Club Fantasies



28 Sims Avenue, Providence, RI 2909


41.825358, -71.4327932




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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169 reviews for “Club Fantasies

  1. Jeff

    Great club in last weekend
    Any info what club charges for the vip room I know dance set there own price

  2. Jeff

    Great club in last weekend
    Any info what club charges for the vip room I know dance set there own price

  3. Mr creampie

    Best place for bbfs with creampie.

    All offer bbfs with creampie for under 200

  4. Joe

    Who is the best weekday girl? Don’t mind paying for good service in a room with the right girl. Any recommendations? Thanks In advance!

  5. Grim

    How I wish for the old days on Dean street. Remember Hoel?

    Where have all the “together dancers” gone? This club is a disaster

  6. Mark

    What a shit hole!

  7. Satisfied Customer

    I came here for the first time last weekend and had a wonderful time with a Brazillian named Sandra. I’ve been to a couple other clubs before in the New Bedford area and they were fun, but from now on, Fantasies is the place I’ll be going when I want to go to a club. The girls are friendly and the dances blow away anything you’ll get in MA.

    One word of advise though, don’t count on the ATM here, bring enough money with you before you walk in the door for whatever your expecting to spend.

  8. ME


  9. Ken

    Girls are too slutty aggressive

  10. Pp

    Nice deco, nice lightings, nice property, good locations, good drinks, food is actually pretty good for a strip club. But unfortunately the chicks are ugly. Maybe 1 out if 10 chick can be considered as pretty. They all look similar. No variety. While all other things about the club is good, when i go to a strip club, what makes me stay are the chicks. This club just ranks low on the dancer department

  11. Rick

    This club is the best around including the hottest, nicest dancers in Providence.

  12. Mr k

    Met a dancer named sativa a while back. She is great but have not seen her recently. Anyone know what shifts she works?

  13. Anna

    Anna made me cum tonight. Sexy girl, nice big cute ass. Small tits but her nipples got so hard and oh yes I sucked them. Then she made me cum, all for $100. I’ll be back, of fucking coure I will!

  14. Moulin

    Was my favorite club back in the 80’s

  15. jake
  16. W.

    Club is bleeding the dancers

  17. Ron

    Waste of time and money.

  18. SMJ

    The girls that are bit long in the tooth are also the most willing to physically participate in lapdances. The real young ones either sit around or think they are too good. The young foreigners give a great, dirty talk dance but not much in the way of friction. Seems the ones from 28-38 (that’s the age they give so you can figure it may be 34-44?)know what it takes for the casual customer who is willing to spend some $$ on the right girl. They don’t rush you and they aren’t pushy. Nothing worse then pushy strippers.

    The tough part is laying off some of the hot looking girls, while you wait for the right one. I recommend a stage visit. I have had great luck scoping things out at the stage. If they come over the rail and stradle you and aren’t in a hurry to get to the next stage customer, you may have a “keeper” or at least a possible candidate for a great lapdance.

  19. LFantasies lover

    Great club, staff is pretty cool. Out of all clubs this one by far is my fav

  20. Old man

    I am amazed. I wasn’t even aware of the type of music they play. Somehow all I care about is how long the songs are. Other than that I ignore the music and concentrate of getting some awesome lap dances from some very pretty girls.

  21. McLovin

    My Kinda Place Layed Back Nice Horney Women

  22. Fly-by

    Walk to the far end bar, and watch dancer’s arms flyin’ up and down in those “private” booths. They aren’t polishing shoes, or pumping water … but they are polishing and pumping. Demi, Boston … just 2 of the girls that will be pullin’ for you. It’s all about cash.

  23. Jim

    Really nice club! Girls are hot!

  24. Beano
  25. Mike

    had alot of fun on Monday with 2 for 1…had dances from 3 different girls , all gave me the 2 for 1 not like last poster says…obviously he was too stupid to speak up…love the variety too sexy young girls a a few sexy older women as well good job mangaement

  26. Glennstah

    Checked out CF for the first time Saturday Night.Overall a very Average Club.Not all Bad though.Girls are very average with only a few that stood out.One girl was very rude and insulting after I turned her down on a LD Request. Very dumb indeed but fortunately not all the Girls are that incredibly stupid.The $10 Cover to get in and then another $10 to get Upstairs where it’s Full Nudity, is outright theft…should be illegal. BIG RIPOFF! I did meet Marley and even though she wouldn’t normally be my type, by the end of the night I ended up having a Great Time,because of her. I guess if you meet that one right Girl at the right time….That’a all that really matters. Thanks Marley !!! Overall I don’t know that I would go back because it’s basically a $20 Cover to get to where it’s worth going. It’s a shame …cuz the place has Potential

  27. tc

    The rating of this club is just wrong. This is the best club in Providence and I have been to them all.

  28. Trung B.

    What happened? This place has ladies working, like in their 50 plus. I know everyone needs a job and gotta pay bills, but come on!!! They should have a sign that reads: “Young ladies, upstairs” “Retired dancers, downstairs”.Enough said…go check it out if y’all do not believe.

  29. George

    Best club in RI. Monday and Tuesday are 2 for $20. Fantastic value.

  30. adamrod

    Went there on a Saturday evening at 6:00 pm and stayed until 7:30 pm. There was no cover charge and the behavior of staff was nice. It was pretty much dead. The place looks pretty boring and dancers were not so good. A few ppl told me it was cheaper. I know other places where you get better dances for same price. I don’t drink. So, I don’t know if that’s cheap. Or may be , I went in there too early. Far better options available in Providence.

  31. Justin

    Too big, way too much drama

  32. Manny
  33. joseph1k

    Not the hottest girls in the city but they are a lot of fun! This place is clean for the most part, friendly staff and fairly priced drinks. Also the atmosphere is very laid back compared to a lot of the more upscale gentleman’s clubs in Providence. The dancers here are hit or miss looks wise but if you get a dance from any of them you’ll most likely have a great time. Very “hands on” place.

  34. iancognito

    went last week – pushy, ugly, obnoxious dancers and one who offered to suck my dick. This place is on par with cheaters for skanks. Watch out for alexia

  35. Ronny D


  36. skibum

    On 2-1 days you’d be hard pressed to find a better overall experience anywhere in america.

  37. Guido

    Best club in Providence by far. Even with the law changes there is still plenty of fun to be had in the dance booths and you absolutely can not beat the discount dance days here.

  38. Dolphin F***er

    Eve ROCKS! My buddy & I were there Saturday night 12th. The Champagne room with Eve is something to tell the kids about when you are old & grey.

  39. Ralph
  40. mose
  41. Ann Marie

    Fantasies blows away Desire in quality & quantity of dancers

  42. Rufus

    Girls 2 fat & 2 ugly 2 be dancing

  43. stripclub reviewer

    had a great time, beer prices like any other bar (GREAT), girls mostly beautiful, had a fun time, no complaints at all… Farrah was worth the trip alone

  44. Pace

    I like the place, there’s lots of contact.

  45. Eric in 617

    On Monday and Tuesday dances are 1.5 for $20.00 (2 for 20 if you find one of the two dancers who wait for the next song to start). At this price, you can’t really lose, but you also get dancers who couldn’t make more money elsewhere.

  46. Lincoln Guy

    I had to rate the club after reading that garbage from the person below, trashing the girls and calling them whores. These girls are great, some are a bit pushy, but they’re here to make a living. Sounds like the guy is bitter because he can’t get something for nothing. This is a good, clean club with an exotic atmosphere, good-looking, friendly women, and a mostly good staff. Drink prices are a bit high, and nude dances should come down, but it’s a good, upscale club. They don’t like riff-raff, maybe that’s the guy’s problem, maybe he’s one of those guys who wears baggy pants and wears his hat sideways and doesn’t fit into a “gentleman’s club.” He’d do better at, say, the Sportsman’s Inn.

  47. Mike

    No techno good variety music clubs vastly underrated lots of girls not to many guys but idk the girls were great and friendly

  48. outoftowner

    been to six ri clubs in last 3-4 by far the best. recent new dancers from cd,etc makes this club fantastic. monday and tuesday are best bargains. i tip for very good lds and i almost always tip here. honestly i can’t understand why cf isn’t packed on monday and tuesday and other days/times when prices are slashed. good food too. i only wish beer was cheaper.

  49. Conroy
  50. jr

    like the new bed

  51. dave

    very nice club

    mondays and tuesdays 2 dances for $20

    other days a little more expensive and girls arent as plentiful

    sandra a blonde brazilian gives a great cr dance

  52. Sam
  53. Good Club

    Checked this place out last Saturday afternoon. It’s a beautiful club, very exotic, clean and well run. Some of the girls were a bit pushy, but mostly very good-looking. A bit lackluster on stage, but they have cabaret. Staff is very good, and it seems to attract a good clientele. I’ll try it again at night.

  54. ps the thing

    Great club, wonderful girls, love autumn, asia, and haze. Autumn makes this club.

  55. Tony

    This club was way better years ago. I love my black women with nice tits and asses in this club I Only saw a couple but very skinny like this girl called Heaven she looks like a 12 year old boy what’ up with that.

  56. Steven F.

    It wasn’t even OK at all. First of all, I’m not really into strip clubs at all anyway. That being said, a club can get a good review from me if they have an attitude that helps their patrons be welcome–even if it is only about feeling welcome at their dingy, gross place of sin and vice (no offense if you do like strip clubs, because, well, you probably are on the same page with that anyway).So, I was there for a bachelor party for someone really close to me. The place seemed alright, and I could tell many in our entourage were having fun, and nobody was being shaken down. Until…a stripper punched me in the throat. Yup. I was plenty in control of my state of mind to know that there was nothing I did to deserve it (just withdrawing some cash and politely telling an overly pushy stripper I wasn’t interested in her offerings). Right after she hit me, a few of her colleagues who saw it calmly told me to leave because I was gonna be forced to leave anyway. It was weird–it was like this had happened before, nobody was blaming me, and they were trying to help. So I went down the stairs and on the other side of the stairs, I could see the bouncers who were looking for me coming up. When I woke up the next morning it hurt, but not that bad. Sort of like when you have the flu and a gland in your neck is really tender. I called their establishment to let them know. The guy was apologetic and sympathetic but never asked me who assaulted me. My guess is it doesn’t matter. It just happens there sometimes, even if you do nothing to deserve it. To me that is ultimate disrespect that goes beyond the amount one can ever assume you deserve just by attending a place like that.

  57. Joe

    Meet a new Brazilian the other day, Rio. While she doesn’t speak a lick of English she a great body and give a very good private dance.

  58. Ben

    Cut songs on 2for1 days

  59. BS

    A good gentlemen club in the N. America.

  60. jojo
  61. guy
  62. Skip on down ...

    There are too many girls that jump right into jack services here … even when you tell them no, they are rippin’ the zipper down … asking if you want some extra… What happended to the good ole lapdance? If you do want some extras, don’t take the first price … they are very flexible! They come down from $75 to $50 with the first “no thanks”. And then just lower based on your desire to move on.

  63. Vinny

    Too many moody sluts

  64. Steve

    Club is great, big difference since Greg left. Always plenty of women. About the best club around. Try to keep it drug free. About the only club that does that.

  65. A.J Davids

    Went in last night, it was quiet, but talked to a few nice girls.. a lot of Rocker girls, so the music was good. One red head with a lot of tattoos was awesome on stage. The girls atleast give you something to watch. Got a lap dance, had an easy night. It was just quiet in the club

  66. jeff
  67. MG

    Went here recently on a Tuesday evening well after the recent RI prostitution law change & not much appeared to have changed at this place. The cover charge was only $10 & it covered the entire club (nothing extra to get into the all-nude upstairs room), and the topless LDs were all $20/2 songs. The quote of the night was from one pear-shaped white dancer who said, “We are all prostitutes here!”

  68. richie

    the club was on a downhill slide but recent changes have made me come back soon back on top

  69. fred
  70. AssnTits5

    Pretty good place. Cute Girls, look for Lee, she will take care of you.Spacious and clean, always a good sign.A large stage, 4 girls at a time. which i thought was awesome.Lap dances in a corner near the bar. not very appealing.i like the pricing tiers, 15 mins and 30 mins flat for private rooms.

  71. ryan123

    If you’re gonna take a trip to Prov, I wouldn’t stop her first…there are 5 other clubs that trump Fantasies easily. That is all…start with Cadillac Lounge.

  72. Cth
  73. new comer

    Just recently visited tonight loved the girls!!

  74. dtm

    Old standby. Fun, a bit sleezy.

  75. Kris
  76. wondering

    Is a clip joint the same as a strip joint?

  77. Joe

    It’s okay since the dance prices went down.

  78. goodguy

    I wouldn’t go anywhere else but CF if I were you. If you can manage to go daytime, the covers are much cheaper (free downstairs, $5 upstairs when I went). The employees are friendly, and the strippers are hot and accomodating.

  79. Gerard
  80. Al
  81. big bob

    I have to say taylor is quite the all around girl next door. She gives a beautiful lap dance and is quite the charm! Her eyes make me melt and she does a great dirty talk! What more could you ask for! She may be too smart for your own good! She has wit and funk that will make you crack! So real and funny and stunning! Take her for a dance u will see what i mean! Afterall this is a girl who has moves and understands what a man wants, fun with a sense of humor. Admirable! Not to often you find a girl that has it all!!!!!

  82. Big Bill

    Used to be good – they ran this place into the ground.

  83. matt

    will be back-

  84. trogs

    Overrated over priced

  85. StripClubForSeniorCitizen

    Never seen so many old ladies waking around in thongs.

    I could clearly see wrinkles on face and around the neck of atleast 3 girls.

  86. Chica
  87. Brent

    I fell in love with Riley tonight, as did my index, middle, and ring finger, if you know what I mean. I can’t go back soon enough. My left thumb made a new friend as well, north of where my other three fingers made their acquantance. Mmmmmmm Riley…

  88. In the know

    This club has impoved of late and shows promise. Main thing as with any club is that the pretty girls are coming back because the management is treating them right and making it so they can make money. Keep it up.

  89. Tom

    this club has the best girls and bang 4 ur buck!

  90. old fan
  91. RIguy

    This club has improved in the past few weeks!!

  92. Gregg

    Club Fantasies is the first nude bar I have ever gone to and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  93. yoyoma
  94. Right!

    I agree with Skip Down … I can get off with my girl at home … I come here to rub against nice tight young babes. Leave the Jack-Off Services out!

  95. Worcester

    Good club during the day. Especially the 2-1’s early in the week. Good variety of girls.

  96. Bucky6969

    Awful! There is no other word to describe what this place has become. Sad!

  97. OldSchool

    DJ Need to play a lot less hip hop

  98. Kitty
  99. Bones
  100. Business Trip

    Too big, too impersonal.

  101. 411


  102. John
  103. BUCKY

    to big and too impersonal? Its a great size club so that ya not banging into other guys hardons when making ya way to the Champagne rooms….and if having 30 or more naked girls dancing and grinding on your lap is TOO IMPERSONAL then your a whack job

  104. Gino
  105. Pete
  106. Marco
  107. Brad

    So-so with an attitude

  108. Homer
  109. pablo
  110. Gonzo

    Weak drinks, weak effort

  111. stripclubluva

    Beware, most of the girls are just con artists looking to take all of your money. Everything is crazy expensive.$10 bucks to get in and another $10 to go upstairs (not worth it) $7 bucks for a watered down shot.

  112. Bennie
  113. PEDRO


  114. Bill

    Very big but very average

  115. Dawg
  116. BZ

    The best in Providence! Friendly girls and nice atmosphere.

  117. To the Moron Below

    I’m a married man who happens to enjoy beautiful women. Nor does my wife care, I’m not screwing them. I have no desire to go out with any of them. You either are a poor dork who got burned by a dancer or a screaming bitch who hates strip clubs. And you call ME a loser?! Idiot.

  118. Bob

    this place is addicting

  119. JPT

    I may not have a lot of strip club experience, but I know that one thing you should never hear from a stripper is, “I bet I have 20 years on you!” Or how about this other gem, “I bet you’re the same age as my son.” Yeah, just for the record, I’m 30.

    Maybe I was there on a REALLY bad Friday night, but there were a lot of unattractive (and old) girls working here. In fact, the only reason the night wasn’t a total disaster was because they had a featured performer who was, by far, the most beautiful girl for miles.

  120. maxxy1

    Not the most exciting strip club in the world, but not the worst ever, either. Came here with my cousin (we decided that we go to too many strip clubs together… so awkward) and our friend and had an alright time. I did get to watch my friend get a lap dance where he *could* touch the stripper, learned to punch (see below), and watched the Providence PD not do a damn thing about all the shady activities that go on around here. So, the regular strippers are kind of boring and honestly slightly too raunchy for my taste. They like lick each other and stuff. I’m personally just not into it. The dancers were really boring and one in particular couldn’t dance at all. She just kept adjusting her underpants. The stripper who gave my friend a lap dance was *adorable* and she wasn’t pushy at all, which was nice. She definitely let my friend do pretty much whatever he wanted to her… There is a punching bag game thingie here, and my friend taught me how to punch. That was pretty exciting, since all girls should know how to punch. I am only marginally okay at it, in case you were wondering, but my friend duly impressed the strippers with his navy-man strength. Finally, the cops are hanging out here and do not give a shit. Many illicit activities were proposed in my presence, and the PPD just sat around enjoying themselves. It’s pretty obvious that the city was once run by the mob. Not that I care, but I’m just sayin. Anyway, don’t really think I’d go back, but I’m glad I got to see Providence’s finest sleaze at it’s most mediocre. The end.

  121. On business

    Not very friendly

  122. BobbyBass

    They really need to improve the DJs, a little less hip hop and a lot more variety. The music does not line up with the people inside the club.

  123. Y

    I agree with LJ…..change the tunes….mellow it down a bit so girls have some rhythem to dance to…….

  124. Cranston Guy

    Lincoln Guy is a shill

  125. Visitor
  126. Don

    Overall a good experience. I went during the day so there wasnt a cover charge. Lots of girls not many guys. Many types of girls here. Some not so great but theres plenty here to make it worth the visit. I dont really do private dances but the dancer made it worth my while and didnt rob me in the process.

  127. Fantasies lover
  128. killington

    I disagree that the songs are cut on 2-1 days. Being a dope smoker I didn’t mind timing them over a monday (day) tuesday (night) and thursday (day and night) this month. All the same. Simple fact is that at 2-1 with great contact dances here are the best strip club value in america right now and yes that includes vegas and florda.

  129. Benny

    Clip joint with an attitude, stay away

  130. David C
  131. Ramblin' On

    Biggest Jack Joint in the NE area now. Many of the girls are vultures, waiting to take the cash for extras. Used to be a great place for some good lap dances. Now … “want something extra? … How about $75? Too much, how about $50? What can you spend? Fuckin’ whores.

  132. Brock

    Was in today had so much fun love the variety of girls! There is a type for everyone in there. The staff is friendly which is a plus! The girls are Awedoms to talk to !

  133. bbking

    The dancers are ugly, too skiny or too choppy. The girl I had lap dance was horrible. Her pussy smells and I guess that’s why she didn’t take off her underwear until I asked her to in the private dance.(Can you believe that). Then I saw some string hanging outside of her pussy looks like some pregancy prevention stuff. I was turned off completely by that. Her name is Shannon. Watch out!

  134. billy

    this is a great club in my opp//there is no exras the boucer make sure of that in the privit dance rooms in the back and i love the fact that girl can feel safe if something does happen mukis is rite there for you i use to dance hear and i could alway feel safe on the other hand some of the boucer dont care they just want there hands greasedif you know what i mean and jacky doesnt have a clue whats going on back there she out of it i think.

  135. jack

    good contact, pretty girls, champagne room too high

  136. LJ

    Sound system is good, but music selection is hip-hop while the customers are rock-n-roll. Wise up management – 40-55 year old men are not there to hear hip-hop.

  137. dancersrock28

    Fantasies ROCKS !!!!! The dancers,bartenders,DJ’s, the entire staff are KICK ASS !!!! You can take your friends there and have a blast or you can go by yourself and still have a blast !!!!It’s all about having FUN with NO drama !!

  138. Mikey

    This place used to be the best.

    They raised the prices on drinks and put in a machine to make the drinks weak – not only that, when you order a name brand- you don’t even know if your getting it or not.

    They raise the prices on the dances – and now only hire skinny crack-whore looking types.

    They have done everything possible to drive people out of this place. It looks like a ghost-town.

  139. Tumblin' weed

    Got propositioned 2 times within 1 hour … wackin’ good time! Short girl, straight brown hair, nice body, pushy, 75$, and some bigger wildebeast … “I wack cocks” was her opening line! God bless America!

  140. Arun

    The best night of my life started at this club, and still hasnt ended!!

  141. hartfordguy

    this used to be the best place in the northeast.

    Now there are too many out of shape girls.

    There is also an inner city element present now.

    even my favorite dancer gained about 20 lbs. so sad.

  142. Yodel
  143. david

    selena selena selena angelina angelina angelina fun fun fun

  144. ThatGuy

    This club is fun if you bring friends. The girls are nice enough, but the value sucks. They have open booths for lap dances and make you pay extra to get upstairs.

  145. Mike

    Raphaella gives you everything you would ever want in the Champagne Room. She will be missed.

  146. Michelle L.

    Okay, so I lied…I DID in fact go back to Club Fantasies last Wednesday evening despite the fact that in my previous review I vowed not to. The main reason being is that I found a free admission card in my glove compartment and I was in Providence with the boyfriend and I said to myself, “screw it, why not? Maybe I did in fact go on an ‘off night.'” Boy was I wrong…I should have trusted my gut instinct. Though I am not known for doing so. So we arrived just after 6PM and the admission is in fact $10, not $20 dollars like I had previously thought, and one of us obviously used the free admission pass. This time we stayed on the main floor and sat at the main stage most of the time to tip the girls. Other than that, we were at the bar ordering drinks. Anyway, I will just jump into the pros and cons like I so creatively do in my reviews, since I do not want to keep you all on the edge of your seats….because I am sure you all are.Well, I will cover the positive aspects first, though they are unfortunately few and far between in my personal experience here. The cover is $10, so that is not so bad as I (for some odd reason) thought of it being $20 before. The drinks are a good price as well, considering it is a strip club, or at least the Bud Light is, which is what we both got that evening. Also, the wait staff are extremely helpful and attentive, and asking every so often if we needed anything else while we were sitting at the main stage. They even come over to you to see if you would like to exchange larger bills for singles, which is something I have never experienced at one of these establishments before, so I thought that was pretty cool. That again goes under the arc of the wait staff being on the ball, or at least they were that day. The girls this time around were more attractive than the ones I saw during my last visit to the aqua palace. Of course you have about 3 or 4 that were overweight, but you have to have something for everyone I suppose. Oh yeah, and the other thing I liked was the fact that the little building across the street has my pal Freddy Kreuger painted in black and white on the side of it, and rather well I might add…but that has nothing to do with the club itself, so I digress.Okay, well that just about covers the pros…now for the cons (wot wot wot…). As stated before, this place is INSANELY dark…even for a strip club. What really irritated me were two things: how standoffish the girls seemed to us, and the clientele. Yes, standoffish. Perhaps because we are a couple and they felt odd shaking their rear ends in our faces, thinking one of us was going to be jealous/offended? Obviously not, otherwise we would not be venturing to one of the sleaziest strip clubs in Providence, RI…which puts it at one of the sleaziest in the country. All but 1 or 2 of the girls that we saw on the stage that evening pretty much ignored us sitting there waiting to tip them. Ah well, more money for us to save I suppose, but it’s just the principle. Also, the clientele are sleazy as all hell, which is not a huge deal seeing as how I felt safe as I was with my boyfriend (who hails from Glasgow, need I say more), but it still bothered me a bit. In conclusion, I PROMISE this time I will not return to Club Fantasies aka the Aqua Palace. Though I do realize it is for some people, especially if you like your strippers to pretty much be prostitutes or on the aggressive side and you go to these establishments wanting “extras.” Otherwise, head over to the Foxy Lady. Fantasies, 2 strikes and you’re out. Sorry.

  147. YOYO

    YO VITO YA DUMB GUINEA….its lame because your a dancer from another club and its not a chat its a forum you dumb bastid …buy a clue

  148. Dozer

    I went there a couple of weeks ago. Paid a $20 cover charge to go into a place that had about twenty guys for every girl. The girls are good looking (some spectacular) but the lap dances are in low booths along the wall. They do seem to have a private dance area, but I was not too thrilled with the place so I left pretty quickly.

    You’re basically out in the middle of the crowd getting a lap dance, which is a little odd. Good contact, but nothing to write home about.

  149. Lincoln Boy

    You are the quintessential strip club loser. If you actually gave a shit about one of these girls you wouldn’t want them doing what they do. But your just a pathetic loser who can’t see girls privates any other way other than to pay for it. Get a life and stop with the hypocritical bull you pathetic little man. Save your money, buy a house and stop living with your mom.

  150. LMAO

    Occasionally a song is cut short but that’s to keep it at around four minutes. There isn’t a DJ in a strip club anywhere that doesn’t do this on occasion. Two fer days are a great deal though the talent pool can be a little slim.

  151. No Fat Chicks

    Club is great, but it’s pretty tough to enjoy yourself when so many of the so-called dancers have rolls of fat everywhere. Not as gruesome as Cheaters is, but still not much to look at. Stop paying for handjobs and blowjobs from fat chicks ya losers. Then the fat chicks will go away.

  152. Outahere

    No more CF for me.

  153. D.M.

    Cheater rejects recently shipped in via a bus per chance?

  154. Rodney
  155. Dee Wayne

    To the management !! I will NEVER GO Back !!

  156. Earl

    They have done a good job bringing this place back up. Well run and clean. Good variety of women. No one is too pushy.

  157. gadgetboy

    This place seems to be on the upswing, and with 2/1 dances at the beginning of the week ($25 for 2 songs) it is fast becoming the best value in RI

  158. funker

    I was taken by the mob mentality saying this place has gone downhill and tried some other places. As it turns out none of them can hold a candle to fantasies’ cleanliness and choice of girls.

  159. Paul

    Waste of money don’t even bother

  160. Vito

    Lame club, lame chat

  161. love fantasies

    I love this club, I go days and weekends and the girls during these times are better, they are really sweet and have no problem talking to me, i do a few dances with different girls and once in a whiloe a room, but at least im treated great and no one takes advantage, they do their thing i do mine, ive been to the other clubs and I will never go back, fantasies is and always will be my number one choice

  162. tom

    I have one favorite girl. But I AMWATZ HAVE A GOOD FIN

  163. igor34

    I went in and the waitress asked if I wanted a drink. Since I just had lunch I passed on the drink. The few girls dancing were either over 45, gross tattoos all over, fat and just plain homely. So I passed the time waiting for a better girl by checking my messages and emails by the table. Just then the waitress came by and asked me to order a drink because one drink was the minimal. I told her I’ll order a drink later. I was planning to get a drink after I am done with my emails and messages. But the waitress storm back with the bouncer and in a loud harsh tone demanded I either order a drink now or get out. I am not going to be talked to like that. So I left.

  164. JAY


  165. Steve from MA

    Best value in town. Plenty of girls on the stage.

  166. Bobby T
  167. Shaman
  168. former Rhody

    This is a large club in a bad neighborhood…plenty of parking though. On a Friday night in May, I spent $20 on the cover to get into the downstairs topless-only room (which was kind of lame and boring) and another $10 to get into the upstairs totally nude room, which I thought was a tad on the expensive side. There are a ton of girls, but lots of them are very ethnic (Asian, Latina, mixed race, etc.), and I didn’t get much in return for tipping the girls on stage (they’ll keep taking dollar after dollar if you sit there for any length of time). I didn’t get hassled to purchase a lot of (very expensive) drinks, and the waitresses were all very friendly and pretty (some even prettier than the dancers!). My champange room experience was a tad less than satisfiying as no actual drink ever showed up during the whole thing, but she did allow full touching wherever I wanted. I think it cost around $130, most of which went to the dancer. Apparently, one can get off (via hand or mouth) with a few of the girls as I was propositioned for that on quite a few occasions. I might be back to watch the show again…

  169. Jack

    Been coming here for years. Always greeted with a smile. Girls are great not to pushy. Club is severely underrated

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