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0 reviews for “Starz

  1. NYtoLA

    I went to Starz for the first time tonight friday 4/20/07, and had dope time. This was my first time at a predominantly black girl club and I’m glad I found this place. All I can say is that I love watching sexy as hell, all natural girls, thick in the right places, who can actually dance…with plenty of booty poppin’ for all to enjoy, just like in the BET uncut vids. Thumbs up!

  2. Kelly S.

    Used to have fun here until I was kicked out. Why was I kicked out? Because a stripper lied on me and a friend of mine saying we called her ugly and a b____ when the real issue was men were tipping US instead. Anyways we were asked to leave after she, the dancer, yelled at us to not sit in the front if we weren’t going to tip. smhThe atmosphere is okay. I’ve been upstairs and downstairs. Couples are there. Women, big groups just out to have fun like us, are usually there. And of course men are there spending all of their money. Music is cool. I think someone told me the wings are good.

  3. big pimpin

    Yo this place is off the hook. Great value for your money in times like this

  4. venus

    that shit is the business

  5. buttseeker

    This place is simply booty heaven.

  6. Raff

    A fun place i visit often…Take a friend have a drink or two see some strippers ladies have a good time……………

  7. Johnson12

    was a lot better years ago when Wild Bill and Barracuda were the managers now it is a ghetto club

  8. stripforme123

    First time at Starz for me. Went there on a Friday night with my two brothers. It was either Starz or King Henry and my brothers picked Starz. $15 cover charge to get in. Bar only accepts cash, no credit cards. 1 song lap dances are $15. Strippers here don’t hustle for the lap dances, guess they figure they make more money dancing on stage. Lots of gay women come here. Place was just okay, nothing too special.

  9. timmykilla

    Amateur night was atrocious but I give the girls a whopping 2 stars for their efforts. I realize it must take pretty big cojones to get on a stage in front of tons of strangers and dance provocatively while half naked (amateurs do not completely disrobe.) Nonetheless, girls gotta have some damn rhythm! I’ve seen enough no need to return. I was totally bored. Shoutout to the skrippers: make that money don’t let the mi why make you girl.

  10. Mr Ace

    This place used to be the bomb but the girls are not as friendly and seem to only hang out with people they know. After they dance they take forever to come back out and most of the time do not thank the people who tipped them. There a some very fine Black woman in this place.

  11. Mia S.

    I’ve been to starz before and have had lots of fun for the most part, however my sister set up my bachelorette party and had a party bus bring us there. She spoke with a gentlemen who worked there to set up everything and reserved a table prior to us coming. He knew we were coming via party bus and had no problem with it. Upon our arrival we were told that they don’t allow people to come it off of a party bus. We asked to speak with a manager and were pretty much ignored. They said party bus people are always drunk and they don’t want that. Don’t you guys have a full bar inside and encourage drinking!! Not to mention no one in the group was anywhere near that level. Not like the stumbling guy they let in who offed to buy us all a round if we ever got in slurring the whole time. You have a bus full of ladies (not aggressive dudes) who are looking to have a good time and drop a bunch of money and that’s how you treat them!. Your loss not going there again nor recommending it to anyone very disappointed!

  12. Ka' K.

    Lovely chocolates of all varieties! Free admission everyday before 6pm!

  13. joseph1k

    YES I am a starzzz kind of girl LOL. Well i haven’t gotten a lap dance yet. But I love this place. Topless and alcohol downstairs. Completely nude no alcohol upstairs. And yes I do find myself upstairs Y not I have one, too. I only took away 1 star, because ladies cant get in with jeans on. What the hell is up with that?? What difference does it make what I have own they”re the ones taking it off?? But hey I put my little dress on and I go. And for the most part there are some good looking ladies in there. The best day to go is Tuesday its amature night and its good fun πŸ˜‰

  14. PHIL

    Lots of pretty women…but no variety. i like thick sistas and most of the ladies are fairly thin. put it like this…the thickest lady was a white girl!!! nuff said.

  15. ROAD DOG
  16. 45697
  17. Mr. Wayne
  18. Jenelle B.

    I still have fantasies about some of the girls at this place. πŸ˜€ I’ma be completely respectful as a review this establishment. 1. The drinks were extremely potent great for a person seeking inebriation.2. The enchanting and charming young women nude dancers are completely courteous to other women patrons.3. This one fine lass had utter control of her gluteus maximus, that she could isolate each muscle in a mesmerizing fashion. and 4. There are two levels of entertainment. One for the less adventurous involving bare breast and one for the daring involving the tickling of labia’s. Overall I throughly enjoyed coming here and will be returning with a larger amount of $_$

  19. simplyreaL

    Great atmosphere, beautiful girls!

  20. richard95

    went on friday with my wife..all i have to say is DIAMOND!! she gave us the best couples lap dance ever! over all the place is cool all the ladies are friendly and not pushy at all..drinks are strong and price is fair…

  21. D-Money

    Went to the club for the first time last night and it was off the chain. The best lap dance I have ever had and the best looking strippers I have ever seen in a club before, will be going there once or twice a week. 4-14-07

  22. fuckery12

    Starz not the same, I came here around 5 years ago, ladies was sexy, always had security pat down. Now they look like little girls not sexy very skinny and small with tiny butts. just not the same. maybe I came on a bad night.

  23. adamrod

    It’s ok, I only like the dancer nautica

  24. Under P.

    Though it’s been awhile, I was introduced to this place by my cousin Perry. For those of you that like rap videos and the women in them, this is the place. For an easy $10, you’re in and there is only a one drink minimum. The two finest women in this place are Charm and Maliah Michel. These two are rap video stars I think. They rank one – two in that order. Downstairs, there is a champagne room off to the side for the ballers and a regular stage for ordinary joes. If you are scared of going here because you’re not black, no worries, you’ll fit in with the latino, asian and white guys who are regulars at this place. Lap dances are $15, I think, as I was in between pay periods when I visited this place. One thing, you may feel awkward having to compete with the fine looking lesbians who are also vying for the stripper’s attention. When I was there, there were about 6-7 lesbians who were making it rain everytime Maliah was on stage. If you get bored, you can also head east to Barbary Coast or First King for all the durrty, durrty action where you have strippers with C-section scars and/or glass eyes (from errant gunfire).

  25. Diddy

    i love Starz and the girls OMG i love them also all of them

  26. Johnnyboy123

    The spot to go when you lit up and wanna have some fun with a fun bunch. FYI it has more than a touch of hood lol



  28. Franklyn

    Not the best experience I’ve been moving here for years now an I’m noticing the staff being more and more unfriendly. Bouncers are DICKS u sure killing the mood jus relax. They try an force u to tip even though we ( there were 15 of us) had been making it rain an buying bottles all night. Thn thy threatened to king me out on my birthday after I already brought them at least 2g’s with cover an bottle service alone. Yes the girls are prettier then some of the surrounding places but the other girls are jus as talented cover is waaaaaaaay cheaper drinks are stronger an staff is nicer. Try first king down the street it’s the same owner only it’s filled with butta faces. There are a few dimes an trust me they do the same stuff

  29. zephlis

    If your looking for a club with comfort then don’t come here. The club is mostly African American and there is no other ethnicity like Asian, Latino, white and so on. I was highly disappointed by their effort and approach.

  30. Grag

    It is off the hook!! Cute little Asian girl “GiGi” stole my heart..

  31. rogerrab2

    I’m obviously on a mission to review urban strip clubs across the nation (maybe . . . perhaps . . . we’ll see).I went to Starz with three friends on a Friday night. We arrived at the strip mall / plaza thingy where Starz is located around 11 PM. Entry was uneventful, hassle-free and $15. The space was relatively small. There was a center stage with approximately 6 poles and 3-5 “dancers” “performing” at a time. The stage was awkwardly low, as was the ceiling above. The stage was equipped with a ledge/table area where patrons sat within very close proximity of the “action.” There were a couple small (maybe 5×8) areas that appeared to “VIP” areas. There was a long bar against the wall closest to the entrance. There were bistro and small tables throughout, and seats covered with what appeared to be red velvet. I give the details to say that, the space did not scream luxury or any significant customization — it was a minimally functioning, low-rent-looking strip club. We ended up sitting approximately 10 feet away from the stage and got settled in for the show. Overall, I was incredibly bored. The strippers certainly came in all sizes and shapes (sizes 6 – 14, skewed towards the latter). Most had really long wigs and/or weaves, and most were not especially attractive, pretty or fit. It was basically a lot of 4s and 5s, and with one or two 7s. Probably about 60% of the women, knew how to use their God and/or sponsor gifted assets and the overall movements were solid. Lots of sexy stage crawling and down on bended knee action, more so than I have seen at any other strip club (read: four). I have no doubt that these women have incredibly strong quads. Approximately 7% (or three total) of the dancers were exceptional, like super flexible, impressive pole work, great bodies and like excellent performers. Other than when those few skilled dancers were on stage, I sipped my drink and tried not to look too bored/judgmental. A couple strippers walked by to try to hustle lap dances, but as I mentioned, most were not attractive, so we politely declined. There was essentially no touching of the strippers on stage. In my experience, people touch, then tuck a few dollars here or there. At Starz, the practice was so more so make it drizzle — small bundles of dollars were randomly thrown in the vicinity of the stage. The only physical contact between the patrons and the strippers occurred during lap dances, but there were not many of those happening.The only real saving grace was the music. That DJ played every single song about booty shaking — songs I never knew existed and some of which probably shouldn’t. But it definitely kept the energy up. We probably lasted about an hour. Before leaving, we decided to check out the Nude Room upstairs. There, I lasted about two minutes before I had to leave. I’ve seen many interesting things at strip clubs and they usually make for funny stories later on. But the whole scene of bottomless women and men sitting at the very edge of the stage, waiting for an eyeful, then aiming dirty dollar bills at the dancers’ v*****s was simply too much to take in.Starz was just not my type of scene, but others, depending on their tastes, may enjoy it.

  32. Harrison69

    I came here with my boys and I must say the girls were sexy and my favorite was Selena I paid for the boys to get a one on one private dance from her, when she was done she sat down to have a conversation with me and I didn’t mind talking to her πŸ™‚ but I was to shy to get a private dance from her. But I will be back throwing more $$$ cause bands make them dance lol

  33. Mighty

    I was visiting from Nigeria and Starz was one of my favorite places in LA. Everybody from Max at the door reaally impressed me. And the girls? Pure bliss. You could just die there and go straight to heaven. Put it down to my preference for slim girls, but the dancers were a hit with me. They were some of the most beautiful things I ever saw. I got a lapdance but it was over too soon. If I ever find my way in LA I’ll be sure to drop by.

  34. ThaMan

    Cool Club!

  35. Koko

    This club is actually note bad .. Granted it is predominately black girls its WELL WORTH it .. It was definitely more than what I expected .. Will be returning soon for a lap dance πŸ™‚

  36. eddyL

    Came here on amatuer night, which is on Tuesdays. For some reason girls are required to wear a dress on amateur night. I got there after the amateurs finished performing so I cant comment on that part. The strippers out kind of wack but later on they got better. Some gorls were really good and did some cool tricks. Oh and the security at the front was intense. Oh and it was hard to find parking. They have an upstairs part but I didnt go up there so cant comment on that either. BTW, if u didnt know, this is a black stripclub. And I think its much better than Barbary Coast.

  37. maxxy1

    A M A Z I N G BLACK STRIPPER CLUBBeautiful girls dancing poleGreat experience!White people learn about the world and get over there!

  38. tonycluber

    Starz is cool. All the ladies are really nice and so is the rest of the staff. When it came to the dancing, some had more energy than others, better bodies than others, better pole skills than others. But I took a pole dancing class once and I could barely hold myself on. It requires A LOT of strength and agility. So anyone who can do anything on a pole has my respect. Anyhow, it was a good experience and I would probably go back. The chicken wings are on point also!

  40. Horny Boy

    Great lap dances here, the girls really earn that money, they will leve you week kneed.

  41. BRO-D


  42. XXXbeast

    Even though its been years since i left, and your passing I still think about you Rock, You were a good man. An Asshole at times. But a fair and good person. I miss you. RIP Gia

  43. felixnada

    Food is great! Strip rec a few bad dancers. Pool tables X2 drink prices reasonable for a stop joint over all good time had my boys bachelor party here turnUp

  44. the one

    there r other races besides black…..they dnt allow gangsta rap at all dont get

    hip hop and gangsta confused… far as thick girls there is enough in there

    to keep cali warm for a sum yrs to cum….and the wht girl home boy was

    talking about no not thick just fat….i know becuz i dance there plus im the

    slim one that have to compete with all the big booty girls….and always asked

    why dont i dance at a wht club…my answer is its not what i have its how i

    work it and my body is maxima,smooth,king mag material….i can go any

    where…so in my eyes there is no copm..i am my own comp…..cum check us

    out…..well worth it

  45. Anon

    If you like black pussy, Starz is your club. If you just want to see black boobs, Starz is still your club. Downstairs is topless, upstairs is nude. Lap dances are $15 in semi private booths, the girls WILL work you for that $15, very agressive and hard grindage specifically designed to “finish the job” if you are so inclind. The girls appreciate a tip if they do finish the job. And if the girl manages to get you into the booth on the very end, she will “take mattersinto her own hands” to finish you off, if necessary. The great thing bout Starz is that its fairly nice inside, but at the same time the girls play a lot of “gansta” songs. But,since most of the guys in there are 40 something years old, its all kinda playful, us old guys are NOT going to spend 20 years of our life in jail when we may only have 20 years left!

  46. AssnTits5

    What can i say,The pussy is great… If my words offend you, you need not come to this place…

  47. picky nigga

    My dude talked to me bout dis place but dis place aint dat nice. It feel

    n smell like they dont really clean… Music is dope! My dude say food

    is dope too but I didnt try! Women look good on da stage but when u

    see them closer they aint pretty, som of dem have funny fake booty n

    dont even know how to talk to u. Only 2 or 3 bad bitches, Nautica is

    da baddest. Most of the girls are Black, they need som latina n Asian


  48. XhXeXy

    Nice place 2 kick it @. Didn’t have the food but it’s suppose 2b on point.. Thursday is off the hook!!!!

  49. Mick Boogie

    I’ve been across the country, and this is one of the best black clubs I’ve been to. Good music, good show and an overall great set-up. Drinks downstairs, nudity upstairs and A- to A+ talent.

  50. Big Dink!

    Isis is My favorite dancer,she ‘s got the whole package as far as,looks,her body,and attitude. Oh! The chicken fingers & fries The bomb!

  51. larry1

    *** Oh my, Starz … what shall I do with you? ***The Hook: Asymmetric butt shakes! (um um um)The Door: $10 cover and a TSA-style pat down.Music: Hip hop, rap, y’know milkshakin’ music!The Bar: Pours them deep and relatively cheap.Downstairs: Main stage, two dancers, all topless.The Dancers: Numerous w/ all shapes and sizes.Upstairs: I cannot say … kids maybe reading. ;p(But let’s just say that it’s a “birthday suit” show.)Lap Dances: $15ea … most are really very good.Def a wide variety of dancers and personalities.If you can’t find 1 to engage you, then I pity you.Always a blast. I brought a buddy from Belgium once (about 1yr ago); he still talks about it today.He said it was “the best cultural experience ever”! (ha)*** Perfect for an occasional liberating nite out. ***

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