Filly Corral



150 Motordrome Road, West Newton, PA 15479


40.171559, -79.730236




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Filly Corral

  1. DiscoJoe

    This Place I Great!!

  2. Prostitutes and coke

    Cheap whores and cocaine on premises. How can you go wrong?

  3. G
  4. steve

    Not enough dancers, girls are kind of stuck up. talk alot to their regular customers or boyfriends. not much fun!

  5. Caught Disease at Filly

    DO NOT TOUCH these whores or sit on club furniture. Sat on a filthy old couch for a private dance. It seriously looked as if the cum needed scraped off in some places. This nasty broad who danced stunk like hell when she straddled me. I seriously had to walk out early. She looked ok but up close you can tell she had some sort of infection down there. I had a small brush burn from work on my elbow. It actually got infected from rubbing against the couch evidently. Over the course of the following week it manifested into a staph infection. Doc said stay the heck out of wherever I’d been.

  6. Disgusted

    Trashy club, trashy dancers. Worst club I have ever been too. Truckers keep on going! Not worth your time or money!

  7. Joe

    Hot older girls

  8. Champ

    Most girls are too pushy

  9. Club Visitor

    Was at the club last night, and the lineup is weak to be kind. Also, I thought the girls were supposed to talk to customers and try to sell lap dances. I didn’t think they were supposed to hide in the dressing room or pratice on the back stage all night.

  10. noname

    Great Club

  11. Not Impressed

    Went into the filly last night. Not impressed whatsoever.

  12. lack luster

    Stuck up girls that hide when they are not on stage

  13. nn

    Tom is getting his little dick sucked or U don’t work here ladies.Thats a FACT!!!

  14. nancy
  15. Billy Bob

    Nothing like this in Texas!! Best I been in a long time.

  16. Corey

    Good place to get laid !!

  17. Brian

    The club is nice, but seems to have some wasted space. The girls are pretty good looking. I like the fact that the ladies aren’t going around to hustle you for drinks. They do come around trying to get you to buy lap dances, which is OK by me. That’s why I’m there.

  18. Car robbed in parking lot

    Unless you drive a $500 hooptie car, DO NOT leave it unattended while inside the filly. Hoodlums roam the area knowing when you go inside they have at least an hour to rob you. Zero security provided by the filthy filly. Complete scumbag club. Brand new truck was robbed and keyed. Fuck that place!

  19. Jon

    I was talked with Chastisy, see seems really mice

  20. dakota

    toms running a whorehouse hes making us do things in the back so he can make more money, mm but i like the money too so come get a good bj or hj from me


    This club is so run down. The dancers are terrible. Nothing good about this place unless you want a herpe filled blow job. You can get blow jobs some girls will fuck you, but not a good place for dancing or hanging out.

  22. What a Dump!

    This place is disgusting and dirty. Full of skank hoes. No drinks other than cheap beer. Better off going into the city for real.

  23. Re: So gross!!

    No! You probably had AIDS before you got here. You don’t get it overnight. It takes a while for it to develop. You probably got it from one of your macho lovers long before you set foot in here.

  24. Bring your own rubbers

    Got v d. after fun at filly but was good. Got everything just have to pay right.

  25. Needs to be shut down

    There is absolutely nothing good about this place. Im a truck driver and it was convenient right off the exit, but not worth stopping. The cover was low, but only offered cheap beer. There were plenty of places to sit, but all furnishings were outdated and dirty . Some girls seemed ok, but none seemed happy to be there. The manager on duty seemed like an arrogant prick. I wont stop again.

  26. Recent FC goer

    The cover charge is bogus, the girls get no share of it. It should be a few dollars less because of this. The lap dances are also bogus, what is it 4 minutes for $20? Thats ridiculous! And the dancers only get half of that! Id rather give them $20 for doing absolutley nothing, rather than paying the club $10 for a 4 minute dance.

  27. JC

    Nice club with great looking gals

  28. Skanks & More Skanks

    Club filled with nasty dirty ugly girls. do not pay the $20

    Waste of $$$ cya skanks

  29. james smith
  30. greg

    boo no boys

  31. partyer

    music is too loud

  32. Nate

    Club is nice.

  33. Who wants to kno

    All a bunch of gold digging away fast

  34. David

    This club Sucks. The girls are snakes with tits !!

  35. Depressing and sad

    Stopped into the filly corral over the weekend. I am trucker and saw the sign when I was fueling. I am usually out west, and the clubs are so different there. They are fun and exciting, and girls are happy. Here it was dark and sad. The place was not clean. I got one lap dance. The couches they use looks like they are older than me. I’m 60. The girl was nice looking but never even smiled at me. Made me feel bad for even asking for the dance. I honestly cant blame her because it is just such a depressing place. They really should change the name to the filthy corral. I felt dirty being there.


    Dirty club in all ways!! My friends and I were so grossed out by the conditions of the club and poor quality of the dancers we had to leave.

  37. R Y

    My “home” club. Still my favorite. Not to big. Not too small. Plenty of girls. Best prices for rooms.

  38. Really Boring

    Me and my friends went out there last night. It was not very busy. You pay to get in and drink cheap beer. Some of the girls were ok I guess but a lot of them looked out of shape. We stayed about 40 minutes then decided to go to another bar.

  39. Prostitution

    I am pretty sure a lot of girls here are doing extras.


    The place really needs updates and cleaned. Boring. not a lot going on at all. nothing impressive about this place

  41. Nada

    Good time, every time.

  42. jon
  43. Kat

    Took my boyfriend here … complete mistake. Girls are way too agressive. I’ve told everyone I know to avoid this place at all costs.

  44. Impressive

    I haven’t been to the Filly in a while , however my return back was pretty impressive. The girls were all new and very nice to talk to and they now serve food which I thought was awesome. Four stars


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  46. jake

    some girls are pretty some arent/most of the girls ara friendly the place is very clean great lap dances great private rooms friendly staff

  47. Ike Iszany

    Still the best place around. I know some want it like Club Erotica with their 100

    girls but I’ll take the Filly’s usual 20 dancers and their $185 40 minute rooms

    any day of the week.

  48. Chuck

    It’s a pretty nice club at reasonable prices. Great sound system. Some fo the girls are amazing.


    Police need to shut this operation down asap ! Drugs and prostitution!

  50. Darwin

    Can someone put a description of all dancers and names

  51. customer

    Girls are somewhat distant.


    Nothing but a cesspool of drugs and hookers. Do NOT come out here for a good time with your buddies. Much better off driving into the city where there are talented beautiful dancers and not in this garbage dump. Can they be more obvious it is just a whore house?

  53. George W

    Great club, very nice girls with great private rooms

  54. BB
  55. John

    This club sucks !!

  56. trvelerr

    was there last night , nice club , nice dancers , waited 10 minutes to get a free beer while the bartender was on her phone texting , other than the , was a fun time

  57. Lame Spot

    Much better clubs in the city. this one is a dump

  58. BareBack

    Club sucks. Girls are nasty for the most part. Caprice is hot.



  60. joel
  61. Blow jobs and Cocaine

    If you want drugs or a blow job by a busted stripper come here, if not steer clear.

  62. UNSAFE

    I felt unsafe as a customer there over the weekend. So many wasted girls and customers, and one or two bouncers. Not nearly enough to handle the crowd of hoodlums that occupied the facility.

  63. David

    Fair to decent club. Girls vary. Some ok. A few pretty hot. Been the same for a while but I noticed a couple new recently. One is hot as duck. Her name is Cameron. Definitely a cut above the rest. Very sweet and sexy lady. She alone will keep me coming back.

  64. tommy g
  65. EZ

    Summer – Thanks for the dance!!! Great club.


    I feel like I need a haz mat shower and a zpac after visiting the filly. Not impressed and throughly disgusted!

  67. Ed

    Best Club in the tri-state area.


    2 Nite Halloween Party Sun OCT 28 & Wed OCT 31

  69. Stay away unless you want DUI

    Stay away unless you want a DUI. Cops have the Filly on a watch list. The are routinely stalking customer departures and doing spot check pull overs.

  70. pghsportsco

    Enjoyed Dakotas company. Throughout the

    night was very personable and attentive.

  71. Weez

    the $20 cover charge seems too high. I know they have to charge to pay for the beer, but maybe they could give a discount if you don’t drink. I don’t drink at the club. Maybe $5 off would be nice. I’d rather give it to a girl.

  72. CHANEY

    Best Dancers all beaytiful

  73. Alexa
  74. #SkiToo


  75. LL

    The quality of girls has gone down greatly over the last few years. Most now are rude, drugged out, stink of booze, hide in the back after their dance and like to look in the mirror more than at the customer. Everybody is just going through the motions. Some girls spend more time during a lap dance trying to cross sell you a VIP room than paying attention to the dance your paying for!

  76. josher
  77. Rhonda

    WOW! My husband visited last nite Fri 22 beautiful Girls UNREAL!!!

  78. jayson

    one of my favorites….only downfall is there is no alcohol served

  79. stairmaster

    This club has a pretty cool atmosphere with very reasonable prices. The night I was there they had about 4 extremely attractive dancers, 2 unnatractive and maybe 5 that were OK. Dancers never came by for a conversation but it was pretty busy and they did stay out on the floor chatting up customers.

  80. Ralph

    Nothing special here. Girls were pushy and rude.

  81. squish

    i spoke with one of the dancer i think the club takes too much money out from the private dances out of my $125-$180 or $225 the dancers only get 50-75-and 110 i think thats outrages

  82. Hilbert

    Saturday day was pack with beautiful girls

  83. waste of a sat night
  84. traveller

    One of the best clubs I have been to in PA, and I have been to a lot of clubs. Girls are sexy, friendly, but not pushy. Rooms are great value. Lap dances are also good value.

  85. MILLER

    the top 3 dances in pgh area 1)Dita ..from FILLY now at CLUB EROTICA 2) Chastity…form FILLY now at CE 3) Courtney from FILLY

  86. Elf

    It is a nice club. The girls are good looking and most are friendly.

  87. Ex Dancer

    If I was going to dance again The filly Corral would be the only place I would go.

  88. Bill

    These girls all seem blownout on drugs or all liquored up.That would account

    for the antisocial behavior especially the under 21 gals.I bet if you take them to

    the backrooms they put out pretty easy.KUDOS to Tom and Frank.Great Idea.

  89. jerome

    Phenoix is worth the cover! SMOKIN HOT

  90. simba
  91. Cheech
  92. Josh

    Chastity is the only reason to go to this club, and she left. WAY TO GO TOM

  93. Total Shit Club

    Worst club in the tri state area. Do yourself a favor and drive to Pittsburgh or Martinsburg, WV. Hotter girls and a far cleaner club. Half of the Filly girls are coke heads prostitutes. Management is ignorant as fuck. The place is filthy and run down.

  94. gb

    dancers were not rude or pushy at all. there were a lot of girls. private show was excellent. sound system was very good. guy at the “juice bar” was a douche.

  95. bbb
  96. paul

    Was at the club last night aresome about 25 dancers & 250 patrons.

  97. Dave

    Best club in Pittsburgh!! They have the best and most beautiful dancers around!!!!

  98. snoop

    Love it!!!!!!!!11

  99. Anon.

    As far as the vip rooms. For 120 bucks, im not paying for conversation. Im paying for an erotic time, that she is supposed to be providing. Mostly good looking girls. They kinda all look the same though. Fake blonde hair.

  100. Joe
  101. katie
  102. Tommy DeGrange

    loved the club and girls are really friendly

  103. Dissapointed

    Management is very bad.

  104. Ron

    Wasn’t impressed.

  105. Johnson
  106. Jack

    Was there a couple weeks ago…Was a good time. May, Katie, among others made for a great evening…

    Last night was another visit. Plenty of good looking women, but the ones I was attracted to seemed to spend most of their time in the VIP section. Oh well, no dances for me…

  107. Robert

    Was there Friday awesome Check out Phonix-Katie-Kendra probably The top 3 dancers in the pgh area

  108. valued customer

    mama always told me if i didnt have nothin nice to say dont say anything

  109. James

    Girls are average. Club could use some upkeep.

  110. Bob


  111. Tom

    Big rip off…Stuck up teenagers for dancers.

  112. NALL

    this place sucks balls i was a loyal customer for 6 yrs and spent a lot of money there as well as my friends did but one girl fucked that all up now none of spend our money there or we will ever spend our money there we will all go to the highway playground thanx to one dumb bitch

  113. cutechickie

    No cover for females. Tom was really nice to my date and I, gave me a free tee shirt….Hummm I wonder why!! Girls were decent, but there were a few that made you want to look away. I enjoyed my time here.

  114. Seth
  115. Filly Rocks
  116. Away from home


  117. Pierre
  118. Edward ( PA )
  119. X Dancer

    I WILL NOT SUCK FRANK&TOM.I’m outta this whorehouse and NEVER to return.

  120. Pleasantly Surprised
  121. Mark

    The chicks were hot and knew how to work it. Great place to go with a big rowdy group

  122. Dan

    I was in town wed. night and stopped in. I thought you had some of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen at a club.

  123. jojo
  124. Gage

    Beautiful girls


    this place is throughly disgusting. Anyone who enters this business should immediately burn their clothing and jump in the shower.

  126. Dave

    I recommend Bianca and Jewel. You should not be disappointed.

  127. Billy

    Still The Best”””””

  128. chris

    The cover is way to high. There is never any stars anymore, and the girls are boring. Alot has changed and not for the good.

  129. Bored

    Club has gone down hill. The women are young,skinny. They all seem under 21 and skinny enough that you can see their ribs.

  130. Henry

    Come to this club and get robbed by the dancers !!

  131. Officer Bob
  132. Johnny
  133. So gross!!

    Just walking in this place makes me feel like I got AIDS. the girls are gross. The bald pos manager is a complete douche bag, but he will let you fuck dancers if you tip him. The girl I got was not cute but gave ok head. The place is disgusting though. I wouldnt go back I’d rather find a lizzard at the truck stop accross the street

  134. coach

    best club in western pa tom runs a great club and the gals are hot katie is the best

  135. Real Corey

    Stop being so jealous!!!! This is a great place to enjoy quality entertainment

  136. Disappointing visit

    I was very disappointed with my visit at the filly tonight. It was my first visit and I will never go back. The club is filthy and so are the girls

  137. Dave S.

    First time back to the Filly after awhile and was pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of the girls! There are a few stunners that I can’t wait to see again! Was disappointed to see that Ski was still there though, was hoping they would’ve booted him out Iong ago!!!

  138. Randy

    This isnt a strip club, Its a den of thieves!

  139. #SkiToo Is A Dickwad
  140. imagolf49
  141. Rob

    Was there last week and was more then empressed with the club. Grils are a bit trampy and very rude. Most of the blondes are fake and rude. Not worth the cash to get in the club.

  142. disappointed
  143. Glenn

    My new favorite show bar.

  144. George

    Club is a bore. To many young kids.

  145. dancer

    club is bad

  146. Pissed off

    Nothing but a bunch of alcoholic drug addicts. Stupid fucking whores

  147. Just me

    A Great club over all. Regardless of past reviews, it is a legitimate club offering clean, LEGAL fun.

  148. Melvin

    This place is so much better than other places.

  149. Ben

    Club was empty. Girls sat around smoking. Waste of time and money.

  150. Thoroughly disgusted

    Stopped by last weekend. Thoroughly disgusted. Some fat, bald dude with a grey goatee manager working the floor offered me some ugly skank ass hooker for 200 in the VIP room. Wtf!

  151. America's Downfall-@realDonaldTrump Mafia

    Mourning in America, Thank Trump

  152. Trivers
  153. Mike

    What happened to this place. It’s sad when you get bored at a strip club.

  154. Will


  155. Clubber Kang

    Very different place depending on when you go. Wed, Thursday and Sunday chill and not busy, 10-12 girls working. 20-25 girls on Friday or Saturday and can get very crowded. Good variety of girls by personality, body type and ethnicity. Natalia does the pole dances better than anyone I have ever seen. Dakota is voluptuous, friendly, funny. Vanessa petite, beautiful and chill. Cami is back, sweet girl. Justice is also voluptuous with an amazing smile. This place is out of the way and seems relaxed compared to the city clubs.

  156. My Heaven


  157. jim

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