Purple Orchid



3275 South 61st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19153


39.9200463, -75.2129099




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Purple Orchid

  1. patron

    the best in philly

  2. maxxy1

    A smaller club, somewhere between the size of the Gold Club and the Oasis just down the street. Less of a super sleazy feeling to it than Show n Tel on Delaware Ave, but hey, that’s not too difficult. No cover the Sunday night I walked in to check it out. One stage with two poles pretty much at ground level in the middle of a rectangular bar (not sure why they didn’t bother to raise it up a bit). Beers are cheap, so it’s got that going for it. $20 and $30 dances, or so the girl told me. I did not partake. Rather uninspired performances from a wide range of girls (from “Damn! I hope that stage is concrete reinforced!” to “Damn! Your beautiful so why don’t you dance a bit instead of just wiggling while staring into your own dead eyes in the mirror.” If you’re really looking for a club w/ black women try the Oasis just down the street. It has a good mix of girls AND it’s less depressing.

  3. Jim

    Great place to go if you are looking for pretty and friendly african american dancers. I am never disappointed.

  4. the other brother

    girls are cool.. there are a few that should never take their clothes off.. one girl has been there sooooooooo long and still does the same shit, waddling her fat ass around the pole.. she must go.. overall, i always have a great time and just love the few girls i can bust it up with..

  5. Tim

    Club is comfortable, Friday/Saturday bartender is great. Mixed crowd, not stuffy and uptight like some other clubs. Dancers range from average to a few very hot. I would visit again..

  6. jeff

    nights can be amazin…new gurl has a PHAT ass

  7. ex regular

    Used to love coming here.Stopped coming because the girls just seem to get ruder if not more stuck up every year.I’m not gonna use this post to bitch about “too many black girls” or a dancer’s body type,it just seems like the only attractive and friendly females left at this spot are the bartenders.No disrespect meant,just an observation.

  8. quest

    enjoy tha spot

  9. razor
  10. Fan

    some of the best

  11. john

    not good poor

  12. larry1

    Don’t understand previous reviewer’s impressions of “depressing” and “sleazy.” None of these strip joints is a fern bar, open and airy with chamber music wafting around, but I find this place quite comfortable. Bartenders are accommodating (I often order just a tonic on the rocks), wide variety of shapes and sizes of the girls, who are just pushy enough on their rounds after their sets, with a hand on your thigh and a kiss on your cheek. $20 lap dances are pretty tame, but get a $30 dance and hand her $40 as you enter the VIP room, or $60 for a double and give her $70 up front, and you’ll get a great bump-n-grind, even better the second time you pick her, on a later visit. Place is much better than the very mechanical and unsmiling behavior in Oasis, Show-n-Tel, or Venus Video down the street . Music too loud for conversation as always in these joints, but bearable. No cover until 7:00 PM (I think).

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  14. Confucious

    Drug ridden, STD infested, ALL AROUND NASTY WOMEN. You could fuck someone for a couple bucks if you dont mind dying a few weeks later. Stay away from this place if you value your life, I left for two reasons one The stupid bitch erica who is a money hungry whore and honestley smells like a fish market had the balls to tell me if I didnt give her a large tip for the lapdance she would have me kicked out, the stupid cunt farted on me in a lapdance… I was shocked, then she demanded money, no bitch i smell like shit because of you. The second reason being I was scared I am scared of needles and it;s obvious that this place was loaded with hidden ones. Fucking junkies. Dont waste your time or money.

  15. luv it
  16. rick

    love this place allways have alot of fun hot jewish girl love ya . see ya soon

  17. bo


  18. josh

    ugliest & fatest girls in philly

  19. Clyde

    Dancers are down right fat. LD’s suck. They have a lot of nerve charging a cover for what is a poor excuse for a shack!

  20. TOP DOG

    The new Latin girl is SEXY!!! Can’t wait to come back!

  21. kos
  22. Dave

    Like the girls nice variety, better than before. Laid back easy atmosphere. Only one complaint – Management should note that the reg guys are a bit sick of the same song selections all the time. Mix it up a little guys. Over all a good place to hang out.

  23. Afternooner

    Most girls are overweight, but LD’s can be amazing.

  24. Don

    Hadn’t been here in a few years. They really fixed the place up. Always has been a great small and intimate atmosphere. Went on a Friday night and was dead at the beginning. Really got going later on. Met AALIYAH and she was awesome. Fantastic CD!! Have to start going here again regularly just to see her.

  25. Murry

    orchid is awesome love this place and the fine ladies

  26. Like it

    PO is a cool laid back place to chill. Girls are friendly.

  27. na


  28. bttr lte thn nvr

    The only strip club i go to.I have 2 or 3 favorite girls that i can just chill with,but when they aren’t there,it sucks.

  29. me
  30. CJ

    Night time girls are average with a few smokin hotties. Overall a chill place to hang out. The club needs some fixin up & then would be great.

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