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1900 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19148


39.9232664, -75.1436046




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Show & Tel

  1. bs

    THis place is shit

  2. TimmyD

    Great time. The strippers were mostly average with the expection of Bailey (in the blue). She looked bored as shit though probably cuz she wasnt the only one coked up or doped up. Michelle was great and entertaining. She beat the crap out of the groom and the best man. Sex shows were good but one bitch was mad cuz there wasnt enough $ being thrown on stage its cuz she wasnt doing a good job Fuck her. Get your jollies in the video booth to let your load go so you dont spend 200$ in a private room you’ll regret it the next morning. I liked the remodel.

  4. Mr. Big

    It’s better now with the lower cover! I went on sunday night and there was a nice crowd and alot of girls. Bottle service now offered so we bought a bottle of the goose!

  5. John D.

    Monday Night Was Great! plenty of girls, cheap beer, horny girls..

  6. DavidDuchovny

    Bottomline for Show N Tel:

    Girls -> GOOD

    Value -> FAIR

    Recommend -> YES

    I recently visited this club for the first time on a weekday in the early afternoon – overall, I really enjoyed the few hours I spent there. I liked the girl/guy ratio in the early afternoon – I was the only guy there with 4 ladies. They were all friendly, not too pushy, and there was something to like in each of them. One lady in particular (“Heidi”) caught my attention and I found myself spending most of my time with her (Beautiful, petite strawberry blonde with dyed bright-red hair, very personable, relaxed, excellent lap dancer). She turned me on with a couch dance and a private show. Generally, the club looked and smelled clean…for a nude strip club. You don’t pay cover on weekday afternoons – this is another plus. The only issue I had with this club was the costs for some of the services. The couch dance was $25 for a 4 minute lap dance and the private show was $80 for 15 minutes of anything legal you could think up. I still recommend both of these, especially if the girl is into it. Like the other reviewers, I didn’t like the camera in the private room.

  7. Jim B

    new cover was cool. free drink with cover. around 20 girls on a monday night. ill be back

  8. Frank

    This is the best strip club in Philly.

  9. adamrod

    I like this place, had a good time with a few friends and met a few there as well. Strippers are ehh. Depending on when you go, the better talented ones are there on Friday and Saturday. They use the dancers to bartend on nights their not dancing so the drinks suck as you could imagine. Pregame or only order beer! Overall 4/5 because the quality of dancers is usually above average and it’s only $10 at the door.

  10. Joe

    Probably the greatest strip club have ever been too

  11. timmy

    The club owner is obviously on this board and is obviously making positive comments every now and then about the place.

    They have not updated their site in ten years, and the moment I post the link there , they shut down their site.

    Obviously the guy who owns that place is watching here.

    Stay away from this club.

  12. tiffany

    Was Here with my man on tuesday night, nice girls and nicer VIP rooms

  13. SNT Reg
  14. pa all day

    this is my favorite in the philadelphia area. this is a all nude club. girls are not the best quailty but you will always have a good time.

  15. Bob S
  16. Jay

    cheap cover and lots of girls!

  17. maxxy1

    This place was gross, ive only been once so this is my experience but the girls were kinda beat up looking, it was fun trying to throw ones into a cup that a girl had shoved between her ass cheecks, but the lapdances arent private at all theyre just off to the side of the main stage and they keep their clothes on so its pretty lame. I went here after leaving Risque and it was an overall stepdown in quality.

  18. Kandi

    Loved it!

  19. clubhoppa

    love the girls in this club. they have some really cute blonde chicks in there.

  20. Mike S

    I went here on two separate occasions spaced out about a year and a half. Not much changed. Amazing live shows, fair to average pole dancers and too much pandering for tips. Guys grossly outnumber the girls and the quality of the girls range from gross to attractive. Probably not going here again … there are better clubs in the area

  21. Big Ant

    I was shocked with the new cover… $10! and it included a free drink! I was there on a sunday night and I was suprised there was a nice crowd and around 20 girls.

  22. Ace

    Love this place. They just got chamoagne rooms that are off the hook.

  23. Brandon

    The girls are sexy and the lap dances are amazing. This is one of my favorite club in the area.

  24. Franklyn

    If you’re wondering whether the majority of these reviews are accurate, let me assure you that they are. If you really need to see a vagina go to the penns port pub (right next door) before they close ridiculously early. If you need to see a vagina and get a lap dance go to the penns port pub then head over to Risque. If you need to see a vagina while getting a lap dance try Day Dreams. If you really want to see a vagina, get a lap dance, pay a twenty dollar cover, and hang out in the cheapest looking bar possible while 18 year old douchbags toss dollar bills into solo cups wedged in some girl’s butt then by all means hit up Show N’ Tell. Fair warning, the girls here are, by far, the lowest quality I’ve seen in Philly.PS Their “couch dances” are $30 dollars and take place in tiny wooden booths along one side of the main room, facing out to the stages.

  25. mr snt
  26. pistol

    parking is a pain in the ass. the private room is a lil pricey and some of the dancers beg for money way to much and will just lay on stage and do nothin until u tip them. but u could always get a couch dance while those girls are on stage. and i would highly recommend a couch dance from kiki and this one other girl i forget her name tho. my first time going there was wednesday and had such a good time that i had to go back thursday. i would have gone back tonight but i gotta save up my money for the next time i go

  27. fuck you

    This club is an absolute piece of shit, and yeah if they

    have the eye in the sky right in your face who the fuck will want to come there.

  28. SUCKS


  29. the man
  30. bigsquirtdaddy
  31. domincik

    thank you! i had a problem and mgnt. took care of it. i will be back!!

  32. jb

    i liked it. there on sat and had to be 50 girls..

  33. Jill K.

    Came here mon night and had a great time with my man! great night.

  34. nicnchris
  35. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  36. eddyL

    I came here tonight at around 9pm with a friend of mine after dinner. We were seriously bored [Monday night in the city] so we figured we’d take a walk on the “wild side”. First of all, the place was completely empty when we walked in, save for one heavily tattooed, trashy looking stripper half- heartedly dancing on the pole. Apparently the place OPENED at 9pm, and it was a Monday night so nbd. We sat down awkwardly for a second [pretending to check phones ect. because she’d never been to a strip club before, and I had never actually participated at a strip club before. We really only came to watch the severe thirst going on between the men & strippers. Anyway, more men came in, so it was ok, because then the stripper wasn’t really paying attention to us anymore since we had previously been the only people in the club. So THEN, the stripper suddenly faces us from on the stage, lies on her back, throws apart her legs, pulls ASIDE HER PANTIES, [yes ladies and gentleman, S&T is full nude WHICH WAS A BIG SURPRISE TO ME] and asks if we want to “take a shot”, aka, throw crumpled up dollar bill balls at her vagina. Uhm no, I’m good thank you. She had directly asked my friend, who couldn’t hear over the music, so my friend turns to me like wtf is going on, and when I look back at the stripper to ask what she had said, she gave me a death look and left. then her time on stage stopped, and she gets up, walks up to the other side of the bar, and flipping her boobs up and down, asks my friend if she wants a dance. uhm, no. she’s good thank you. I totally looked away. If the woman was younger, prettier, cleaner looking, and less aggressive I probably would’ve submitted but it was just creepy. Then she makes her way around the bar, gets up in my face, and again, flipping her [aging, saggy] boobs up and down, asks me if I want to tip her. Not really. I was a bit uneasy and way too sober, so I told her I would rather just get a few drinks first. And that’s when it hit the ceiling. “What do you mean, not right now.” “Uh, this is our first time in a strip club, we kind of want to ease into things.””They fucking called me out here to dance for you.”[no they didn’t.] “Well like I said we’ve never been to a strip club before..””Well that’s what you fucking do at a strip club. You tip people.” “Ok, well maybe later.”I didn’t know what else to do, so I turned away from her because she was trying to start a fight.she then proceeded to stare at my back for literally 3-4 minutes. then she says “Corny ass bitches” and stomps off.never again.

  37. Vulch

    Good Club, nice atmosphere.

  38. WOW.

    Every girl in there was drugged up and downright dirty as hell. I HIGHLY recommend the back room. The place is pretty much a whore house…but BOY, did I have a GREAT TIME. If you are looking for beautiful, stimulating women, SO NOT look here. If you’re looking to get your rocks off…GO FOR IT!

  39. j black
  40. Russ C.

    I feel dirty just writing this.There is no reason to visit Show N Tel once you turn 21. It is a BYOB, so it is always filled with 18-20 year old kids taking in their first strip club experience (and what an experience it is!). Money is saved by bringing your own beer, but it is lost quickly on the $20 cover and topless vultures who circle the weak, waiting to pick at the one dollar bill remains. The attractiveness of the aforementioned vultures spreads throughout a broad spectrum, from very attractive to…well, I’ll let your imagination run wild as to what the opposite end is. It is always very dark and freezing cold in Show N Tel (probably to help fight the spread of disease) and any time I have ever been here I feel like taking a shower immediately after.Like I said, if you are over 21 and can go anywhere else…go anywhere else. If you are 18-20 and want to be blown away (insert joke here) go to Show N Tel…after all, you can’t get in to Delilah’s.

  41. rich

    this club is filthy girls are ugly

  42. Jim E

    Friday Night Was Amazing

  43. james1412

    BYOB at its finest.Non hustley strippers, friendly and not totally sketchy staff, strippers essentially hung out with my friends and I because we are interesting people with a ton of beer and they all put cups in their asses so I can play basketball with my cash.Overall a quality strip club experience, would recommend to anyone who is a degenerate or on a bender.

  44. Mr. Doodles

    Nice time! Worth the $20.00 I will be back

  45. Roy

    its the shiznit

  46. doggy
  47. Josh

    The dancers were very good I like the dancer Tatiana a very good dancer she did very well I would recommend others to this club I would comeback again

  48. Adam e.

    10 to get in and you get a free drink… nude bitch’s!

  49. Camie

    They have a varitey of girls something for everyone and every taste!!

  50. tim

    HI we are looking for experienced bouncers and managers

    for a club

    lamdep (a t) gmx (com)

  51. dike

    i like the puss puss

  52. Kip

    Duuudeeesss! Check em out! Ya won’t waste ah stroke.

  53. Mark Wilson

    Can’t wait for wing bowl!

  54. dom

    The private dances make this club. A little expensive, but you get what you pay for.

  55. Wayne

    Wed night was nice! eve is amazing! 20 year old spanish girl with a body thats incredible!

  56. Bobby D


  57. sho n smell

    all i can say is suc and fuck for 5 dollars……

  58. Love Pigs

    Love this place- very relaxed & the girls are a bunch of pigs, what more can you ask for? Highly Recommend if you want to have a great night!

  59. little john

    parking sucks, average women, only club that has cameras in the champagne rooms, right over your head recording you

  60. Ben

    Love it. I got everytime I’m in the city.

  61. dancer

    hey ryan for your info the girls pick their music that they want to dance to not the DJ. Al doesn’t like rap and r&b so most of the girls chose to dance to rock. oh and by the way i’m not fucking spanish and neither is saphire or angie!! so get it straight and stop thinking that al’s is a whore house. we are not allowed to have contact with the guys in the private dances or we get fired.

  62. Jill a

    went with my boyfriend and we had a great time fri night!

  63. Adam C

    I have been coming to Show n tel for almost 15 years and i have to say there has been better looking girls in the past. With that being said most clubs i hit the overall quality of girls isnt like it was. The new lower cover here that comes with a free drink makes this a good deal. I still hit cheerleaders but i split my time between both.

  64. Bill C

    $10 Cover? That gets you a free drink!

  65. Bill Clinton

    Would not recommend as a go to club

    1.old women

    2.overpriced private booth

    3.cameras that are two feet away from you in the booth.

    Security wise that is too much overkill for a strip club.

  66. Billy Jean

    This place is awesome HHEEE HHOOOO

  67. Bobby Delight...

    It was cool… Just the music was from the 90’s!

  68. felixnada

    It deserves no stars. Not even the girls give this place a bad name but the staff. The counter guy mike has a douchey attitude and his pants are too short. Floods over sweetie. Then the bouncer who was passed out in the corner. Is this place safe? Don’t get me started on the body fluids in the back rooms….

  69. Billy J.

    I didnt know they’ve been open almost 20 years, but i had a good time! alot of girls ans cheap beer!

  70. MissDimples K.

    This Strip Club Was Wack As All Hell…The “Sex Show” Where the chicks inserted dildos into each others vaginas was also wack…My advice, Save Your Money & Go Else Where!!

  71. jimmy d

    it’s been a minute but i’m backin town and i was not disappointed! new cover charge was cheap and i got a drink for free.

  72. Mike C.

    i give it a 7 out of 10.

  73. Mistercap12

    It’s a decent place in a not so decent neighborhood. I went at about 230 in the morning and there were still a decent amount of people there. Some of the girls were gorgeous some of them were average and one was very gross. It is a pretty relaxed atmosphere and girls aren’t begging for your money like most of the other places. I’d go back again probably.

  74. Rayray Jones

    Place was nicer then when I used to go years ago. I been to a lot of strip clubs in my time but this one tops the list. Years ago it was a last resort now ill go anytime I can get away from my wife

  75. Nick w.

    Thursday night after the game me and 4 friends go in, around 20girls… katrina walks up..! hot blonde badass tats and im in love! and i got a free drink!

  76. john
  77. Pauly D
  78. KingMOB

    Always stop here whenever Im in Philly, and this club is always the same. Some cute girls,a lot of not so cute. Tons of guys [and couples] are here, and the place is too small for all of them. Dances for $30 in the shower booth arent worth it, but the private shows in the back can be good. I hooked up with a gal named Trinity and it was OK. Not much touching, but she was friendly. The late night lesbian show is still fun, again depending on the girl. Im sure some guys like the “Queen of Anal” show, but when I stripper non chalantly shoved 4 fingers up her ass, it turns into a freak show. Fun club to see a lot of girls, and the show, but not much else

  79. anderson

    well in the private dance areas

    you basically pay a lot for a show

    and you are watched by a huge

    eye in the sky that is practically

    your face. This turns away a lot of


  80. anon

    This place sucks

  81. scott

    sucks girls r ugly and smell lik fish no lie and the cameras r every where not a corner u can hide and they dont let u touch the girls at all



    Ray the owner is a little short racist fuck with a case of little mans syndrome. We were told time and time again that he would not put the minority cheeks and the babes with curves like xtacy and miami on his stage. They say he refers to the girls in the back rooms and the black babes as his monkeys. My boyz and I have figured it out Ray likes those babes built like little boys because he’s really a fag. Someone should tell his punk ass real men like, hell we love cuves BITCH. This is the place for little boys who want to look at their little sisters hairless pussys.

    Ray sell to a real man so we can come and see women instead of little girls built LIKE boys WITH NO TITS OR ASS. If you need a point of reference go to Risques or Dililas

  83. Willie

    Eve Eve Eve!

  84. John R

    The girl that took me in the back didnt do anything

  85. Dildo

    if it were a gas station it would be called full service. check it out

  86. Chris Fresh

    The two dayshift girls Lana and Natural are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Definately recomend going to get a show during the day.

  87. J.B.

    Have been there a few times, never got a dance from any of the girls but I was curious what is the difference between just a lap dance and a private show and how much is both of them??

  88. fal

    i thought the girls ranged from very avererage to below average. the few girls that were attractive, were dummer than rocks. i realize that one shouldn’t expect that much, but im talking vacent minds. the girls were lazy on stage, with the exception of this one dancer from gorgia. she was excellent. don’t think i will be returning there anytime soon.

  89. harassed

    nice on outside thought id go in. big mistake. no girls the ones that were there did look like they havent gone through puberty. loud rap-not even top 40 stuf reminds me of the vu. got a few dances from one so-so girl (best in their) who didnt make good on her end of the bargain. didnt want to give the others that promised the same a chance.

  90. sid

    Went to this place last night and it was fucking great. The dancers were nice and the bouncer seemed cool. There was one girl there covered w/ tattoos and piercings that was so hot. I felt really bad when I couldn’t tip her more cuz i ran out of cash haha.

  91. Charles

    Horrible!!I saw this club was rated better than the Creekside so I tried it out…I want my money back.

  92. 30yr perv
  93. Snt worker

    Alrighty ladies and gents. Time to answer some questions. I work at Snt

    on the night shift. I am a manager not a dancer. I see a lot of people on

    here complaining about the cameras. If we didn’t have them then we

    would more then likely be shut down years ago. They are both for your

    safety out safety and the girls safety. Yours so that we can make sure

    your not being ripped off by anyone. Ours so we can make sure we stay

    in business rather then get shut down because someone was willing yo do

    something we do not condone. The girls so tgat when a gentleman de

    ides that he wants more then the girl is allowed to do we know and can

    take appropriate measures to stop them. They are live only cameras. That

    means they do not record. The two co puters have nothing to do with the

    camera systems. One is a regular computer and one is for inventory.

    Anyone who claims to have gotten extras is lying. It’s my job o make sure

    of that. I do my job well. Just to let everyone know we have some new

    rules and stuff. The club opens at 4pm mon-fri. 9 on sat and sun. We

    close at 4am fri. And sat. The rest of the week we close at 2. You can

    now bring beer only, no liquor. We have a full service fully stocked bar

    with all the alcohol you could ever want. The barmaids will be more then

    willing to seve you any oddball drink or shit you can think up. Our cover

    does not star until 9pm. 8 on Fridays. If you have any questions please

    feel free to email me at jugg alochu nks yah oo com.

  94. Songebob
  95. Carrie E.

    Just thinking about my experience here makes me want to take a very hot antibacterial shower and wash away the memories. Yep, the ick factor is that high.Since it’s a BYO, you will be “treated*” to a full-Monty experience by some of the most “interesting**” looking “ladies***” in the Philadelphia area. You will also be charged a “premium****” fee for entering such a raucous “gentleman’s*****” club. * in the same room as some really, really naked chicks** by interesting I mean not so hot*** broads, dames or fiscally-minded females**** a s-load of cash***** this ain’t no place for gentlemen (or ladies) Be warned. Take heed. Dress in a full-body condom before going inside to peruse the adult materials and the stage show. It’s certainly not a classy experience but you’ll probably have some very interesting stories to pass along to your friends.

  96. xtc
  97. mike

    i went sat night it def wasnt worth my time it actully turned me off allmost all of the girls had some roastbeef pussy that were so badly beaten up i begged ny friend to leave! overpriced and this one chick was so soooo skinnny and strung out i wanted to tip her hamburgers instead of $$$ eat bitch yourtail bone is shwoing!!! ewwwww dont not go here this place is a hore house! infact i got crabs from one of those dirty bitches never get a dance there infact i recoimmendtu never even go there its a waste of time n money and u may go blind looking at the disgusting girls thereeither there toofat or too skinny all ugly!!!

  98. kev

    awesome…better than i expected. new girl kiki had the best ass i’ve ever seen. great club!

  99. jake

    i love going to this club, great atmosphere! overall the girls are great, hit it up at the right evening you wont be dissapointed… lap dances are hit or miss it depends on the girl so be careful on who you pick (cuz they are 25-30 bucks depending on the night) if you can afford a private show i suggest spending your money it will be worth it… but over all dont let anyone fool you… the best joint in philly, girls can be pushy with tips but, honestly, its a strip club expect to loose some money… and before i forget, the live girl on girl shows are amazing i suggest getting there around 11 so you can check em out… trust me… BEST PLACE IN PHILLY… period…

  100. donnie

    better then when i came in 5 years ago and cheaper

  101. CM
  102. X

    Sweet shows on stage. Nice and nasty. Lots of hotties. Especially the Cowgirl!!

  103. steve

    Sat night was really fun! 40 girls and plenty of booze!

  104. Randy S.

    Great club went on a sunday night. Ten bucks to get in and 15 girls. They gave me a free drink and everyone from the security to the barmaids to the dancers were all extremely nice.

  105. Old Timer
  106. Leo
  107. James Williams III

    I went here with a bachelor party, I was a worried because of the things Iv’e heard about this place. It was surprisingly a great club!! They were very nice and proffesional to boot. They had amazing VIP suites and they even have bottle service!! All the girls are nice and I felt like I was being treated as a king!!

  108. Chris P

    cheap booze n Bitch’s

  109. Ryan

    got to the club a dozen times n each time it gets better and better

  110. Barry G.

    $10 cover came with a free drink and there were around 15 girls on a monday. vip rooms open there nice alittle expensive.

  111. Joshy W.

    Sat night was crazy! but i had fun! with 20 clubs to choose from we came here. i think they said they had 30 girls. Out of 30 10 were nice and the other ones were ok.

  112. Wendy L
  113. bentleyryder

    Garbage girls.

    Overpriced private dances.

    Many cameras overhead in private sessions.

    Definetly not worth it.

  114. fuck you ray

    this club has a lot of nice girls as long as you don’t start any problems. The customers are broke and don’t like to spend when they aren’t. Most of the bouncers are nice guys a little to touchy feely for my liking. As for the owner well he’s a racist son of a bitch that trys to fuck eveyone that works for him (and trys way to hard) he has no idea how to bring money and good customers into his club and will go bankrup b/c of it soon. The mans a dickhead who thinks he’s Gods gift to the world. Fuck you ray how many more money makers r u gonna loss before u change ur fuckin attitude. eat a dick. don’t be suprised if the cops show up and check out your girls.

  115. Jeff

    OMG!! Ya’ all got to see the babes at this club….ALL NUDE too. SWWWEEEEETTTTT

  116. winston12

    Well I went back to show n tell. Trying to have fun and find a girl to spend money on , I had $500 in cash. For the most part, the girls were friendly, they put on a good show, all that. Hair and makeup was done. I was having a drink when I was approached by a chubby girl with long curly brown hair, named Page Now I’m not bashing her weight, beauty comes in all shapes n sizes. What I am bashing is her personality. She was drunk after two shots of watered down vodka, not at all a pretty crier, and felt the need to tell me personal info I’d be happier not knowing. Hearing about your brother committing suicide to get away from you and how the state took your kids totally killed my mood. Than on top of that, she begged to come home with me for 100$ . I was so annoyed that I took my money to risqué down the block.

  117. jordan

    went to Philly last nite….WILD!! girls were goin all out for that dollar. Check that shit out

  118. Big Willie

    New VIP rooms were cool… A tad expensive but what isnt?

  119. Johnnyboy123

    If you’re out on the road all morning and haven’t masturbated by mid-day and REALLY need to let one out, I highly suggest the token booths available here. You can shut the door or leave even leave it open, some creep-o’s would love to watch..or so I’ve heard. You can just shoot on the wall or the floor, they’ll clean it up for you!!

  120. Sam Wurzelbacher

    It is a piece of shit. I hope they go bankrupt take your money elsewhere anywhere not here.

  121. PI898T


  122. Mike N.

    So it’s been a minute but I finaly went back to Show n Tel. some new girls and a new cover charge. Free with my phillies ticket and around 15 girls.

  123. ROB


  124. Mario V

    Was not as good as it use to be. But still a nice spot. 15 girls or more on wed night.

  125. TT
  126. joshy

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