Thee DollHouse



3001 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582


33.7710011, -78.8022603




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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105 reviews for “Thee DollHouse

  1. Clark

    A lot of beautiful girls, but few that will talk beyond the immediate push for a private dance, which is way over priced.

    Finally had a private dance w/ Lily. PHENOMENAL body.. smart, sweet too. But way too much of a goody goody in the private room. Not even close to worth the cost. Was a big enough turn-off to make me seriously consider not coming back.

    Other than Lily who is immaculate, other perfect 10’s are Journey and Margot… there are a few other 8’s and 9’s there… worth the cover to just see beautiful women but don’t let any talk you into the back.

  2. Megan

    I go there all the time, I never feel uncomfortable and I always have an awesome time. There are such beautiful dancers and cocktailwaitresses working there so no matter what you’ll see beauty.

  3. Rory

    Had a great time. Will be back.

  4. tom
  5. Jack
  6. Bill
  7. Chuckie
  8. gman

    This club is great. Just got home from Thee Doll House and had a outstanding time. $25 VIP dances are very good and the girls let you touch them all over. I will definately be going back.

  9. Jess

    I went to the dollhouse about a week ago for the first time ever! It was my first time in a strip club! Me and my fiance went! I had a great time! I had a dancer who went my Britney! She is so pretty! I had a great time! “hey britney” if you read this!

  10. Jim
  11. Dave
  12. Moose

    Reno rocks…what a sweetheart!!!!!!

  13. tonie
  14. none

    I would recommend this club for couples….the floor entertainment is fair however the private talent was excellent…

  15. May
  16. Larry
  17. Wil
  18. charles farley
  19. james1412

    Way to be cheap and have half off coupons to get in. The last 10+ years the cabs had free passes.That’s the reason for the one star. Hey owners, managers….given what is charged for drinks, rooms etc, you can be better that that.Good place with great staff and ladies.

  20. Matt

    This club was awesome!

  21. Mark
  22. supper

    best thing is after the afterdeck

  23. CJ
  24. bigcat

    place was great, hot girls great club

  25. Cal
  26. Curly
  27. Bella

    this club is the best in town. low fees and the bouncers actually help you make $! VIP rooms are ultra private and it’s a very laid back club.

  28. neil

    good club, good times

  29. JR
  30. harryharry

    This was the second time here for my wife and I……the place is couple friendly and we have a good, nasty time…lol. The dancers this time around weren’t the best…..lots of tall, skinny women, with very little in the way of curves or cleavage……but we found a couple of girls to have a private dance with and left with smiles on our faces. We will be back .

  31. Willy
  32. Mike

    I was there twice and had a great time with one russian girl! I will deginitily back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Rick
  34. Eric

    Took my wife to a strip club for the first time.The bouncer found us a nice table and we had a great time.Reno is the best I’ve seen in a long time.

  35. Lyn
  36. Art
  37. Mack
  38. Ben Dover
  39. kelly
  40. dopeboy19

    Charging our business card weeks later? I think not. FRAUD. Never trust places like these with a CC. Super high prices…this is not Vegas people. $500 for private dance!

  41. pleased

    This is the best club in Myrtle. Kaitlyn is amazing, especially for couples. The girls are hot and can dance. Very friendly staff and dancers. Very comfortable atmosphere and well worth the money.

  42. Berry
  43. Nate
  44. Bo
  45. Dyke
  46. in
  47. Vince
  48. spent all my $

    Best bachelor party ever!!!What a great time we had! All the ladies were gracious the floor guys found out what we wanted and delivered the appropriate talent for the $$$$. Waitresses seemed to love their job, except the drunk brunette, but even she was fun!

    Hot bartenders! 2 lil chinese chicks and a really tall chick with a rack and half and an even better sense of humor than we thought ( made a mean Peanut butter and jelly shot). I might have to get divorced so I can have a divorce party better than my bachelor party!

  49. Frank
  50. Chuck

    Went this past weekend, 1 fantastic dancer named Savannah. Wifes first time to any strip club, bought her a VIP room dance with Savannah. WOW she took good care of her, was so sexy and we left with her dress soaked from her juices. Best sex ever after returning to our room. Thanks Savannah, you were worth every dollar

  51. john
  52. Milt
  53. Don
  54. Black Jack

    This is a great club.

  55. Amanda B.

    What was a classy club 3 years ago is now a ghetto brothel. $20 to get in during bike week, and no dancers on stage. Overpriced drinks. Will not visit again…

  56. Paul

    This place is a dump

  57. Jordan
  58. Donna
  59. TC
  60. johnny
  61. Ken

    I loved it

  62. carl
  63. Dump
  64. Cameron
  65. RaC

    The new dollhouse is amazing and absolutely the BEST strip club in myrtle

    beach PERIOD! Unlike the rest, the dollhouse actually has bottle service,

    with private tents, floor host who tend to the customers every need,

    attentive waitresses, amazing bartenders, beautiful classy girls, and an

    overall smokin hot staff! You will not be disappointed !! Definitely worth

    checking out on your next visit!

  66. Ely
  67. James
  68. Me

    great place

  69. C IN NC


  70. so satisfied

    we were recently in myrtle beach, we tried 5 different strip clubs, and ended up at thee dollhouse 6 nights in a row. the bouncers are friendly, the girls are great, especially Roxanne. we got a vip dance as a couple, and she was incredible!!!

  71. joshua

    Had a great time. Will be back.

  72. Chris
  73. Hank
  74. Stephen
  75. Boris

    Horrible, nasty ripoff! Save your money get an escort.

  76. William

    Why don’t they take some of those big bulldozers and push this place into the creek? It would save a lot of “pissedoffedness” and golfers would have a better time elsewhere. Somebody said there was a totally nude place down here?

  77. G I JOE

    What a joke this club is. If this is Thee Doll House where are the dolls?

  78. picky_bri

    Went here on Oct. 3rd for a bachelor party. Not the best place, but decent. Some terrific women, attentive (and hot) waitress…There were some problems, but the private dance I got from Amanda made up for everything!!! Gorgeous, and AMAZING! She picked up my spirits (as well as other things!)

    I will definitely be back!

  79. Stan
  80. Eddie

    Much better club than the Masters.The girls are really hot, even the waitresses. I’ll be going here from now on.

  81. Andy

    Great service and hot girls

  82. Scott
  83. Jay
  84. Tommy
  85. $mike$

    way over priced staff is nice, the girls could use some help though

  86. Daryl
  87. experienced one

    I have been working here for about 3 years. I have seen alot of highs and lows with this club. I am happy that they have finally brought it back to the way it should be.The clientele is of a more high class status with a lot of local regulars. Business is good. Stop in and try it out if you want nice girls and classy entertainment.

  88. Joe
  89. Mac
  90. A

    🙂 Great!!

  91. Cedric

    Still the dump of Myrtle Beach. “Can’t get a job at any other strip club?” “Come here. We’ll hire you!”

  92. Ven
  93. hg
  94. Jeramy
  95. Dancer

    Lori the house mom is awful, she critiques the girls who get hired, yet is a fat sloppy washed up old wanna be stripper who’s mean to the girls who pay her bills (tip out is mandatory to the house moms which is illegal by the way) don’t forget where you came from Lori

  96. This club SUCKS!

    Thee Doll House SUCKS!!! Go there if you want dancers that fight each other, are pushy as hell, bad mouth the quests, have no class and are NOT the cream of the crop. The best point of the night was meeting the front door girl, named Aaliyah! The only beautiful, nice, classy girl in the place. She is the only reason we would ever go back.

  97. C & A


  98. Devon

    Very classy women. Nothing like in in Myrtle Beach.

  99. Dan
  100. curtis17

    Can I give a minus star? Folks again… I dont do adult bars. I’m Here because I was dragged to a bachelor party,1. Prices that were given for 16 guys quickly escalated to almost double …I expect this if an adult club.2. They say that they are world famous…if they are world famous then I’m the pope. I have been to strip bars in my days but this was a total disgraced. A heroine addict looking girl was talking to one of the guys. Then I see her reach and grab someone else drink and drink it. I had to say something about that. The she started bleeding from her nose . Folks,guys,future bachelor party planners think twice before you think about coming here. Ohhh ps.. did I mentioned that there were females that look like they could be my mother….holy scrappy doodie.

  101. Steve
  102. danielle

    went with fiancee and two couples. hot girls got a couples lap dance. amazing… hoping to visit sc soon!!!

  103. Xack
  104. kj
  105. lynoccent

    A most memorable experience. Great service for couples. Reno brought the house down on stage and in the VIP room. Will never forget her.

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