worth the money

  182. eddie
  183. Sebastian


  184. Nancy L.

    I went with my husband and some other couples on Sat eve, about midnight. They give lap-dances for couples in little private cabanas- very cool! Ladies were all smokin’ hot, with great pole work and nice sexy moves. Prices for cover, drinks, and dances all pretty darned reasonable! Will def. go back next time I’m in Philly.

  185. Sk

    girls are the hottest in da city here….fly

  186. B

    This is my favorite club! It has the classiest and prettiest girls around!

  187. Ralph

    Why would I go to Miami? The best club in America is Delilah’s! I will never go anywhere else

  188. Diamondy

    I’ve been a VIP member for a few years and it’s sad to say but this club no longer what it used to be. The VIP room is frequently closed because they don’t get enough people in the club. It’s also becoming quite ghetto and the quality of the girls has gone down hill. Last time I was in there a Ghetto ass girl got in my face because I didn’t want to loan a friend money to get a couch dance with her. I’m not sure what happened but this place is no longer the best club in town.

  189. MJ L.

    The basics: $15 cover the Saturday I went. The drinks seemed a bit pricey compared to other similar establishments in Philadelphia, but maybe that’s the premium for going to a club closer to center city. All I’m saying is that $9 for a Jack and coke seems steep.It was pretty packed when I arrived at 10 or so. Seating was def at a premium. The tables set back along the walls were all reserved for bachelor parties and the like while the tables right by center stage almost never opened up. I ended up seated at the bar at the end of the runway (limited view) or standing (there’s not even much standing room!).The Good: Very attractive girls in a nice variety (and not all of them had fake boobs!). There isn’t the dollar parade that I’ve seen at most clubs, so maybe they get most of their money from “private” dances and whatever the guys in the front row shove in their g-strings. I was expecting to blow a lot more cash here than I actually did. Nice dances from “Olga” and “Monet”.The Bad: The couch dance room was small, a bit toot dark, and cramped. There is just one long couch wrapping around the room without any sort of dividers, so, not really a private dance at all.

  190. Frankie

    I had a great time here on Friday night. I loved the dancers- very friendly and hot!

  191. club reveiwer

    For a large club we found it boring and drab. No very entertaining dancers. All attention is to vip only. None to the bar. This I would say is a pass by.

  192. rogerrab2

    This is where my spouse and I go for our occasional celebratory throw-downs. Most of the girls have great bodies and know how to work the pole. There’s someone for everyone on that stage. The music is fun, and the drinks aren’t too pricey. My husband likes it when I order up a lap dance or two in the more private Ruby Room, but be careful to keep a count of the songs as it’s easy to get carried away. Incase your party exceeds your cash on hand, there’s an ATM next door with the expected outrageous fee.

  193. Franklyn

    1st time at a strip club n loved it!!!!

  194. SLFJE
  195. JT

    Gorgeous ladies!

  196. Ryan

    What happened to this place?

  197. st

    the last time i was there i was getting a couch dance by this young blonde hottie ..she had her rear in my face and accidently let out a huge fart? she was totally mortified.. she even tried to give me my money back afterwards.. but i told her to just laugh it off and keep the money..I even bought her a drink after the dance to cheer her worked, it was a totally dead night, stormy outside..We hung out the whole night and talked…

    then she left with me and we got something to eat…she was a very nice person….wish her her best…

  198. Sammie

    Not much to say any more. Use to dance here. Went down the road,and making more $$. Some of the managers are cool, like alp, but there are some others that are not. Good luck to everyone was fun.

  199. RANDY
  200. unkown

    I love working at Delilah’s, they are the best!!

  201. Jeff
  202. Greg

    I always have an awesome time here at Delilah’s! Whenever me and my boys go out we stop in here and spend time with all the beautiful girls!

  203. Scott

    Love this club! The girls are amazing and I had an awesome time

  204. Mark P.

    ah my home away from home…I love delilahs mainly because I have a bunch of friends that work there so never a cover and drinks are usually super checp extra strong and free…its always a good time…I tend to go with female friends when I go – when you are there with a girl you never get harassed by the girls trying to get lap dances out of you. and I swore I would never eat at a strip friend who was bartending had me try some stuff and it was surprisingly banging…

  205. roger

    hot girls good times

  206. stew
  207. doug
  208. bob 437

    My favorite Dancer ever was a Muscular Girl of German-Irish

    Descent by the Name of Danni who I saw at Delilahs in

    Philadelphia PA on 9-19-1995!

  209. William

    Finally!!!! A club with class…

  210. Fan

    Delilah’s is the best in my opinion-best food, best laps, best girls!

  211. Karl

    Delilah’s is a great place to hang out with the guys and come and relax and have fun! The dancers here are by far top notch.

  212. bob j
  213. mark
  214. PBF !

    I was in the club Sunday night around midnight, and I looked around at the thugs, hoodlums and gangbangers sitting on the left side of the room , and decided to leave, I have no interest in being around people with torn jeans, backward hats with skulls on em’ , bad personal hygiene and their gf’s that need to start reading Vogue for style tips not High Times magazine or Skin Ink mags !

  215. Way Cool Jr.

    I agree with PBF , my friends and I were at another club 2 weeks ago and when somebody suggested coming here , a guy on the other side of my friend said :” you mean “The Ghetto ” ? Thats the rep Delilahs carries now , way too many people patronize Delilahs who are all street tuffs, drug dealers, and overall troublemakers , you can sense the attitude as soon as you pay the cover !

  216. Why bother

    too much of bouncers looking at you every 5 mins in couch dance rooms ….has anyone at this place3 ever been to other clubs? Does the managers here realise this place is dead now because it’s not fun anymore, it’s not even cool to tell anyone you went here , they will laugh at you .

  217. agree

    way over-rated here the bartenders are better looking than most of these dancers. place downhill on a fast decline….. hasn’t been the same here in at least 4-5 years

  218. suckaa

    u gotta be a succa to spend a penny here way too much hype on this place

  219. CJ

    Always a great experience!

  220. Sam

    I love this club! Beautiful and sexy girls with great dances . . .

  221. timmykilla

    I showed up with two of my white friends, we were in a cab. The black bouncer immediately told me I wasn’t getting in. He said I was too drunk. I immediately stood on one leg and proceeded too touch my nose with both fingers. He said I wasn’t getting in “white boy”, I’d heard it was a good strip club from my black taxi cab driver but the truth is security that the security is a racist group. I have no alternative recommendations but don’t go here, this city sucks. Go with the wiz wit at pats and get back on the plane to anywhere else USA

  222. Vik

    I love this club! This is the classiest and most fun of all of the gentlemen’s clubs in the city-the girls are incredible!

  223. Larry

    Best club in Philly! I love these girls . . .

  224. Mark M.

    This place is the Cream of the crop as far as gentlemans clubs in Philly go. Very very very upscale the dancers the bartenders and even the shot girls are all gorgeous they have a dancer there named MiMi lets just say she took my breathe away. There food is tasty the staff are extremely professional. I’ve been Cheerleaders , Risqué , and Lou Turks many times and some of the girls at those places don’t even have all there teeth Dehlialahs puts them all to shame. ***BTW THEY HAVE TONS OF FLATSCREENS TO WATCH THE FIGHTS AND THE GAMES ***

  225. RJ

    Love these girls!

  226. Johnnyboy123

    Staff was unprofessional. No where to sit or stand. The staff doesn’t even answer basic questions. Not sure what their problem was. Very disappointed. Waste of money, don’t even bother.

  227. mathewater12

    Delilahs sucks. Don’t even bother wasting your time coming to see the stank ass girls working here. They had some chunky chick on stage looking like Snooki. Gtfoh.

  228. Lukas

    I love this club. Very hot girls and always a great time. It’s definitely worth the time and money with these ladies!

  229. Danny

    They’re great!

  230. sarg
  231. ken
  232. Joeseph

    This club was off the hook on Saturday night. My buddies and I had the best time ever! We enjoyed juicy steaks that were cooked just right, excellent service, and sexy SEXY dancers. The girls were so hot and friendly! We spent $$$ Big money here but it was worth every penny. We all had a massage from this really hot chick! The stage was flashing so many colors- I felt like I was in a dream.

    Great Job- Delilah’s thanks for the fun! We will be there on Wednesday to see the big contest!

  233. curtis17

    Perfect place for a Californian guy like me to go in philly! Philly cheese steak so so good so how I expected it. There bread is really fresh and soft out here for some reason. 🙂

  234. MichaelB

    I was really enjoying myself until last thursday, a week ago, this bartender bitch was screaming at a dancer, got my drink all messed up, she had terrible, the worst part is is tht it was early in the evening. shes a kunt bartender

  235. Need Help

    Foto you obviously need glasses or you were very intoxicated last night. I was there and I haapen to know for a fact that the majority of girls working are in their 20’s.The ones with the white bracelets on aren’t even 21! You are soo wrong and you sound like a jealous ex-dancer. I’m a loyal customer becaue the girls here are YOUNG, beautiful and fun!

  236. LEN
  237. bill


  238. DD dancer

    Best place to work tons of fun and plenty of money!!! Thanks Delilah’s for being the best!!

  239. fritter17

    I called ahead (around 5pm) for reservations for a bachelor party of 10 guys, for 9pm dinner, etc. I talked to the “manager” about a volume discount and he said it was a PPV fight night, so he could only give us entry for $15 per person instead of the usual $25 and the bachelor is free. I said cool and I gave my name and time for the reservation later that night. We showed up in the 20-person stretch Escalade like a bunch of douches (who are obviously going to blow some cash that night). I give my name at the door and the bouncer says $20 per guy, I tell him I worked a deal with the “manager” and the bouncer goes inside for a minute, comes back out and says it’s still $20. I ask what’s going on and he tells me I have to call the office. I call and a rude women can’t/won’t find anyone in charge and hangs up on me when I ask why they won’t honor the arrangement we had. I call back and get hung up on again. So, based on principle, I take my crew down the street to another titty-bar and happily drop $20 per person on entry. It pissed me off, but hey, that’s Delilah’s customer service, and I’m glad that we didn’t drop a penny there, or the $650 minimum we would have spent for dinner and entry at $15 (not including tips/drinks/dances). Thanks Delilah’s for being liars, rude, but saving us about a grand. They apparently weren’t interested in our business, which as a business owner, I could never image, unless the customer is a dick (I conducted myself extremely professionally). The truth is that this place had it’s heyday and is on a decline. I remember when this was the one of the top spots in Philly, that was about 10+ years ago. They have gotten lazy and complacent and they just don’t care. This is how businesses eventually die.

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