DG’s A Gentlemens Club Dallas



2117 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220


32.8663342, -96.9043869




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “DG’s A Gentlemens Club Dallas

  1. adamrod

    This is my FAVORITE “gentlemen’s club”, my favorite exotic club. The girls are the prettiest and they’re pretty down to Earth. You’ll ALWAYS hear the newest music here as well. I like the size of the place as well. Not too big, but not too small to where you feel cramped and uncomfortable. This might sound strange, BUT when you go there, order the wings and their fries. They are the BOMB! They’re actually known for their wings. Some of the dancers offered me a fried taco that is served there as well, it looked good, but I didn’t get to taste it.

  2. never

    The ghetto is better than DGs. This was a horrible 5 minutes in this club. More women going after the dancers than men. Sadly, the waitresses gave the dancers money. And how about a 3 foot pole? Come on.

  3. john

    this club is way to ghetto

  4. jim

    excellent loved it

  5. ryan123

    In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t been accused of being a gentleman lately. However, I find it hard to believe you will find too many of them in this joint. DG’s, as it is affectionately referred to, is great, but have no illusions, it isn’t going to remind you of the ghost bar. It looks like if you kicked it hard enough, it might fall down. If you are a south coast hip-hop cat, you will like the music for certain. The atmosphere is usually jumpin and there is always plenty of talent. Kat Daddy from K104 was on the mic as the hype man/motivational speaker my last visit. They also offer $650 bottles of Cristal, so if drinking overpriced champaign is your thing, thats another reason to like DG’s. However, if you like a place that isn’t a dump, this isn’t gonna be your spot. I have no problem at all looking over small things like cleanliness, but this place is rag-it-tay. Lunch is free, but it isn’t worth much more than that. I had the fried fish and, well, it was free. It seems diversity is not stressed by the hiring manager. You might find a couple latina, asian and/or white chicks thrown in for good measure. I have seen some of the more amazing tails I have ever witnessed in the place (see King Magazine if a visual illistration is necessary). Music can get LOUD!!! Conversations can be impossible to maintain, but then, who goes to a strip club for conversation? There is a smoking patio that is very small and usually jam packed on the side of the building. I have only witnessed one fight in there…but on a really crowded night I suspect divine intervention and a crew of big ass bouncers are the only things keeping the spot from breaking into a riot. Making it rain is expected. Taking individual dollars to the stage is allowed but frowned upon. Not cheap, but really not expensive either, this place falls in the middle of the club continuum as far as cost is concerned. I always have a good time at DG’s so I can’t recommend against going, just be prepared to part with a fair share of dinero and to spend more than your fair share of time yelling “WHAT?!?.

  6. james1412

    Don’t trust the girls here. Someone took my client’s phone, and management could care less. As a matter of fact, some associates became assertive rather than help. This place is dangerous for business travelers. Stay away!

  7. larry1

    When my guy friends figured out I had never been to a strip club, they made sure to remedy it. This is the first place I got to experience it all! Super impressed at the talent. My favorite dancer of all times! Her name is HONEY and she still works there!! Super talented and she smells like cotton candy! The girl can do all kinds of tricks and hang upside down and rotate and everything!! She’s fair complected and super nice and pretty too!! Great wig as well!! The girls we encountered were super friendly (almost thirsty as my friends led on to believe they had money) so they hung around and chatted it up with us and everything! The wings never disappoint here. Definitely something you may want to get on your way out the door. ladies, come with a male escort so you won’t have to pay. The music is bomb and many of the ladies put on a good show.

  8. Justin

    It a place to go and have fun.

  9. anthony1

    So my favorite dancer from Zona moved over to here so I gave it a try. You have to pay 10 dollars to park in the lot or park on the side of the road for free. But it seems pretty safe. It’s 15 to get in on a Sunday night. They charge 50 cents for some very good wings during the NFL games. Besides my favorite the girls were honestly below what I’m used to for a strip club. Only 1 I’d say was worth spending money on. The girls seemed nice enough, some clubs this is a huge issue. All but 3 of the girls were Black but honestly I’ve been to all types of clubs and seen much prettier. It’s a good hang out spot on Sunday thru Weds but goes VIP type club Thursday-Saturday.

  10. Hot Girl

    OMG It is GHETTO!!! Nasty looking dancers who are a bit over weight and not very attractive at all. Not a good place to go. You have to go through a metal detector at the front door and everything!! Go somewhere else!

  11. B-Low

    DGC – Sunday – Thursday night shift is great and you can enjoy good one on one time with dancers. Friday and Sat night shifts get very packed so if you plan on attending get there early (before 11:30PM)! The women are beautiful, drinks a bit pricey, but hook-up with a good waitress and she’ll take care of you all night as long as you tip well! Other reviews here mention that the club is ghetto…NOT!!! The atmosphere is great, music is good, if you want country & rock-n-roll music the entire night, then this is not the place for you, however if you actually want to hear music that beautiful women can actually move to, then this is the place for you…hands down!!! Variety of beatiful women from white, blk, hispanic, and asian…this is a sure thing!

  12. The Master Viewer

    Man Luby’s threw out their old furniture and this place picked it up. Holes in the chairs, tables made for wrestling. Women to run from, and I mean RUN!!!!! The girl in the front is usually very hot!! But that is how they get you in then it is all bad news!!!

  13. joseph1k

    From Boston and this club def did not disappoint. The girls here for the most part all look good and bodies are even better, (couple of gremlins walking around) The thirst is real in this mofo dudes were throwing stacks of ones for no reason lol (I mean at least let a girl be in the vicinity) This night I went everyone was showing out all the girls were happy so ALL (thirsty) dudes were happy. Dudes made it rain, I made it drizzle (don’t judge me bro) Only thing that sucks is they force you to valet $10-$20 your car (up north we don’t like people in our car ya dig) but whateves.Drinks are a little expensive, but your going to a strip club so it’s to be expected.What I will say is the owners of the club noticed that there was lots of money being spent. Ad they gave out 5 big bottles of grey goose to random people that was acting a fool (that’s what’s up) and honestly it made people go even crazier. All in all it was a good night. DALLAS DAMN SURE DIDNT DISAPPOINT!!!

  14. Asia T.

    Went here for a job interview back in August 2015 for a part time waitress position.My time was wasted wholeheartedly at DG’s since I didn’t have TABC certifications at that time, and no experience which the waitress manager knew both about prior to me coming in. He could have not contacted me if he was looking for waitresses with experience! Duh! Shortly after the interview, I had texted the waitress manager about my status for a couple of days but I unprofessionally never got a text back. It figures. Although he was the one who directed me to get my TABC certs after I got home from the interview, send him the results, and then I’ll hear from the big manager in 2 days(at that time). I did everything he mentioned and still didn’t get hired. Oh well. Because of that I will never ever patronize at DG’s at all! There’s better choices of strip clubs around town. Job seekers without waitress experience and TABC certs….you’ve been warned! Don’t waste your time here. Get your certs beforehand!

  15. Oleman

    for an old white guy experience was a little intiminating, guys hangin in parking lot and out front, funny looks when I went ahead and paid cover anyway after realizing it was a black club… but bartender friendly and beers reasonable and overall quality of girls really good.

  16. winston12

    This place has really gone down hill. First off you can’t park in their parking lot unless you pay $10 to valet your other option is to park on the side of the building which is stupid since their own parking lot was completely empty since people didn’t want to pay 10 to park and they charge $15 to get in now. Also, you have to pay cash to get in they don’t accept Credit Cards they have a ATM inside that charges $7. When you order a drink they take your CC and your DL and go off with it, I don’t like that at all.

  17. Business Trip Man

    Horrible club. High prices ugly dancers. After paying the cover I decided to see a couple of girls to see if the quality was there. The bouncer told me to either buy a dance or a drink or get out. Went down to Baby Dolls and had a much better expierence.

  18. Big Mo/Mohanna

    I love DGC, if you like good music and pretty girls, GO!!!

    Great drinks, shot specials, and overall-TIGHT!!!!!!!

    You gotta go!

    Big Mo-Irving, TX

  19. Franklyn

    I actually love DG’s. The music is ALWAYS good (hip-hop/rap)! Very club-like atmosphere, which I like. The skrippers 😉 are never raggedy looking. Just know it’s gonna be packed as hell when you go! Also, I dislike the parking area. Hard to walk in in heels!Tip: Women have to have a male chaperone to get in.

  20. tonycluber

    Every time I go here is always a good time the girls are cool friendly staff they always play great music the drinks are pretty strong not a bad place to be on a Friday night if you got a little time and money to spare

  21. Johnson12

    Don’t come here broke!!! Drinks are pretty good a bit high in cost but all in all its a cool urban strip club..

  22. Naomi

    This is the best majority black strip in dallas to me. Their is plenty of thick, pretty, caramel, chocolate, banana, honey, redbone colored women (mexican, white, and asian women also). It’s for the type of people who like hip hop or hip hop video chicks.

  23. Harrison69

    This place has been around for quite some time but that is no excuse as to why they have rats, mice and water bugs. They have an outdoor patio where you can smoke, where I was accompanied by multiple water bugs who were very friendly and could fly. While sitting down in the front row I happened to glance at the stage and the largest rodent stole the show.! I’m disturbed and feel as if this is not the first time that this has been a problem. After asking girls and managers about the problem they claimed that the owners explained that they should get used to it. Ive contacted the health department but they acted as if they already knew about it.

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