The Men’s Club of Dallas



2340 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Men’s Club of Dallas

  1. larry1

    This place was pretty good. Overpriced beers for sure. The women were hot at least. Sounds strange but I went there mostly with the interest of having dinner. “Which was good” Most strip clubs go to the girls will harass you for dances and try very hard to get your money. Here? Since I wasn’t wearing a suite and tie being slightly younger I pretty much got ignored while they all focused their attention on the older business looking men. Granted I make just as much money as them most likely but I prefer to take my suite and tie off to go to a place like this. No need after 5 lol. Anyways it was kind of nice to sit back, eat, and watch without being bugged for private dances the whole time.

  2. nusualkummi

    been there couple of times and was never disappointed. Great place….

  3. Steve

    Very nice club! But does anyone know where’s Nicole? Haven’t seen her in

    awhile. She’s One Beautiful and Classy Girl. She was Always alot of Fun!

  4. The Don

    This a nice club with pretty girls. The only thing i didnt like is that there is NO POLE!!!!. Other than that it was alright.

  5. Victoria R.

    Decent spot to check out in Dallas, especially if you’re in town on business, still in business attire and looking to lounge. The ladies overall are decent, the music is more country, slight rock n roll and more on the slow tempo side than fast paced. Food & drinks are served of course. I was happy they served my bourbons and whiskies but they also had an extensive wine list since they have a wine cellar. They are quite excited about their cellar and will share the list with you. The wine list, completely overpriced and at the end of the day no one is coming to a gentlemen’s club to spend $250-$1250 for a bottle of cabernet. LOL Ladies will appeal to all demographics. Downside – lap dances are overpriced and the ladies do not work the room enough. Thursday night was decent…

  6. richard95

    Yeah yeah, I know it’s sleazy for me to be here. Well get over it. The club itself isn’t all that bad very nice interior and layout, the girls for the most part are attractive, and the DJ does a good job. But here’s why I’m really writing this. On Friday’s during crawfish season they have a boil! It’s $15 to get you in, but after that it’s all you can eat crawfish. They have a live band out on a great patio. Drink specials that are truly surprising, $1.75 domestics and wells from 4-8. This has got to be one of the best deals in town. I can easily rack up a huge tab on crawfish and beer ($50 being the average outing unfortunately), when I come here I can get in and eat how ever much crawfish I want, drink some beers, tip the girls, and still get out for only $25. Not a bad deal at all. Plus someone has got to help those poor girls pay their way through college, haha!!!

  7. fritter17

    I love this place… Everyone is so nice and polite. Classiest Gentlemen’s club I have been to up to date. I felt completely at home and comfortable there. The women are sooo beautiful and I had an overall outstanding time. Worth your time!

  8. Ed Cole

    Took some clients in for drinks. Great atmosphere and we were well taken care of. Will be back soon. Heard the food is great here. Ready to try some grub on my next visit.

  9. Officer (continued)

    club had a FREE

    shuttle to the Dallas Cowboys game, which was very nice; drink prices vary by day of the week and by time of day, sometimes beer prices are $3 and other times beer prices are $6.25 or $6.75, I went on Sunday when beers cost $6.25 after 8 p.m., beers are $3 all day Monday, soft drinks are $5 and fruit juices are $6, bar tender said he would make mixed drinks doubles; this is a safe/ secure club in a safe location, club had security and crowd seemed respectable, atmosphere in club was GREAT–no pressure to buy drinks or dances or to tip girls, everyone in club was friendly and courteous, bathroom attendant was polite and let me refill my beer bottle with water without complaining; service was GREAT–attentive without being overbearing; club facilities are TOP NOTCH–like walking into a five star club or restaurant, chairs are extremely comfortable and decor is lavish, but club is NOT stuffy or uptight and allows tennis shoes and jerseys to be worn; there is a separate VIP room which I did not visit, I’m not sure whether it is possible to pay a one time only fee to visit this room, club sells VIP memberships for $550 per year or $1000 for life that have a variety of benefits, including access to the members only/ VIP area; (TO BE CONTINUED)

  10. Tom D.

    Terrible club. The Men’s Club has been in decline for a variety of reasons for several years now. Upon entry you will notice loads of promo cards all over the place. This makes you feel like you are at some after hours rave (tacky and low class and shows they are struggling because they rent that counter space). Now they scan your driver’s license without telling you in advance or asking you (wow). I don’t want my ID being scanned by ANYONE. It also makes me feel like the place is not safe. Okay, so now for the entry fee. You pay $15 entry to be allowed to spend $9 for a beer. And the food is ridiculously overpriced as well. Once you enter the place, nearly all employees size you up to see how much money they think they will be able to get from you. It’s the most bizarre thing I can remember experiencing. The staff act like parasites, as if no one is paid a salary and they are all on commission. It’s really an unsettling experience. I’ll never go again. This place my look upscale but it is run by losers and scum bags. If you want a nice place there are several others to choose from but I would stay clear of Men’s Club.

  11. adamrod

    Worst “club” I’ve ever been to! Guys in a strip club want to come in and chill and watch girls dance.. this club consisted of random girls walking up sitting beside you and talking.. not asking for dances etc but talking..then when you wanted to get up and leave or wanted to get up for any reason they demanded money for there time.. unreal! since when does a guy come to a strip club to pay $350 an hour to hear a girl talk?? Nice building but girls were average and wanted you to pay them to talk! one girl sat down for literally 5 minutes then asked for $350 just to hang out for the next hour.. when I looked at her like she was bat shit crazy, then she demanded some money for her time.. I gave her $40 to go away! not a lap dance but to literally go away.. she was still a rude bitch after I gave her $40 for her sitting there for 5 minutes.. this place is unreal..**NOTICE the other reviews: the only GOOD thing they mention is the FOOD! Is that a red flag or what??

  12. maxxy1

    This place is a shakedown club… stay away! Seriously there is a full law breaking physical situation if you dont tip the girls enough cash for not doing anything. They will unlawfully detain you and try and kidnap you. Stay away!!!!

  13. eddyL

    Went last night hoping for good food and fun with friendly dancers. The food was very good and not too unreasonably priced. At 8:00 p.m. there were three customers and ZERO dancers. I waited for 40 minutes and no dancers anywhere in sight. Not sure how this club keeps the name “Men’s Club.” It might be time to let the chef take over operational management … he/she seemed to be the only adult supervision that knew what they were doing. Save yourself the cover and disappointment and keep moving down N.W. Hwy.

  14. Anthony

    This club ROCKS! Beautiful place. Ould rate it a ten but management kinda stinks when it comes to customer service but still very good club. If you go to this club ask for the short italian beauty named “Toni”..OMG she is breathtaking! With out a doubt the best dancer I have met. Cant wait to get back to Dallas to see her.

  15. fuckery12

    Go on Wednesday for the buffet !!! 9 bucks all you can stuff !!!! Prime rib and 1.75 beers till 4pm !!! HELLYEAH !!! Ask for Syndney to dance for you !!! Smokin hot blonde day girliee thats a transplant from Caberet Royale when it went all latino. Im glad I found her !!!

  16. curtis17

    Fuck this club! I went inside only ten minutes left wanted to buy some drinks and get a few dances before I came in and WT they wouldn’t let me in because I didn’t have a male escort???? I was obviously Tom Boish wasn’t tryna like step on these girls toes I was trying to give them MONEY and get a little tipsy before my flight!!!! I had 1400$ on me and was ready to spend. So pretty much they’d rather have broke guys then A girl that’s tryna get booze and have some dances alone w pretty ladies what a discrimination!

  17. Officer

    easy to find location, directly on Northwest Highway; ample free parking, complimentary valet parking; club offers FREE COVER with hotel key, Dallas Cowboys ticket stubs (and maybe tickets to other sporting events); and with a coupon that is in the Ticket to the City coupon booklet on page 56 (the coupon booklet can be found at the tourist information stand at the rental car center at DFW airport); however, Texas has imposed a new state tax of $5 on strip club visits, and the club is collecting this tax from customers; (to be continued)

  18. james1412

    This was the worst experience ever from a Dallas strip club. Couldn’t pay the cheap strippers to cone dance for you. Asked three girls (with tips) and waited two hours for nothing. Don’t waste your time or your money.

  19. theanswer

    Lots of girls just sitting around doing nothing. Management needs to turn the club around and get the girls more interactive.

  20. Lil' Steps aka Tommy

    Great Staff. Wonderful dancers. Ask for Tex and her “special private dance” You will be glad you did.

    Can’t wait to get back to Dallas and the Men’s Club.

  21. Hockey Puck

    Mia (Thai and Chinese) is a looker with amazing real boos. Very nice, dances were 2 way, but not enough frictionto do the trick. She was the TEN on Friday night.

  22. tonycluber

    Wasn’t impressed at all with this club. No one was in there by the time we arrived around 1 am and I felt like the girls were bored as well. We ordered one drink and left.

  23. ryan123

    Just recently had a business trip in Dallas, after we closed a big deal I wanted to take out several of my employee’s out for a night to celebrate. Our taxi cab had recommended The Mens Club so I asked him to swing us by….As we pulled up I was immediately impressed by the outside appearance. It appeared that we were pulling into a high end hotel…. the valet guy greeted us directly from the cab and escorted us inside. When we walked in I was quickly greeted by a manager that asked us if we have been here before and when I replied “no, first time. just in town to celebrate our new business venture” he gave us an extensive tour and I was extremely impressed with their pool and jacuzzi on the patio. Never seen a club have that. Long story short….the girls were beautiful. The wine and champagne list was extensive, with great choices. And needless to say, we had a blast. Will be coming back to celebrate again soon…!

  24. XhXeXy

    I used to come in here for lunch quite a bit 4 years ago and at that time it was in decline. This was my first trip back in quite a while and wanted to see how it was holding up.I was not impressed by the quality of the dancers at all. This has definitely gone way downhill since 4 years ago (and even then it wasn’t top notch). I doubt this place is busy enough to attract top talent. I was literally the first customer in the club at 11:30, and when I left an hour it still wasn’t too busy. There were more employees than customers and this was Friday lunch when they offer $5 rib eyes.The $5 rib eye was tasty, albeit a bit thin. I actually prefer my steaks thin, but this was even thinner than I prefer. Still tasted good and the baked potato was fine as well. I paid $5 (steak) + $2 (baked potato) + $2 (entry fee) so quite a good deal.The service here was pretty terrible. I sat down and the waitress was sitting by herself at the next table over and acknowledged me but didn’t help me at all. A few minutes later she came by to ask if I want a drink but didn’t ask if I wanted a menu or a meal. I told her I would wait on the drink so she put down the cocktail napkin which is a sign that she is claiming me so other waitresses don’t come up to me and help me. A dancer ended up sitting with me and she went and got me a menu. She also explained the specials and did a good job of selling the place (but that’s not her job, that’s what the waitresses should be doing). There was no mention of the rib eye special anywhere but fortunately the dancer had told me (and I had seen on the website). The waitress had been gone for 15+ minutes. Keep in mind this place is very dead. Who knows what she was doing. Finally another waitress came by and I placed my dinner menu with her. I also bought the dancer a steak dinner, just because she was good company. In all i spent $20 after tip (including entry fee) so not bad for 2 meals.In terms of the decor, it does appear that the chairs have been slightly updated since the last time I came. I thought the place would look super dated, but it really didn’t look that bad at all. In fact, it looked way better than all the top clubs in Vegas (i’ve been recently). It was also clean and there were no issues in regards to that.One other thing that bothered me was that some of the employees were shouting across the club to one another. I understand that music is playing and the place isn’t that busy but you still shouldn’t be shouting across the club. That makes for an unpleasant experience to me. Overall, I much prefer The Lodge. Not only are the ladies much more beautiful overall but it’s just much more classy and customer focused.

  25. Harrison69

    Came here with the guys and we didn’t get any table service at all. And the drinks were $10.25 for simple drinks like coke and rum. And the dancers were slow come out on the stage.

  26. joseph1k

    We were turned away at the front desk upon arrival due to an oversight on our part, but after a brief conversation with the manager, we found the staff to be quite accommodating. Instantly, we felt welcome.The exterior was fashioned after your typical private club, and you have the option of valet or self-parking. Inside, there was no shortage of chandeliers, fabric-draped ceilings, as well as comfy, cloth-covered wing chairs.. just like the Wynn in Vegas. We were offered a tour but declined. I now regret this.It was late on a Saturday evening, and the music was loud and lively, but the atmosphere was calm and constrained, yet decidedly upscale.There was an interior courtyard in the back where guests can sit and smoke by a cute little pool which was colorfully lit.On the main floor, they had a glass-walled humidor / a wine cellar and a few stages. The lack of stripper poles was immediately apparent.Only a couple of the dancers looked like your typical adult entertainer. Most of the girls were like college students and office workers — unenhanced and unbleached. Everyone seemed genuinely warm and friendly. I saw many of the girls comfortably sitting on their customers’ laps. They seemed happy and relaxed. Some girls came to our table and sat with us, but never pressured us to pay for a lap dance. Nevertheless, we still fell prey to their charms.Here, tipping the dancers on stage was not de rigueur, so I’m guessing that the girls make most of their tips in the VIP areas.We’re told that entry to the least expensive VIP room was $150 per person for that evening. It was $250 for the ‘Red Room’. Then there were more exclusive areas upstairs, but I cannot recall what they cost. We did not indulge. The food resembled your typical bar fare but prepared to perfection by a five-star chef. Every appetizer was sinfully light and crispy, with no hint of grease. I’m too afraid to ask what type of oil they used, but everything we ate was divine.I cannot say that I will be a frequent visitor here, as I found many parts of the club to be prohibitively expensive (just ask what it costs for a swim in their pool), but that I will return from time to time when I yearn for that extra attention on those special occasions.On second thought, they might actually see more of me if they were to install a dance floor for their female patrons!Melissa was our waitress and she was highly attentive to our needs.

  27. Johnson12

    Waste of time!!!!!! Get a bank loan before you order a drink oh and must have to be an egotistical prick to dancers to talk to you. Apparently he was an actor that already has hit up a couple of other clubs and the dancers told him to screw off. Big spender wow he spent 100 bucks at the previous club. My group spent double that on the first round of drinks. Would not have been so bad except there was a total of 8 girls dancing, so bad that the DJ had to announce that they were taking a break so no dancer on stage for almost 20 minutes. So I guess if u don’t mind the bouncer or whoever it was moving your chair while your in to make room for this so called celebrity then go ahead and have a whirl. Me I’m going to the lodge. Better service better girls

  28. Officer (continued)

    THERE ARE THREE STAGES, one girl dances on each stage at a time, stage dancing was good but not great; roughly 25-30 girls dance here, about 80% are white (non-Hispanic) and 20% are black, 1 girl is Hispanic, most girls were buxom, and a few were petite, most girls had big (C cup) boobs, a few had D cup boobs, and a few had small (A or B cup) boobs, most girls had real boobs, but a few were fake; value for $1 tips: some girls rubbed their bare boobs on my face, and others did not; PRIVATE DANCES cost $20/ song and are performed TOPLESS ONLY in the main seating area; I watched, at a distance, some of the dances being performed, most of the dances had ONE WAY contact (girls touched the guys, but guys didn’t touch the girls), but a few had TWO WAY contact (guys fondled the girls’ bare boobs with their hands), I’m not sure why most of the dances were one way contact while others were two way contact, most of the girls rubbed their bare boobs on guys’ faces and ground their bodies on guys’ laps during the dances; club allows smoking, but air quality was fairly good; girls offer back rubs, which cost $10/ song; a few girls sat topless in the chairs with patrons, which was fun to watch; club also had a wine store; (to be continued)

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