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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “La Bare

  1. eddyL

    lol. this is so stupid but whatev, I am the maid of honor so it was sort of my duty to get the bride a lap dance for her bachelorette party. I wish they would do less dance routines and more strip routines like…girl strip bars. The men were ok looking. Nothing special. I would recommend for a bachelorette party. There were like 5 other bachelorette there that night. We were attended to promptly by a waiter. hahaha we left after her lapdance. It was just not happening there.

  2. Allison L.

    For my 300th review, I wanted to go balls out. Literally. So I decided to write about my cherry popper….in the stripper sense of the word. HEY OOOOOOH! My first venture here was when I was 18 years old. Penis. A guy wearing just a bow tie and slacks escorted us to our table. As I looked at the stage, there was a guy doin his thang in his fine banana hammock, his name was Alex. He gave me a poster which I then took to college and stuck on my dorm room wall. What can I say? I’m a badass. You never forget your first. Fast forward 12 years later. I still go and I’m not ashamed *fist pump*. I prolly go every few years, always a spur of the moment thing and I enjoy it every time. Penis. It’s fun, noisy and obnoxious. I mean what did you expect? Guys go see women…so women, let’s go see some guys! Who aren’t bad to look at either, they do know how to pick ’em…I like the baby faced ones. Rawr. My last venture was this past weekend. Our BF’s were out of town, so my girl and I were like…Penis. Lots of new dancers, but still some I saw 3 years ago (my last time). You shake what your daddy (or steroids) gave you. The guys want your money and will say and do anything to get it. I know this, and I’m fine with it. Penis. It’s like gambling, the money you bring, consider it gone. Just prepare yourself. When I walked past one guy on a smaller stage to get to the bar (obviously) he goes “hey gorgeous, bring that over here” haha, you wish. Clearly he saw the cash in my hand. The service was meh, our “waiter” if you could call him that was so aloof and when we asked him to take a shot with us he goes “of course baby”, gave us each a little rub up and then after we take our shots he goes “honey, you’ll have to also pay for the one I drank.” Thanks Captain Obvious. Penis. Then a big bachelorette party came and we didn’t see him the rest of the night. Ugh. To be honest, I don’t go for the waiters (who are really aspiring strippers that don’t have it…ya dig?). I go for the main stage. Penis. My favorite routines are the “Dirty Cop”, “Top Gun” and of course how can you not love Randy Master Blaster with his Playgirl calendar. Cue the DJ…”WHOOOOO WANTS OOOONE????”Mix all this with loud girls screaming and thrashing, the DJ who rocks out (while the dancers shake their wangs), waiters humping your leg and you’ll have one hell of an evening. You will leave smelling of baby oil and designer imposter Cool Water. How can this not be every girls dream? Penis.

  3. fritter17

    The guys were attractive… but the songs pretty much sucked… the drinks were about $8 each but super watered down.. the place smelled funky. .. And what really got me was that these guys were standing on thw tables CHATTING with eachother.. I mean are you kidding me…!???! I mean there were some guys that were deff working for my money but most of them were not.. So I had to pay to get in and pay for crappy watered down drinks… for a cruddy performance.. Im pretty fired up.. why can’t dallas have a nice woman’s club?? Very very disappointed

  4. Kelly C.

    We went for my bachelorette party, and mostly thought it was gonna be a laugh fest but it was alot more than that! My only complaint is the VIP package 125.00. Included a bottle of champagne(decent stuff), a plate of very watered .down test tube shots. Literally no alcohol in them, a tshirt that says “Just Do Me”, which really, where can I ever wear that without looking like a 10 cent whore?Lastly you get a picture at the end with all the dancers,(which anyone can get if they pay 10.00. Again that was my only complaint. They need to either lower the price, or include more in the package, and I would say throw in some beers or something. The dancers on a whole were attractive. Which surprised me. I just moved here from Orange County, Ca and frequented Vegas countless times. I have seen Chipendales, and the Thunder down Under. Obviously this club does not even compare to those however they are working on it. Was kind of grossed out by the obvious amount of “juicing” these guys do. By the looks of some of their backne, they seem to not be too schooled in way of Canadian pharmaceuticals for their, ahem, enhancements. Is that why so many of them wear that weiner extension, towel thing? That thing is wrong. We had fun all around though. The owner “Alex” (sweet Russian man) came over and bought my friend and I a shot. Thanked us for coming in and asked if we were having fun. Honestly that alone will bring me back. Not so much for seeing naked weiner gyration, but because Alex is just a sweet guy, running a business, trying to make a buck, and providing great customer service. That will always get my vote.

  5. Zandra E.

    La Bare’s is just kind of awesome and for me, it is not for the randy, Magic Mike reasons you may be thinking. When it come to La Bare’s, the strippers are typically well fit, many are very good looking and they dance well. They are also all gentlemen. That’s all great, but the real fun of La Bare’s comes with the clientele. I swear these women are beyond hilarious to behold. La Bare’s creates this holding place for everyday women who aren’t wild to just let their hair down and go for it. I mean, these ladies are all about hooting, hollering, talking dirty, getting drunk and getting some lap dances. You will seriously end up meeting so many women who will make you get into the festivities even if you are a newbie like myself and have no idea what you are even supposed to do with male strippers. To be honest, I’m so used the rules for female strip clubs (yes, I have a history of going to a lot of female strip clubs due to friends dancing there, me being a super broke undergrad at the time and my homegirls hooking me up with drinks and the club buffet or dinner menu. LOL!) the ability for the women to even touch the dancers was a shock. But seriously, there is just a fun vibe in this place where you will see the really awesome waitstaff stopping to dance with clients and it is just really all about making a safe party environment. While I may not ever become a regular, I definitely can see myself hitting this place up for events with friends who call this place their second home. And seriously, embrace all that they are giving. Yeah, it may seem a little cheesy with some of the dance numbers and the typical costumes, but that is all in the fun of it. So just relax yourself, grab some dollars and have a good time. Don’t try to think to hard about it either. Just pick the pair of buns you like, have him shake what his Pappa gave him, give him a dollar and take another drink. That is the formula to a fantastic night at La Bare’s. 🙂

  6. tonycluber

    The men were attractive and many different ethnicities! This was a pretty classy club compared to others I’ve been to. However, most were pretty young so I don’t plan on coming back once I turn 40 LOL. To my pleasant surprise, they had some awesome dance routines and a few man were super flexible (Cirque Du Soleil watch out LOL) 😉 They offered us free Hypnotic shots all night and the cost for cover and drinks weren’t bad. We had a wonderful time!!

  7. timmykilla

    If you are looking for a great ladies night out, then this is the place for you I have never had a bad experience. The drinks are good. The waitstaff and bartenders are friendly. And, most importantly, the male entertainers put on a hell of a show. They make sure that every lady in the place is having a great time and they look like they’re having a blast doing it. Wednesday night is a good time to try it out. It’s not packed and there’s plenty of chances for time with your favorite performer.

  8. XhXeXy

    I have a theory. Ladies would have more fun paying random drunk guys at any number of bars on Lower Greenville to give them a lap dance than they would at La Bare. Let me tell you why: First of all, La Bare charges a cover. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of ladies paying to see wieners. Usually men are all too happy to break out their purple-headed warriors, but whatever. Not that there is any dick to be seen, as La Bare certainly does not bare all: the elusive knob is covered by g-strings or costumes. Most ladies don’t want to ogle tallywackers anyway, but I’m all about equal opportunity of the sexes. Second, they don’t let the girls dance on the tables. They come over and make the girls climb down, which does, however, make dancing on the table a great way to get the attention of staff so you can finally make them take your drink order. Third, for an ungodly amount of money, a lady can pay go to on stage in front of the entire club, sit in a chair, and have a dance where’s she the focus (not exactly a lap dance). It’s like $100 for a 2 minute dance.The most disturbing aspect of my experience at La Bare was that I left the club covered in greasy stripper film, despite trying my damnedest to not touch anything. Stripper juice seemingly hovers like fog and coats everything in the place – even the bathroom stalls. Our Bachlorette party was virtually ignored by the dancers and waitstaff our entire visit. I was going to the bar for my drinks before I found out we had a waiter. The drinks were weak. That made me sad as this is the type of place where I wanted to drink enough to punch a hole through my brain. As far as how attractive the guys are – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, a man who submits to a full body wax and synchronized dong dances to bad 90s boy band music just isn’t hot.Bye Bye Bye.

  9. joseph1k

    I had never been to -and will probably never again- go to La Bare’s but it was a sight to behold and a super good time! At first, it was a little weird since we were the first group there and so the pressure was on us to pony up the dollar bills. Eventually, after ripping off countless pairs of velcro pants, rubbing many dollar bills on many a chiseled chest, some other groups arrived and the place was alot more bumpin’. What I did not realize was how much I was going to get fondled- lady’s: don’t wear something low cut unless you want to get motorboated, titty fucked with both soft, cloth covered wieners and a Randy Master Blaster poster. Sometimes I just had to step back and take a break although my girls were all funneling me ones since I was the bachelorette! It was super fun but not what I would call “sexy” although many of the men were super fit and hot, alot of guys visiting from Florida apparently…as my friend said “these Miami boys are gonna bankrupt me!” There is one guy trapped in the 90’s- he did a whole Crow routine with white face makeup and a leather duster…not MY thing but maybe it works for some ladies. My favorite was cowboy Trent who did a Devil Went Down to Georgia thing with Randy Master Blaster where I don’t even think they stripped but he sure as hell did a back flip off the other guy. Good clean fun!

  10. Monica C.

    AMAZING ! i love their show always something new and exciting , the fire show the magic mike scenes , my favorites are ADONIS , TYLER AND JASON they are gorgous. All men are fit and proffesional

  11. La Bare lova
  12. Salud L.

    So here goes…yes I went to LaBare’s!!! And I liked it. I was in Dallas for a business trip and this place was brought up by a friend so wa-la we decided to go after dinner. A cover price for a strip club…ummm…okay fine. Went in and understood why. This place is clean and well kept. The guys are in excellent shape and gorgeous! For the most part all of the guys dance well. This was my first experience EVER at a place like this. The drinks are weak but I’m a cheap drunk so I was feeling good with 2 drinks. 🙂 Let me explain the 5th star on this review though. Brandon Byars! Wow. He is awesome and can dance. I the variety of types of men. From babyface to more rugged. But Brandon definitely caught my attention. All of the guys were gentlemen and sweet. I will definitely be back with friends one day. Thanks LaBare’s for the memories!

  13. alicia

    Went for the first time with some girlfriends from work and it was awesome. All the guys were so hot and they were very personable. They remembered our names, and the waiter remembered what we were drinking even tho there was a ton of people there. We had a blast!

  14. adamrod

    Not nearly as cheesy and gross as I was expecting. The guys were all really cute and friendly. The drinks were good but a little too pricey even for a strip club. I gave this place 4 stars and not 5 bc unlike female strip clubs you actually have to walk up to them to give them the money instead of them coming up to you. I left with like $40 of ones in my hand just bc I didn’t feel like chasing any of them down.

  15. igor34

    I went here the other night with a group of ladies after we saw Magic Mike XXL. The only complaint I have is where we were seated. We had a table towards the back wall on the right side of the stage and it was in between two other tables. This was okay at first, since we came early, we were able to move around and go to the stage right in front of the dancer if we choose. Once it got crowded, we were literally boxed in and could not move. The DJ kept asking our table why we had stopped going up to the stage and we were like we can’t move, we’re trapped!! So if you do go, make sure they give you a table in the front or one in the middle that is not so enclosed, or else you’ll be just sitting there. I guess it wasn’t such a bad thing as I did save a lot of money; I didn’t get to throw it or put it down any of the dancer’s drawers as I initially had planned to do. As for the drinks, the other ladies at the table that ordered mix drinks said they were weak and watered down, like the other reviewers on here said. I read those reviews before I went, so I played it safe and ordered wine.

  16. fuckery12

    Saturday Night: I payed for watered down drinks @ regular price….not cool. I took my sister, since she had never been before and she was ready to go after not even an hour. She said it looked like a high school talent show with half naked men, and I must agree. The music was pretty bad, so be prepared to hear the crap selection of songs from the 90’s. I was here about 3 years ago….and it is the same….blah.

  17. Josalyn R.

    I wanted to do something unique for my friends 40th birthday. I live in California and she lives in Mesquite, TX. I was going crazy trying to find something to do. I did research on several places and got a lot of mixed reviews…..however, La Bare was my final choice and according to the birthday girl best decision made. She’d never been to an establishment like this and really let her hair down as did the other girls with us. They have different types of reservation packages you can choose from. We had the VIP reservation and I’ll say it again, worth every dime! The team was awesome to work with, from the hostess to the front desk to our set waiter to the hot guys stripping down for our pleasure….AMAZING! We were invited back the next night but already had previous reservations. Definitely a place I would go to again given the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who made our evening.

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