10859 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75220


32.8769364, -96.8845984




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lipstick

  1. ronnie

    went to spearmint. rino to high priced, royal caberet better, but still high cover.

    i’ll be back here

  2. Bobby Jo Baker

    Nice place.

  3. G

    It’s all about perspective. Ebony, dancer turned waitress will take good care of you. Be nice to the girls, they will be nice to you. I’ve only gone during the day. Not many girls but they can be very friendly.

  4. Cedric

    The club is ok if you want to see some strippers and your on a budget. You have to go on a Friday or Saturday for it to be good. You go on any other day and its dead.

  5. Jim

    Very little variety, most dancers were unattractive, and it is never busy. I talked to the daytime manager about adding some variety and being a little bit pickier about hiring entertainers, but I have been back to this club several times, but it is not improving. I will not be returning.

  6. adamrod

    If you’re looking for a small “moms and pops” kind of strip club then you’ve come to the right place. Entrance is about $10 which is a good price. Once you walk in and take a quick glance around you’ll realize that the building is so small that the quick glance was enough to see it all.Seats are basically pull up chairs so nothing fancy. Might be uncomfortable.Women hear are decent. Different options to choose from yet not many are working so you’ll usually see customers fighting for the 2 best ones.Dances are $20 just like other places. Topless only however. They do sell alcohol but they’re pretty pricey. Average around $5+ per beer.Food is decent but the prices for them aren’t bad.Best part about lipstick that I experienced was the customer service from the waitresses and even the manager when my food wasn’t coming out on time. Unfortunately the dancers spend most time talking to themselves instead of offering dances but in their defense it was a slow night.Over all it’s okay and has a lot of potential. Especially With how caring they are. A bigger location with a more comfortable environment is what this place needs.

  7. danny

    no comments

  8. Matt

    Total trash!!

  9. mathewater12

    Meh.. Not to hot on this place but in fairness it was Monday night. Paid for vip and should have just saved the money.

  10. Daid P.

    I did get to pay two with two skanks have sex. I left with them drunk off my a$$. I must be white trash myself but watching two women getting their freak on only cost my mortgage for my home for the month and may lose my family over it all but I enjoyed the over all experience. My wife is cultured and refined so I like skank on the side. They do serve you when they should stop so I like that part too. So if it is nasty skank that turns you on (like it does for me) this is the place to go!

  11. Phoxxman

    I’m visiting Dallas and like seeing young, good looking, CLEAN women when I go to big cities (L.A., Chicago, N.Y., Atlanta. Bay Area is NOT good for strip clubs). This is a VERY GOOD strip club. I just left there (Friday 7/20/07) and going back there in a couple hours because the price is right (low cover, spent about $45 total 4 3 big beers, two good lap dances, and $3 up close and tips each on 4 dancers on the 3 stages) compared to a couple other local clubs that are more upscale and totally nude. The Women are diverse with 65% being very good looking Nubian women, and some decent/good looking White and Hispanic ladies that were appreciative with average, or reasonable effort. They know to get me going, and brought out the best in me (get that game better, tell em what they do for you, they like it. Get your private dance somewhere in the back and have some fun. I like this place ’cause it is Kool. For those that want to know; there were a few White guys havin fun like they ‘spose too and everything was rite.

  12. StripClub431

    Awesome fun & exciting place. Great staff, very welcoming & sweet. Super $2 Sandwich lunch special along with $2 drinks till 9 pm. TV Screens everywhere so you watch all your favorite fights & games.

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