Dollhouse Private Club



602 West Elms Road, Killeen, TX 76542


31.0847102, -97.7520681




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dollhouse Private Club

  1. Cody
  2. Me

    The girls are very good. There are a few that are extremely hot. There were four stages, with three of them in use when I got there at 10pm. Lap dances aren’t too bad either.

  3. Leks

    Loved It, Going back next week

  4. Tres
  5. BRYAN


  6. Jen Hendren a.k.a. Jade

    I worked at the Dollhouse for a year. I loved it and will be going back to work there in 6 weeks.

  7. david

    Its a excellent club for new comers the service is something you will not forget! The girls are grate and the servos are always making sure you have drinks. so check it out!!

  8. Dean

    if ur looking for upright down to earth fun, dollhouse is where to be, i was just stationed here on FT.Hood and so far thats the best place for the best looking girls.. i just didnt really like the way thy did there lapdance, they give it to you right there.. rather then going to a corner thats boxed in a little they do it in the open while other people arelike shoulder with away all in ur space looking.. i mean there not paying for it.. but other then that i give it two thumbs up

  9. xoxo
  10. Jose C.

    Best stripclub I been here very professional and they have beautiful women orgy shots are very weak alcohol so I recommend tequila

  11. Guest
  12. harryharry

    Am I actually the first to review this place? Yay!So I have been coming here for years. The owners of the Dollhouse used to own a joint down the street and I was very friendly(nudge nudge wink wink) with the staff there so we’d “par-tey” here at the Dollhouse after closing. I know the owners and like them so this place still gets my Dollar, albeit not nearly as frequent as yesteryear. ;)The location is decent with a nice building. I like the split parking lot. If you have been here you know what I mean. I think the cover is like five or ten bucks, but I can’t remember because I have a lifetime free entry card. 😉 Email me and I will let you borrow it. For twenty bucks a visit.We all know this place is here for nothing but the alcohol and the……..ahem….”camaraderie”. This is where my soldiers and I bonded. This is the first place we went to after coming back from Iraq. It is the quintessential Killeen institution. Anyhow – it is what it is. A gentlemen’s club in Killeen. So how are the women you eagerly ask? It is hit or miss. Some are cool, some are not; some are sexy, some are not; some came from home, the others from prison. Who knows. Most have tats. Most want your money(I mean all). Most of them are even fun to just chat with. But don’t forget you have a goal being here and they have a goal working here. Don’t make it something it isn’t.I come here to drink and hang out with friends. To bond. The nice view is just……icing. If you come here looking for the same, the working gals will definitely improve the enjoyment. But if you come here by yourself, with your mid-month pay all in ones grasped tightly in your dick beaters and hounding every chic that walks by….expect to be unhappy and ignored. As you should. If you dislike this place, remember where you are at; in Killeen. It should improve your opinion. Have fun, spend your money and tip the wait staff(they feed you while you embarrass yourself, after all). Support your local single moms!

  13. Killeen Longhorn

    Live in Austin but grew up in killeen. I’ll go here when i’m visiting my parents and about to kill myself. Guys… this place is the best killeen has to offer. Yikes. Old Nolanville traylor baby’s mommas. once a week there is someone that catches your eye, but with so many guys in and out to Iraq those ladies are always taken by buddies who need them. Kinda older dancers too. Most of the cuties from Killeen go to Temple/Waco or Austin to make more $$. If you’re a GI- go down to Austin to have fun. it’s worth the drive. Dancers there get real tired of Frat guys hitting on them all the time. If you boared or low on cash this place is the best in town.

  14. TxCouple

    My husband and I went to the Dollhouse and overall I have to say it was only Ok. We have seen better but you would think being at a military post it would have been bigger. I did not like how the seats are around the stage it makes it hard for when you want to walk up and tip a dancer there being alot of people shoulder to shoulder around the stage. I also dont like the fact they do there lapdances out in the open, we pay for a private dance but the guy sitting next to us is still getting the show for free. I think they need to make the lil clothing shop in the back for private dances. The dancers were some good! and some in my opinion a bit to old to be dancing. They all did basicly the same rountine, someone teach them girls how to climb a pole! and do better moves! But we do plan to go back bc it is the only clean gentlemens club in the area.

  15. The Italian

    There certainly are a lot of comments going both for and against the dollhouse. Truth be told, a gentleman’s club can only be rated so much. I, myself, find the dollhouse to be the best gentleman’s club in the Killeen area, and unless you drive for over an hour you’re not likely to find better. Victoria is by far my favorite, and she should know who I am since Honey pointed her out to me. Guys, stop pretending like this is rocket science and remember the important things: drink all you can, tip what you can, and have a fuckin blast!!

  16. scott
  17. dan

    it sucked

  18. raymond

    the club was lots of fun. The girls were awesome and the waitress named sherri was outstanding. very friendly and on top of her game.

  19. micheal

    if i can’t review certain redheads that are horrible then i won’t

  20. this place was ghetto
  21. R J.

    New management has hired trash off the street. I was in there Wednesday night had a few drinks and left. My credit card was double charged by the sleezy bartender. Manger refused to fix it and told me to fix it with my bank. Horrible service. So so dancers.

  22. Jazzy

    So I went My first strip clubs last weekend. Stars, Bunny Club, and Dollhouse. Dollhouse by far was my favorite. I had a blast. Got a lot of attention and they even remembered me the next time I came in. One of the girls is mentioned my working there… and I talked to her for a while and for the life of me I cant remember her name. She has VERY short black hair and freckles on her upper back with a little tattoo between her shoulders amongst other places… does anyone know her name??

  23. stab n giggle

    it doesn’t help that i grew up with half the strippers

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