Michael’s International



6440 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074


29.8550853, -95.5157457




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Chicas Locas of Michael’s International is the premier latin gentlemen’s club in Houston.

Gorgeous ladies from all around the world along with $1 draft beers


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Michael’s International

  1. baddest

    nice club.. beautiful girls.. very lay back.. my best strip joint in houston..

  2. Charles

    Very relaxed and comforting atmosphere.

  3. Allyson S.

    Uhh how the hell did this place get so many stars? This place is yuck. No seating, can’t hear yourself think, Hispanic music, Nasty dirty dancers and nasty customers. This is a Hispanic club. If you aren’t Hispanic, be ready to feel like an outsider. They dont play English music etc.. The floor managers here must be idiots. It isn’t enjoyable when the customers are so nasty and obnoxious. Not my scene. There are WAY better strip clubs in Houston. If they had brains, they would welcome couples more and maybe cater to more than one nationality. They had one restroom for women customers and it is up front. I had to walk so far. I found it very rude and unwelcoming to female customers and couples. If you’re looking for a trashy club this is your place!

  4. mathewater12

    This place had a close-grip lat pulldown* attachment instead of a pole.Enough said.*possibly a close grip tricep pressdown…memory hazy. I remember a lat pulldown, the bf swears it was a tricep one.***UPDATE- it is most definitely a tricep one. Annnnndddd the fajita and beans on the buffet Friday were on point on my last visit so plus 1 star.

  5. Arturo T.

    Went to celebrate after I was done with finals on a Monday night, and the place was popping. Girls are highly attractive and some are so pushy to get a lap dance from you. Bring cash for the cover charge or they’ll open an unnecessary tab for you (Props to the desk chick who warned me before taking my card). The bartender, Harley, was super nice even though she was very busy, she was always cheerful and polite unlike other bartenders who think they’re too hot to be bothered like if you’re doing them a favor by spending your hard earned cash. Bring cash because those ATM fees are killer.

  6. harryharry

    I visited this establishment recently for a friend’s bachelor party. I must say this place was crazy! It’s all Latina women, so if you’re not a fan go somewhere else. But there is a crazy ratio of dancers to patrons. The only complaint is that most of the girls do not speak very much English.

  7. Roger

    The girls?are exceptionally aggressive to the point they climb all over then either steal or demand money. They’re trained to pull you in thrn make demands. If you aren’t savvy or haven’t seen some of the trailer strip club moves its easy to fall for it. Be smart guys

  8. igor34

    The fajita buffet on Friday was really yummy. They even had salad and dessert. Plus, $1 draft beers in plastic cups. The dining area has an open feel with good lighting so you can see your food. Staff is dressed up and attentive.

  9. rdr2350

    Was at this place last week and it was great. Much better than a couple years ago.

  10. Jim

    Quality of girls have gone way down. Not what it used to be.

  11. Emerson F.

    So…It’s a weekday.. You’ve got $10.00 in your pocket and you’re hungry, you like to drink, and maybe, juuuuuust maybe see a lil sumth’n sumth’n..What do you do?You go to Michaels, of course…First off, it’s a topless gentlemens club. Which, if you’ve read a review or 2 of mine, you already know I frequent…frequently lol. But, what sets this place apart is the sheer bargain of it all..$4 cover 11am to 7 pm. Free buffet for lunch and dinner which consists of mexican food, salads and dessert. But the real kicker is…$1 draft beer and wells till 7pm. Yup. Drinks for a buck. As in $1 dollar. As in go in with a $10 and come out with 4 drinks in you, full, and $2 left to tip the entertainer of your choice. Go in with a $20 or a $50, and you’re definitely gonna leave effed up. Go in with a $100 and you’ll definitely leave there with a happy ending to your day. (Ya’ll nasty.) Now before you turn off the comp and make a mad dash over there after cashing in your couch/astray/under the bed change in the coinstar machine, I gotta tell you that:A. It’s a Hispanic club.. So expect a LOT of Reggaeton, Salsa, Tejano etc..Very few songs are in English. B. The club is a touch run down. It’s still ok, and not ghetto, but just not upscale either.. Somewhere in the middle.C. Lastly, the entertainment at lunch is hit or miss. I mean the clientel is there for free food and $1 drinks, so naturally it isn’t pulling in high caliber girls lol.. But aside from that, it’s a great time. Get in, get somethin 2 eat, have a couple rum & cokes, and move on. All for around $10 or so.. That’s a bargain.

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