Flamingo Showgirls Orange County Strip Club



618 East Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92805


33.817698, -117.901919




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flamingo Showgirls Orange County Strip Club

  1. deadbill

    Cover is $10 plus your first $10 drink. To add insult to injury that barmaid will ask you for a $2 above the drink price of $10 per(NA)! She will also try to hustle you for “lady’s drinks”. I was there and there was 10 – 15 minutes between dancers on stage. Yea, the stage was empty and all the girls where sitting in a back corner not talking to any patrons. As for nude club??? The two dancers I saw never took anything off.

  2. boner
  3. big sexy

    this club needs more big titty girls. the girls are all right but not fine as hell. need more latinas with big asses and tits

  4. Tom

    Just went there this afternoon…slow, but hey, it was afternoon! Very friendly girls…i had one stroking my cock through my jeans within a minute of sitting down! Lap dances are well worth the $. They say that the dances are not topless, but every girl I took there bared her tits, just didn’t take the top completely off. This is by no means a “hands-off” club…well worth the visit. Wish I had brought more $ for a private session…I’ve heard they’re worth every dollar. Only downside is paying $10 for a coke and having the waitress bug you to buy dancers drinks every time a new girl sits down with you. Only $5 cover…maybe that’s because i was there early.

  5. the critic

    i went to this club a while ago, first off there was parking at the time but if there were more then 5 men there it would be full and youd be sol. upon entering the club i was asked for a 10 cover. not there worst ive paid but could be better. then i was told of a 10 drink fee, when i got inside and asked for a water i was told it was 2 more,”fucking lame”. first girl that came up to me was a cute little blond who sat on my lap and started rubbing my dick through my pants, and told me that if i paid the 150 for a vip dance i would get the popsicle treatment. if that is what your looking for then this is the club for you. the next 2 hours and 6 girls who came over to me said basicly the same thing. club wasnt for me but some may like it.

  6. lacie dodd
  7. OutOfTowner
  8. cock

    the girls here give the best lap dances and a nice handjob

  9. felixnada

    I haven’t been to a nude club in years but had some time to kill and this place didn’t disappoint. Girls were very friendly. It’s a classy place with good music. Great place for a bachelor’s party!

  10. premu69
  11. yanard12

    Terrible strip club the girls were annoying and just wanted tips there was only 1 girl on the pole the whole 2 hours I was there nothing was worth anything not even the girls. Also sone Asian dude looking like Yoda in his green robe just walked in and out constantly he must have known the force or some other shit since he would randomly appear and the stripers cared more about Yoda then any of the customers.

  12. Gio

    Great place to visit..

  13. dave

    Total ripoff..girls smell..a gal took my money and then gave attitude. spread the word..

  14. hollywood
  15. john

    best club in o.c.

  16. wild bill hic-up
  17. Lion
  18. one dude

    went there on a thursday night, when i called the doorman said a 10$ cover, but when i got there it was 10$ cover 10$ ur drinks, after getting through the door i sat down on the couches, within seconds a blond girl with bad tits was sitting next to me asking for a dance, when i said maybe later she started rubbing my dick through my pants. every girl that sat down was imedeatly followed by the waitress askin for me to buy her a 10$ drink and wouldnt take no for an answer. if there is a bright side to this place its the 10$ dances. they allow touching but no nude or topless. and also most girls will do anything for your tip

  19. Roger

    This place is awsome, the girls are freindly and the atmosphere is great.

  20. Sleepy
  21. FMALL

    the girls pounce on you as soon as you walk in and then the server hounds you to buy the girls $20 drinks. There was some good talent there but also some waaaaay over the hill cougars.

  22. Raff

    ok let me just start by saying that i never ever review even if the service is horroble bit this time I’m beyond mad. so i dont get charded coved because i got there before 6 pm. the doorman points out ALL drinks are $10 so i said “ok”. that being said. if I had to give it negative starts I would, so by pure default they get one.For starters if I go on a Saturday afternoon. I would expect the C squad not the bottom of the barrel.second of all the waitress is super rude. It literary took them 5 min to acknowledge me at the bar. so I go back to sit since I was not even looked at.I was just sitting there and maybe 5 more other guys @5:30 pm. the drink tasted like it just came out of a dirty dishwasher. To top it off I order a drink for the young Russian chick that approached me.and the waitress in a heartbeat asked if I wanted to buy her a drink so I said yeah why not they are only $10… she brings it back and I pay 10 the waitress looks back and said 10 more I was like WTF.I paid and walked out after. as when voiced out “next time say you want a small drink” when I was not even asked.never coming back again or recommending it to anyone I would just go to another 5 min down harbor. from there much better.

  23. MIKE


  24. jsmells

    I wish i could’ve danced with jasmine. but she never came up to me 🙁

    first club i went to, all in all it was good.

    but that 20 cover (that includes 1 drink) i think is so bogus.

  25. lapdance_larry

    This club has an old and tired look. The dancers are average at best but if you get lucky and get a good dance it will be worth the dough. Just doesn’t compete with the majority of clubs in the area

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