The Ritz



10520 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034


29.6399157, -95.2431645




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Ritz

  1. igotcrabsfromtheritz

    i love this place i fucked like 3 chicks there , plus they like to touch your penis talk to a lil brown girl named roxy.

  2. jack kinghoff

    this place blows! the girls are way to fat & ugly to be strippers! you fat ass no talent bitches & crackwhores need to find another profesion, no one in their right mind would want to see these fucked up bitches naked.

  3. CaNdAy

    Way too many extras going on. Will most likely get an STD. Very attractive club on the inside as far as…furniture goes. Most attractive females in morning time….

  4. Eduardo M.

    Dope service super friendly ended up coming with my bro in and couple of co workers definitely. Coming again

  5. Dennis

    I went in this past Friday and had a great time. from door

    to DJ I felt like a VIP and it was my first visit I will

    for sure be back soon

  6. mighty whitey

    very nice looking club with below average & fat ugly girls. staff is only interested in vip customers & everyone else is considered scum. if you like BMW’S this is your club.

    BMW= Big Mexican Women

  7. james1412

    Remodeling and investing some dough to update the place which it needed. Drinks on special from 4-7. My regular waitress is Orchid and she’s a blast! Upscale dancers. Good music mix but a tad too loud. Cover charge during the day is $7. $10 after 7 pm.

  8. annonymous_dancer55

    wow… where to start…

    disgusting…managers only interested in fucking the strippers…the girls need to work on getting rid of that fuckin cellulite… waitresses are stupid skaanks… that just whine and complain casue they dont make enough…lol..

    and… the manager… cough* cough* …. is a pill head….

    i worked here for like a day,went to the doc just because i was scared of catching something when i sat down!!!!

    stinks… overpriced…ugly girls… and horrible HORRIBLE managment…….geez.. and all that goes on in VIP is prostitution and underage drinking…

    and man i cant stress it enough how ugly them girls are…

    F.Y.I dont waste your money or time… i got the hell outta that disease infested shit hole!!!

  9. gringo

    what a shithole

  10. Neveragain

    Never again, nasty asses wanting to screw soon as you walked in, steal your money. Nasty asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. AssnTits5

    I was leery at first, but this place turned out to be nice. I’ve gone with my hubby and friends several times now (usually on amateur night or for UFC fights), and we’ve had a great time. Most nights, cover is usually $10.Ladies, if you go with your man, couples get in free. Just FYI.

  12. dan robinson

    hi to steve sax and staff

    hi to all

    hope all is well

    i am in new orleans now at bewitched 433 bourbon street

    great money here, come visit


  13. eddyL

    Great place to spend some money! Always a variety of beautiful women dancing and serving you! Great service and dances! Good food as well. The drinks are good but pricey as usual for this type of club. If you use a credit card it comes up as some steak house so the misses won’t know how much fun you really had! I’ll keep going back, that’s for sure!

  14. NIkki

    I love this club!

  15. bEeBee


  16. Harrison69

    First 30 mins were really scary! girls that looked like they belong in jail or in a drug rehab were all walking around and dancing on stage I was bored but then came this 19 yr old high on coke chic that just blew me away took my $100 but gave me an extra free song so it made my night! Sorry to say she made me bust a nut in my brand new jeans smh

  17. visitor

    went to the ritz the first time, it was about 3 pm on a tuesday, lots of talent, really good looking girls, unfortunately they couldn’t move on stage, but girl to guest ratio was great, 5$ cover is fair, 5.75 for a beer . Champagne room is $125 for all day incl 4drinks but on top of that $20 for each dance. Over all, I had a lot of fun. if you check out their webpage, the girls shown are uglier than any I saw during my visit.

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