Atlantis Gentlemen’s Club



3813 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


39.9553485, -75.1986908




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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43 reviews for “Atlantis Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Robo Manus

    Only East St. Louis is more dangerous than Atlantis and Ford Heights. Went there about 3 months ago. No sooner had I walked in, I heard automatic gunshots, sounded like AR-15, outside behind me. Two or three bullets came through the door, but the receptionist said I was safe. Ten minutes later, there was a tremendous crash outside. Shook the whole building. Then four guys came running in saying that a police copter had been shot down and that there was a gun battle going on outside with multiple officers down. I heard bullets come through a wall behind me and then I heard a scream of “Officer Down!” outside. By the time it subsided and it was safe to leave, I saw the carnage. It was the most gruesome scene I ever saw. Innocent people and officers blasted to shreds, cars shot up, the flaming wreckage of the police copter, every single car in the parking lot was shot up. My car was undriveable with bullet holes in the gas tank and the radiator, plus fire damage from burning gasoline on the pavement, all four tires burned completely off. A news van was blasted to shreds, all broadcasters killed.

    Absolutely can not recommend. The club is totally unsafe, sits in a horrible, terrible, extremely bad neighborhood, too many shootings and shootouts, can’t recommend to anyone.

  2. pretty girl

    the dj Jason is a hottie!!!!!

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  4. fab

    this is a great club to visit if you wish to do crack, the

    ladies smoke it right infront of the customers, hey dallas

    how many rocks can you pack into one bowl? Who the hell

    named diamond that chick aint even good enough to be cubic

    zirconia, the only thing she good for is her cheap prices 30

    dollars will get you some head.

  5. Jack

    Nice place to go to relax. Dancers are great if your into sexy and curvy black women. A few nice white women but if that’s what you’re looking for you’re better off going to a Cheerleaders or Club Risque. But Wiz shows PPV fights (Boxing or UFC) on big screen almost every Saturday which is cool. Very much recommended if your into black girls.

  6. new here

    Pleasant change from my old hang out.Was in on Feruary 1st and every dancer was smokin’hot and some were even friendly.As arnold s. would say,”i’ll be back.”

  7. Lou

    Hey, not right they do take game day tickets for entrance, and they sure do have the best dancers in philly. I will definately be back for more!!!!!!!

  8. yuck
  9. rickyboy

    Bring me home

  10. regular again

    I went back to the beaded area last week…had a great time with this hot

    brunette. She was friendly..will be back again.

  11. Matt

    Sexy…hot… couch dances..unbelievable VIP dances I can’t get enough of this place!!!

  12. ralphie

    Overall one of the best strip clubs in Philly. I was there for a bachelor party good size room–sexy-hot- ladies–drinks were right on the money–if you want a good time make sure you visit this club…I think the new name now is Atlantis.

  13. harryharry

    First of all, I’m still trying to grasp the fact that there is a strip club underneath a chili’s. With that being said I found myself wandering in here on a Monday afternoon expecting the worst (I mean, it’s monday afternoon at a club under a chain restaurant). I was pleasantly surprised tho, it was very clean and the dancers were fairly attractive to hot. If I felt the need to be drunk at a strip club mid afternoon once again I would do it here.

  14. Josh

    I had a great time this past Saturday at Atlantis. The dancers were friendly and I had one of the best lap dances.Those VIP rooms are amazing. I will be back ladies

  15. dude man

    the tattooed white chick is hot. mean lap dances.

  16. SMG

    Not bad if you prefer WOC, by the way Chili’s has not been there for years now.

  17. Anthony

    Haven’t been to Atlantis for a while. I was glad to see so many hot sexy women. Easy to talk too had a real good time.It seems they are getting real good looking dancers. I know it won’t be long before I stop in again real soon

  18. Jeff

    I love this place! Used to live near and frequented it all the time. The female dancers are VERY friendly 😉 I woul definantly recomend the $100 for the backroom couch dance as back there the tease ends, the dancers get fully nude, and anything can happen….needless to say, for enough money, everyone leaves club rique VERY happy…

  19. Blue
  20. Frank

    Hottest Girls in Philly! They know how to treat a guy!

  21. TJ

    Great dancers love the atmoshpere and sexy women..VIP rooms ROCK

  22. baley
  23. sara

    jason we love you

  24. GodSon

    The club is cool. Some of the girls are good looking but some are scabs. You

    can def get a blow job if wanted. wouldn’t advise. Bartenders are hotter than

    most of the dancers. The owner is a doosh bag. Every place he buys and takes

    over turns into a shit hole. Dj’s are cool. Music is real random. Some nights

    they play good music and some nights it sucks. Ask them to play good shit

    they say ask manager. Ask him he says ask DJ. WHO KNOWS

  25. regular again

    in the interest of safety,this club shouldn’t reopen.this incident was total heart goes out to the dancers and guys treated me with nothing but respect and i’m gonna miss this place,thanks to a couple of armed assholes.

  26. Joey


  27. jason

    I walked without knowing about the shooting two weeks before. Lots of security, few customers, a good number of very hot girls. Had a terrific time getting to know Electra. Overall, the place is trying to rebuild their clientelle, so they try harder now!

    I think they changed the name to Atlantis or something.

  28. John

    I love the times i had of my favorite girls where jewl & Dynasty the spanish and indian girl i hope too see them both very soon

  29. PO

    I like the dancer (Bella) was my favorite

  30. maxxy1

    The name Atlantis conjures all sorts of aquatic imagery. There is the titular undersea kingdom, of course. There is also the near certainty that every dancer that works here has barnacles on her hull.You thought I was going to make a “crabs” joke? No, I am (slightly) classier than that. I cannot say the same for this gentleman’s club.I will reluctantly admit to having been to my fair share of unsavory exotic dancing establishments throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey, the kinds of places where you are as likely to be offered narcotics of dubious origin & quality by a toothless yokel as you are a lapdance by some unhappy-looking illegally trafficked Eastern European waif.* Atlantis is one very shallow step above that. The interior looks like a suburban rec room that has been sprayed with a proprietary mixture of grime and sadness. Many clubs will strive to create the illusion of mutual desire, submerging the purely transactional nature of the interaction for the benefit of both dancer and clientele, but not at Atlantis. The stage is centrally located for good visibility but the dancing was performed with a noted weariness. Even the post-stage salesmanship of private dances, in my understanding where the average dancer makes the bulk of her income, was distracted and disinterested. If I wanted someone outwardly hostile towards me to grind herself against my crotch, something something my ex-wife! Am I right, fellas?** There is a Chili’s next door. If you are after next day regrets, I would advise you to go there instead; your regrets will be brief and purely gastrointestinal. I am still recovering psychologically from having patronized Atlantis.* I cannot reveal the locations where I conducted of all of this, um, journalistic research. Deep cover and all that.** All of that rich territory to explore: Nth wave feminist reconsideration of theories of exploitation & sexuality; the ontology of the clientele; my own Catholic shame at being found here and the therefore necessary fortification with Jameson’s. I go with: lazy meta-joke. Honestly, I am as displeased about this as you are.

  31. Sapphire

    The only thing this club has is good blowjobs

  32. dtown

    Ghetto!!! Just like the bitches working there……..

  33. Tony

    Bullets fly round here.

  34. Andrew

    I was just there this past Friday night…the girls are sexy,easy to talk to and know how to show a guy a good time..I’ll be back ladies and this time I will bring some of my friends..

  35. Chris

    All I got to say is I LOVE THIS PLACE. Girls are amazing lap dances are hot like the women great place to stop by after work and on the weekends.

  36. e
  37. Bill

    They’re not taking game tickets anymore in lieu of the cover charge, so that sucks.

  38. Tom

    If you are in Philly you must stop by this club. The women are hot friendly and sexy. The vip rooms are great to spend some time with these fine ladies. I dont miss a chance to have some fun at ATlantis

  39. Sam

    Great place to hang out with sexy ladies..amazing pole dancers

    perfect spot to stop by in the city

  40. Big Dick


  41. Brian


  42. Alonte

    This is the best Club that I been to. SOMe of the girls are cool to hang around, but just like any other club they have a few evil chicks. This is the Place to go in philly. TRUST ME.

  43. Anthony E. Chancey

    been going there for 20 yrs now… many changes some good some bad… same with dancer ,but over all it a place i can chill in with no or very little problems…

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