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0 reviews for “Cabaret Royale

  1. CHad
  2. XhXeXy

    While the girls are nice, the club needs to have an enema. The interior of the club is absolutely disgusting. There is no air conditioning. You can go up to VIP club and it feels like a sauna. I know the contractor that has worked for the owners and they havve been talking about a remodel for years. It would seem that this should be done before the City of Dallas cites for building code violations.

  3. Horsecock
  4. Franklyn

    How can you go wrong?

  5. maxxy1

    Come for the buffet, stay for the entertainment.They have a breakfast buffet at 2am. Lots of eggs, sausage and bacon. And when you’re done, the entertainment is pretty good.Great place for your drunken after-hours food binge.

  6. Strip Club Conoseuir

    I went to the Fare Room at Cabaret Royale on a thursday night. I regret to say that i was deeply dissapointed. The club was rundown and dingy, it has probably seen better days. I counted only 5 girls rotating in the 3 hours i was there, and they would be a 2 or 3 song gap in between girls on stage. I was only $5 to get in, and of the 5 girls working 3 had great bodies. It seemed that none of the girls had any enthusiasm about working there. I will probably never go back unless i want to see some stripers on a budjet.

  7. kenston12

    Pretty empty. Not many girls. One was really high and made it awkward. Not recommended.

  8. harryharry

    Been here once, the sister club right next to it(Fair) is better and there is a lot of hot girls there. The 50 dollar upstairs fee is a waste of money.

  9. James S.

    I have been a total of three times and always enjoyed myself. I definitely recommend this place.I am going to miss this place as I am heading out of town shortly. I enjoyed dances from Tiffany and Darelene (if I have it right was explained as a fusion of two names) and also some interesting conversation. Tiffany is an awesome blonde who was very flexible, and Darelene was a cute brunette that kept me entertained both in conversation and dance and I swear I met her somewhere before. Most of the girls rotate around some of the clubs in the area so you don’t always see the same girls every night.It was a slow tuesday night (last night) and almost all of the girls will pop by and see if you are available if it is slow. I pay for the vip area ($15 vs. $5) as it is slightly less noisy and more secluded. There is a champagne “room” area at the end of vip area, sometimes girls might bring you there for a more private location for a dance but they always guarantee you won’t be charged extra for it. I am unsure of the extra cost of the champagne area. Sometimes they don’t run the backstage in the vip area which often leads to either going downstairs to tip or throwing a shower of ones from above, if they run the backstage you get a pretty good show for your tips. At the other end of the VIP area behind one of the bars is a smoking patio, it is very nice area for smoking and chatting as well. I heard their food is great but never have had any, drinks are expensive but that comes with the territory. They run about 5 or so televisions with sports generally running, one behind the main stage and the others around the center floor.Word of warning: keep track of the amount of dances you get (count songs), it helps to remember the song names too, some girls will inflate their count, I have had it happen before but not during this last time (I was more vigilant and the girls were definitely honest).

  10. phil

    Was there on Sat, Jan 27. Excellent experience. Beautiful, friendly ladies, many with really nice, really real bodies. Highly recommend.

  11. Tom O.

    The first thing you notice walking into this place is that the beautiful women working here lack the financial mean to afford clothing. You can’t help but feel sorry for them and it is good to know that establishments that assist these women in dire need exist.Once you recognize the humanitarian nature of this business and can divert your attention to other things, you will discover that it also provides a great lunch buffet that is very affordable. I would have to say, it’s the best buffet you can get for the price. A good selection of various tasty items, and no, I’m not biased because of those hard working women. As for dessert, the choices are just mind boggling.So, enjoy.

  12. Valerie L.

    Dirty empty discussing place ! . As of yesterday the name is Chicas locas . If only there were actually some Don’t waste your money !!

  13. leveah

    I am in search of some info about some clubs in Texas to work at, im about to move to texas as soon as i find a good club that fits me. Can anyone give me any info about what are the best clubs in which to work? I am looking for full nude no contact. im one to be none to dance to rnb and hip hop if that might help you know something about me. What are the best places and how are the house fees? Any help from any other dancers would be greatly appreciated….Thanks!! my email is pokototalcuteness*

  14. todd

    if u go to the club look up bailey. the girl has got it going on great stage work and great lap dances. i highly recommend her.

  15. Sarah B.

    Sarah: (obviously drunk) I’ve never been to strip club, and I LOVE boobs!Kelly: We should go to Caberet Royale!Sarah: Ok. No, the Fuzz will kill me.Kelly: Yes, but AFTERward! Sadly, I have no strip club comparison, and after this experience I really have no desire for strange naked women to touch me in a dark and creepy club ever again, so there very well may never be one.Granted, I wouldn’t completely write off this establishment. The girls were VERY nice. It was bad judgment for us to arrive after 2am (i.e. after alcohol sales ceased) when some of the regular girls and quality clientel were gone. I hear there are other parts of the place, but we were in the main room with an ominous ceiling, an upstairs VIP area, buffet area, and bar or two. I think we stayed for a couple of hours. I can’t really say I knew how long, but long enough for me to sober up (unfortunately) and feel REALLY dirty, and long enough to tire of the girls doing the same moves in the cages on either side of the room.The large stage feature a rotating roster of dancers who picked from the same catalog of 6 basic stripper moves. It did NOT, however, feature a stripper pole. I was VERY disappointed. I wanted feats of upper-body strength, feather boas, and a spotlight. I got none. The girls we were tipping suggested they were a bit tired to put in too much effort. Plus most of the guys were barely 18 and stingy with their dollar bills. Since we were so late, I think I got the crap-end of the buffet. It was edible, but….a strip joint buffet in the end.I learned the next morning that my friend had paid a hefty amount for the upstairs VIP area, which we went to at first. I went up, took one look at the CLOTH, greyhound bus-esque seats (shudder), topless girl grinding on some gangsta-looking fella, and in-your-face lighting, and said, “um….no.” Good thing, cause an hour later a fight was dispersed with pepper spray there. There were boobs. But there weren’t BOOBS. Sad.SUMMARY: If you’re into girls who take their clothes off (some were fully nude), this place has that. Just don’t sit anywhere with a porous surface, and go before 2am.

  16. dannyboy7

    This place is massive but some how its not easy to find. I came here for UFC 205 and was shocked to find out it was not packed. They had about 10-15 girls dance pretty much 3 at a time on solo stage/platforms. three of the girls were 8-10 and the rest were 5-7. They don’t really speak to anyone that didn’t seem like a regular and some of them didn’t even speak English other than ” you want lap dance” … The dancers never really spoke to me so im not sure. That said the bartender and the servers are great. And the bathroom attendant was very respectful.the parking attendant was cool too. I plan on going back to see if it was a onetime deal.

  17. KiKi

    It’s an absolutely amazing place to be! The staff treats you so well, it’s like a second home! They remember faces, names, and ALWAYS a smile!! Out of many strip clubs I have visited in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; I would definitely have to rank Cabaret Royale as one of my top 5 choices!! 🙂

  18. Hrmm

    Great time with the shot girl, thats about it.

  19. AssnTits5

    Both shifts offer a great variety of girls of all heights, weights, backgrounds, tattoos/piercings or lack of, hair colors, skin tones, outfits and music. Dayshift is definitely more mellow, with a happy hour special that lasts until 7pm. Plus I think the cover is still free before 7pm, during which time it goes up. There’s good food, great drinks, and the girls are very friendly (for the most part), and in a good way. There’s not a coat check, but depending on how well you know the door girl, she may watch your jacket for you. Plus, there’s a great boutique to bring your favorite girl (stripper, girlfriend, girl-friend, wife) to get some great outfits and shoes. Plus, you can smoke indoors! There are cigarettes and cigars for purchase! The staff (bartenders, VIP hosts and managers) are all very nice and accommodating. The DJs are funny and keep the mood lively. It’s a great place all around.On Friday and Saturday, hours are 11am to 4am, Sunday noon to 2am, and the rest of the week 11am to 2am.Note about the post below mine: Cabaret Royale is two clubs in one building. To the left-Cabaret Room. Full bar. Topless only. Low cover. To the right, Fare Room. Full nude. Bring your own liquor. Higher cover. Lower quality of girls and sometimes scarier clientele.

  20. richard95

    I wouldn’t consider myself a “gentlemen’s club” type of guy, but many of my single guy friends love nudie clubs. We came here on a Saturday night after a friend’s birthday party. Someone thought it would be a great idea to go for the “legs and eggs” special. I didn’t argue because I was in the minority of people who just wanted Whataburger. $20 a person got us in with our own special table. I proceeded to the buffet line and grabbed my usual eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, etc. Severely inebriated, I garfed down the food and failed to notice the nude women dancing on and around us. Unfortunately for me, a dancer came up to me and offered a dance, not noticing that I was stuffing my face in with biscuits and gravy. She smelt so heavily of cinnamon and perfume it started to gag. A few minutes later I found myself outside puking my guts out. In all fairness, a decent club. I just learned my lesson not to mix breakfast with boobies.

  21. tonycluber

    I go to this type of place frequently but had never been here. The talent was fine. Beers for 7 bucks and shots for 10, nothing unexpected. My group was having a good time and naturally we got low on cash so I went to the bar to get the next round and had to pay by card. Long story short, my credit card info got stolen with several charges ran up by the next day. I will never go back and wouldn’t recommend it to someone I like.

  22. mysteryman

    Old run down club, its seen better days!

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