Chicas Locas



2711 Majesty Drive, Arlington, TX 76011


32.755481, -97.0604081




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Super fun premier latin club in Arlington for gentlemen.
Just off Interstate 30 and 360 you can PARK


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Chicas Locas

  1. The Ambassador

    Club is always empty.. not many dancers.. or customers.. $3 cover.. $2.50 well/draft.. (small glasses)… its ‘ok’.. but, once a dancer gets you into the corner.. stand by!!

  2. tonycluber

    Craziest club ive ever seen after 1 song started 2nd she was sweeting told her sit in my lap id pay her for both. She got up said she has to go big shot from houston club was there had to sit with them. Well ok i give anyone benifit of doubt so i went back couple weeks later went upstairs again different girl after first song she left said back in a minute. Didnt see her again. Went 3rd time wont bore you with basicly same story. Moral to story you can get a dance for free at this placeIve been going to this clubs for well im 62 that long. Ive been to a few clubs where the girls payed little attention to custermers sat with their boy friends husbands pimps these clubs shut down in about 3 months. I dont know why managment puts up with itI hope managemrnt gets yheir stuff togeather and make some. Changes it is a nice club but i eant b back

  3. justinlk

    I give this place a negative 5. You have to stay 6ft away from the stage at all times. Like what kind of shit is that??

  4. Mistercap12

    Lot of chubby girls that can’t dance. Bad layout very few stage seats. Stages too high. Lot of day labors looks very low rent. Girls can’t dance. Just shake their ass and smack it. Little dancing skills. Waitress could not get drinks right even after being told 3 tines.

  5. DudeWhoGoesThere

    I walk in and sit at the bar and order a $4.25 coke that comes to me in a little glass (luckily refills were free). One of the ugliest dancers I’ve ever seen is on stage, and a not-much-better one is off to the right. A 45-year old woman wearing stripper gear comes up to me, puts her arm around me, tells me to smile, and I look at her and she’s actually missing a tooth! I was like, go away! Later an AA girl with a decent body comes out followed by a pretty, petite Latina. After the Latina, the 45-year old got on stage! I was like OH MY GOD SHE’S A STRIPPER!!!! You couldn’t pay *me* to watch her – cellulite all OVER – not one square centimeter of her skin was smooth! I ended up asking the pretty Latina for a private dance and she didn’t seem very excited about giving me one. But it was ok. I left. Complete waste of time. 5 dancers, 3 ugly, one ok, one pretty. $4.25 for a coke. Sheesh. Other than the dancers, they’ve got a few TVs and a few pool tables, decent music system. The 0.0 overall rating is not an error – there’s simply no reason to ever go here.

  6. williamr

    I went to Chicas Locas to watch Canelo vs Cotto fight. I had been to DGs and Onxy and had found them to bad places to watch fight. They constantly want you to spend money. Chicas Locas was only 8 dollars to get in and no one bothered me at all, which is good since you aren’t having to constantly spend money, on the other hand only 1 girl came up to me in 90 minutes. I tipped the only girl who did because of that. I asked her about VIP and I believe she said it was 20 dollars to have a seat upstairs. So I just stood and watched the fight. There were lots of TVs and the girls looked very good, all looked Hispanic except one really attractive white girl who came up to me. Now I am Black and I’m not sure if that is why all the Hispanic dancers ignored me. If they had a better attitude it could compete with Zona and XTC.

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