Diamonds & Lace Showbar



115 Honest Street, Chattanooga, TN 37421


35.0194443, -85.2031469




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Diamonds & Lace Showbar

  1. nick
  2. Rodney

    My favorite place

  3. Harrison

    The wicked witch is Dead at Alicia,s she lost her power broom, thats the best thing that could have happen to that place.

  4. /
  5. logan

    it was ok

  6. gary
  7. Jimmy

    I loved the bar side had a good time

  8. rain...

    thanks bringonthe rain…everyone come hang out!our club is so fun !

  9. yes sir

    this club is kik ass

  10. Steve

    Business is picking up

  11. Paul

    This club has many ladies to choose from

  12. bill smith
  13. JILL

    (Alicia)Angie didn’t get no Herpes from my mans SKANK

  14. orange

    Came in for a bachelor party had a blast

  15. stripclubbruh1

    i used to go to babes which is next door all the time. most of the good looking clean dancers they had like moet and jasmine left and i dont blame them. the other hoes in there beg for money and they fat and ugly. one hoe had a rash up her ass and wanted to suck me up in the bathroom. its sad. it was okay like around last december but it seems like now they let any hood rat thats ugly wit missing teeth bring their skinny wit no ass or fat ass hell with 9 kids ass on that stage to work. dont waste your time, go ahead and drive to atl instead 1!

  16. Steph

    sounds like a good idea ill try out alicias sports bar* im sure ill make money * ive got 37″ hips *32 waist* 36 c cup long blonde hair* what are the fees and cash flow like there? i drove by diamonds and lace but it was closed sooo idk thanks!

  17. ShawnGreene

    Hey I know this is the wrong site but any gay guys looking for a real good time can call Alicia’s Sports Bar in Cleveland on hwy. 64, be sure to ask for Shawn and I will be very dicreet. I want to make some extra cash Like my wife and Spence are at the Shitty Titty. when you call and get me to the phone just say, DUI Crash Test Dummy, or Make Believe Father, or Deposit Boy, or My Mom lives with a Blacky, or I will give you a real ride down the river, or Pistol whip Buster, or I use to sleep with Jesus, any of these will work so I will know what you want.

  18. Diamond Girl

    We give the best dances

  19. RICK

    Good Variety

  20. BringontheRain

    No cover charge on wednesdays. Bikini bar only on Tues & Wed. Overall great bar except the annoying “Did you like my dance?”. If I liked it I would have tipped at the stage. Rain is by far the best woman out there. She is supppppppper Hotttttttt!! Lovely & Lola are very good also. Overall good place to see some dancersd.

  21. John G

    Really had a incredible time friday night, stopped by after going to Clevelands club, the girls and DJ don’t even compare to Diamonds

  22. brandon
  23. XXX

    PROCK rules… Hey Ron C, no one cares anymore, you have been to all the sites, has it change business at Alicia’s? You act like your NM (your not because he has balls) so you pretend to be B0 (but your not)… your just a Pussy that we all joke about behind your back, but if you would simple show yourself, (since you have a wonderful life as a construction company owner) we could settle this… Why haven’t you already kicked Shawns Ass… I mean.. Comon.. your in there every day right???? RC….. Are you the guy that pisses on hisself when Shawn walks by???? If so, your cool, man we all feel sorry for you….. PR RULES!!!!

  24. Christopher

    Ladies spend time with you

  25. Ron Cavette

    I Love Alicia (Angie)but be careful about those breakouts(HERPES)



  27. Mr.Lover

    Love to Visit

  28. Regular

    Go next door, it’s much better.

  29. Bubba Gump


  30. David

    Really enjoyed myself, glad the wicked witch is gone

  31. Eric

    Friendly Dancers

  32. BRUCE
  33. Alvin

    If no one cares Penis Rock, why are you on here jackoff, because you care you fuckin wetback. You know your a piece of shit Penis Cock….

  34. RavenDiamondsEmployee

    Stay off our site Shitty Titty Bitch, you messed up yours.

  35. Billy

    Really like this place

  36. J.T.

    “pretty,pretty,pretty,pretty” Wonderful club…beautiful women. Great mixture,something for everyone.

  37. BILL
  38. big squirm

    “Foxy” is such an airhead. She cant even remember her own club name and gets drunk and refers to herself as Kc Smithers. Duh.

  39. amazing

    girls here check em out!

  40. FRANKY


  41. justin brown

    it was the funnest i have had in a long time

  42. yuck

    this club is nasty theirs only one hot girl there…

  43. PenisRock

    DJ Chocolate Taco, Penis Rock, now at Spence’s Alicia’s Bikini Bar

  44. Greg

    It’s an alright club

  45. "Angel"

    This is a great club best in town.

  46. Tim

    The best club in our area

  47. Spencer

    Really sharp ladies, and nice atmosphere

  48. ryan

    babes babes babes! :]

  49. BMan

    girls are very pretty

  50. DAN


  51. oh yea

    oooh yea

  52. ted

    YES! D/L is getting back on track,new management should bring this club up to its potential!

  53. Jake

    saw the biggest ugliest dancer in Tennesse, won’t be back


    Beautiful Ladies, and classy bar.

  55. DGirl

    Awesome Girls!! RC check into a hospital for some help

  56. charles

    trying to find out a girls name?.dark tan could she possibly mixed with cuban or mexican?? shes thick and skinny in all the right places long legs no tattoos .long long brown hair bright green eyes and really had a head on her shoulders.i gave her 60 dollars just for sitting with me.her dance was smooth and sexy. can anyone tell me her name? i went in last week but she wasnt there anyone know?

  57. party at babes

    coyote ugly tuesdays! girls dance on the bar! every hour has a birthday bash tonight and flawless has a b-day party oct. 31st

  58. Sidney

    Had a really good time last night, will be back

  59. Nicole

    This club is better then any other club i have been to.

  60. x-o-lent

    i love this bar

  61. Alisha

    Chocolate Taco now performing at Alisha’s Sports bar.Penis Rocks the real mix.

  62. guy
  63. MrLover

    Love the Club

  64. brett
  65. Blake

    Come check this place out

  66. make it sprinkle on em ha


  67. Charlie

    Dancers ranged from chunky to skinny with a beer belly. They didn’t try hard off stage, and I wasn’t exactly impressed with on-stage performance either. The dancers were not particularly fit. Puss’n Boots is actualy better since the dancers seem to put a lot more effort into their work. I was somewhat disappointed with Diamonds and Lace.

  68. RC

    Instead of Penis Rock you should be DJ Chocolate Taco or DJ Chaco Taco, Penis Rock makes you sound Queer, we all know your queer but you need to hide that shit while you work in a strip club even if it is the Shitty Titty. Spence told me he thought you and Shane where screwin and Alicia found out andthats why she divorced him, I always new you to where Homos. Chaco Taco and Crash Test Dummy, I hear wedding bells again.

  69. BankerBoy

    Had a great time, really enjoyed the dances

  70. staff sucks now

    the staff that is here now just plain sucks, the girls are alright. the dj’s just plain suck and don’t have any clue on what they are doing. the door people are a joke, as with the people that run the floor.

  71. BOWMAN


  72. Candy

    Diamonds is a great place hopefully R.C doesn’t get obsessed with you!!

  73. Patron

    Nice girls

  74. DG


  75. Ron

    Enjoyed seeing you girls last night

  76. keegan

    got some hottys now love that rain

  77. MADDOG

    Way too much for nothing in return. Private dances are a joke. This club is way overrated since they have a few hot woman, but rules and lies rule. Don’t waste your money or time here. Atlanta is much better for the money and better girls.

  78. Ray

    Good Music

  79. Timmy

    The best club in our region

  80. wrob

    Many time in the course of 2 hours the stage was empty on both sides. Security, VIP staff, and Door people hounding patrons for tips.

  81. Cantrell

    Better than the Shitty Titty in Cleveland.

  82. Loser

    That fat fucks name is Richard Cantrell, not Ron C…. He told me a bunch of shit about Alicia face to face, he’s a fucking two faced bastard…. You know me don’t you asshole? Yeah it’s me… I told Alicia the shit you said… They washed their hands of your ass… I bet you read this shit every day…. Your not even on their fucking site idiot…. Do you want me to post some shit about you??? I SEEN it all motherfucker…..

  83. Randy

    This club is very interesting

  84. SkankCandy

    Oh me and my mate worked things out and I had to quit the SHITTY TITTY, now he has run my sorry ass off again and I’m going back to that RAT HOLE. I will be a dumb drunk bitch every night again just like the last time.

  85. Brian

    good club. its building it’s self back up.

  86. Ken

    Little diamonds and alot of lace

  87. Al;ex

    Enjoyed the club

  88. Stephen

    Keep up the good work RC, we like reading your comments about local club people

  89. Tom

    Wish they had alcohol

  90. Frank

    Made my day

  91. Greene

    Alicias SHITTY TITTY got ran off, looks like their getting run off everywhere.

  92. AssnTits5

    Had a damn good time tonight. Some decent talent and def a few 10s in the mix most are average of 6-8. Not a fan of only dance you can get is 50 for VIP 2 songs. Signs for cheek to cheek aka lap dance for 14 but bartender said they don’t those much anymore. Drinks on the sportsbar side are responsibly prices. Girls are social and didn’t try to run to much game on me. Tall blonde Brooke was smoking hot!!!

  93. DJ Mexico

    Keep up the good work RC, we know you are telling the truth now, we know who the liars are, dont we Alisha and Shane…

  94. Shane

    Alicias SHITTY TITTY site is gone looks like their going out of business

  95. XXXbeast

    Worst club in the continental United States, I can’t say in the worst in the US because I have been to Hawaiian clubs. 2 girls were better looking and the 15 were just trolls. Had low expectations going in since the sign outside said “Tuesday -UGLY”, but it was Saturday for it should have read “Saturday-well they could be retarded.” Go have a few laughs, wash your hands and then leave never to return.

  96. RegularRick

    The club seems to be back on track. “Lovely” IS lovely.

  97. satisfied man

    check this out…club owner is crazy for all her rules and crazyness….but girls are some strong women for dealing with it and making money beside the bullshit…they are all friendly and sexy…very girl next door..a little something for everyone…at no point in time are you sitting alone…usually 3 or four girls come and sit and say hey and dont bed for money…al the beggers are gone…..dances are pretty cheap and worth the money…drinks are great..bartender is very attentive..waitress is smokin hott…usually 2 to four girls dancing on stage music is a mix from country to rock to rap…two clubs for price of dances table dances…bar dances..awsome..

  98. alex
  99. Ty

    Like the girls

  100. ShaneGreene

    My wife Angie owns the Shitty Titty and has gave me HERPES from that nasty ass club

  101. jack

    BLAZE AND JEWEL R HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. laughin at ya like.,.ha ha ha

    i love the girls at this club…but def. got to get a dance from rain ..very safisticated and ladie like,fun to talk to, really down to earth and SUPPPERR HOTTTTT great vips.

  104. BigOne

    Looks like Alicias Shitty Titty is going out of business, didn’t think it would last long

  105. Angie

    DJ PenisRock was drug out of club in handcuffs and charged with drug possesion for resale, the Chocolate Taco is gone

  106. Harold

    Stage performances are awesome

  107. Sly

    Came for bachelor party pretty nice club

  108. BusterKinder

    Keep up the good work RC, we no who the Liars are now.

  109. Sammy

    Attractive Ladies

  110. BRAD
  111. Morris

    Love Diamonds best damn club around best girls around! Great! All though did not like Babes side…… Was not any babes! But, highly recommend diamonds! I WILL BE BACK!

  112. milf

    The club is the best around!

  113. DJ Phil

    Looking for a DJ gig, this club sounds good.

  114. Gerald

    Enjoyed stage performances

  115. yahooo

    this club is awsome! you get 2 clubs for one! the drinks are really good the bartender duck is awsome! babes is crunk as hell and diamonds & lace is classy and layed back..something for everyone but all together everyone has southern hospitality its great

  116. Donald

    Club is Great

  117. Todd

    fun girls

  118. J

    Pretty lame. Only a couple decent girls.

  119. Customer

    Don’t waste your time at this club. There are faaaar better ones in Atlanta for less $$$$ and better…much better quality.

  120. Santa

    Mary Christmas to all the ladies

  121. Niggerican

    DJ Chocolate Taco, Penis Rock, the worst DJ in the business, now performing at Spence’s (Alicias Sports Bar),The Original Chaco Taco. South of the Border.

  122. R.C.

    Went to the Shitty Titty in Cleveland it Sucked, Don’t believe the hype, Diamonds is a little pricey but well worth it don’t waste your gas to go to Cleveland and be disapointed by Alicia…..

  123. Diamond girl!!!

    Come see us!!!!!!

  124. Michael Stephens

    Great club , i think i love these women , jelly dong!

  125. =]]
  126. me


  127. Dave

    Love the VIP

  128. EBONY


  129. tonycluber

    I went here to celebrate my birthday, had an awesome, fun time. The girls really were talented working the pole and making their booty clap. They were very nice and sociable. Enjoyed my time at the bar, good strong drinks. Will definately be going back

  130. bobby

    its amazing…do u have dancers named brittany

  131. Won't be back again!!!!

    Way too much money!!!! Not worth it, the girls beg for money after every dance on stage. The guest to dancer ratio is great, cause most everyone has figured this out. I’m headed to knoxville.

  132. ShawnGreen

    Really loved the split clubs, it was different.

  133. this is great
  134. Diamonds Girl

    Shane come see us in Chatt we help you feel better!!!!

  135. ShaneGreen

    The place is great

  136. Shawn

    Alicias SHITTY TITTY got kicked off, she ran her site like she runs her club

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