Jaguars Gold Club



4714 Estes Parkway, Longview, TX 75603


32.4204325, -94.7136444




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jaguars Gold Club

  1. jhon t

    went twice during the week mon and tue nights girls are nice wait staff ok 25.00 entrance fee 20.00 dances, girls are friendly had a good time my favorite girl is Jazmin she is pretty and nice

  2. Dallas Big Dick

    I got head in the back room for twenty three dollars and my shoelaces. Worth it!!!

  3. John

    Worth the drive, small town, but the girls were really good, real nice variety. BYOB was great, would recommend bringing a bottle of crown for the women, that seemed to be a hit. I’d drive back for Kitty, she was beyond great. Private booth dances are real good, nice and private. Would definitely go back. Had my bachelor party here, it was worth the money.

  4. Dave

    You would think at the high cost of gas and food prices that this club would at least lower the cover charge! I’m from Greenville,Tx. Close to Dallas and this place isn’t worth the drive at these prices! Plus it seems that the dancers rather hang out with the one eyed bouncer than customers. And, every time I have been there I ask about previous dancers and the blonde, older bartender is always so rude to me! What’s with that? Think the owner needs to re-evaluate his employees. You don’t treat paying customers like that! Maybe owner should take a business management course on how to run a business properly. I use to love this club but for past couple of years it seems to be getting worse.

  5. swamptiger
  6. Alissa Werthen

    I like only one Dancer Ms Carla Cox & the waitress they are the only ones that inpressed me any this weekend when I visited . The waitress inpressed me more . I did not like the cover cost it was too much .the ladies did not dance long enough to earn their tips or offers .thank for letting me comment

  7. John T

    I was pleased went on a Monday and they had plenty of girls a most of them pretty good looking for a small town, entrance fee=20.00 dances 20.00 fully nude on stage and pvt dances, party with Jasmin and Kitty great friendly, worth my Money

  8. Baron

    Nice Club. Good looking and personalble women. Cover is a bit high at $25, but being BYOB I guess thats how they make the money.

  9. Rockhard

    Was there last night and the cover was too much but the girls were fine. Spice can shake that ass like no other. Kept me rock hard!

  10. shrevegolf

    What has happened to this place in the last 4 years? I couldnt belive it cost 25 dollars to get in and they dont get nude unless you go in the booth with a dancer. I know strip clubs become money hungry but streakers was always a fair place to go.I might have recongnised about 4 people there . When did the bartender pattie buy the club? Is this what happpened? Saw a two girl on one customer dance going on, Wow i thought i would get one. the guy at the bar got one. so asked the owner if i could get one too, but no, only if i paid her a bill, and each girl a bill. 300 dollars ? for a two girl dance? wtf? she says she owns the place and them wants an extra money? TOTAL rip off. i am gonna call the better buisiness place and report this. tried to ask the manager what was going on but he and the other guy that worked there wouldnt get off the pool table and anwrs my questions. this place is a jike dont waste your time on this.

  11. dallasalley

    Dont waste your money. This place is GAY. Waste time money go to shreveport , better places better looking people, time out in tyle ris nice too. Stay away from bartender i think he is gay.

  12. terry

    not that good of a club was not worth the drive

  13. mr.dallas

    OK guys bend over looks like another rate increase to get in the door, can you believe the owner of the club is now going to 25 dollars a person? the dancer cortknee has told me that the owner is lol. i have been going to this club for a few years now. dont expect to sit on anything but elementry chairs in this play! plastic school chairs clutter this building off i-20. and be careful using your credit card for those private dance’s . looks like the bartender has a tip for themselves ! went in sat nite. wow it was dead , wonder why? i bet it was because they do not get nude on stage anymore. only in the dances. and they still want 20 dollars on the door. the sigh posted on the entrance syas they are going up another 5 dollars because the goverment is charging every person comming in 5 dollars on top of cover. what a load of crap. you wanna call them private dance’s? b.s. how does porky get away with this? if ya do decide to go in tho have a few suggestions on your dances. cortknee and ginger. cortknee a day over 18 is hot sexy and sweet. ginger , older lady ,40ish,with the right credit card, well u know. and for breakfast talk to libby mexican girl heard she can cook some hash browns.

  14. Rick

    girls are nasty, i know two of them that have std’s, one of them won’t mention their name will STALK YOU

  15. moneymoo

    Hot girls, friendly waitress, club needs facelift but lets face it not there for the chairs. overall a fun club

  16. wetwillie

    Not the best club I’ve been in by far but the willingness of the girls to give you a good show (private dance) makes up for a lot.

  17. stevie

    we were visiting longview the other nite so stopped in. First advice do not take wife in there. The cyclops bouncer was nice at first . i had to brave the bathroom (it was covered in urine) when i cam out the one eyed bouncer was at my table trying to pick up on my wife. he left table wife told me things he said. got up and left after that. he asked my wife to come to the office fill out application, so he could get a better look at her, tells her he is a cop Ore texas. go figure a cop to act like this. think we will stick with dallas clubs . they are run more proffesional. wife was upset about camera being in the bathroom of ladies room so she would not use it. it was a big let down after paying 50 bucks to get into this dive.

  18. d p man
  19. wtf!!??

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