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0 reviews for “The Men’s Club of Houston

  1. Johnnyboy123

    I may be a little biased since I’m female, and a foodie! But we came during happy hour of about 10-12 of us (girls n guys) for their cheap $1.50 drinks and free buffet. I’m all about food and drinks no matter where it’s at. The “buffet” consists of just fried shrimp, taters, and ridicuously full of vinegared wings. Maybe so you’d get thirsty, and buy more drinks?Though, I didn’t even think the girls were that attractive or appealing with the music. Maybe it’s because it was during happy hour?Well it was fun to just check it out!

  2. Jeff W.

    Haven’t been to a strip club sinceMy 21st bday. Visited them on Friday during happy hour. Cheap drinks, good food and beautiful women what more can u ask for. Brought my girl there too her first time. Very nice!

  3. fuckery12

    OK lunch in the galleria can be expensive and extremely time consuming but this place will definitely benefit you in more ways than one. The line what line, price is $10 for the buffer on Friday which has lamb, shrimp, salmon, tacos and many more items to munch on. Then to top it off you have a live show while you enjoy your lunch all for $10 without drink. Of course you have to tip and maybe a drink or two.. They once had $2 pints during lunch not sure if its still going on. Over all you catch a show and some good food with out those ridiculous lines and over priced food. I will definnetly be trying the 2 am breakfast night since i read its so good.

  4. yanard12

    Good titty bar, a little too upscale for me. Chicks are hot and my cousin James said that he was able to have sex with one of the girls for $200 and that was for 30 minutes and the chick had a motel room 2 blocks down…Seems kind of high to me, but he said she was hot as hell and for the $200 she said he could put his “thing” in any hole. I’m still not sold on this place…but will give it another try.

  5. Jack Cough

    I’m usually a regular several times a month at St James, I’ve got a couple irregular girls I like to see there but once in a blue moon I’ll check out this club to see how things are hanging. Club always appears to be clean although one time in the private room I found a gram baggie on the floor off to the side, had probably a little less than a gram of stuff in it. The girl that was giving me a dance asked me if I wanted to do a couple of bumps? I passed on the offer but she didn’t hesitate to take herself up on the offer. I guess it just comes with the territory most of the time. Good variety of girls. Sometimes they seem to be more occupied with their phones than they do the customers which I guess they’re not too worried about making tips. Club staff seem to be pretty nice. The club is a bit more of a drive from where I stay up in the Woodlands but it works out if the girls I want to see aren’t working at St James and I feel like something different. Club is nice and classy upscale. Pretty much on the same level as St James. I’ve never eaten the food here so I can’t comment on that. The drinks seem to be good, I’m not a big drinker though. All in all, for me St James is quite a bit closer and usually at least one of the couple of girls I like to see is working when I’m there, but when they’re not and I’m in the mood for something different, this club hits the spot.

  6. stripforme123

    Unfortunately, the reviews about the displays of racism and sexism are completely true. Save your money and go elsewhere.

  7. DC

    This club is great!!! Excellent management and staff. There is a wide variety in the dancers and all of them were very friendly and polite. This was my first time in Houston and I know where I’m going when I come back. Chris has an awesome body and a great personality.

  8. XXXbeast

    This place sucks. A group of 11 guys just got kicked out for no reason what so ever. We are gentlemen. Forget this place, you’d be better off getting off at Denny’s.

  9. joseph1k

    I love this club! My husband and I just started going to strip clubs together. We’ve really seen some trashy places in Houston. This one is very picky about the type of girls they hire. The girls actually use the pole unlike other clubs. I like it though, it keeps out trash. Also, they have a dress code for men as well. Unlike other strip clubs they have awesome food! The waitresses are all so sweet and helpful! They let me sample several wines until I found what I wanted. Most strip clubs don’t like couples coming in, but this one was so welcoming to me as a woman. I even saw an all women birthday party going on there! We’ve been here several times and plan on returning again and again!Update October 2016: it isn’t what it used to be. Our fav waitress left and the last 2 times we had rude waitresses that over charged us. I’m taking a star away due to this and the quality of all employees has gone down hill. The chicks all had fake asses last night. Sorry they looked so fake and gross. Maybe that’s the style but this isn’t the place for booty shaking and no tits. They used to higher such classy girls and had nice waitresses. I don’t get that feeling anymore. To the GM, Loyd, I hope you can fix this club. Maybe you need to work on hiring better staff including your floor mangers.

  10. rogerrab2

    Well, I don’t go to topless bars often anymore, so I will write this review based on my first, and so far my only, visit to the Men’s Club. I went during the afternoon to kill some time as I waited to meet with a friend on a Tuesday. There is a walled in parking lot to park in and looks fairly clean on the outside. The clean appearance is a plus in my book.As I went in, there was a five dollar cover charge which didn’t seem too awful bad. After my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting (as always going in these places) I found a table fairly close to the stage. It was just close enough for me to see the dancers, yet far enough removed to see the entire dance routine, not just a close up of a girls feet and legs. There were not too many patrons inside;about half a dozen or so. Just as I like it. The waitress came around and took my drink order and brought me a menu at my request. I ordered a rum and coke, and it was pretty good. The menu was a bit pricey, but what do you expect in a topless bar? I ordered a half dozen baked oysters to go with my drink. They were not bad at all. They came with two sauces, but I didn’t find a need for anything else on them to make them taste good. I ate them down and was happy with it.The dancers seem okay overall. The first girl approached me and was straight forward about wanting me to get a dance from her. This was before my food came out, so I told her to come around after a little bit and we could talk about that dance. Well, she never did return to my table. I did try to get her attention before I left, but she wouldn’t even acknowledge me again. That was fine though. Two of the other girls came over and we chatted for a bit. One was very nice and beautiful. We made small talk and went out to smoke by the pool. Yes, they have a pool! I didn’t go in of course, but it was nice to see it there on a pretty day. I ended up getting two dances from her and she was amazing. Very sensual. The other girl I talked too seemed fake to me, but was nice none the less. I got one dance with her. The girls are a pretty good looking. They were all in good shape, but only a few had a pretty face to go with their hot bodies. They did however look better than most dancers at the other joints I have been to. A majority of them also use the pole to dance on. In the other places most did not. This was great to me because I do enjoy watching them twirl around on a pole. All the other girls kept their distance from me, but they certainly were not busy either. Half the girls I saw were just sitting around waiting for their turn on stage. Overall, it was a good place to kill time and see some boobies. I may return again when I am in town and have more time.

  11. Thai N.

    Extremely discriminating and sexist establishment that needs to update their outdated policy in which a woman needs a male escort to enter because “a woman’s sole purpose in visiting a strip club is to find rich male sugar daddy husbands.” As a female engineer who happens to make double the income of my male counterparts.. I am absolutely appalled by this sexist comment and policy that still exists in 2015. Seven of us ladies who all make six figure incomes in oil and gas AND medical went to Men’s club Sat night to celebrate a birthday and denied entry because we all need one male escort. The explanation as to why is pure sexism. Like really?? We cant get in because we’re all trying to score rich husbands?!?! No, in fact we’re all lesbians who came to see the same “show” that single men get to enjoy without the need of an escort.

  12. tonycluber

    I went here February 2014 for a Friday happy hour (6-9pm). I don’t think their happy hour can be beat! $3 cover, $1.75 beers and cocktails until 9pm, and parking is free. The joint is alittle smaller than I would have thought based on how it looks on the outside, but the atmosphere was fine. There are TV’s all over showing sports. Our waitress was sweet and made sure we had everything we needed. Now, what I’m sure you’re waiting for…the ladies. I thought the girls (I’d say 4 or 5 danced during the 3 hours I was there) were a solid 6 out of 10. A couple girls I’d give an 8. I imagine that since we were only there for happy hour we didn’t see the best girls the club has to offer, but what we saw was plenty good considering the little amount of money we were spending. I have no problem recommending this place, check it out, especially for happy hour.UPDATE April 2015: I’ve been back on a couple of occasions since this review and have to say the quality of the girls has jumped dramatically! It was solid per my review above, but the last couple times I’ve gone it’s been as impressive a group as any I’ve seen in Houston. I’d say Treasures has the best looking girls, but The Men’s Club now is a close 2nd.

  13. mathewater12

    We came here from Dallas and when we first talked in, my husband was told he could not wear a t-shirt (which was a Henley actually and very tasteful btw) and told he could purchase a collard shirt which was a polo shirt for $30 and the ciber charge would be waived. We decided to go ahead and do that but I had to pay a cover and guess what?? No military discount!! When we got inside the place is super small and nothing great to be charging $15. I was rather disappointed. Had to spend $30 on a rather cheap polo shirt.

  14. Solomon

    Nice ambiance, and the dancers seem much more relaxed than most Houston clubs. Check out the gorgeous Mexican/French girl Norma for superior company.

  15. Harrison69

    This isnt a one star place because truly the women are absolutely beautiful. They are fit, its obvious they take that part of the job serious. They are pretty, no questioning that. Here goes the big BUT, not literally. These women DO NOT dance. Their pole dancing abilities are absolutely zilch. And the music is miserable. AND DO NOT!! PLEASE DO NOT pay to go the VIP area. There is no benefit to going up there. This strip club, is miserable. The women are pretty, the place itself is fresh, but seriously, its almost like a church. No fun, very boring, poor dancers. Just pretty eye candy. Its almost an oxymoron. Also there is no diversity. Every chick is 5’6, white, with fake boobs, and a firm ass. If that your thing, go here. If you wanna see anything else, even the slightest tan, stay away. I think this two outta five is justified because truthfully the place isnt a craphole but it certainly isnt the place for me.

  16. sam

    Go with Gail. Best BJ!!!

  17. harryharry

    The Men’s club is an awesome, awesome place to go after a fun night of drinking to wind down. Yes, it costs $15 to get in the door, but you get a breakfast buffet. They have eggs, they have hash brown, they have sausage, bacon, pancakes, and other breakfast food guaranteed to fill you up! And yes, they have boobs also.I’ve never had any issues getting in the door. The line is never too long. Show your ID, pay the cover charge, and get in. Grab a plate, find a place to sit and enjoy the view. And since this place is a strip club, of course the girls there will solicit to give you a private dance. Some will sit down a while with you and actually chat you up, some are pretty snobbish and will just ask and leave. But most of the time, they’re pretty nice and I’d have to say that the girls here are normally better looking (in my opinion since looks are subjective) compared to some of the other nearby gentlemen’s clubs (Treasures/Colorado) and most of the girls are not “enhanced.”Plenty of parking available in the parking lot. You have the option valet, but you can always self park, which what I always do. Also since I’m usually here past 2 am, I can’t really comment on drink prices and I make it a habit to pay with cash at a gentleman’s club since I’ve heard to many horror stories about credit cards being overcharged or whatever.All in all, this is a “classy” establishment with attractive topless girls walking around and pretty awesome breakfast buffet. Trust me, I’ll be back!

  18. Big Boy


  19. triple d

    Pricey, but not bad at all.

  20. Mistercap12

    Too date this is by far the best topless bar in Houston! Not only are the woman beautiful, but the place is super clean and has tons of food and drinks to offer. The best night too go is on Friday when my favorite DJ is on doing his thing. I have been going here for two years, and continue to go back for the ladies and the atmosphere. The ladies are the best, they don’t harass you and are very willing to get to know you before getting to the business part of if you want a dance or not. Request for Brooke or Bianca when you go! They are the best!!! I’ll be back very soon!

  21. AssnTits5

    The Mens’ Club is and always has been the paramount stop in Houston when you don’t just want to eat, but you want to have naked ladies just sitting and talking with you. I don’t have a problem with that. I’ve had some friends from overseas complain that they won’t drop the panties, but some will when you buy a bottle of Dom Perignon and go to a private room. We found that out when some friends from Germany really demanded to see the dancer naked. They got the job done. And interestingly enough my German friends were not impressed with the American women whom shaved their pussies and said it was unattractive. Never bothered me as I wasn’t paying and have my own at home. While there was valet parking and a cover fee, I left my (red) Ferrari at the front door, on the sidewalk next to a black Ferrari. When walking in I stated that “You can leave my car parked right there and waive our cover charge cause red goes good with black” and believe it or not that worked. They didn’t charge us a cover, left my car right there and never complained. My friends from Germany were very pleased with how the girls treated them in private booths. They had grins so large that their cheeks probably hurt the next morning. Men’s Club is tops for Houston for those of ya’ll that engage in this type of behaviour. πŸ™‚

  22. Big Guy

    The girls are HOT and the best DJs in Houston!

  23. igor34

    Came here with my gf, the service was excellent, like a 5 star restaurant, it was clean, food was great and the girls amazing. Girls actually dance, where in top shape, nothing lower than 8s. Might become a regular lol

  24. Big J

    What is Going ON with this Place ? I couldn’t find a Hot girl in here If I came in with HEF himself.. The managers do nothing but follow dancers around like a bunch of arrogant Teenage dudes. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a drink for about 20 minutes and my food is cold when we get it. I was with 9 people – none of us will be back.

  25. HornyBusinessTravaller

    I agree that there is more silicon implanted in the boobs of these dancers then there is on the beach at Galveston. The girls look good and I did not find them to be prima donnas (or pre-madonnas as the other dude said). While the girls were good looking there were just too few of them. It was difficult to get any private time with them. I left and went to Treasures and had a much better time.

  26. Tony G

    Silicone City…..

  27. StripClub431

    I’m not a fan of strip clubs, but you just can’t beat their $10 prime rib buffet on Friday! “A” class women and a cool, laid back atmosphere. I’d never go here at regular hours, but love lunch! Over 70 incredible items!

  28. Colbys

    Wow I usually review restaurants not strip clubs haha but here goes!I came here by chance on a lunch break and ended up taking the rest of the day / night off. Anyways, my first time anywhere in Houston and obviously I was having a pretty good time. At the time, I couldn’t compare it with any others but it seemed top notch. The majority of dancers were attractive in their own unique way and had nice natural bodies – toned but not terribly muscular. I’m also not a fan of disproportionate boob jobs either and there were very few of them.I met a server that was very professional and helpful. She gave us a tour and gave us a lot of attention and also brought over any dancers that caught our eye. Dances are $20 but I learned to negotiate something like 3 songs for $75, it’s not the greatest tip but they seemed happy with it. The songs have a good run time as well, other places cut songs way too short.Only during the first or last of the month (when everyone needs to make rent) will they be aggressive, but overall they’re very chill and come around and will politely ask for a dance or just chat.The food is pretty good, something comparable to say The Cheesecake Factory and kitchen closes really late. If it’s slow, I suggest buying the girls a meal and drink. They’ll really appreciate that.Their happy hour is ridiculously cheap – $1.75 before 7 or 9 ( I forget).The music is good, plenty of room and the vibe is more upscale like a Vegas dance club.

  29. Mark

    Arriyanna is the hottest girl there. The most perfect non-caucasian woman there is. I can’t wait to go back!!

  30. XhXeXy

    Ok, from what I remember……After celebrating our friends bd at hh she says “Let’s go to the Men’s Club” ok why not, never been. Our two guy friends escorted us in, we were warmly greeted and arrived before the cover charge. I was always told this was a “classy place” but it wasn’t what I expected. The stage was right when you walk in and it’s very low, for customer access πŸ™‚ ha ha The table and chairs reminded me of a Holiday Inn bar. I think they need some updating. Bathrooms very clean. Being winos we asked for the wine list, wow crazy prices but a pretty good list, half bottles also available. Girls were pretty with legs a mile long but they all wore clear pasties, a little weird. The dancers were super friendly, mostly it was girls tipping the dancers, and they were cool about that. But not a pole in sight which is a little disappointing, my gf is really into S Factor and wanted to see some new tricks but we were told they didn’t have poles there. Also there is a little shop at the entrance where you can by lingerie and other stuff.

  31. maxxy1

    The food is sub par & over priced, & the dancers all try to scam you. The managers are uppity & snobby as well. The dancers won’t even pay attention to you unless you want to drop hundreds.

  32. David N.

    It’s kind of a funny story but, my friend recently got a ROTD for this place, and I was probably one of those so called friends acting a fool here after hitting up the clubs.You know why? The breakfast buffet!Who wants to see jacked up teeth, bad breath, and cigarette smoke at dennys when you can have a breakfast buffet with made to order omelettes why there is topless dancers instead.Yes count me in.

  33. williamr

    if i could give this place 0 stars i would in a heartbeat. unbelievably sexist. was with 3 other girls and we weren’t allowed in because we didn’t have a boy with us. apparently the only reason girls go to female strip clubs is to solicit their bodies. overall demeaning to the female population as a whole. don’t go here unless you support sexism and patriarchal ideology.

  34. crr

    Way too many pre-madonnas who aren’t shit without their fake boobs. Too pushy, girls will not chat at all unless you committ to a dance. Dances weren’t that great. Unless you play in the NBA you won’t have much fun here. Restroom valet dude was cool that was only bright spot. Will not go back.

  35. amex

    this should really go for all the clubs on this board – for

    all you guys who come on here complaining about third world

    this and thuggish crowd that, let me let you in on the

    inside skinny. 90% of all the white cheerleader spinners

    and blonde pam anderson lookalikes you see at these clubs,

    and all the dancers who your fantasies tell you aren’t

    working at a particular place bc of the ‘bad crowd’ are

    usually going home otc with a black dude.

  36. Mario P.

    This review is going to be short just like my stay in Houston and particularly this club.It was hard to find a strip club that would have the chance to fulfill my expectations in Houston since I am very used to top strip clubs in Austin, TX. I figured this one would be the classier one so, I decided to give it a shot.The decor is definitely classy and, I gotta say, I was impressed by the quality of the entertainers after all the horror stories I’ve heard about the rest of the gentlemen’s club in the area. Not as good compared to the likes of Austin’s Perfect 10 but at least, I didn’t run away at first.With all that being said, I gotta blame the decision on giving such a low rate to this establishment given the poor service provided by my waitress. As I walked in, I immediately opened a tab with my American Express Platinum in the hopes that I would get good service despite the fact that I am not well-known in Houston. Unfortunately, I got the most horrendous service! Once I had to wait over 15 minutes just to get another drink. I am normally very appreciative of people working for tips and, specially, at a strip club. However, I really couldn’t justify leaving a larger tip than around 20% which is certainly completely out of character for me.

  37. Emerson F.

    This place had the best special going. Free cover, free buffet, and $1.50 wells and beer until 7 everyday. There was a cute door girl, and the decor was awesome. I recently returned to the Mens Club and wow, have things changed. The cute door girl is gone, and was replaced with a door GUY? C’mon, I’m paying my cover to a guy now? Oh, and there’s a cover, granted it’s only $3 but still… Free is not 3, ya know what I mean? I went inside and the buffet has been replaced with something that resembles chili, or mincemeat, or something, and week old tortilla chips. Also, it’s weird and hard to describe, but the main stage sits up awkwardly high, way too high if youre seated a table next to the stage. The girls are cookie cutter similar. Blonde, no butt, fake chest, 19-30 with a variation of that sprinkled around for “diversity”. The decor is the saving grace to this place. It’s nice inside. They have an outdoor swimming pool, and the vip area, champaigne room, and dance booths are some of the nicest I’ve (hypothetically) seen. The happy hour is still $1.50 which officially makes this the cheapest place to get a drink in the Galleria area. I’ll be back for sure, for that reason alone.

  38. Weedman420

    $10 lunch buffet Wednesday and Friday. Best girls around!

  39. timmykilla

    Had a great time at my visit to the men’s club Houston. Between laughing and spitting up my drink from the DJ cracking me up to the beautiful women walking around this is not the place if you have ADD. I highly recommend the men’s club and the food actually is very very good

  40. olivia b.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been to the champagne room and now the regular part of the club doesn’t do it for me, but I was literally bored. The girls were nice to me. The waitress sucked. Why is there a pool in the back? What diseases may be lurking in the water?If you want to be entertained by some dancing,Β…

  41. curtis17

    Took my boyfriend here for his birthday. He had a really great time, even though he may have been a bit too drunk to remember it in great detail. Going wasn’t completely for his benefit alone, and I found the women very attractive and well-kept, but also very friendly and inviting. I worried they might shy away from us since we were a couple, but we actually didn’t have any trouble getting private dances, and the bartender even helped us out when she heard it was his birthday. Initially, I left my ID at home and had to go all the way back for it, but the bouncer was a really friendly guy, and the lady at the front desk let me in for free when I got back. All around good time. My inner feminist was more than a little conflicted, but my outer bisexual was more than a little satisfied.

  42. Brian H.

    If you want to spend a 100 bucks to see a girl act like she does not know what planet she is on, go here.

  43. larry1

    something the owners should read regarding the girls they hire and how they pick who to dance for and who they choose to price gouge:Β…

  44. Farrah A.

    I have two words for you: breakfast buffet (sorry to disappoint you, pervs)If you just left the bar at 2am and refuse to call it a night, like yours truly and company, you could head over to Ruchi’s for late night eats, or…(Oh, wow. I promise this isn’t going where you think it’s going.)You can go to The Men’s Club for a buffet of late nights eats: the killer breakfast buffet. We’re talking rows of mile-high flapjacks, hash browns, meats, pastries, gravy, butter… I’m a huge breakfast buff and The Men’s Club is where it’s at, folks.I came here on a Saturday night with my buds Nik and Andrew, along with my dear high school friend Jeremy who was visiting from Howard U. I was all game for doing some after-partying, and the $10 cover charge wasn’t nearly as bad a what you (ladies) have to pay at Treasure. Also unlike Treasure, I’ve never had a bad experience with a sexist door guy or dancers at The Men’s Club. I think they understand the bottom line that money is money, no matter who it comes from.So as the boys’ eyes were glued to the dancers on stage, in chairs, walking around, etc., my chubby face was planted dead center in the middle of my platter of Aunt Jemima goodness.We’ve had talks about doing their, is it Wednesday?, lunch which includes filet mignon and beer, but it hasn’t happened yet. Overall, I recommend going for food or entertainment. Just don’t go inebriated. These ladies can smell you from a mile away, as my one friend (no names here) later realized that 10 lap dances from various hot chicks doesn’t mean they like you. Pay up, sucker.

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