Perfect 10



111 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78216


29.5201526, -98.4940384




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Perfect 10

  1. Raff

    Best place in San Antonio. Thursday night was amazing. Cold drinks and lots of girls.

  2. SA Dude

    Hot chicks, but they are very picky. If youre super hot, youll have fun. if good looking- you might have fun. fat or/and old- go somewhere else. girls are really stuck up unless your spending major $$ ($1000 or more) Very cute girls. I usually have fun, but i’m average/white/young. #1 preferred patron: Muscular mexican guys- the dancers swarm around them like flys on crap. They definatly have the pick of the ladies. #2 Older, well dressed, good-looking business types with a wife at home. Girls are def. looking for sugar daddys. #3 Military- gotta be o.k.-looking. Look, its fun but not a place for fatties. It is a place to floss- but be careful the girls there have sweet faces but are sketchy- some will RIP YOU OFF.

  3. jeff

    hot girls

  4. Matt

    Brianna and Destiny are definetly two wonderful women. Spent 5 hours just talking and enjoying their company and bodies. Nicole is an AWESOME waitress. Ill be back very soon ladies and with plenty of cigars this time.

  5. billtheguy12

    Great lunch specials, good drink prices..$3.25 for draft and steak, $4.25 bottles. Fabulous waitstaff and some beautiful girls.

  6. Harley Rider Virginia

    I was in town on business and paid a visit Wednesday and Thursday. The club is very relaxed, friendly and the staff is very friendly. The girls are very friendly and not pushy. I had some great dances and conversation. Spent some $$$ on London and Natalie, I must say, well worth the investment. I’ll be back next time I’m in town, until then, ride like you stole it, the bumps in the road, just make the ride more entertaining.

  7. TandAisGreat

    Great club, worth checking out. Been to a few of the clubs in SA, this one is definitely one of the best, probably my fav. Low key and good quality.

  8. adamrod

    Been to several clubs… This has an awesome layout girls are seen from several . seen some bad comments but this place is good. My girl and i are having a blast!

  9. Brian
  10. Traveler

    Went mid day and dancers were great. Some of the best looking bodies around and all real with the exception of one. Next time I will be back.

  11. AssnTits5

    The seating is weird at Perfect 10 because it’s not really one big room it’s several rooms kinda separated. Kind of a weird set-up for a gentleman’s club I think. But who am I? LOL…Then reason I gave this place only one star is because I went for a friend of mine’s birthday. There were about 10 girls and a few guys and we were in a corner drinking and laughing and having a good time. We like to go to places like this sometimes because then all the girls can dress up and go out and not worry about guys hitting on us all night which can get old. Well, we were all talking and laughing when one of the dancers (who was clearly under the influence of SOMETHING) walked up to a friend who I was talking to and starting yelling at her. Before we could even figure out what was going on the stripper grabbed my friends hair while she was still seated and proceeded to punch my friend in the face. After we broke it up we were trying to figure out what happened and attend to my friend another stripper walked around the group and started hitting the same friend the first girl attacked! WHAT’S GOING ON!?!?!?!? So we waited for a manager or bouncer or someone to come over talk to us and explain what was going on when he walked over and grabbed MY arm and told us we were being kicked out? HUH? We’d paid to get in, paid for multiple bottles and were not even thru with them. He didn’t even ask what happened or if anyone was ok for that matter and he physically put HIS hands on me too. After I’d asked him why he was touching me without asking what was going on he said “What did you do to piss her off? They don’t get angry for nothing!”. I was appalled. This had obviously happened before since he’d made the comment “They don’t get angry for nothing”. I could not believe it. I told him he could watch the video and tell what had happened but he refused and simply dismissed everything by saying “She won’t work here anymore.”. We called the police and filed a report although the club wouldn’t even give us any type of name. It was a HORRIBLE experience and I wouldn’t suggest anyone go there. All-in-all I’d rather be hit on by guys then actually be HIT by girls. It was the most insane thing I’ve ever encountered.

  12. Jason

    I’ve been to this club during the dayshift and I gotta say this club has the best looking dayshift I’ve seen in quite awhile. I got dances from Roxy, Mandy, and Bella…all different types of dances but well worth the $$$. I will be back ladies. Yum

  13. Jordan K.

    This place needs a make over, the place has a funky stench about it! There was only one cutie here and she was talking to us for about 20 minutes, not hustling us as the place was not busy at all. $6 for a Mic Ultra beer is outrageous, but they had decent chicken pasta 🙂

  14. dirtysecrets

    P10 is a decent club. I visited during the lunch hour and found six or seven dancers working, several of whom were worth a second or third look. Dances are $20 and are in a somewhat less public area. I haven’t paid the bottle fee to go to their VIP area, since I don’t drink, but there’s decent mileage to be had even without going to that level. Girls were pleasant and talkative.

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