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0 reviews for “The Katch One

  1. Vistor

    came in drrunk a few beers and wanted to relax. That Marley chick(gross) kept hounding me for a dance. And I told her I was waiting on The blonde chick with the nice titts. I think her name is Kerri. Anyhow the entire time I was there that Marley chick was telling me how that Kerri chick was married to one of the guys that work there and that they both do drugs. I left. Who wants to hear complaing? I can just stay at home with my wife. WTF

  2. Mark S

    If looking at grandmas is you thing this is the club for you. The best club in West Knoxville is The Mouse Ear West NOT the Katch! Gentlemen, don’t waste your money or your time at the Katch.

  3. ex customer

    worst club in knox ….i’d rater go to raymonds

  4. What a

    complete waste of space. Someone should buy up that bar (I wouldn’t even call it a club)and hire better girls or turn it into a more profitable/respectable business (i.e. a dining establishment). Someone needs to take out the trash in there. If the owner can’t do any better than what they have he or she should sell it!!!!

  5. Barry

    TRASHY ASS WOMEN! Emerald club is so much better! No class what so ever! Also you might want to check your noses before you get on the floor the white rings around them is a dead give away!

  6. Bishop

    Well, it’s Knoxville so you can’t be too picky. They have alot of dancers over 30 years old. If you’re lucky there will be one girl in the “DAMN I GOTTA GET A DANCE FROM HER” category. I think her name is Shanna or Shaunee?

    There are no private dances. There are topless dances on couches out in the open view of every customer.

    Very little variety. Maybe there will be one black dancer. I’ve never seen an Asian or Hispanic dancer. Wait, I take that back. Saw a Hispanic dancer once who looked like she came to work straight from the hospital delivery room to the club to work.

    Most of these girls can’t dance very well. Sometimes I wonder “what song is she listening to” while they’re on stage.

    They have one good DJ and he works during the day. The night DJ’s just do the basic introduce the girls and thank them when they’re done. Daytime DJ actually has something to say without being annoying, but his downside is that he plays the music real loud.

    At least the long haired DJ that seemed to think his job was to make everyone deaf no longer works there. That guy just knew one volume–EXTRA LOUD. Didn’t matter if there was 100 customers or 1 customer in the room he just cranked the music full blast.

    It’s odd to me that with the several colleges in Knoxville that these clubs don’t have better talent on stage.

    Best thing about The Katch is that the customers are grown men. Some of the other clubs in Knoxville, the customers look like they took a school bus to the club.

  7. Billy

    I been going to th katch for a long time and i think it’s still the best.

  8. passing through

    Great club lots and lots of variety. Was very shocked because it was Knoxville. The girls are top of the line and quite classy. Check out Alexis/day time and Carmella/night time. If they are busy there are other hotties to pick from.

  9. Daniel

    Was a lot better when Oscar ran it! Now just a waste of time, money and gas. This place has been run down real bad!

  10. al

    Manny rocks!!!!!!!!! Cricket is absolutely gorgeous. There are no ugly girls on dayshift.

  11. fun time

    i love the katch if u want a good time see krystal or layla

  12. daytimer
  13. Jake T

    At first appearance, this seems like a fun clean place. However, the more I sat there the more I realized I was bored and most of the girls were fat and/or old. This might be a perfect place if you’re a desperate old fat man. I’m going to the Emerald club.

  14. Lady customer

    I have to say that I as a female customer was greatly dissapointed in this club.The girls were not friendly and didn’t even bother coming over to the table.It’s highly doubful that I’ll be back.

  15. Me

    Best Club I have been to in a long while

  16. Victor

    Mouse Ear West is so much better. Its not a waste of time like this club is! Girls are nicer and better looking and not strung out.

  17. Tom

    Hey tim what was you on that night you was there? because i go to all the club’s here knoxville every night. and i’m here at the katch every other night because i think it’s the best one. and i know they have the best looking girl’s here. and far as the managment there they do there job. i know them foe many year’s and never seen them mess up. all i have to say is if you go to club’s to look all nude girl’s that mean’s you must have a ugly woman at home or not one at all because you you ugly or you don’t know how treat one right.

  18. eddie

    its better then raymonds but thats about it

  19. Old Customer

    Have not been there in 5 years. This place had made a turn for the worst. What a shame on how bad this place went down hill. I doubt I will come back!

  20. Ian

    This bar sucks and the girls are either rude or ugly. Complete waste of time.

  21. Club hopper

    katch is the best and nice’s one i ever been to in east tennesseee.

  22. Kevin

    Did not have a good time at all! Will not be back. Wasted my money getting in.

  23. Out of towner

    Had the worst time ever in an adult entertainment club. The girls were ugly, rude and classless. Whoever owns that bar must be ashamed or else does not care about the business. I will never go in there again! Waste of time and money!

  24. Whatever

    The real reason why the ratings are down on here is because this club sucks! Look at who the manager is. He thinks he knows how to run a club but fact is he cant do anything but drink and get high. The other reason look what kind of girls work there,they are old, have no teeth, some are grandmoms, others who have been there for years and cant get areal job they need to retire but they’re habbits wont let them. If you want the ratings high again get rid of eeryone and start from scratch. Then you will have a good club and good ratings. I use to go there years ago and once in a while go in there but it is not worth it to go in there anymore. Ron has ran it to the ground!

  25. JT

    Not a bad club overall. Several really cool girls there.

  26. Friend

    I personally know Wayne and I really dont think he knows what is going on in this club. Ron has really run this club into the ground.

  27. tt

    Good club no matter what these stupid ratings say

  28. Edward

    I’ve been a regular in this club for the past month and a half. I really enjoyed getting one of the rare dances from Josie. Too bad she only dances once or twice a week!

  29. Ohio Boy's

    First time back in knoxville in two year’s. been reading the stuff on here for the past few month’s. so we had to stop in to see for our self. and it seem’s to be the same as it was the the time we was here. there is alot of girl’s gone that was here the last time we was. but they do have alot of new girl’s now. and they was real nice to us and we thought they was all good looking. so all i have to say is who ever is saying that there old and fat and look like hell. you all need to go get glasses big time.

  30. Rick

    Can’t have fun in there anymore! It’s not the same and never will be like it was when Tony ran it. It was fun back then.

  31. Dale38

    I spent a saturday night here. Most of the time was with my beautiful friend Hazelle. She and her friends Dawn, Misha,Salina,Velvet,Gypsy Rose and others can provide a very interesting and entertaining experience whether at the tables, the stage, or couches. It was a memorable night. I highly recommend Th’Katch.

  32. traveler

    Need more new girls. Too much of the Ohio girls all the time.

  33. Big Mike

    I was here at the katch saturday night. and got there about 7:00 p.m. and wasn’t but a lot of dead beat’s customer’s in here. then at about 11:00 p.m. the DJ started playing all rock and a few country music. man the customer’s started going wild. they started getting up and and putting money on stage and the girl’s where getting all kind’s of dance’s. keep it up with the rock and country music MR.DJ because with all the good looking girl’s and the good music this club will be the best here in knoxville i been to. Big Mike

  34. John Dough

    great club. they’ve got a dancer for every taste.

  35. Gimli

    Overall, one of the classiest clubs in town.

  36. steve

    biggest dissappointment in knoxville

  37. Joe

    I have to say i been going to the katch for about 14 year’s now. and i have alway’s injoy going there. don’t get me wrong i do go to the other club’s. but i like the katch the best.

  38. Big T

    I have to say i haven’t been here at the katch in a year now. it still look’s the same but my god then get a lot of new girl’s. and made my day to see manny back here.

  39. Johnny B

    I come to knoxville once a month and go to all the club’s here. and i have to say the katch is still the best in town.

  40. Bob

    yes to girl’s are gone but th” katch will always be the best club i ever been to in knoxville

  41. Jake

    Go to Christies in Nashvile. Best club in TN. Bambi,Renee,Layla,Lexy,Nancy, and Tess are very pretty classy ladies. Tabby the bartender is awesome and the doorman alsways makes you feel at home. They have VIP, vallet, and a awesome bus that has poles, a bar, and Tvs in them. Lots of famous people go there. You need to check this place out. They are open from 11 to 3 and 11 to 5 Friday and Saturdays.

  42. to roger

    Go see the Toledo girls I was there the other night had a great time after hours…..Holy Toledo

  43. Tim

    went to all club’s last night in knoxville and have to say the katch was the best i will be back tonight.

  44. Alec

    Management seems incompetent and unorganized. Girls seem more worried about gossiping about the owner and each other and doing drugs.One girl said she could get me cok if i had pills to trade.Not the classy place of the old days.wil never return

  45. NASTY

    Went in last night for first time in about 2 years. this place has went down hill, sure not the elite place it once was. it now looks like a reitement community for old strippers. all the girls look 40ish and are fat. this place is fucking nasty

  46. fyi

    Friday was n and had a blast. Will be back soon

  47. Robert

    Gentlemen, don’t waste your time or money there. You will regret it; I did. Girls there are old, fat and ugly (inside and out)!

  48. neverbeback

    all the girls are gone heard dayshift is going whats next besides closing the doors

  49. Yuck!

    What’s up with the old nasty skanky troll no teeth cunt? Who the fuck hired that old dried up scagg? Gross! One girl told me that that was Ron’s girl and she gives great BJ’s lol how nasty!!!!!

  50. to tim

    It’s WHOLE not hole, Ron…er…I mean Tim…..LOL

  51. Roadwarrior

    Average club for what you get. Some girls hot, some not. Can be real friendly at times. $35 charge for couch dance is too high considering. Girls would get a lot more at a lower price.

  52. Nothing

    But a nasty shithole!!!! Nothing but trash in here!!!!

  53. uh

    not so much on this club. rude girls and very over rated.

  54. UT Fan

    Nothing but drunks in here!

  55. Moe

    the place stunk really bad and so did the dancers

  56. fred

    This is a averge stip club-some dancer hot some not. The overall all guality is good without being abusive.

  57. Ray

    i been going to the katch for year’s and it’s the best one i ever been to in knoxville

  58. no name

    Hard to feel welcome with the bouncer/manager/whatever he is scowling at you the whole time you’re there. 30 bucks gets you a hover dance on the couch. If you’re fine with paying 4 bucks for a brew next door go right ahead.

  59. We

    Had a LOT of good times there! Wouldn’t be opposed to going back! 🙂

  60. Mister E

    club just lost two of it’s best girls. cherry is still there so call ahead to see if she’s there otherwise avoid this dump.

  61. Impressed
  62. Josh

    Amazing! This club has so much to offer. Really enjoyed my visit, Sasha and Cherish on Dayshift took good care of me.

  63. Will

    Nothing but hookers and drug addicts. Is it a black thing cause I’m a black man that these hookers have to ask me for drugs? That’s fucked up. Just cause I’m black does not mean I have cocaine or meth or crack. One girl told me it was for Ron and Wayne and her. I’m a hard working black man and work not sell drugs for a living. I am very insulted. Will never come back in this fucked up dum ass dump again. Damn a brother can’t be a honest brother and have fun have to be judged thats wacked!!!!!

  64. Ron

    Went on a weeknight. There were 4 girls – a 2, 3, 4, and a 9.5. They closed early, around 11:00, because place only had a handful of patrons, and nobody was buying any dances. Overall, the place was laid out nice, the atmosphere was good, and the dancers were nice and not pushy for the most part. Unfortunately, they could definitely use a major infusion of talent. Sydney was worth the price of admission and more. Aside from her, there’s no reason to go here.

  65. not happy

    all were there was a bunch of old girls!!

  66. Jay

    Good club overall. Great couch dances.

  67. To bandit

    Are you kidding? Desperate? Or just too old or ugly to get a real woman, you have to pay to see rotten pussy, skank, hookers? Give me a break dude. Get real!

  68. Rex

    overall good club. good mix of girls. something for almost every taste. will be back

  69. ShaneGreen

    Really had a good time, boy those dancers where hot

  70. Evil
  71. nmn

    Ummm…not all the girls there are old & trashy!!! The Katch is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be!!! Get a life & don’t go back there if U think it’s that bad, LOSERS!!! As for the ladies who have been there years…they have personality & the balls to get up on that stage, I give them credit. Some men like older ladies!!! To each his own!!!

  72. Kel

    Yeah, frank, it’s a shame too. This place used to be the best club in Knoxville until management started firing everyone who actually gave a shit about making it number one.

  73. WTF


  74. Don't go

    This is the worst club I have ever been in! The girls are all old and fat or crack head looking and fugly! I guess the little short fat guy is the owner this one ugly old looking broad with long blonde hair was all over him. She looked like she was way in her 50’s. She was a nasty rude bitch. All the girls said she was the owners girlfriend. Wow I thought owners would have better taste. The club smelled real bad, mushrooms were growing in the bathroom, and also the toliet was barely screwed in the floor. Every girl was rude and nasty. The one short girl kept takin money from the girls goin into her purse and giving the other girls cocaine. Don’t go here what a whore and drug house. Was the worst club I have ever been to. I would have been better getting lost in the damn GHETTO and getting shot at than this nasty ass club!

  75. Marie

    I am 24 years old and have been danceing almost 6 years, I’m one of the ohio girls. I just wanted to say that I work in alot of different clubs, yes the Katch has some floss but what club doesn’t. I have been at the Katch for about 5 months and it is one of the better clubs that I have worked in. To the guys talking bad about some of the girls I think your just mad because that wouldn’t do anything with you out side of the club. At the Katch if a girl is seem meeting a customer they are out of a job. About the drugs, if the girls do any they must do it before work because I have yet to see anything.

  76. Regular

    I’ve been a regular customer for a very long time and it isn’t at all like it once was. 10-20 years ago lines were out the door to get in. Looks like a ghost town now. Quality of dancers has diminished. They need serious changes.

  77. Amen

    Tell it like it is sister!!!! Hopefully you will not get fired before Christmas. They always fire girls right before Christmas. Alot of good girls have left or got fired because Ron hated them and lied about them. Wayne believes eveything he says cause they do coke together. And the comment about Marely,Carrie, David,Alseha,Manny,Wayne,Ron, Celeste,Tagan,Tina are all true. This place is a fucking dive and these fucking bitches talk shit and tell everyones business. This place is a fucking shithole. And it is Ron posting Katch Fan on here. He trys to make himself look good. What a fucking dive!!!!!!!

  78. big daddy

    Great club, dayshift girls are very friendly, i would go again and will soon

  79. Bill

    No comment.

  80. clubhopper

    what a waste of a club u guys suck

  81. The club

    Has gone way down hill! This use to be the best club years ago now nothing but a dive! Ron has ran this club so far in the ground. This club sucks!!!! The best club in Knoxville is Mouse Ear West!!!!

  82. Dan

    Didn’t care for it too much. Its overpriced that’s for sure!!

  83. jimmy

    i love this place! hooters are hot!

  84. DAVID


  85. patron

    terrible place to go

  86. critic

    If pre menopausal dancers and overpriced beer is your thing, this shit hole is for you otherwise avoid it like the plague.

  87. Ha Ha!

    And also Ron, I mean Tim, it’s customers(plural version)not customer’s. The apostrophe means possesion or ownership. For example, the owner’s cocaine problem and obesity will lead to his demise.

  88. John

    Been to all the club’s here in knoxville. and i have to the katch is the best.

  89. Guy

    poor girls.

  90. git r dun

    couch dances are mostly air. beer is overpriced. even with the cover charge other clubs charge to b.y.o.b. they’re still not as expensive as the beer in the bar next door. we just want to come and have a good time, not pay for the whole bleeidn’ bar.

  91. ET Traveler

    Went on a Monday night due to biz. Seemed to be to many girls approaching 40 for my liking. Did get a few dances from two dancers I thought were far above the rest there…tanned sweet Ashley and… dang it, I can’t remember the other girl’s name. She was wearing a small white outfit and had really long straight brown hair. Great conversation. CAN ANYONE TELL ME HER NAME SO I CAN CALL AHEAD AND SEE WHEN SHE IS WORKING???? Would plan my trips around her if someone could help with her name.

  92. Shawn

    Best strip club I have been to around Knoxville, Cleveland or Chattanooga

  93. Wow

    Sat with a girl and she asked me if I wanted to buy cocaine from her. She told me she sells to Manny, Ron, Wayne and other girls! You have not cleaned you club up. You need to with these ugly skanks. They talk to much shit also! Will never be back!

  94. jade
  95. Roy Batty

    If you’re going to talk smack about a club, the least you can do is learn to spell. It’s spelled disgusting, not discusting.

    All clubs have their good and bad girls. There’s an even mixture of both here. Decent club. best in west knoxville anyway.

  96. Velvet

    Hello all you haters and fans! I am one of 6 that just moved down here from Toledo, Ohio. Th’ Katch does have it’s problems, but not to the extreme that the majority of the reviews are saying. A lot of them are suspiciously similiar in wording, mispellings and poor grammar. I wonder how many of them are written by Mouse’s Ear employees. Just a thought. I am not here to bash anyone, or to put down other clubs. I have worked at Th’ Katch for 2 1/2 months now, and I really like it there. I will not work anywhere else in Knoxville, and I could get hired at any club I choose to go to. I have all my teeth (I go to the dentist 3 times a year!), I don’t do drugs or drink and I am not a prostitute. I am not fat, nor do I have excessive body hair. Lastly, I am sure you can tell that I already took my Hooked-On-Phonics course and did quite well (that is sarcasm if you couldn’t tell)! I go to work, do my job, have fun and talk to nice people. After work, I go home with my roommates. I mention this because I did read one review of a person saying that he hung out with us after-hours. That is an outright lie. Maybe he dreamt it, I am not sure.

    There are several really beautiful girls at Th’ Katch, and they all have been really nice to me. It’s too bad that mostly bad experiences (or completely made up ones!) are the majority of what is being reported. I do know that Th’ Katch is going through some changes for the better. There have been several new girls hired there that could work in any other club they chose to go to, so much for all the girls being “ugly skanks.” I have not noticed the whole drug thing that seems to be such a hot topic in these reviews. As a sober person, don’t you think that I would notice that? The girls at Th’ Katch are trustworthy enough to me that I leave my locker open all night when I work, and I have several expensive costumes in there. Nothing has ever come up missing, that is not a drug addicts behavior patterns. Anyway, the point I am getting at is that the reviews on here all sound simliar enough to have come from the same person, or group of people. You can either let these appearantly uneducated, unimaginative (the insults are so low level!), and outright lies of reviews make your decision for you or you can take a chance and come see us. It is too bad if you don’t come into Th’ Katch, but it’s your choice. You may actually have a good time and find that it was a good choice.

    The way that this club is run is classier than any other club that I have heard about from trustworthy sources. You won’t see a bunch of trashy stuff onstage or anywhere else in the club. If that is what you are looking for, then it is not the place that you would have a good time. Please, feel free to visit the other clubs here in Knoxville if that is what you want. We also do not have specials on our dances. I am not a Kmart employee, and I won’t degrade myself down to that level. Th’ Katch is not the cheapest club in town, but often you do get what you pay for. If you are looking for a place that you can relax, have a beer, watch and talk to a pretty girl, then you will like it here. That is all I have to say for now. Have a great day!


  97. LOL

    It’s funny that people have nothing better to do than point fingers at other people. Kind of funny how Ginger’s customers are trying to point fingers and blame Vixen for this stupid shit. It’s obvious that Ginger’s friend or customers have othing better to do than get on this site and read and post comments about what people write on here. And it’s funny that Vixen’s name is getting thrown into this shit when she has been gone for almost a year now but all this started when Ginger was fired not blaming Ginger but her customers who have nothing better to do. When Vixen was fired there was no dumb ass comments posted on here so go figure who’s to blame for this funny dumb shit!

  98. Roger

    I was disappointed. From what I read on here, I thought I could go in and pick up a hooker, but that wasn’t the case. They just want the money and will not let you have anything in return. Not even a good conversation or a good grindage dance, but the other bars in Knoxville do. I’m going to the Emerald club or Last Chance next time where they grind nude!!!

  99. wesley
  100. satisfied customer

    Had a good time, many ladies to choose from, friendly and socialable. Will definitely be returning.

  101. TNman

    What a lousy place. Been there a few years ago, it was better. It is certainly a stinkhole now.

  102. Ted


  103. To me

    Hey me Ron is not going anywhere. so get a life!!!!!!

  104. dude

    I like it

  105. Well

    We will see about that now when that bar gets shut down and taken over. Everybody will be gone!!

  106. Ben

    Nothing but drunks, drug addicts, and grandmoms that work here. Will not go back! Gross!

  107. katch fan
  108. Oscar

    miss you guyz

    Big O

  109. Shawn G

    Love the place both night and day

  110. Matt

    Poor communication with some dancers. Some are ok, but some are not.

  111. Shane

    Better than Alicias Shitty Titty in Cleveland thats for sure

  112. Ruby

    I was in here last night and had the best time of my life. there was only 16 girl’s dancer’s and just about all of them talk to me. and i did dance’s with 7 of them and 3 of them got 4 dance’s each from me. me and my hubby go’s to a lot of club’s here in tennessee all the time. and i can say one thing this has to be the best one we been to yet. most of the other one’s we only spent about 200.00 but here we spent 800.00 on dance’s and the stage. we will be back here real soon.

  113. Richard

    Visisted from Cleveland, decent club.

  114. No need

    No need to leave comments. Seems like everyone else has said it for me. HaHa. Best club in Knoxville is the Mouse Ear West and that’s a fact.

  115. Jason

    Overall A++++ . I had a great time. The girls were extremely hospitable. The only suggestion I have to the owners of the club is that the couch dances are WAY TO EXPENSIVE!!!($30) I had a table dance for $10 and it was great. 9 out of 10 dancers were gorgeous. not just kindof hot, rock hard gorgeous! I’m not from the area and I don’t quite understand the whole idea of having to buy your alchohol somewhere else and bring it in but it was ok. When I came in the girls brought me a bucket with some ice and all was good. Every girl that you tip on stage comes by personally to say thankyou. Great. I loved it. If I am ever back in the area on business again I won’t even try any of the other places. I loved it. thankyou.

  116. Derek

    Both sad and pathetic!

  117. Dave

    Don’t go in with less than 500$ men or those gold diggers will not even talk to you unless you have drugs. Had three dancers ask me if I had pills and one to ask me if I had cocaine. Be careful, undercover may be there at any given time.

  118. to I agree

    You are dumb and no one sells drugs in tha Katch. The Katch is the best club in Knoxville so stop hating!!!!!

  119. Rich

    Not impressed with this place. Been to better clubs.

  120. Todd Kelley

    Honestly i stopped coming here back in January because of the drugs and prostitutes. Tried to come in last night, hoping there was a change. I am here to report that not one thing is different. The drugs are still there, prostitutes still there and the owner has still not made any improvements to the club. Any dancer who would choose to work in this sub-standard club is a.) a prostitute b.) a drug addict Don’t waste your money.

  121. To Reality Check

    Sorry wrong person! Not Vixen! She could care less about that place and has better things to do than go on the this web site. I know for a fact it is not her. Let’s see maybe Kelly or someone else They’re are alot of people who hate that club real bad! Hell Vixen travels alot and got on the fire dept making great money! So you need to stop blaming her and blaming Ginger for this shit. Vixen told me that being asked to leave was the best thing cause it gave her a chance to get a career that she can retire and have awesome benfits so she could care less about that place. She does not even think of this place. So guess again who is posting stuff on here!

  122. Don

    Spent too much money.

  123. So sad

    I feel bad for you Velvet. You must have been through some tought shit to think the Katch is a great place to work and the girls are nice and dont do drugs. If you are all that u say u are they will try to get you fired. I agree with Old customer.

  124. Dancer

    Ron is always telling us girls that the cameras ae watching us. Well buddy, they are watching you also. Wayne And Karen knows about you stealing money and getting tips from girls for selling their drugs and letting them leave with customers. The only reason you are still there is because Wayne said that you dont steal as much as others have and he cant find anyone to babysit the club.

  125. ??

    Some of those girls should leave their clothes on! Or, at least get another job at say Waffle House.

  126. Richard Cantrell

    I know I’m not on the right site, but can anyone tell me if there are any good gay clubs in Knoxville?? BTW: I’m a bottom, not a top.

  127. chris

    i had to get change from the lobby bartender is never at the bar

  128. Eric

    Didn’t like it at all.

  129. bobby

    loved it!

  130. Reality check!!!

    If the owner checks the IP address for Larry and RJ both of which posted practically the same comment He/She will see that it came from the same sad person as well as comments from: Gary, Big Al, Customer, Chris, Ex-Customre, Scott, George Jung, Tony Montana, CJ, Ben, Dave and Customer(6-25-08)They all practically say the same thing and are all from the same person. And my money is on Vixen. She’s the only one who hates everyone there that much. And, that’s a fact!

  131. Erick

    Terrible club. These girls need to take a bath! Nude club and nasty snatch? What?! NASTY!!!!

  132. SuperDJ

    DJ PENIS ROCKS rules… performin at Alicias No Show Tities Bar

  133. rockybalboa

    had a blast. will definitely be back

  134. ShaneGreene

    Come to Alicias in Cleveland, it’s not a gay bar, but I’m her husband Shane and I will take care of you right’ just bring cash and a condem, I caught Herpes from my wife Angie.

  135. Mark

    Came in on Friday night. Wasted my money. It sucked. Would not recommend this club to anyone!!!!!!!!!

  136. Bryan

    This club has nothing but grandmoms and skanks in it. Ron and Wayne do cocaine and drink all nite long then they have parties after work with some of these coke whores and fuck them and pimp them out. Carrie, Alshea, Marley, Evea, Elizabeth, Aston, Manny, David, Tina, Destiny and the list goes on and on that are nothing but drug addicts and prositutes. This club has gone way down hill since Ron started sucking Waynes dick. This place needs to be shut down. These people will always be strippers and drug addicts and stuck in this nasty hell hole.

  137. Jasper

    Was not impressed, but actually bored. Think I’ll go to the Mouse Ear on Kingston Pike!

  138. J

    Many of the older girls – lots of cellulite.

  139. Happy

    Thank you

  140. rob

    terrible club don’t waste ur time or money

  141. That's funny

    because some of them look like they have balls alright! They need to shave their hairy asses and faces.

  142. br540

    excellent girls outstanding owner very professional was in from florida treated very well ive been in lots of clubsthis club is great dont always believe the neg side unless you see it yourself dances wonderful clean if your ever in knoxville go visit they welcome couples and there were a few when i visited would love to work at this club girls were specking highly of way owner manages business no bs here i like it

  143. Disappointed

    Will never go back there!!

  144. Brad

    Had an awful time. I was told that this was the best strip bar in Knoxville so I checked it out. I asked the girls about other bars in Knoxville and went to some. I had way more fun at the Emerald club on Clinton HWY. Girls are nicer, prettier and a LOT more fun!!!

  145. Bib Fortuna
  146. Brian

    This Bar Sucks! Hey Joe, enjoy is spelled with an “e” not an “i” dumbass. You should spend more time learning and less time in skanky bars. The katch is one rotten ass bar that I will never return to. It was dull and the girls do not know how to dance only act like sluts which their boyfriends and husbands love at home.

  147. rachel
  148. argyle69

    I enjoyed my recent visit (12/30). The club was relatively quiet since it was New Year’s Eve Eve. I spent most of my time with Stacy. Great conversation and smokin’ body. In fact I would say 75% of the girls there that nite were hot. $10 table dance (no contact) and $30 couch dance (topless, full contact). Clients can’t touch dancers during dance, but can get a little touchy feely between dances. Everyone was super nice and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. Will go again, but will make more of an attempt at getting “closer” with the dancers.

  149. pete
  150. ?

    What the? Is this a bar or an anti-social club? I don’t know. Was bored out of my mind!

  151. Re-Dan

    Hey Dan when was you in the katch? not tonight i been here sence 4 when it open and no one was here but me. so you are full of shit!!!!!!

  152. Alexander

    My Exp. there was more pleserble than any other night club in TN. the DJ Chris is the shit!!!!!!

  153. Kayray

    cool club. lots of nice lookin’ ladies. most give great couch dances. you won’t be disappointed

  154. Mike

    In my opinion, it’s the best in Knoxville. Dayshift Rocks!!

  155. Realist

    If the Katch is the best club in Knoxville, how come The Mouse Ear West is rated #1? Hum???? The Katch is not even in the top 10. Please don’t kid yourself. Years ago the Katch was great under different ownership and management.

  156. Bandit

    Tonight was my first time at the Katch. The girls were

    super friendly and very nice. They had conversations with

    me with everything from Politics to the their favorite


    The shows at the Stage were fantastic and the my couch

    dance was freaking amazing.

    The highlight of the night was when the two most beautiful

    women there took a VERY sensual shower together for about

    20 mins.

    I don’t understand all the hating going on here. My only

    complaint was that the beer was too expensive.

  157. Peaches

    Hey Edward , I may be going back to work there.This is Peaches , how come you never got a dance from me anymore???Im one of the most beautiful girls in there.

  158. Devon

    This is the worst strip club in Knoxville with out a doubt.

  159. may be going back

    Hey Marie , how have you been?I may be going back to work there.Has the buisness picked up?

  160. Krystal

    Hi everyone I am back… come see me

  161. bobjoey

    Thi sclub is on one night and off another, April on the other hand is hot as hell and for $500 will rock you all night long, well worth it.

  162. Still needs cleaning up

    You still need to clean the club up. Had a few girls ask for drugs. You can tell most of them are on some kind of drug. This club was great years ago now not even worth going to.

  163. jim

    what a blast i had on friday night they should change the beer law

  164. 2 Katch Fan

    You must be Ron or one of his friends he lets in free. This place is a hell hole even us girls hate being here. Ron is one of the reason that so many of us have to do drugs to put up with him. We never know if we are going to get fired or what is going to happen. I will be out of that hell hole after christmas.

  165. someone

    The only reason the club rating is down is because of ex dancers talking trash because they got fired. This club treat dancers better than a lot of other clubs. This club has helped several girls when they needed help for Christmas, and so on. Sorry that this is not a perfect club like all the other ones and ran by perfect people like all the other clubs.

  166. Frank

    This is deff a blue collar bar! Mouse Ear and Emerald are a lot better!!!!!!

  167. a customer

    Three or four pretty dancers…the rest are fair. The dancers I know are there to make money. The more you spend the better the show. If you don’t have money to spend DON’T GO. ‘Nuff said

  168. hmm

    Does Melissa still work there?

  169. S


  170. Alex

    Been a regular here for a few years. Turn-over among the girls isn’t as high as some places, but all my favorites have moved on. Still a good range of ladies from 18 to 40. The percentage of older ones goes up and down. All the girls are super friendly. Recently they instituted a no-touch lapdance policy — not sure if that’s still in effect or not. I’ve only been late at night and it can get wild on the weekends. Never seen a fight or anything. Very safe overall. I see some reviews here hyping the dayshift. Can anyone explain what the difference is? How is dayshift better?

  171. Danny

    Will never be back the girls are all ugly fat and old! This club sucks do not go there what a waste of money! You will probaly catch some kind of disease just sitting in this nasty ass club!!!!!!

  172. t-bone

    day shift is great! night shift, well let just say dayshift is great

  173. Oh

    and just so ya know, Ron. The number for Hooked on Phonics is 1-800-abcdefg. You should call them soon. 🙂

  174. Ginger

    The Katch is the WORST club that I have ever danced at. And, I have danced for thirteen years all over the U.S. I’d rather stick my head in a toilet and flush it than ever work at the Katch again!!!

  175. Wondering

    This club advertises itself as fully nude, but HALF of the girls do NOT go nude even though they are being tipped. This is false advertising. Go to another club instead where the girls do, in fact, go fully nude.

  176. Lavonne

    When I went there it was dead. The girls were nasty and realized why there was no cars in the parking lot. What cars were out there must’ve belonged to the dancers cause there were only 2 men. However, the ladies were nice and friendly but not pretty. The old ones had fake tits and the young ones were fat. This club used to have standards but obviously they don’t care what they look like as long as the club gets their bar fee. I’d imagine it would take most of the girls all nite to make the fee just to come back the next day. I can’t believe that some of the girls could even make 40 bucks a nite (they have to pay that to work there each day-).Anyway I won’t be going back anytime soon. I want to see “hot thangs” not pound puppies.

  177. a name
  178. Jeff

    This place sucked and stunk of rotten pussy. It needs to be cleaned up!

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