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6315 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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Anyone that has been to Southern California, or Los Angeles in general knows that a night out in any of its cities doesn’t kick in until after dark. And no one know’s that better than Hollywood. When the sun goes down and the streetlight’s and marquees are illuminated, a certain boost of excitement rushes through your body that you cannot ignore. The smell of the local eateries, or the noise of vamped-up imported car’s blazing off into the darkness. But most of all, the evening’s are full of stunning young felines on the prowl out for a good time. Just like the Beach Boys said: Wish They All Could Be California Girls..”””,,,,
122,Santa Ana’s Premier Gentlemen’s club 💋🍑 Life’s a Beach


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Mistercap12

    I know I’m gonna get in trouble just for reviewing a strip, er, uh, gentlemen’s club, but I have to tell you, if you are looking for a great first experience at a strip club, look no further my friends and newbies of the 18 year old assortment, however, buyer BEWARE, once you come to Deja Vu it will ruin you for almost all other strip joints, so just know that. If this is your first time at a strip bar, I’ll answer before you even ask, “No, not all strip places are this bad ass.” These girls are in tip top shape, models and hustlers, vixens, porn stars, you name it, the best of the best. When the lights come on or you see them in the parking lot they are still hot. Is it more expensive? Probably, but if there is one thing that I have learned in life, it’s that you get what you pay for, so if you want to see a strung out street walker in her 50’s set her purse of tampax and a rolled up tooter ten dollar bill throw her flabby flesh in your face for half off then roll your hoopty on out to the valley but if you want a nice young, tight ass all up in your smiling grill, drop a litte more and write home about something!OH, PS – TIP – Do not park on the street in that neighborhood, they will tow your ass gauranteed. Pay for parking at the club.

  2. kenston12

    I’ve been couple of times now. Its a really nice place for me to chill. The ladies are really beautiful and some are really good dancers. Everyone is super nice and helpful. The prices are really reasonable. The staff are really cool too. Not sure what all this negative views are about. But just a tip for you guys looking for a good time: be nice, take a shower, dont be a douche. The ladies will definitely appreciate that.

  3. winston12

    Ugly girls. So far. Packed with a lot of testosterone driven males that will be satisfied with any ugly piece of meat in front of them. Low quality.

  4. james1412

    hot dancers, hot waitresses and a cool management team. They play great music after midnight and the girls seem happy to be dancing.

  5. Johnson12

    The girls were super hot and know how to dance/ ride a pole!! I just wish they would at least pretend like they wanted to be there? It’s hard to get turned on when the girls look like they’re thinking about their shopping list while they’re dancing in front of you. But I still got mesmerized by the ass so they get 3 stars. AJ Applegate gave me high hopes for strippers and dancers everywhere because she actually smiled and put on a great show. The place also had a very limited drink menu. The only wine option is a whole $50 bottle. And the mixed drinks were $5 but I doubt they were strong enough to do anything. I ended up settling for a bottle of water, which was still $5! I like to think I didn’t have high expectations in a strip club, but I was slightly disappointed in my one Saturday night I spent in LA on vacation.

  6. anthony1

    Worst strip club i have ever been too. The one in north Hollywood is so much better. This place shouldn’t even be called de ja vu. It was like I was in T.J. (Tijuana). I gave the waitress at the bar desk 2 $5 bills and a $10 bill to get $20 singles and she’s looking me in my face and telling her I only gave her $10 while holding the 3 bills in her hand!! I tripped out.. management came and told me they reviewed the footage and it was too dark to see anything. I ended up cussing the manager out and asked to leave. Do yourself a favor and don’t go here. #takemymoneyandshoveitupyoura$$P.S. There is a $10 charge to take money out of the ATM.

  7. ho

    Whores all fucking whores

  8. Devin P.

    1000’s of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones? More like 1 beautiful girl and a handful of really atrocious broads SOMEHOW passing themselves off as strippers.Early on in my short-lived visit, the girls came to the stage as the dystopian announcer encouraged patrons to purchase a lap dance, which, not at all to my surprise, all of no one jumped at the offer.The line up consists of a visibly miserable 50 year old asian wearing what appeared to be a $15 piss-colored wig intended only for Cosplay parties (possibly a man) as well as 2 other generic but well below-average blondes in need of a hair appointment and a gym membership. An overweight (and consequently oddly-shaped) black chick was there thumping around the stage in some sort of bored food coma, and reminded me of your quintessential, chunky, spoiled brat you see in movies, running around the house in her mother’s shoes or something. “Ass so fat,” you… definitely want to steer clear of a lap dance, methinks. There was also a brunette, plain jane and forgettable. The majority of my time at this club was spent feeling sorry for the girl cleaning the poles and floor. My friends and I joked amongst ourselves as she stared, glassy-eyed, into the abyss, moving a rag in circles on her hands and knees, all of her movements in slow motion. This girl was a Klonopin-Windex mess at best. She seemed to have adopted a permanent look of horror that you usually only see on older men one loss removed from suicide.Meanwhile I was waiting to catch the fat one snacking on Funyuns at the bar and the asian was NOT about to give up on her sales pitch directed at a very uninterested member of my party.The only normal-looking, attractive girl from the line up came over to my boyfriend and I and asked his permission to give me a lapdance. I believe some reviews before mine have described her – black, slender, toned body. I wasn’t drunk or rich enough, and to be honest, having a naked stranger invade my personal space has never really been my thing, so I turned her down just before she took the stage for her routine which, regrettably, I walked out in the middle of because something had come up and my party was ready to head home. Line-up scrutiny aside, I can see why talented dancers don’t want to work here – the facility is so ghetto it’s depressing, everything about it is a parody of itself and the crowd that it does draw does not tip. Nothing sexy about this place, save yourself the embarrassment of ever having paid to see this circus.

  9. joseph1k

    You know a strip club is B – A – D when you start feeling pity for the patrons instead of the dancers……. First off, I went with a big group for a friends birthday night (clearly this destination was not planned out beforehand). My friend and I were greeted by a Shaft look-alike, who had the audacity to try and charge two women at the door. After some hesitation he allowed us in. We made our way to the back corner, sandwiched in between the left side of the stage and the all nude lap dance booths in the back. First thing that came to mind when I sat down: THIS IS WHAT STRIP CLUBS IN TIJUANA ARE LIKE. First off, the strippers weren’t attractive and most of them just sauntered around the pole like lazy cats. There were only a few who actually knew how to climb the pole in their 10 – inch heels. The DJ sucks by the way— he blasts the most overplayed rap songs with no rhythm for the dancers to strut to, but includes just enough bass to get them to clap their ass cheeks together ( these strippers have fat booties for the most part). Then he shouts random things over the microphone, “Anyone in here from the O.C. tonight? Screw Orange County!” And assembles the most pathetic push-up contest on stage for the male patrons. Don’t ever waste your time in here if you have any decency.

  10. nickstrip

    It’s cool

  11. larry1

    Went to Deja Hollywood in a group (2 girls and 1 gay guy) when our plans for the night fell through. The ladies here lit up when they saw us. They are all super hot and cute and I have never seen such great pole work. They made us feel right at home ; the vibe in the club is very comfortable. They don’t serve alcohol but the nonalcoholic champagne is delicious!!

  12. new
  13. eddyL

    Real Talk: Worst strip club ever. I did not see one hot stripper, most of them had potbellies. This place was actually pretty crowded the night we went. I went with some friends. We each had $50 bucks in ones to spend on strippers. We went and sat up front by the stage, but did not really get that much attention from the strippers. For some reason the strippers were into getting motor boated by nasty pervs or backside motor boated by slimy creepers, who weren’t even tipping. I get it, maybe those guys pay a lot for late night lap dances. But they definitely lost my business, which is too bad cause I brought the hottest girls the inside of that place has ever seen.

  14. livinlikelarry

    This is a below average strip club. The most important thing is how good-looking the girls are. They’re mostly ugly here. Out of the 20 girls I saw, only 2 were OK looking. There are a lot of black girls, girls with shaved heads, tattoos, and girls that look like they don’t want to be here. The only reason why I came here is because it’s in Hollywood and I was hoping there would be some really hot, down-and-out actresses looking to make some money on the side, but unfortunately these girls are ugly. And I went on a Friday night too.* One more thing. If you go to their website you can get a “Free Admission”. However, it is NOT really free. They still charge you $10 once you get there, but they just don’t say that on their website and you HAVE to PRINT out the coupon also.

  15. dannyboy7

    If you’re looking for a good time you won’t find it here. The staff was very rude, and There wasn’t much talent. It was overpriced to get in and just not worth it. Don’t waste your time or money.

  16. StripClub431

    This place is awesome pretty girls open late , always a fun time at Deja vu Hollywood come check it out!! Good for birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties:) staff is friendly and there is a variety of girls .By the way I see all the haters are females lol …your boyfriend sure enjoys it tho :p

  17. Harrison69

    This was my fourth visit to this club. Consider that I am a female when reading this. The club has always been quiet when I arrive around 10 PM. The ladies seem bored and don’t interact much.Tonight was horrible. The cocktail server said she had beer. I was shocked. Surely she was mistaken since this is a full nude club. She said she had beer for sure. I asked her what kind. St Paulie Girl but it has the minimum alcohol allowed. So I trusted her (big mistake) and ordered two. Well, they were non-alcoholic. Oh yeah, minimum alcohol allowed. I don’t like being made into a fool. Shame on you. I will never bring my dollars back here. You made a big mistake, Deja Vu. Beware!!!

  18. Johnnyboy123

    The girls are too old here!!!!!!! The there are not a lot of people inside!!! Do not recommend

  19. danielson

    Had a lot of fun and it was my first real strip club experience. The girls were all very sweet and attentive. I just wish the DJ would be a little more versatile when it came to his playlist.

  20. Jordan M.

    Girls here are hot as hell and most are really smart and nice its a drama free area I know I’ll be celebrating my birthday her this weekend !!!!!!! Hookah BOMB too

  21. XhXeXy

    Worst strip club on the planet.Its 20 dollars to get in but i dont know why.Every time I saw a stripper and I thought this one must be the ugliest i was surprised because there would be another one uglier than the ugliest one.I actually got a lap dance from this hispanic girl who claims to be half egyptian and half something else and it was the shortest and worst dance I’ve ever had.Good thing my BF paid for it cause if it was from my own wallet I would have been pissed. Ive been here about three times because its so close to where I live, but everytime I go here I always swear to myself I will never go again.One time I got into an arguement with the owner who doesnt know how to run a business. They were passing out coupons outside to get in free but he wanted us to pay 20 dollars each. I asked him if we could have a coupon and he said no we have to walk around on hollywood BLVD and look for someone who is passing them out.I asked him if he was serious and he said yes. Then I told him he doesnt know how to run a business and he said he doesnt give a crap.And I say to you dont support his business because he doesnt give a crap about you having a good time.Out of frustration I told him that he looks like a monkey, but after I said that all the monkeys went on a protest and got mad that I called him one of them and they demanded an apology and for me to take it back…

  22. curtis17

    My last night in LA, I decided to walk around Hollywood Blvd and came across this strip club. The guy at the front told me it was $10 cover charge, fully nude, and nonalcoholic. So, I decided to check it out. As soon as I walked in two girl bombarded me! One was white and one was Asian. They were the 2 hottest girls there. A total of 5 or 6 girls. The Asian stripper told me 2 girls at the same time anything goes for $400? That was way to pricey for me! The other girl came up to me and said she was a pornstar. I got a 40$ dance from her, which was lame! The dance was not good and I couldn’t even touch. A few minutes later, the Asian girl insisted that I should get a few dances with her in the back for 100$. I told her I had no cash and she insisted me to tap the Mac machine. She finally talked me into it. I ended up spend 120$ and some change in the back with her. The dances was ok and I did get to touch her boobs and ass, but it wasn’t worth it. I could of went to the wishy wash for that price. I probably would not go there again.

  23. fritter17

    This place is horribly UNDERRATED!these people who have written reviews are probobly first time stripclub goers. this is a nice place to go hang out and have a good time with your friends. No this is not the best strip club out there but sometimes you want to be at this type of casual strip club. If you go on a Thursday Friday or Saturday, a stripper named “Cinderella” will be there. she is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. she rarley takes off her bottom but she still gets the show going. she usually is always booked for lap dances but if you see her sitting alone (which will normally only be for a short amount of time) get a lap dance from her before anyone else does. Lets just say she will let you do certain things that other strippers dont for some reason. she usualy doesnt care what you do. One day i met two strippers from here and they gave me their real names and numbes. they where really nice and asked me to come over to their appartment. so i did. ets just say it was one of the best times i ever had. Great place! great location!

  24. Dylan A.

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to.I went to the website and printed out a form that said I would get free admission if I brought it in, but I only got half off. $10 instead of $20. The place is small and all of the chairs make it crowded even when there aren’t many people. It doesn’t look good.I agreed to a half hour private dance. The stripper (she said she was also a porn star) took me back to the private room and it was a joke. It looked like someone’s mancave in their basement. The leather chair was cracking and not really comfortable. The music was coming from the main room and there was a really loud feedback noise that was heard periodically. It was not private, there was another guy in the corner getting a dance and there was no door.As soon as the dance started, she asked if I would like to spend $200 more for an hour long dance in an actual private room and there would be a lot more touching. I told her no I couldn’t afford that. Then she said she could swing $100. I reluctantly agreed. She dragged me out of the room to the ATM, then back into the same room. She said the only the hour long dances are in the other room and this dance would be 45 minutes. That wasn’t clear before I withdrew money from the ATM, but it made sense.Less than two minutes into the dance, she started TEXTING! Yes, really. She tried to hide it and still dance at the same time, but I saw over her shoulder what she was doing. Later in the dance she said it was almost. I thought: I know time flies when you’re having fun, but this was too soon. Sure enough, when the dance ended, I checked me phone and it had only been 20 minutes. I confronted her about it and she started denying it, saying the dance started before midnight. Which was impossible because I got to the club a few minutes after midnight. I saw the time on her phone when she was texting and it said 12:16 a.m. She gave me 10 more minutes. I reluctantly agreed because I saw she wasn’t going to budge. The first part was fully nude, but the last 10 minutes was only topless.To top it all off, I came back to my seat and found that my mandatory $6 drink was gone and I only had a few slips of it. Even though she was hot did all sort of great touching, the dance wasn’t worth it. Maybe it was that one gal and the others wouldn’t rip people off, but I’ll never go back. I decide to just leave and I left (mostly) unsatisfied after less than an hour. You that old saying, the costumer is always right? Well in this case, it’s true.

  25. adamrod

    Don’t get all the hate. Came (hehe) here tonight with a couple of friends. Had a great time. Felt a little out of place (a lot of the gentlemen here had a lot more tattoos than me).Great dancers on the stage. Loved the song choices from most of them. They all liked how I made sculptures out of my dollar bills. Strippers love me.I was approached by a young lady with dark hair and tattoos and she offered me a lap dance (20 dollars topless ya can’t beat that fellas). Her name was Raven and she had a tattoo of dinosaur bones on her leg. She was really friendly and funny. I pictured her as the future mother of my children. Then I saw her stick her butt in a skinhead’s face.I would give it five stars, but the place reeked of Monster energy drink.

  26. Justin M.

    Relaxing atmosphere. One girl caught my eye, petite, natural, dark hair, beautiful eyes. Very sexy. she was the only girl that took the time to talk to me, she seemed very intelligent. Saw her dance on stage to van Halen! What?? Extra points for her. bought a few dances from her and left very happy. The other girls just said “want a lap dance” and moved on to the next guy. If you go there ask for Tess (I think that was her name)You won’t regret it.

  27. ryan123

    Ask for cassiee best looking one hands down! She can dance really good! I only go to see her

  28. marlonmoney12

    This place is really fun. Good mix of showgirls, attentive waitstaff, fun dj’s, and even a cool management team. Will totally visit again

  29. XXXbeast

    I love coming here! The music is always bumpin there are lots of pretty girls to choose from and indulge in buying a dance from. I’m never disappointed when leaving. One of my favorite things is the purple haze hookah a definite must try!



  31. DexterRexter

    Me and the homies have been coming here at 4am the last couple weeks. I have to say that low one of the dopest establishments I’ve been too in a bit, and I haven’t been to a stripper club in like three years #facts

  32. AssnTits5

    Love this place!!! They have adult film stars come on the occasion and put on outrageous performances. The girls are pretty and the club is the latest thing open on the blvd

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