Time Out Gentlemen’s Club



13540 Texas 155, Tyler, TX 75703


32.2845034, -95.3575156




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Time Out Gentlemen’s Club

  1. d
  2. D-4

    I used to live in that area until i moved out to california and i love the place. The clubs in california dont have anything compared to small town TIMEOUT!!!

  3. leftyjim

    Great club if you’ve got some money to spend. It’ll cost you $60.00 to see your first private dancer but it’s worth it. Girls get totally nude and most don’t mind if you touch in all but the most private place – and some will invite you there too. Spent $150.00 at the place but had a very memorable night. Check this place out – it rocks!!!

  4. i8bambi

    I was pleasantly surprised by this club. Lots of really good looking ladies, a few ugs, but mostly beautiful ladies. Very diverse styles, really friendly. Doesn’t look like much from the outside, decor needs work, could be cleaned up, but will be a good time.

  5. William G.

    One of the BEST gentlemen’s establishments i have graced…its like your a kid in a candy store all over again. The only thing to do in Tyler Texas. Everyone needs a little time out!! Giggity GiggityPros: Amazingly hot women, seriously…they are hot. Good lap dances, they have lap dance specials almost every hour (good for the economy). Hot women with big big brains. Cons: dry county, you have to buy your beer across the big bridge at the beer barn and bring it. 20 dollar cover charge

  6. John T

    went on a Tuesday did not like the fact that they charge you 20.00 for a wrist band their dancers are encouraged to tell you if you do not buy it the dance won’t be as private .

    entrance fee=15.00 dances=20.00 free sodas and juices BYOB few

    35+ year old women but well kept they look attractive spent about 250.00 it was pretty good.

  7. XXXbeast

    Horrible. Unless you have on a flat brim hat or big ass belt buckle you won’t even get a second glance from a stripper. Went in with a couple hundred to blow and walked out with 160 after $20 cover charge. Tipped every dancer on stage and they didn’t even approach me when seated,just sat and talked to locals. Oh and they want another 20 just for you to go in back to get a couch dance. SKIP THIS HOLE!

  8. richard95

    So what is there to do in a town like Tyler after midnight?The strip club of course. One of the few places in town where the party continues after midnight. Before entering we were told by the pregnant birthday girl working the counter that it stands open until at least 2 am, depending on how many people they will continue to be open.We were told it was a 20 dollar cover and it was BYOB. We weren’t sure if the cover charger was worth it but it was already 11:30 so what were our choices?We sucked it up and paid the cover charge. We were surprised to see that this place was packed. I guess when you have basically one strip club you get everyone in town and all of the talent.Before going in we were betting to see what the gap ratio in the teeth would be and other bad jokes but after seeing the women it’s actually not that bad. The women were decent, actually 2 HOT ones. The rest were your stereotypical stripper types. They did have the ones we were expecting too, old and funky type. One even crushed my friend’s foot.In between performances they have this thing called “showtime”. This is a time for the strippers to make some fast cash. They basically give you a 15 second lap dance and it’s all based on tips. They try to go around the whole room in about 6 minutes. Smart idea.Also, this night they had a birthday boy who came on to the stage. They went crazy on this guy. They bring up 5 girls who give him a special lap dance. Afterwards, they give him a SUPER ATOMIC WEDGIE, to the point where his underwear is around his head as a headband. After the wedgie they spank him crazy!Note: Expect lots of Archaic clothing. So what is that? It’s the cheap version of Affliction gear. YES IT DOES EXSIT!!!One final note: Those who can’t motorboat, paddle boat.

  9. Woody

    What can I say? WOW. This is where all the beautiful girls in Tyler work. Hailey, Paige, Natalie are gorgeous and SEXY! Lest I forget Phoenix with her sun glasses and whip! To get unbelievable attention you need to spend some money. After all, they aren’t there for volumteer work. The waitress staff could be top rated dancers at any club and are efficient as well as sweet.

  10. B. D.

    Nice small town club. Pretty girls.Some very good looking dancers. Worth a night out.

  11. jman

    I went to time out last night, it was AWESOME! It was a sunday and the place was packed with beautiful ladies. Jaden was especially wonderful. This was my best strip club experience ever.

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