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8532 Sepulveda Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA 91343


34.2255614, -118.4672631




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Odd Ball Cabaret

  1. ReMark

    The women knnow how to heat the place up. I usually pick one dancer and invest in her for my lap dances. I had two sessions and would have had a third is I had the cash.

    Good variety of women, but all know how to handle themselves (and you).

  2. Garrett S.

    Literally the worst now. Used to be a good time but the last two times I’ve been there has been 5 or less girls who are all average at best. Sad place now a days.

  3. Tito Turrietta

    It Was My First Time Experience And I Loved It The Girls Really Treat You Right

  4. Mark

    There were some very beautiful girls at this club, including Isabella (gorgeous, a person could fall in love), Delicious (great stage dancer), Starr (pretty), Lola (very cool lap dance) and others. Only a few were unattractive (Manuela – a little past the prime age, and Nicola – can’t dance to save her life). Lap dances $45 nude. Some girls will only work nude. The prices are above average for the dances, but there are no money surprises or weird hidden charges – do beware that during the frequent 2 for 1 specials it will likely be your business to note that you are paying once for two dances, which is sort of a distraction when you are getting busy with the girls. I went there on a Saturday and there were about eight girls working. All were very friendly. If you want to just watch the strippers, the place is a bargain- free admission available and laying out a couple of bucks in the front row will get you some great entertainment. No alcohol.

  5. livinlikelarry

    Nothing unique or interesting about this place. First, there is nobody behind the counter when you enter so you have to wait or call someone to let you in. Second, the place was almost empty and no food or kitchen on a Sunday but yet they place a food menu on your table? Third, the few girls that danced or worked there would cuddle and sit all by themselves while the few men sat by themselves across the room too. That is what you call a “Gentleman’s Club” these days in Los Angeles. Go figure. Fortunately, there are LOTS of clubs in Los Angeles and in the surrounding cities so when you find yourself in a boring or uninteresting place like this, just get up and grab your car keys and head towards the exit quickly which is what I did.

  6. eddy
  7. Mike


  8. dannyboy7

    I’m f@#king obsessed with this place! Of course all I f@%k with is gangsters & strippers

  9. richard95

    I’ve changed this review after realizing it was overly and unfairly harsh.Regrettably this industry is rife with these sorts of pricing “misunderstandings” – and few who will complain. I was quoted one price and charged more than 5 times more. After having done a report about this very thing on my show a number of years ago – and how prevalent it is in the industry – I shouldn’t be surprised by it here. That; of course, doesn’t excuse it.With that said the venue is clean, comfortable and easy to get to; most of the staff warm and engaging; if not somewhat less than scrupulously honest and up-front; and most of the dancers were really terrific.I went here actually planning on dropping far more money than I did after this event and that only served to hurt the performers. I spoke to the manager, Travis, about this and he was at least understanding and even offered to comp some private dances. I turned him down however because I wasn’t trying to get anything for free.BOTTOM LINE: Ask and BE CLEAR about what you want and what they are offering. They won’t help you here (regrettably) and you’re literally on your own. CAREFULLY read any receipt before you sign it and assume that their vague pricing and undisclosed offerings works to their benefit and against you – because it does.Also, a 10% “service fee”? Really???

  10. S.C. Hoppin'

    The 2-3 girls were not fine & beautiful enough for an early Sunday evening.

  11. ryan123

    went with a couple of friends of mine here a few nights ago and had such a good time i had to write a review, and that’s saying something! i went to this place with a couple of friends after a night out at the bars. We walked in and immediately the staff was really friendly, and most of the girls were 9s and 10s. no kidding! if you tip money at the stage the girls will like you and respect you and i think that’s the respectful thing to do at a strip club anyway. i danced with two girls, both of which were gorgeous and had great bodies, not to mention they were super friendly! I really recommend this checking it out. if you want hot girls, friendly staff and a good time!

  12. John S
  13. fuckery12

    First time here and I loved it! All the girls were friendly and good looking. I wish it was closer to my home cause I would definitely be a regular. I heard it got remodeled and it looks really good. Krista is a sweetie! If you go, ask for her and trust me you won’t be sorry 🙂

  14. Dave

    I lived in So Cal for years and this was my favorite club. Girls were always attractive and friendly. I back in town for business on the last week of august 06 and made a special trip to relive some good times at the Ball. What a mistake – the girls were “fair” at best and when I received a private dance it was as expected – until they told me it was $45 per dance. What a total RIP OFF. Is the Ball under new management or something??? If so, someone has to let them know they’re not in Vegas. Overall thoughts – go to another club (save your money).

  15. eh

    Girls are so so, with the exception of a few good ones. The music and atmosphere is good, but they charge $45 for a private lap dance…leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  16. Tom

    Was a little pricey, but in the end it was well worth it! Had the absolute best lap dance ever by a stripper named CiCi. I’ll be back to see CiCi…the sooner the better. Wow!

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