Tiki Theatre Inc



5462 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029


34.0905773, -118.3082693




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tiki Theatre Inc

  1. curtis17

    Well I’m from Rhode island. But when I lived in LA. Ive been to tiki and I had my fun but one after noon my eyes weren’t ajuting to see yet and I bumped in to a guy by axadent he was sitting all the way in front here the stage I guess he is strait well I’m big sexual and prowed of it the bottom line is he spitted on me then I nocked him against the wall and he pulls out a knife I had no weopons I used to love pussycat it turned into walgreens. N tom cat closed I think well becarefull

  2. Vikk M.

    It’s one of those places that you go too whenever you’re lonely or just wanna get out and go & do something seedy. Mostly old men looking for some action with a str8 guy…be warned there’s a lot of drug activity in this place.

  3. fuckery12

    This was an interesting night. I’ve never been to a porn theater and went out of curiosity. It was $14 with a 4 hour watching limit which I don’t know if I’d ever hit. I walked in and it’s a dark theater with one main screen and a smaller big screen tv both playing separate porn films. Probably about 30 seats and about half full when I arrived. I quickly took a seat not sure what exactly to do. Most guys don’t make eye contact and just sit quietly watching. While I’m there the cops burst in, twice, to try and catch guys masturbating. The first time they come in and shine the light down the rows, which I thankfully was not. They came back 30/1 hour later and did it again and caught a guy a few rows in front of me. If would say if you just want to watch porn it can be interesting. I’d prefer at home where I actually can entertain myself rather than worried about getting arrested for it. On a sad note, I felt that a few guys there were local homeless people looking for a place to sleep. Since they can’t afford a hotel, they just pay the $14 to be able to take a nap for 4 hours. The theater seemed fine a clean enough, but won’t be a regular place for me to attend.

  4. AssnTits5

    Hollywood’s last porn theater, a tiny video screen dive that only exists as a host venue for authorities to catch perverts in the act to meet their arrest quota. Nuff said.

  5. Johnnyboy123

    I had a good ol time here! Although it was mostly gay men cruising for guys, I was able to find enough bi or straight guys who enjoyed watching the straight porn flick that was playing, while I played with myself and a few of them. Good times!

  6. harryharry

    i was really hoping this was an innocent little tiki bar, with fancy little drinks in tiki head mugs, with colorful little umbrellas protruding from frothy rims.i was wrong.well, maybe not about the frothy rims (hey-o!)

  7. joseph1k

    It’s 24 hours!It’s a porno screening place. Not a tiki bar.

  8. XhXeXy

    This is one of the last hardcore movie theaters left in l.a from the old days.i was surprised that they always have new release playing on the big screen and they play 3 different new release movies a day so in one weeks time they will play up to 21 movies a week which is great and they always show one of the top internet movies daily. it was recently updated in side and it was nice and clean and very comfortable and also nice and cool as well. its open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with parking in the rear.. nothing but thumbs up for this place when you need to fill your xxx needs this is the place………..

  9. Johnson12

    I’ll make this short, 14 bux to get in for a four hour limit. Two pornos playing at the same time. One on a huge projector scree, the other on a television. Very dark and dingy and nut loads all over the seats. Do not sit down. My friend made me and I felt really filthy. Go at your own risk.

  10. winston12

    An interesting place–you never know who you might recognize.

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