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0 reviews for “Centerfolds

  1. winston12

    Centerfolds is like the baby sister to Treasures. Less selection on the buffet of food and the buffet of women. On Mondays in lieu of a lunch buffet you get to choose between grilled chicken and steak- both with potato and veggies on the side. I had the chicken and it was damn good. This is included in the cover charge.During the day, the VIP area upstairs is a steal at $65 for the bottle. Go in and ask for Sharon Eve- she’s the best waitress on the day shift.It’s pretty low-key during the day but they run enough women to keep you from getting bored. *Most of the previous bad reviews are from women. I really suggest only women with a truly open mind and attitude frequent these places. Really, relax. Keep in mind:You don’t come to strip clubs for ‘good service.’ Strip clubs cater to men who are content with getting a drink and watching the show/getting dances and who are not concerned with getting menus and wondering where their waitress is. This is not a restaurant. This is a strip club that happens to serve food. The girls are there to make money and sell dances. Don’t knock them for being pushy. And no, they don’t want to date your man.

  2. Steve

    Great place, lots of dark corners, girls give extras

  3. shadow

    in town for ne night last weekend and decided to check the club out. hadn’t been there for 4 years. was not disappointed with opportunities available from girls. upon arriving on a saturday night about 7:45 the club was pretty much empty and was told it would pick up later. went upstairs and watch the stage below. say a busty blonde walk by adn i asked her to hang out with me. i ask about dance options and rules if any. sahe said lets go to the back side adn we could talk. i tole her i don’t like shy girls and she said she doesn’t like rude guys. i decided to give her a 1 dance try. half way into the song i decided to feel her out and see what was acceptable. to my suprise everything was ok and she said i have the green light to tap it if i had protection. needless to say she even swallows also and it only cost me 20 bucks for each song. oh how i miss texas. this was also the club i got my first bj 10 years ago. nice to know all is well and will alwasy spend my time and money there whenever in town.

  4. Seth


  5. swamptiger
  6. Anon
  7. John

    I went here like 6 or so years ago. Does anyone remember a chick named Gretchen that used to work there? If you do, e-mail me! rml530 at yahoo dot com She was hot!

  8. yanard12

    After a disappointing start at Diamond, this place seems like the Playboy mansion to me. Except I would like this place better since the girls here look more real and less plastic. Came here on a Thursday night, and I would say it’s not bad. It wasn’t busy, and there were plenty of women to entertain any whim of yours. Very diverse in ethnicity and skin color, too. Some of them were in really fantastic shape, and some of them fall into the curvier category. My guy friends told me that “this is nothing” compared to some other places, but I would still rate them as mostly B (and some C) team.Some of the waitresses are OLD. Like they probably got a few grandbabies at home. That part kinda confused me, but hey… equal opportunity, I guess. I’m pretty sure you can get whatever you like at this place. Some of the girls really seem to know how to hustle, and I’m sure there’s a little something for everyone if you know what you came here for. I just like to people watch… without looking long enough to seem too creepy myself.Drinks were standard expensive ass strip club prices, and cover was $12. Solid entertainment value, and some of those girls have got pretty good skillz. I’m not about to go up there to get a crotch stuck in my face, but if you do want that shit, MAKE SURE YOU TIP! Saw some bottom feeders last night go up there and not tip at all, which makes it even creepier and more gross. That shit ain’t free! Someone gotta pay for these girls to go to college, man!

  9. Horny Traveller

    I was there for “happy” hour. There would have been more cheer in a graveyard. Ratio of guys to girls is poor and most were marginal looking. The best looking women get pounced on for private dances. Expensive and not worth it.

  10. igor34

    Watch out because these girls will pick pocket you! My friend got a dance with one of the girls & felt her reach into his pocket & took off with $200. Manager didn’t believe my friend & threw us all out. Girls with no class.

  11. Chas

    Going in at a slower time usually results in having a better time here. Some girls try to scam you and charge a VIP fee to go upstairs. Most do not. The girls range from average to some real knock outs. Drink service has always been good. Worth a try if you are coming to Houston.

  12. Very Happy

    EVERYONE, do yourself a favor and check this place out. I have been to many clubs in my days but there is nothing I mean nothing like the Centerfold in Houston. Perfect women, not one unfriendly person in the club, including bartenders, waitresses and all staff. These girls are the best. I have finally found my home. And moving into an apartment 3 blocks from the club, thats how cool it really is. Love all of you at the Centerfold don’t ever change your way of doing business…..See you soon

  13. Dan
  14. Big Boy

    use to be the place in the 89 to 2002. has gone down. needs to be improved

  15. Robyn Q.

    I went there two nights ago and being a woman I didn’t expect to get teamed up on by these two strippers. I was with a male friend and for 2 seconds of lap dances we didn’t want or ask for they wouldn’t let us leave until we forked up $200. I don’t know where these girls find the nerve to absolutely rip us off like that but I’m mortified. Have fun with your chosen lifestyle, I guess. I wouldn’t spend a cent on your flat chests when I have a stunning pair that my friend clearly would choose to look at over yours.

  16. John Smith

    I just wanted to bring down the rating. HAHA

  17. someonewhoknows

    Just wanted to say….OVERALL, this is a very laid back sort of club. None of the fast paced “hookers”, just a mellow fun atmosphere. Very fun, “friendly”, and definitely worth a visit!

  18. XhXeXy

    Awful place. First time I came I was supposed to meet some friends and I was the first person there. As a woman I couldn’t go without a male escort. They still let me in after I payed the fee. 2 minutes later they kicked me out. HUSTLERS. Second time I came with friends, my group was harassed by the girls offering sex for money more than a couple times in an hour. Same girls were asking customers if they had or needed cocaine and meth. They manipulated the bartenders to put their drinks on our tab, managers didn’t do anything about it. Overall it was a dirty, depressing atmosphere. Its more of a brothel, drug house rather than a fun sexy stripclub. We went to a new club ,Vivid Live instead and had a great time.

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