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2482 Northeast Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78217


29.51527, -98.416756




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Palace Men’s Club

  1. Dazed and Confused

    On a recent visit to this club, i must say the so called 9+ rating is a joke. The club is about talent, it can be

    a shit-hole, but if the talent is outstanding, then who cares how nice the club is decorated or how bad they screw

    you on their over-priced drinks.

    Back to the talent, I have never visited a club at this magnitude, that had so many

    over the hill, and I mean over the hill dancers dominating the floor. I am not saying that can’t give a nice lap

    dance, and they are not nice ladies, but when you have bunch of dancers in their late 30’s or early 40’s, give me a break.

    I guess if I want a dance from my mom, this is the place to go!

    I didn’t meet one dancer that was under 25, hell the waitress were better looking than 90% of the dancers, and I would hate to see any of the dancers

    when the lights come on!

    There wasn’t one true beauty in the house, either they had fake tits or no tits, no natural beauties that I could see.

    This was on a Friday night, so I do not want to here the A Team wasn’t working, and DJ was nothing but a big blow-hard,

    his music selection sucks. His job is to keep the club rocking, and he did his best to running it like a fucking morgue.

    Also, be careful if you get sucker into going over to the VIP area or especially upstairs, not

    only will you get ripped off by the dancer, but they will rip your ass-off on your drink tab too! The waitress

    claimed the bartender was drunk, and she made a honest mistake, my ass. It sucks that you cannot

    even have a good time, without worrying about getting ripped off, nice club, I give it a 10!

  2. Jim

    First time back in a while, and would say this is definitely the best club in SA, but the below post are dead-on, Silicon Valley and Fossil City. The Prima donna’s are too occupied chasing the old farts, and the Fossil’s are chasing the young bucks. This is fucked-up!

  3. SA dude

    Had fun. Girls were afraid of me because i was with my girlfriend. They acted a little stand off-ish. Pretty girls, the mang. was real strict, which sucked.

  4. Amy D.

    What kind of crappy strip club doesn’t even have stripper poles? This one. It comes off like a fancy place, they even have a dress code, but they don’t enforce it. They are more concerned about getting people in the door than enforcing their own dress code. Some of the dancers are alright, others just so-so. I will pass up this place on my next trip to Texas. Oh well, they can’t all be good.

  5. DexterRexter

    The management is so professional here. I love the quality entertainment, the great food, and customer service is exceptional. Thanks Vega!

  6. beergut
  7. GHOST


  8. Traveler

    HATED IT! The girls were rude and pushy. Seems they are all waiting to pick clean the travelers. I just got to town, heard about this place, decided to try it out before my friends come into town this weekend. Wasn’t planning on spending alot money, just wanted to check it out. When I explained this to one girl, she said “please do not think i sit here for free!!!!”. Come back when you have money!” Needless to say, I will not be back and I won’t be recommending my friends. It’s a shame that they didn’t have better attitudes, I think some of them better change their snotty attitude, it is a buyers market, and no guy is going to pay some stupid bitch to just sit with him, but a a few of them were hot…

  9. Bruce

    Very friendly girls. Day shift wasn’t all that great but the A crew comes in around 9.

  10. Palace

    I have to say, I love this place, best looking babes in all of SA, I have been to them all, there is no comparison to any other club here, it is a fact!

  11. Yunni H.

    This is the first strip club I ever go to in Texas. I have been to some in Cali and there is a huge difference. I would have give. Them a full 5 stars but decided to take a star away because this is the first ever strip club I see in my life WITHOUT any stripper poles. From the answers I got when asking around town I was told this is one of the classier clubs but I never expected to not see any poles. Instead they have a nice little couch on stage. There is a main stage and then after the dancers are done with the performance they make their way to the next 2 mini stages. I am taking another star away because the drinks are waaaaayy too expensive. I give them 3 stars for the service, cleanliness of the facility and for having pretty dancers. They don’t have any of those dirty stretch mark dancers who have cellulite all over. In Cali I would see that often but at the palace every single dancer was decent looking, had an okay body and the majority of them were nice. I could tell they were iffy about approaching our table since they saw I was with my husband. Which honestly I understand and can appreciate. Now I’m no hater so I complemented the only 2 dancers whose performances I liked… They both started conversations with me and mentioned how surprised they were I had taken my husband and didn’t have a bitch face the entire time. The waitress we got was very prompt when bringing out orders out and continuously kept coming back to check on our table. There were a few dancers who were rude and straight up slutty mostly with the drunk men who were there. But other than it it was a pretty decent place. I’d also like to add that when we walked in we were immediately asked if we wanted to dine in or if we were only there for drinks. I asked a bit about this and it turns out it’s like a mini little restaurant where you can dine in for dinner if you’d like. I had never heard of a strip club doing this and if we hadn’t ate before heading there we would have definitely tried it.

  12. Otis

    took my wife the other night. very dissapointed in quality of dancers. was expecting alot more. This is not a couples friendly place. left early and drove back to the shack.

  13. Keyana is hot!

    Frickin’ A man. This place is hands down the best I have ever seen. Check out Keyana when you’re there. Rockin’ little body- great personality. Keep on grindin.

  14. Love Palace

    I have been coming to this club for years now. I love it the girls, they are great. I tend to lean toward young and natural and there are very few of those left. Lauren is the best thing to happen to The palace since I’ve been a customer, too bad I can’t speak for the rest of them.


    everthing its excelent a like all girls…

    thank you.. I’ll comeback

  16. When

    When are the best dancers there? Went there on a Saturday night recently. I had no desire for a VIP dance. Dancers were below average. Little tits or Fake tits, not so firm butts. Yet I hear sometimes they are hot. When?

  17. Patrik

    Good club with a good atmosphere. Taxi driver was right to recommend this club. Had everything I was looking for, very classy and intelligent girls.

  18. John

    Enjoyed my stay and will be back soon. The girls are friendly and nice to be with. Pick one that appeals to you and leave those that don’t for others and you will have a good time. Stay away from the VIP, you get the same dance on the side chairs, without the toll charge.

  19. rogerrab2

    My boyfriend and i came here to See some TNA but all we Saw Were decent bums and glittery boobs…. l did not enjoy my experience at all and being a”Classy” place there was no T.P…. funny part WAS that I had to tell one of the strippers she looked mean.. she laughed about it witch was nice of her… I’m sorry but this place is anything but a palace…

  20. Cece
  21. Brenda

    This Club is The Best in San Antonio…. By Far!!!!!!!

  22. sister
  23. AJ

    I have to agree with the last review, this place needs an overhaul on their talent. Not only is the desperation obvious on being hustled by these old gals, but i find it hard to believe a club with this much class, cannot attract the YOUNG A-PLAYERS???? Maybe it is a conspiracy by the older dancers to keep the young and beautiful lock-out?

    Mgmt wake-up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Michael

    Dj Brandon is the fattest,worst dj in the entire world! He is a pervert and an alcoholic.Other then that Palace is a great club! Come on fridays and saturdays after 9ish,thats when the hot “night” girls start coming in! Ask for entertainer Ivy

  25. GarryWas

    I went into this place expecting the best of San Antonio, instead I experienced the most desperate. These girls are so much better then just there bodies( at least I hope they have brains) there attitudes suck an fake boobs or inflated lips does not make you attractive. If you hate your job, change it. Your negatively is contagious. No one wants a dance from a girl who complains about her bills the entire time. The chairs really need to be cleanedMaybe it is the carpet, there is a smell. Take a black light an u wouldn’t even sit.

  26. Ian

    Expected much better quality dancers at this “high end club.” Too expensive for the lack of talent and beauty. If you like silicon tits, this is your place!

  27. Johnnyboy123

    Smoking hot dancers, not one bad one in the bunch. Wait staff was great. Not quite as “hands on” as some of the raunchier places, but honestly the girls are hot enough to make up for it. Its well lit for a strip club, but that just make it easier to see the dancers.

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