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201 Main St, Lesterville, SD 57040


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Leather and Lace

  1. the man

    last weekend was a great weekend. plenty of dancers to choose from. definitly will be back.

  2. kim andrews

    this club rocks!!! the hubby and i had a blast there. love the dancers and the people working the bar!! can’t wait to go back again!!!

  3. Ken

    The girls that I seen at the club this weekend was not the best to look at for sure. A number of ugly black girls that all they want is your money and then move on. No idea where they get so many black hookers, this club is out in the sticks

  4. Whose line up?

    any chance I can get my favorite take out dish? that sexy assed felicia? Dam I been missing that girl “ya kno what I mean?” 😉

  5. flash

    there is nothing wrong with this club.the only people who dont like this club are the locals because it was sold.give the new owner a chance.the dancers are good.they are human just like every other women out there.

  6. Club goer

    Club is going downhill. Only 3 dancers fri nite? and where the hell is GINA

  7. Bill

    I know there is two clubs in town, and this one has bad dancers, last week most were black

  8. Joe


  9. couple

    My wife and I were at this club last weekend. We had a great time!! My wife had several lap dances and the dancers couldn’t have been nicer to her!! Kiki was GREAT fun!!

  10. Mike

    Bad dancers, bad club

  11. dakota

    FAT GIRLS THIS CLUB SUCKS joe you was right about this club. Not worth the drive. It was a good club once

  12. great club

    best club in the area by far

  13. Jim
  14. to the local

    if you dont like this club then stop coming in to the club

    if you want why dont u go to the whore house next door i hear the dancers over there are pretty sad just the place for you.

  15. slipstick50

    Nice local place,, high mileage contact… We like it.

  16. Sad

    What happened to this club?

  17. Robert

    This is a dive. Not worth the money and the time it takes to get there.

  18. X customer

    The only ones that think this is the best club around is the owner and dancers who can not work anywhere else. This place sucks big time, ugly girls fot the most part, high prices and a stupid owner who hits on all the girls

  19. eorila

    New owner really trying to upgrade everything! Good!

  20. 8agreed

    lower couch dance prices that would be a start.

  21. Pretty nice

    okay group last weekend. didnot see who I was looking for.

  22. jack

    Time to update the dancers get rid of the black freeloaders and get some decent dancers that will stay, hire a booking agent from out of town and get some outastate girls ,need new faces.

  23. Patron

    There have always been a lot of black girls in Lesterville; there are other bars you know. Go to Yankton then or to Sioux Falls or Mitchell.

  24. fan

    make sure you get the right club there are two clubs in town. jump-n-joes club is a good club.

  25. Rich Fulwider

    Nice club

  26. Mitchell Guy

    This is the worst club in South Dakota

  27. heavlywomen

    when to this club with husband found out this club was sold

    hot new owner hot girls and cheep drinks. i would go check it out.will go again.i meet a cool chick sassy what a dancer she is one hot women. this club is not swedes anymore it is called jump-n-joes now.i will diffently go back to see sassy and the new hot owner.

  28. Regent23

    I went to Swede’s last weekend (11/11/06) and all I can say is I had a great time! Yes, overall the girls are pretty average looking and the place is a bit of a hole in the wall, but the dancers are FUN! Giving a dollar tip at this place goes a long way. Vixen and Sasha (supposedly sisters) were a blast to hang out with.

  29. Pat
  30. sf

    nice improvement

  31. customer of both clubs

    Sorry bill that you dont like it, but it looks way better than it used to.

  32. ksdjfoi
  33. fireman

    good little club

  34. Ben

    Club is a joke. Girls are pushy and just waiting for the cops to bust this place

  35. Dancer

    Please stop. This club is a good club; just like the club next door is.

  36. Gina

    I have been VERY busy with my house the last few days. Most of the gals I work with like to smoke grass, but that’s about it. I am just speaking for the gals I know, though. As far as the pole goes; if you like to watch ladies on the pole, then obviously this isn’t the place for you. But there are plenty of other bars. For this area, try Yankton or Sioux Falls or even Mitchell. Good Luck!

  37. RB


  38. midnight

    this club was great, was there saturday night. mike is great and the dancers are friendly and good looking. i’ll be going back next weekend!!

  39. creg

    I always have a nice time here the club next door sucks the only thing nice about that club is they have a nice stage.. I will always spend my money at leather & lace good club…..

  40. Mavs customer

    Was in last weekend. Lotsa nice looking ladies but barbie is so graceful Enjoy watching her dance. Gena too. looked like many dancers were friends with each other sometimes they talked too much to each other but better than caty girls.

  41. ????

    Big Fat Girls with Warts working here

  42. ssam
  43. area customer

    I agree to some point, but guys get to touch so they will continue to pay the $30. My gripe is the price of the drinks. One minute a dancer drink is $7 the next its $8 or $9. Ridiculous.

  44. Sioux City
  45. justafan

    they have the best waitress there, very friendly and outgoing.

  46. BJ

    Big Fat Ugly Dancers

  47. JR
  48. sioux ladies

    Sioux city gals Sunny and MeMe oh ya

  49. drink prices

    good club but drinks very pricey.

  50. whats going on?

    place has gone downhill the past couple months. No decent looking dancers last 3 times.

  51. tim

    club is a joke. never know if the law will show up and bust everyone

  52. Local


  53. owner cheating on taxes

    The owner is cheating his taxes by claiming the couch dance $ that the dancers earn on their own is $ he paid the dancer in wages. That’s the reason he has tickets for the couch dances. That’s why the dancers don’t get to hold on to the couch $ & get paid out at the end of the night. Heard many dancers were pissed when they got their 1099s & saw what he claimed to the IRS they made.

  54. Sd customer

    Drink prices up and down. One time it’s 6.00 for a drink next time its 8.00. Quality of dancers better towards the weekend.

  55. say what?

    new dancers? bring back the dancers that made your club money.

  56. wtf?

    where’s the goodlooking strippers? sad nemore.

  57. Matt

    OMG! WTF? Are you kidding me? The bigger club, next to the little nice club, is a hole in the ground and all the dancers are ghetto. If all dancers looked like this strip clubs would be out of business in a week. It is that bad!! Yuk.

    Lanies Golden nugget dancers are by far way prettier then the other place, at least here they didn’t have the homeless, toothless, missing fingers, warts on butts delivered.

    oolala Tora. I pissed her off because i touched her boob. Oops. Sorry babe i couldn’t help myself.

  58. Not for me

    I won’t go back. Too many dirty dancers and most of them weren’t lookers.

  59. I heard

    to the owner you need to treat your dancers better & stop rippin them off. Theres a reason they only had 3 dancerss Friday night.

  60. out of towner

    To many whores get some gals with talent. WHERE THE HELL IS THE POLE?????????? did you loose it somewhere? I like to see gals on the pole. Get some f*cking talent and loose the junky bitchy women!!!!

  61. William

    The dancers keep on getting better and better looking with every weekend.

  62. billy moorehead

    nasty girls the owner of the club is very rude to customers theres a lot of girls trying to sell themselves to the customers from experience please dont go there!!!! theres a very classier club right next door to this club its called the golden nuggut thats a beautiful club…..

  63. bar customer

    havent seen Gina lately. she dancing elsewhere?

  64. nice guy

    Gina’ll be back soon.

  65. to bill from local

    what are u on sassy is the shit never no drama from her she likes to have fun and keep the crowd going. my opinion I think she is a great person and a fine entertainer thanks. local guy

  66. non local

    I am not a local and I think this club sucks as many others who go to these types of clubs. It is not that it was sold, it is that the owner is a fool who has no idea as to what people that go to these types of clubs like

  67. dont care anymore

    for one thing you have to be fucking stupid to pay $30.00 for a private dance and its not totally nude anyway just too much money throwed away for 3 minutes worth of fun find another hobby this one has ran its course.

  68. it's a whore house

    it should be shut down

  69. Thomas102

    The club is improving the owner obviously knows what hes doing if the place is still open. He sure knows how to pick them Sassy has some nice tits Amelia is one sexy lady.there nice when I was there I had a great time and will be back.

  70. a fan
  71. jesse

    awsome club better girls than ever before keep up the good work and I will be comin back.

  72. tolstoy

    web site needs finisihed, or at least have dancer schedule and pics. the men’s restroom has never been cleaned – ever. Girls were friendly for the most part, but the private dances were pricey, and they won’t be specific about what is included with a dance- full nudity, contact rules etc. Had a good time and will return, but hoping for improvements soon.

  73. Rod

    Great time and friendly. I see some of the previous reviews and I have to believe some are by other owners because I always have a GREAT time and don’t feel like I’ve been ripped off. The drinks were good and I would recommend highly for a night out with the guys/and gals, hopefully!

  74. terrible

    Was in Thur night. All I can say is this place has gone to shit. So has the bar next door.

  75. traveler

    Anyone know where Sunny is? Now thats a sexy woman.

  76. Meme

    anyone know where she’s dancing? or when she’s coming back.

  77. alrite

    Was there last Thursday. Fun group of girls from Sioux City. An okay club.

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