Interstate Body Shop



3833 Oneida Valley Road, Emlenton, PA 16373


41.1723401, -79.7412887




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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43 reviews for “Interstate Body Shop

  1. Anonymous

    going to be coming there tonight or tomorrow. any ladies I should keep in mind when getting a dance or maybe coming back to camp for and after hours party. email me

  2. joe1212

    I love this place i will be back

  3. Roger

    Good place!

  4. Mr. Curious

    I like this club and I am in love with Trinity!

  5. outoftowner
  6. Terance

    Total ripoff, this place doubled their estimate for a front end alignment.

  7. me

    hotter dancers than the sugar shack. The sugar shack has some pukes working there. This is by far the best casual club in the area.

  8. Question

    So what happened Sat nigght?

  9. Trouble

    Not a glitzy club, but a great value. Hours are the best around.

  10. eaglepa
  11. eric hillard

    18 years old been there 30 times the greasy spoon diner of strip clubs will be back tomorrow

  12. Eric Lynch

    The bouncer has an assigned seating

  13. Smiles

    Great time! No stuck-up model types here. Girls just like I like them … just a

    little on the trashy side! If you want a Vegas style club stay away, but if you want

    a good time with friendly dancers and staff stop in.

  14. rogerrab2

    Girls are very friendly and professional. I’ve been there several times. Sparkle is the best. Not a fancy place but the friendly staff make it fun. I’ll go back again.

  15. zdth
  16. biotch

    dirt girls and dirty club, girls masturbate for $20

  17. ny man
  18. dan

    was there at 12:30 it was well worth the stop made my day thanks kayla

  19. fix-a-flat

    would like to get an estimate to fix my rust on my taurus. call me at 724(867-5309)

  20. Passin' Thru

    For a little club in the middle of nowhere this is a great place, best stage show format that I have ever seen. One of the dancers – Krystal – is a natural comedienne (and hot), another dancer – Trinity – is so sweet that she’ll bring a tear to your eye.

  21. Good Place

    This is an unpretentious club with a relaxed atmosphere. The stage and private dances (and there is a nice variety of dancers) are exceptional. The best time to be there is around 8 at night so that you can see both AM and PM dancers.

  22. UNO

    This place fuckin sucks

  23. Steve_the_cat

    How the state police have not shut this place down, I dunno. The dancers offer “extras” but I would rather rub one out at home and save $.

  24. Skizzy

    This place was real decent. Plenty of good looking women. I got a private dance from Trinty. Probably the best lap dance I’ve gotten in years. She’s fiesty.

  25. justin

    sassy and trinity were amazing… two person private show with trinity was phenominal….i’m looking forward to going again.

  26. The Natural

    You don’t necessarily need the OEM parts. There are plenty of US parts manufacturers that deliver a quality product. You want to be very careful to avoid any parts from China. Even it it appears to be made in the USA, double check it!

  27. redneck

    Not a bad club. The woman i know there are sweet. They made it a nice place to stop on the weekemds

  28. dick

    the girls are all DIRTY and it smells like puss.that Lindsey girl is missin teeth.STRETCH MARKS EVERYWHERE. all there were, were pukes dancin.


    fire diamond!!!!!

  29. Anarchist News

    This place is a total sh*thouse. The strippers perform “extras” for the right amount of cash I heard. I also heard “tina” is super easy to get from the bouncers.

  30. Brian

    Do not get rid of Jasmine or lex or carmen. They are hot hot hot!!!!!

  31. bin there

    real girls real good time

  32. mark

    Kennedy is one of the sexiest ladys i have ever met.

  33. mike
  34. smalltitluvr

    The worst club in Western PA. Save your money and go someplace else. If that isn’t an option, buy a Playboy or Penthouse.

  35. Nicholas Gerz

    This place couldn’t fix my brakes, so they installed an air-horn instead.

  36. joepolniaczek

    The free parking and leaving were the only two joys I got from this location. I did not want to touch anything when I was inside the club. The bouncer orders all paying patrons to sit where he wants them to. If you refuse your assigned seating, the bouncer stops the music and then ridicules you over the PA system in front of all the customers. My party took offense at this treatment of paying customers and we left without giving any tips to the strippers. The Interstate Body Shop got our cover charge but the strippers missed out on getting any additional income. In all the strip clubs I have been in all of the different cities, I have never been treated so unprofessionally. Total time we spent there, less then 5 minutes.

  37. Bob A Booey

    Did not use OEM parts to repair my 1985 El Camino!!!!1

  38. mya


  39. mr. meaty

    Been to alot of clubs in pa but this club has the hottest dancer I have ever seen and her name would be Mia. I am not from the area but drive to see her as much as I can. Those tits are UNBELIEVABLE.

  40. k1ll_white_people

    pfft! Original owners mean assigned seating is back. I guess that means back to pumping-off to the Sunday Target circulars bra and panty section.

  41. Frank
  42. dead guy

    i don’t know how everybody keeps talking shit about this place. i went on labor day and was treated so very nice stage dancing from shavelle, mia and sabrina. in addition a great lap dance from mia. the girls are all hot the place has a nice loose friendly atmosphere. the girls are all very nice and not snotty and aloof like you find at other clubs. sure the place looks like a dump, but don’t let appearances fool you.

  43. A happy couple

    Thanks Trinity.

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