Tiffany’s Cabaret



8736 Wurzbach Road, San Antonio, TX 78240


29.5237405, -98.5690383




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tiffany’s Cabaret

  1. The Master Viewer

    I don’t know how this place got so high marks. there are women here who will carash your dreams. Some nice girls but modest looking really. Nothing you shouldn’t be able to meet at a regular bar.

  2. tonycluber

    Been a half dozen times, usually the staff are pretty accommodating. Went on a Saturday, and called the front to ask them to open the door that doesn’t have stairs. Had to talk to a manager before they could be convinced that missing legs warrants 15 seconds of their time.

  3. Pleased
  4. harryharry

    So I don’t go to strip clubs very often, and I had been to this one in the past. However this current visit was less than stellar. On the up side, $5 to get in, $5.50 beers, and $5 table dances.Down side…when a place is called a “strip” club, one would expect to see some stripping. Half of the girls never took thier top off, most of the rest had weird pasties on (ok whatever) and 1 girl was actually topless.Now like I said, I’m not an adult entertainment connoisseur, but I do feel that a strip club should invovle stripping of some sort.But, thats what you get for five dollars I suppose.

  5. M&M

    Best kept secret for the business/pleasure traveler, as the place kind of looks like a dive outside, but inside the ladies are almost without exception extremely friendly, and quite attractive. Be forewarned though, if you are killing time before a business dinner or other appt., you might well miss it as time blows by in there.

  6. G.I.
  7. winston12

    Cover is 5 for vets, there are cheap drinks till 11pm , girls pretty good across the board. 5$ dances all day till closing!!!

  8. Dennis

    The couch dances here rock. $10.00 on a normal day, $5.00 on Fridays – A++.

  9. SA Visitor

    Every time I am in SA I visit Tiffanys. I enoyed lapdances from at least 4 ladies, EVERYONE was wonderful. Maybe they were trying to compete for the dollars. Either way it was GREAT for ME…!!!!

  10. LD Fan

    Good time at a cheap price. Good Management. Most girls are friendly. Mix of good lookers and some heavier. Find the right girl and you’ll have a ball.

    One caveat–stay away from a dancer named Polly–she’s a total rip off artist.

  11. Franklyn

    Cover was cheap. The ladies were all attractive and a few were especially athletic so they put on a great show. Most did wear pasties over their nipples though. There didn’t seem to be smoking inside so we didn’t leave smelling like smoke. Overall great night and we’ll be back.

  12. Harrison69

    This place is hit or miss with the girls I’ve been there friday night and there was only a few girls and Sunday there were a bunch of the them. Other times it’s normal but overall a good place to hang out

  13. Billy

    Best girls in the state

  14. Kesha M.

    You can tell this place is older. The furniture and fixtures are all worn and stained. The place isn’t very clean at all. The women’s bathroom was utterly disgusting, but I was told the men’s was great. This is a strip club though so onto the important stuff. The whole time I was there I was wondering when the A team was going to come out. It was a Friday night and most of these girls… Well… B team material is all I want to say. I gave this place 3 stars, because the girls are very attentive, pleasant, and they all had varying styles of dancing.

  15. rogerrab2

    Great place for the money and atmosphere. I don’t know what people are complaining about. Not sure what they expect for a $0 – $5 cover charge and $5 dances. The place is pretty nice and the girls are all friendly and attentive. All of the girls have nice bodies and all races are represented. All types of music as well. The facility is old, but so what. And I’ve been going there for about 13 years.

  16. Nada
  17. Frank

    Awsome place to hang out after work. The prices are great and the girls are hot!!.

  18. Nooner

    Love this place for a fun time. Girls are great on or off stage. Go early on $5 LD days, and you’ll have a ball! As a well traveked NJ yankee who visits SA frequently, I can tell you this is the best value in the country for quality LD’s.

  19. james1412

    Must go if you have an appropriate reason. FYI, women go in pairs or groups. Apparently, it’s not just a place for male patrons, which is nice. The real beauty of this establishment is that they have $5 nights. You have to pay attention to the time frames though. If you are looking for a wife or a supermodel, then get some help. This place is for entertainment, so sit back and enjoy the staff. Some girls dance better than others, you just have to experiment. Never been in VIP, but I am sure you pay an annual membership.

  20. Weedman420

    I went yesterday with some friends, beware of opening a tab. They have a $50 authorization plus any drinks you charge. I understand a business does need to protect themselves, but $50 is too much without warning.

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