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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Treasures Houston

  1. Adam H

    Definitely the best in it class!!!

  2. major d.

    1. lots of green card cuban girls just sitting around like a flophouse. if you can’t make $ please leave.2. good looking out on keeping the unaccompanied lesbos out. go make your own club and call it annise’s place.3. white girls are on strike against black customers. maybe black guys should get half off admission?

  3. jim b

    an outstanding club with the potential for extras. One of the best in the country. good buffets at lunch. ask for Miss Canary.

  4. bowling4dollars

    tasty nasties avaialble

  5. Johnson12

    I am a chill dude, but I rep a xxl and this place tried to scam the shit out of me. Eva or what ever she is going by is a ling whore. She will tell you one rate than try to say you shorted her and then tell the server another amount. They are not even that hot here. Not worth the trip thank god Oliva my server said that butch was ripping me off.

  6. Big Boy

    This use to be the Best club in HTown till 2007. The club needs to rebound. The girls are HOT! Breakfast is the best!

  7. XXXbeast

    Not as fun as 3 years ago when this place was basically a brothel. There was a big crackdown it’s all over the news and Internet . For treasures to stay in business the city made them clean up their act. Now there’s no full nudity, no full contact , the fun is gone

  8. thecap

    Wow, this is the best club in Houston. Spacious, atmospheric, and crowded with girls. There is always a big crowd of customers at Treasures, but the girl-to-guy ratio is the largest I’ve seen by far. The girls are varied, and nearly all are good-looking, with quite a few 9s and maybe a 10 in the mix. Highly recommended. Oh, and the girls always seek your company.

  9. nutter
  10. mat
  11. doomdark

    Girls are AWESOME! But as somebody else already experienced, you can wait a LONG time to get asked if you want to a dance at busy times like a Saturday evening when I went. You have to take the initiative and do the asking. This may be partly because it’s crowded and the girls generally tend to ask the guys who have a seat, rather than the ones who are standing around. So if you don’t have a seat, your chances of being approached are reduced.

    I finally approached a beautiful ebony babe and we went into a very dark corner for some serious fun. Extras can be had, but it’s very very pricey so I wouldn’t rate it very high for value for money. But as I said at the beginning, the babes are AWESOME!

  12. eddyL

    With the ban being lifted this is one of the strip clubs that is back to being topless, no pasties. On my recent bachelor party planning, I made note of the change and figured this would be a good place to end the night. It’s probably one of the bigger strip clubs in town. I remember coming here years ago for their breakfast buffet and the dancers of course. It had been many years since I last returned but I must say they have definitely stepped up the talent. There is a wide variety of women for all tastes. The waitresses here are really pushy as far as ordering drinks. If you’re planning a good night for the groom, take him here at some point.

  13. adamrod

    NEVER COME HERE….literally they were rude from the time we walked in the door until we left…they have a “no women” policy and would not even let us wait in the lobby for our uber to arrive for us to leave…we got to the club at 3 am(peak strip club time) and they were empty…not surprising considering that their customer service sucked. Beware….

  14. larry1

    4am on the morning of Father’s day….where do we end up? a strip club. Classy, Chris. Daddy would be SO PROUD.For the record, my friends met some chicks in Midtown and it was their idea to go here for after hours. Ummmm….okay. I am torn whether to rate this on ICK factor (1 star) or the niceness of the girls who work here (5, easily.) So I’ll go middle and say three.I hope I never have to come back here. I really value my boring ass 8 to 5 and conservative wardrobe a little more since visiting though.

  15. fuckery12

    UPDATE! Breaking news!!! Treasures now HAS AN ATM!Ok, with that out of the way….By far the best club in town. The “Pirate Ship” has the most girls, is big enough to hide from your coworkers (don’t worrrrry, they come here too), and is centrally located. Speaking of women, they tend to have the best selection too. Young. Not so young. Fit. Not too. Au natural….and definitely not….They are welcoming of female patrons, too.The last night we frequented the ship, my girlfriend and I were in the back getting dances while the boys in our group were in chairs at the front falling asleep (they’d been at it all day).Good times.***I’m only going to say this once…People! Don’t complain about drink prices in Gentlemen’s Clubs…..They are always high! You’re paying for the scenery…damn. What other bar can you go into, buy a drink, sit on your thumbs and NOT spend any more money, and get to watch half naked women dance 5 feet away from you??? Give me a break.

  16. mystic1
  17. james1412

    This place had some amazing looking gals. I really enjoyed my time. Classy and sassy.

  18. Willy

    Girls are very pretty and friendly. On any given night, there are 5-10 girls in there that blow away the talent anywhere else around Houston. Table dances are addictive. If you haven’t been, get your ass to Treasure’s. You’re welcome.

  19. Jacob J.

    This club has got a mix of all kinds of women, mostly White and Latina. All talent less on the stage. Read Ashlee M.’s review it’s head on. We sat at a table near the stage, never got approached for anything. Drunken disorderly waitress is walking back and forth and can’t do that correctly. Her clothing disheveled and she’s drinking out of the glasses she’s carrying to customers. Are we the only ones witnessing these things?! Some women were all fake and some were Au naturale. There was one lady that was a dead ringer for the character “Sam Marquez” from the show Las Vegas. Most of the ladies had crappy attitudes. In the Midwest I’m used to entertainers approaching, being awesome saleswomen. Out here, I guess you have to reach out and grab her. There are cavernous rooms the more you walk deeper into the club, dark and mysterious. I guess when you want a dance, your supposed to go sit in the dark and wait for a dancer to approach you. Fuck that.. I’m not getting mugged in a strip bar. Drinks were effing expensive, like $7-8 a beer. The hottest lady was the door hostess, complete Milf. Cover was obnoxiously high and the music was terrible. The worst was this tall thin blonde, probably in her mid to late 30s. Obviously she’s a favorite among a certain class of men, this lady has got a huge gaudy diamond on her finger. Her onstage performance stunk, for whatever reason no one would tip her. Finally someone got up and offered a few singles, this lady snorted and said, I’ve got benjamins in my thong, I don’t need your change. That was ugly. Left shortly after this.

  20. mike

    before talking about the club, one note on Houston clubs all together, dont wait for a girl to approch you. In california, before you walk thru the door, 5 chicks will ask if you want a dance. I sat at a table for 45 min, no one came buy, and there were tons of girls. even direct eye contact doesnt help. So first piece of advice is pick a girl and go for it. It was my bad on this part, but i got bored and left.

    about the club, not sure what the big deal is. Yes there were may girls. however, lap dances are done in the main room. to go upstairs i think you have to buy a bottle. I would say check out St James. If you have a few extra bills, their private booths are awesome.

  21. Horny Traveler

    It is expensive, but you will leave satisified. Ask for Bueatiful – Long legs and brains – She is great.

  22. Sniper

    Just read that the club, as part of a lawsuit settlement with Houston, will have to record video of activity in private areas and submit he recordings to HPD on a weekly basis. Kinda takes the fun out of lap dances…..

  23. ks
  24. ryan123

    Five stars for the women, one star for everything else: three stars overall.First the good: the women are lovely. A little on the young side but I imagine that is a plus for most people. I met a beautiful woman whose nom de guerre was “Argentina”; she is beautiful and in terrific shape.As for the bad: everything else. I’ve been in subway stations with less traffic than that place. It suffers from its own popularity in so far as there’s too many people for too little space. So much movement along the causeways, that it is distracting.The bartenders don’t have enough change to break any bills that you have, which is ridiculous. They don’t have an ATM machine in the building so they’re trying to get you to throw down your credit card which other reviewers have strongly recommended against. I left mine at my hotel – on purpose – and was told I’d have to go across the street to use my ATM card.The thumb in the eye, however, was the car ride home. I left my rental at my hotel as I was going to drink. I walked out to the front of the club on my way out. They asked me if I wanted a cab, I said yes, they led me to their club car. My hotel is a mile away from the club. I paid $10 on my way there. They charged me $50 for the ride home. I paid it as I’m a gracious person. But really, it ticked me off enough to write this review.

  25. harryharry

    Went there because Drake likes to rap about this place. Wanted to see what was different. Just mediocre. Girls are meh. Also, they will try to hustle you. They literally will change the dance rate and all on you. I paid $50 for one dance that was literally a minute long…. Oh and the girls are always talking and not really walking around lol

  26. maxxy1

    This place is the Houston version of Sin Cities outlaying areas. This is Texas number one liquor sales and for one good reason. Outrageous prices and seemingly offers of prostitution in every corner, including drive throughs in the parking lot. . When we went recently for a bachelor party , there were more girls then patrons. We got slammed. Girls would not even let us sit down. While that could sound awesome. Most of our group just wanted to sit down and enjoy our 10 buck beer for at least a second, buy a few dances for the bachelor and be on our way. It was absolutely not even enjoyable due to the pressure. You must always double check your bill here as its magical what ends up on it. I would suggest you keep track as you go!!! Since I dont want to go into anymore details just be aware this place has been popped a bunch just this year and in the past. The girls have gone way down hill as well since the 90’s . Last time we were here was in 2007 and the girls were beautiful and non pressure. Over the years we , including the wives, have had a blast here. Not this time around.. Once again Watch your bill always and watch who you let grab Mr. winky, because you may not come home without a present and vice might be right next to you as well ! The regulars here ….you know the 50-70 yr olds won’t like my assessment. I go to these places very rarely, but if you really have the desire to hit the topless bars with the guys or the wives, just go to the Men’s Club. Way classier with excellent service.

  27. Franklyn

    Let’s just say I enjoyed looking more at the outside of the building than I did the inside. There was only about 2 dancers the thirty minutes I was there and I was only half impressed. The place is very big and pretty clean. It was pretty empty for it to be 1am. The girls were very nice but my friend was not impressed at all and he decided to go to elsewhere.

  28. mathewater12

    The place just sucked. I’m from Austin and I’m used to Texas strip clubs. This one is like the hood. Terrible!!!! Don’t waste your time.

  29. Anon

    DJ was a joke.

    Dancers were below average and coked out and walking aroundin packs of 3-4.

  30. NewKid

    The. Best. Club. There. Is.

  31. Johnnyboy123

    This place is a freakin’ whore house. When I was back in the back section with my friend Dave, the sectioned-off area that was very dark, I saw someone having sex directly across from me (If you weren’t observant, it looks like they were griding, but her panties were down to her calf), right next to her was one girl giving a blow job and another girl was stroking her hand on the guy’s crotch area. I look to my right, and a dude was shoving his tongue down a dancer’s through (from the look of it, she was trying to back up and stop him nicely). I can’t believe a gentleman’s club would be this trashy. My friend Dave was even offered sex for $200. Two hundred bucks?!?! C’mon girls do you really think yourself as low as two hundred? Please have some respect for yourselves. Even the seat I sat on in the back room felt a little questionable — I have no idea what kind of stains were on the seats. I’d say that this place is not good for group parties, unless you are DTF. My friend Dave was charged $100 for only 3 dances, and when asked the girl “Monique” why, she said it was because I was there watching. What?! What kind of rule was that?! She was all flirtatious and courteous before the dance. After the dance, her face completely changed to a serious tone and didn’t even say goodbye before scouring for her next dance. If I were going with my buddies, I would rather go to The Men’s Club or somewhere more upscale, clean, more friendly & prettier girls, and no blatant sex going on. I am surprised whore houses like Treasures isn’t being raided by the cops already. Maybe the owners pay off the cops or something.

  32. williamr

    Fantastic club. Beautiful girls, great service and great food. Treasures is the best club in Houston by far!

  33. traveler

    Great selection of women, accomodating and friendly, dark lap dance areas

  34. JJ

    I had a fantastic time at this club. The girls are friendly, “great” dances, and they actually can carry a conversation. I will warn you, it is expensive. Took a big bite out of my wallet.

  35. Ken W.

    THE FOOD HERE SUCKS!!! Nice Ambience though. Kinda dark so I was not able to see what I was scarfing down.

  36. William Westervelt

    This is a good club with a decent management. Best in the city for cheap lap dances- try IVY, Roxy or Angel. All of the girls were absolutely beautiful and very friendly. Hands down, the best strip club in the country. Feel completely free to disregard this review and never go there… more girls for me as I will definitely be going back!

  37. R.T.G

    I’ve been to many strip clubs and id have to say this was one of the greatest

  38. Dick Face

    My favorite Houston Club

  39. anonymous
  40. winston12

    I blame the state of Texas and their ridiculous alcohol laws for ending up in this oh-so-fine (not!) establishment. Full disclosure: I will say I went with my co-worker friend and we had THE BEST time. Until the bill came that is. These people are crooks! We both should have gotten laid like 100x over for the price we (he) paid. Treasures was like the twilight zone. It felt like we weren’t there for very long but it could have been like 3 hours?? Not sure actually even at this point. We got wasted! Drinks were stiff and service was flowing. That’s intentional! These people are crooks but some of the girls are pretty hot and as I said, we did actually have a good time.Word of advice: If your cab driver tells you he “does know one place” where you can get a glass of champagne since all the stores stop selling alcohol like before midnight… just say no. Just go back to your hotel. You will likely be thousands of dollars richer when you wake up the next morning.

  41. DJourney

    I had a fabulous time at this club. Spent more money than expected, but well worth it.

  42. Mark

    TERRIBLE!!! This place is going to get raided soon!!!

  43. gio

    Prob. the best in houston. Fantastic women, I recommend it to all

  44. NY Guy

    Was in Houston for business so went to Treasures. Class place. Quite a few pretty girls. I met one that blew me away, Holly. Spectacular. Had some privates dances. I was not going to because even in NY, lap dances are 20. Here 3 /$100. I generally like to get a couple of dances from a few girls but this club is not set up that way. I was not going to even get a lap dance because they are too much but could not resist Holly.

  45. pappa
  46. Yan Biao B.

    This is certainly the most upscale place club I’ve been to, and their $10 cover is far less than the $30 or so that places in SF charge and which aren’t even remotely close in decor. It’s relatively well-lit and wasn’t intimidating at all for my female friend. In fact, I spotted quite a few female patrons in the crowd. The only bad thing I have to say was that the dancers weren’t all that good looking and didn’t really know how to work the pole (pun intended) 🙂 A beer ran me $7.50 which wasn’t unexpected. I guess that’s where they make their dough. And if you get bored of looking at the girls like I was, then you can lose yourself in the sports programs that play on their big screen TVs.

  47. Sonia T.

    As far as adult entertainment places go, this one gets #1. The girls are always friendly (I’m a girl, and my fiance and I used to go while in Houston on business). Granted some of the girls have seen better days, and should have hung up the ol G string 10 years ago, but that’s going to happen ANYWHERE! The drinks are a little steep-but what strip club isn’t. Watch out for the waitresses-they will try and add drinks and dances on your tab–that happens quite a bit at stripclubs as well.. The staff was nice, and its fun to watch what goes on in the library upstairs, as well as those dark corners….Def. a cool place to go with a boyfriend (if you are into that stuff) or a group of friends.

  48. jack
  49. i8bambi

    Not pleased with the experience. Lots of dancers but quality was poor…lots of hustling and cons.

  50. Daniel M.

    I’m from The DFW metroplex and none… and I mean NONE of our clubs compared to Treasures!! Highly recommended! **Tip** Most of the strippers are down for “extra” s**t, try and haggle. They are down for MUCH more!

  51. XhXeXy

    I feel sleezy reviewing this but I gotta do it. This was my first gentlemens club in the US and the only other one I have to compare it to was from Acapulco, so theres no real way to compare it.This was one of those nights that escalated really quickly which ended really late and really awesome. Im sure a lot of the details will be left out and a lot of my liking of the place comes under the influence, but it was a great night!Cover charge at 2 am was 20 bucks I guess because they cant sell us alcohol anymore and they are only open until 4 am. Once inside, this place was really nice, not what I expected. The women are good looking and the set up seems right. The women were really nice and they were always coming up to us! It was great! (hahahahha). Needless to say I had a blast and didnt even buy any “extra curriculars”. Yet we do have some hilarious stories about the more drunk friends that did happen to get some of these services. Naming no names….

  52. Remote Bill

    I used to live in Houston and went here all the time. This is a terrible place. The girls will let you touch them anywhere, and will do anything you want. I have had hand-jobs, blow-jobs, even fucked. Terrible place.

  53. big john

    By far the best in houston.Some of the most beautiful women from all walks of life,though some of the white hoes act silly like they only want to go to white boys,so sad, because me and my friends spend big bucks they they are missing out on.Not all are like that though, like my girl Candy(SUPER HOT)that,s why she gets my whole check!Nah just kidding but she is worth lots of cash.

  54. Sean

    Expected better quality dancers at this “high end club.” Too expensive for the lack of talent and beauty.

  55. Jimmy S

    BE CAREFUL!!! THE PLACE GOT RAIDED 2 TIMES IN 3 WEEKS!!! SUPPOSEDLY MALE CUSTOMERS GOT ARRESTED AS WELL. Somebody is out to take this place out of business. The place is really a whorehouse in that you can get anything you want in there. Girls who will do anything in there.

  56. eeewww

    got sick from the food here (ECOLI!) and the girls are dam nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  57. WallOnDFly

    I likes bringin my Hoes to work at Treasures !! They do it all for that Cash Money – Dumbazz Preppy dudes looking for girlfriends and spending money. And I get to throw my powder through there for Free – thanks to my $ 50 tip to the managers. Don’t hate the Playa !!

  58. amex

    dont leave money on the table when its time to play.

  59. Alex A.

    OK, first of all let me just say I have never been to a “gentlemans club” before, I am an upstanding young man and my mother brought me up well. I have no desire to attend one of these places however let’s just say I did go to Treasures on Westheimer (which I clearly did not) then my review would probably go a little something like this……. So in my short time here in Houston I have probably been to Treasures around three times, though it maybe more because usually when you think it would be a great idea to come to a “titty bar” (excuse the term) you are so plastered you don’t really know what’s going on anyway! This joint is alright, I mean don’t get me wrong the decor, I’m talking about the girls here not the wallpaper, is very appealing and tempting but jeez-o DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT put your card (or your friends, ha) behind the bar. You will walk out there with a second mortgage and end up selling your car just to pay your tab off. The drinks are insanely expensive and if you are not careful a few “extras” will crop up on your bill such as $100 tips and drinks you have never even heard of let alone drank! The girls are always as nice as ever, I mean that’s their job right, and are not as harassing as you might of thought. However, and I come back to NOT putting your/your friends card behind the bar because if you do pop off for a dance with these girls they will have no qualms over hypnotising you with their “charms” until its thirty minutes later and they’ve racked up $300 on your friends card! I will probably be back, what can I say I’m a male and I’m fickle, however have learnt my lesson from watching my mates face go sheer white after receiving our “shared” tab whilst I did a runner out the door promising reimbursement at a later date. So it’s getting a two star rating due to the pure madness of the drink pricess, non-existent service and the fact that you will get rinsed for every penny you have….and then some! Nice boobs though :0)You’ve been warned kids. DISCLAIMER: Of course none of these events ever actually took place due to myself never previously entering a gentlemans establishment of this type. That’s my tale and I’m sticking to it!

  60. Emerson F.

    It was the makings of a great evening. Fri night, holiday weekend, and a pocket full of $1’s lol… So, naturally, this should have been a blast by default right?Wrong. Treasures was dead last night. And, the buffet was not that good. My buddy and I stayed about an hour and left and went to Onyx. It was definitely a “B” squad evening, as most of the A squad must have taken a 3 day weekend. I’ll be back in Treasures again, I’m sure, but they fell off last night.

  61. joseph1k

    Apparently this is where couples in their 30s & 40s come for date night, which means this place is as tame as dinner & a movie. No thanks, I’ll pass. Upscale. Decent, typical twerk music. Plenty of seats, but also plenty of bored-looking dancers sitting in these seats checking their FB feeds. Shouldn’t y’all be feigning interest in us customers instead of being glued to your cell phone?One word: boring. One more word: yawn.

  62. Joe

    i went there saturday, and went “ouy”t with one of the girls, if you know wat i mean! hehehe!

    not really. just hada good time!

  63. dirty

    this aint a place to go to relax, its a place to get your freak on! and there are plenty of freaks to get it on with if your wallet is fat enough

  64. LH

    The girls are the best looking ones in Houston. Period. Forget about it being crowded and pricy…this is the place to be if you are going to a stripclub for the WOMEN

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