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0 reviews for “Gabrielle’s VIP Club


    Worked at alot of clubs. This is the real deal. They just started and there are and will be bumps in the road. However, the one thing no other Nashville clib can compete with is, that the girls are in fun moods! Not pissy about corporate asshole managers who are only suckin brown butt. They are sexy and fun, with that the rest – fixin up the place – improving girls – even more fun will follow.!!! Great job and refreshing club!!!!

  2. recent customer

    Went there last night, good crowd for Thursday. There was a good variety of girls. Asian, white, black…The bartendar however was drunk off her ass and rude.. There was a time I had asked her for a drink and she was like “shut the fuck up!”.

    Really? Is this how you treat your customers? By having your employees cuss out the customers? The DJ was boring as hell, sounded like he was falling asleep up there..

    Anyways, at least the dancers were nice

  3. John

    What a great improvement since opening

  4. Tiger

    I went to the club a couple of times. I have a couple of friends that dance in there and they are very respectable and classy ladies, no drama no bs and you will get your money worth,great conversation you will definitley go back,cause i have bcome a regular now that those ladies

  5. .


  6. Doris Robertson

    nuthing here but a bunch of ghetto nasty ass nigger fuckers-

    including the whore who has her name on the building. If you

    lined up all the dicks that whore has had-they wud stretch

    from here to Mars

  7. new to Nashville

    This place was great. The girls were very friendly for the most part. They played a good variety of different types of music which I really liked. The dances were pretty good but a bit on the high side I thought. Drinks (soft drinks) were a bit on the high side as well at $4 a piece. Overall though the atmosphere of the place was great and a very good place that I will definately be back to! Thanks to Jenna too for a great night.



  9. mike

    danika and jenna made my night those two are hott

  10. In the know

    WOW someone on here laid it out. Yes grandma pimp Gabby (time to get those utters lifted) did let Hallie work & shoot up at the club. Yes Sam is selling Roxy and Oxy out the office to the dancers whom sell them to customers. Yes her man is a wanna be biker. Rubs his shit with real ne s here and there …. trust me they laugh at his druggie drunk ass. You so not need the Waling Dead or Zombie Land just go to Gabby’s. It is Halloween 364 days a yr.

  11. The Best

    This club was the best in Nashville. I hope it will be back open soon.

  12. Lookin 4 kool place

    Wow sad, not a dancer that wasn’t a drug addict or fat. The couches are duct taped and broken. The place smells moldy. Do not bother. Had a dance and she tried to stick her snatch in my face, it smelled like an infection- no thank you girl.

  13. Tom

    I had one hell of a time there… place was packed,had to stand but the got me a chair and all was good …so that lerry guy knows nothing there doing it here…way to go girl …

  14. Gabrielle

    Gabrielles VIP Club will be closing its doors on november 2nd.Friday October 31st is our 5th anniversary party and halloween party with 102.9 the buzz live. Saturday november 1st is our Miss Exotic Nashville Competition and our closing night. The club has been bought out and will open at a later date. New owners, management, and dancers. come join us to say goodbye.

  15. michel

    went there this weekend and had a great time. everyone was nice from the door to the dancers. everyone here has smiles on there faces and makes its a very good atmosphere to be in. will be back

  16. RJ

    This place sucks. I get there on a Tuesday night about 10:00 and wait almost an hour before anybody talked to me.This girl finally came up and offered me a dance. Like a dumbass I went to the VIP with her and paid 75 dollars for 15 minutes. This girl did nothing but shake her ass in front of me and barely grinded on me just rubbed me occasionaly.This club has changed names many times over the years and has always been very good on lap dances even with the 10 foot rule.I never seen this girl before probably new but the worst experience in a club I ever had. But it is my fault for getting scammed, I knew better. I will never visit this place again and I advise anyone not to go here

  17. Gabrielle's VIP Club

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P. Club will be hosting its annual Ms. Exotic Nashville Competition Saturday, October 26th from 10 till…

    Any dancers who wants to compete is very much welcome to compete… Cash prizes for top the 3 dancers.

    Come join us along with 102.9 The Buzz for our Halloween and 4th Anniversay Party that will be going on All Night long! Prizes are being given away to our customers as well courtesy of 120.9 The Buzz. Wear a custome and get in for Free Cover.

    See you there! You don’t want to miss this Party!

    1711 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

  18. Larry

    You might be stealing some girls but you sure aint stealing the customers. You are doing zero business you scraggly old wrinkled nigger dick sucker!!!

  19. one of the girls

    look like every club it depends on if you are on days or nights. days we are strictly rock n roll, like the club was ment to be. but at least on the weekends i can say as a dancer it blows! its not we do not have girls of all shapes and sizes, but the customers that unfortunatly come at this time do not want to tip girls or act like they at the vu talking sickly to the girls, and wonder why we are not happy dancing for free for your peep show amusements. day shift is older genltmen of all walks of life that like their privacy to spend their hard earned money. personally as a dancer who does vistit other clubs, this club is awsome during days and most weekday nights (i do not work many nights to make an opinion.) but friday and saturday nights are “the wrong kind of customers”. as for the waitress named “star” we dont have a waitress named star. so dude try again, kitty is an awsome hard core rock dancer, but not a “lube service”. you will find bad in every club, but man make it realistic when you make an accusation! come in check out the girls you will see what i mean.

  20. Big Spenda

    The best club without a doubt. Once you go to Visionz, you won’t look at any other club but Visionz.

    Visionz……the only place you need to see!!!! ha ha ha

  21. kctopper
  22. terry

    the girls are hot and it is best place to go in nashville..

  23. Just a Guy

    Stay away from this place!!! I was slipped a mickey by a tall blonde dancer. She seemed nice but after she offered me a drink of “Crown Royal” I became woozy and after we went to the back room (not much contact) she offered to leave with me if I paid her tipout. I stupidly paid and then she ditched me. I was told she was sick in the back room. Another dancer (chunky but nice) told me the other dancer was on extasy and probably put some in my drink. Stay away!!!

  24. Bobby C

    Love this club! Best in Nashville. Extras from Kitty? You gotta be kidding!

  25. Big Daddy

    This club is average. The girls vary from fair to pretty good, depending on the night. Dont miss Jolie though, she is attractive and a top performer!!

  26. da truth

    I would say don’t waste your time here but since it won’t be in business much longer, maybe you should go before it closes.

  27. boss
  28. ?????

    This club has not been open long but when i went there i had a great time. it will do very well and all the staff and ladies were very nice. i will be back. Whoever “da truth” is what the hell are you talking about on here. i think you need to post your reviews on the right club or learn what your talking about.

  29. scott

    i love danika!!!!!! she has a way of making every head in the room turn when she walks on stage. she dances with such beauty and grace that i was completely mesmorized. i really hope to see her the next time i’m in town. i also had a few dances with a girl named scarlett she is great and gives amazing dances. look for both these girls if you go to this club they will light your fire, they did mine.

  30. big johnson

    WOW WOW WOW Last night was smokin. Little Kitty was there woking that pole like.. omg i wish she would work mine like that. A new girl Lexi was looking good. Kitty was busy as usual so I slipped in a dance from Lexi. Guys this ones worth the money thats all im going to say. there were around 10 girls and overall looked good. Jenna was also there. She was drunkkkk. I think I over heard someone say iy was her Birthday. I’ll be back soon. thats for sure

  31. bill

    had the best time went to the vu first but got treated like shit there they treated me like vip here and the big plus was the club is 21 and up love that about time will be back for sure thank you guys there and very nice looking club inside great job

  32. patron
  33. Danny

    If yall go to the club, stay away from CHERRY. She is a money hungry, pill snorting, herion shooting whore.She will rob you of your money any way she can, and will laugh about it later. Shes ALWAYS drunk, and her voice is annoying as shit. Really, I dont know why they let her work there. Maybe thats why the club sucks all the time..

  34. tony

    had the time of my life here.great looking place everything was new loved was a nice laid back place everyone was so nice and helped out been to all the clubs in town .i will never going any where else from now on .and got a dance from kylee great girl hot and sexy.keep it up over there doing a great job and thank for the fun time

  35. Spanky

    This place rocks.

  36. Leo

    This club is a little on the quiet side, which I personally like (more one on one attention). A very pretty, classy girl named Lucy gave me the most erotic dance I ever had. Lucy also dances to classic rock which is refreshing to say the least! Sadly, she is “retiring” Friday, December 14th. I will be at this club every chance I get til then to see her!

  37. JimmyJohn

    All I can say is WOW! Had a few moments to hang out with Jamie the other night. She is a smokin’ hot newer dancer. She was wearing a hooters uniform. I found her to be very educated and extremely friendly. This girl knows how to dance. I took her up on the 4 for 40 and she twisted my world. (along with other things) She is very hot and very young black dancer and I reccomend her highly. Can’t wait for the repeat. Thanks

  38. Dusty Lane

    This club is so awesome! The environment is safe and relaxed. The staff is very curtious. Especially the bartender Laura, I believe is her name. She’s a sweetheart. Forget all the other clubs in town……THIS IS THE ONE TO BE AT! Gabrielle’s got the sexiest dancers in all of Middle Tennessee. Come out and support this club and goodtime is guarenteed!

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P has a great roster of beautiful and talented dancers, but I’d like to take a moment to point out someone very special to me! Her name is Mika! Mika is one of the sweetest, funniest, and most kindhearted individuals I have ever met. When you are with her it never just feels like the typical “lovely weather” conversation. She’s someone you can really get lost in deep conversation and share some great laughs with. When she comes out on the stage and waves at everyone in the club her inner beauty absolutely glows……and that’s a quality that many girls do not possess. Mika is the real deal guys! Come see her and be sure to treat her right!

  39. Jerry

    This place is great. Hung out with Kitty, Jenna, Chaos, and many other great girls. The dances were only $15 all night. WOW!! Nice place to hang out everyone was very friendly.

  40. Arhianna

    I work at this club part time. I used to go by Adrianna when it was Club Platinum. In spite of what others may say about this club; it is not ghetto at all. I have been dancing since 1992 and refuse to work in a ghetto club. Those of you that have been going to strip clubs over the years will know who I am. We play a variety of music. It is BYOB. The atmosphere is one of the main reasons I work there. You don’t have to worry about someone standing over you constantly, no fighting, gangs, all rap, etc. The customers have a place to sit and don’t have to stand up. In my years of experience as an entertainer, every single dancer is not going to be beautiful any where but everyone has their own taste in women. Come check us out and judge for yourself. A little about me and my background: I am a manager of a store, do Not DRINK OR USE DRUGS, so enough of the stereo-typing guys. I work two jobs and take pride in both of my jobs. I enjoy the club I am in and would never be there if it were the place some say it was. Seeing is believing. Call and ask for Arhianna formally known as “Untouchable Adrianna!” They can let you know my weekly schedule there and if I am working that day. Come check us out. Visions is the place to be!


  41. kid

    i come to nashville 3 times a yr this club is the best i found in a long time in nashville,got a free limo ride to and from club the girls are hott,staff was great best time ever you need to check it out for your self way to go gabrielle

  42. Teddy

    Take a look at the hole in the ground next to this club. I

    fucked Star the waitress at a motel and her pussy felt as big

    as that hole. Damn bitch quit gangbanging those bikers

  43. Jeff
  44. Paul

    was there sat. had the time of my life great club will be back for sure..Best club in nashville by far got treated like i was a V I P… Keep it up club! your the best in town

  45. OutOfTowner

    Was in last week. Being from out of town, the city laws kinda threw me off a lil at first. But, no big deal really. Once settled in I really enjoyed myself… Great time with the dancers, great service from the bartender. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. Had a Blast! Thanks everyone! Next time I’m back in town I will be back.

  46. Master Baiter

    Hung out with kitty for most of the night. She can sure give a dance!!! I’ll be back for more of that!!! DAMN she’s good!!

  47. Disappointed

    If this is the best Nash. has to offer then the bottom of the barrell is the new standard. First the owners are drug addicts. Sam the club drung dealer hangs out in the offce ready to supply Oxy – Roxy – etc. to the dancers who use and sell to customers. Hookers abound. They present themselves at strict in following the SOB guidelines only because the dancers fuk their regulars out side the culb. The unintendend consequences of the useless SOB laws and Christines waste of $60,000 a yr. as SOB inspector from yax payers $$. It has only increased prostitution. Gabby has been fuckn customes for yeasr in VIP when she was washed up old ass at the VU. Now she is old grandma pimp ruining the next generation of girls that are unfortunate to entrt htis business via her club. Get em hooked on pills & they will do whatever she needs. How about that wanna be biker and gansta hubby. Pathetic. If he really was a biker they would basically own and run his shit and at the very least you wouldn’t see the club drug dealer sellin pills from the front office. These people are the bottom of society. Hope the cops shut this hell hole down. any regret for pushing heroin on Hallie be continuing to let her work on f=driungs she is now paraliysed from overdose. These poeple are evil here.

  48. joe
  49. Frank from Knox

    visited this club this past weekend. Had the best time i’ve had in the ville in awhile.

  50. Jack

    Go somewhere esle guy the girls will lie, try to ofter you an deal to get more money out of you and take your money. Was taken $100. Yes the dacne is $20 but the girls will rap you for more.

  51. brad

    you think kitty’s dances are good,you should try her hand jobs!!

  52. Phillip

    Excellent place to hang out. Very clean and nice. Much nicer than the old Platinum.

  53. happy
  54. David

    Recently hung out at Visions during a business trip to Opryland Hotel. I live in Atlanta and had heard about the stupid laws in Nashville so I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise I had quite a good time. The girls were very friendly and fun to hang out with. The BYOB was different but easy enough. I think I had just as much fun as I do in some of the ATL clubs. I business brings me back to Nashvill again I’ll be back for sure. Thanks to Jenna, Kara, lexi, Champagne and to the many others I can’t remember the names of. I was a little drunk.

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