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0 reviews for “Perfect 10 Men’s Club

  1. james1412

    After eating steak and having a few drinks, my buddy brings me here for my birthday. This is my first strip club at Austin and after reading reviews about the place and having a few people tell me about the joint, I felt that it would be a good experience.Parking lot is just full, no place to really park so we park at the side in the grass. No big deal but if you have a nice car, they have a valet service. If you get worried about your car, probably best if you car pool with a friend that has a sh*t box.Anyway, we go in, my friend offers to pay my entry fee, the receptionist noticing my birthday on my id, immediately says it’s no charge. Great start.We find a table by the stage to the right and we’re having a good time. I open a tab and we each have a couple of beers.The women on stage range from a 6 to a 9. There are girls of all types and the talent was above average. After a few hours and none of the dancers approaching us for lap dances (it was a really busy night, apparently, especially since the parking lot situation foretold us of this fact) we leave.Also noticed that there were no private rooms for lap dances.I have been to several gentlemen’s clubs in the past in all parts of the country and this place was a 3 star, above average but not really a must visit place while you’re in Austin.

  2. billtheguy12

    I love this club, this is the 1st company I started dancing at, they have spinning poles I love the stage set up, and I LOVE THE NEW 2 STORY SPINNING POLE!!! It’s important to have gentlemans clubs with good-fun house stages cause some times dancers get bored and then we entertain our selves on the stage. Like weee!! As we spin thew the air. They even have some horizontal poles on the main stage. I now have danced all over the usa and this one is if not my fav club one of my favs to dance at cause the stage and some of the staff kinda feels like family or homie to me since I 1st started working here. I am here from vegas visiting family and on a summer vaca, I’m now a vegas local I dance at, cause have u ever experienced a vegas summer? Oie! It’s like a oven out there to hot for me. Like ya, I can feel i live in a desert. I’m surprised some of the people who knew me before remember me lol I went up to them and didn’t say anything to see if they remembered me and they did. This company is the only company I work at in austin Tx, like ch3 is the only club I dance at in vegas. This company has always been good to me from the get go so I have no reason to leave. So everyone should come to this club and not the other ones cause they r good to there dancers. Lol p10 is always a fun time. Minus one star only b.c I work night shift and they keep it miserably cold. I don’t know what temp they put it at but it feels like 50-60 degrees, n dancers walk around in bikinis, it’s so cold even on “dress night” when we have to wear a dress I was wearing a dress that covered most of my body and a jacket and was still uncomfortably cold. Like piercing mind numbing cold. Like when you put a ice cube on your skin and it hurts cold. I even did push ups on stage only cause I was freezing my butt off Topless. I usually like a slight chill at gentlemens clubs I work at, like you can walk around in a bikini and maybe a little over jacket or robe and feel a slight chill but comfortable but not painfully cold. when I work out at home I keep it at 70, anything colder then that is too cold. I know they do it so girls on stage won’t be hot but cold makes the muscles stiff, and if your on stage and doing a lot your going to be hot no matter what, I think they should keep the temp chilly but still comfortable for the girls walking around.

  3. Tom

    Great atmosphere and the hottest girls in town. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Tommie D.

    Must say we were impressed! The wife and I visited perfect 10 last night and had a great time. The club was pretty packed upon arrival but we were quickly shown to a table. Hannah was our server and was amazing! Her service alone was enough to warrant future trips. Management please note this as she is truly an asset to your business. Drinks were good and priced at about the norm. If you want cheap drinks then late on Saturday night is not the time. Girls were above average and friendly for the amount of volume of customers. There was at least one bachelor party that kept the girls pretty busy. All in all the night was enjoyable. Obviously the wife had fun as she is already planning our next trip!

  5. adamrod

    i used to think room full of scantily clad women couldn’t be less then great but this place felt like a walking into a ad captioned “for the price of a cup of coffee you could feed these poor girls for a week”… on stage there was a lot of fantastic talent, great moves, well practiced and very impressive acrobatics… honestly, some of the best I’ve seen. however, up close most of them looked like druggies and/or like they had eating disorders. the latter was actually confirmed. im not going to say anything about which staff member told me this but on good authority i was informed that these girls routinely have their jobs threatened and most of them vomit in back to maintain form. That brings me to my next point ; there was no diversity. all the girls were built like twigs. Not really my cup of tea and i understand that that’s my problem, but they were all so thin that it prompted a line of questions across everyone i could pull aside. i would have blown my budget on any one dancer that weighed more then 110 lbs…Of course i was approached all night by lovely ladies asking if i wanted company. the ones i wanted to spend time with i had already approached on stage and given some cash to, then told them i would like to buy a few dances before pointing to my group. i had every intention of spending a couple hundred bucks i had set aside just for the club… upon rejecting a girl older then i am (also, the only totally sober one i happened to notice) she immediately announced to other staff “these guys don’t wanna spend any money…” (didn’t hear the rest over the music as she walked away) not my fault if the ones i want ain’t coming to see me. the next girl i saw had her face covered in open wounds and looks to have applied a gallon of paint to cover them under countless coats of makeup… she was exceptionally drunk. i also noticed there was only one black chick, lot’s of white girls, and a couple Hispanics… like 95% underfed white girls. towards the end of the night i decided i didn’t want a total loss of a night out so i did buy one dance. i am now the proud recipient of the worlds most unenthusiastic lap dance. i am certainly no coinssure of these things but i have bought chains of dances lasting from 3 to 6 songs and received them from about a dozen different girls accumulated from my nights out… from that pool this dance was the laziest most unappealing dance ever. a nice view is only a good start, not the whole production. in short, the girls were trying hard on stage but between drugs and the insane pressure they have to stay thin… i was bouncing between feeling bad for them and being put off by the pushy druggie nature of most of the staff. There were some real stars thou. Drink staff was fast and friendly, valet was prompt and trust worthy, management was readily available, beer was slightly below room temp (good enough), music was great… i won’t be returning and i only recommend this place to the morbidly curious. if your goal is to see naked women, drink cold beer, and relax with the fellas; literally any other club would be better. my friends and i has a running joke about checking out the women at walmart afterwards to end the night on a higher note than this…

  6. Jersey

    Visited twice last week while in Austin for business. Had a great time! Friendly & helpful staff. Nice variety of hot dancers. Looking forward to a return visit.

  7. fuckery12

    Zebra girl in the pictures sat with us most of the night, and was pretty interesting to chat with. Not being a gawker myself, if I come to these places, I like to have someone to talk with while hub and the other guys ogle. Tuesday was a great day for this. $2 drinks all day – I got my Captain Morgans and Cranberry ON. I can also say I’ve had worse steaks in my life – Chili’s for one. It was every bit as good as a 6 oz. Outback but it came with fries & only set me back $3.99. (Now you see why I’m not so against visiting!) Yum. I can honestly say that if you want to go out and you plan on drinking and having a steak dinner, why would you want to go anywhere else?Sunday is Freeroll Poker day, so I may try P10 out again and try for another great time! 😀

  8. Tiff

    This was my first time attending a gentleman’s club, I went with my husband and had an awesome time!!!! Excellent place for couples. Mickey is soooooo hot, she is awesome. Thank you Perfect 10

  9. kittenwithawhip

    some hot, some not – but something for everyone!! will go back again.

  10. Johnson12

    I agree unfortunately with the previous reviewer. Perfect 10 Round Rock is turning into ghetto fabulous, just like Sugars did about a decade ago. It’s really no fault of the club for the most part. It’s just what strip clubs have become- ghetto culture.That’s bad because P10 was the last really decent strip club in Austin worth an afternoon visit. But times change and nothing lasts forever. There’s a few older dancers who are far more appealing than the younger set. But for the rest, you can go across the street to Ricks and get the same quality for $5 and $10 a dance.

  11. Firestud

    Best Club in Austin

  12. CaliforniaDude

    I was amazed by the number of dancers. I wanted to stay and see all of them, but after four hours there, I had to give up.

  13. GarryWas

    This CLUB IS AWFUL. The girls are filthy. They are all Hispanic, way too skinny, and they have no clue how to progress music. They let girls get finger banged anywhere and everywhere. It’s gross. The place smells and the girls have pimples on their ass.

  14. larry1

    P10 is one of my favorite place to go for drink and eat specials. The staff here is super friendly. Lol My wife and I went here for lunch one Tuesday ( $2 Tuesday ) ate a great $4.00 steak and drank until 11:00 at night for around $150 totall what a great way to spend a Tuesday.

  15. Doug

    My girlfriend and I have been a few times and we loved it. I think her more than I 🙂 We’ve been to Sugars (o.k.) and Expose (Yikes) I think Perfect 10 does a good job on selecting sexy girls. I expect food and drink to be expensive in this type of atmosphere, but did not expect MOST of your girls to be as hot as they are. Good job. We will definitely be back with our dollars. Thanks.

  16. rogerrab2

    A fav! P10 is a great place to come and chill. I’ve been a regular lol for a little while. Beautiful girls can always be found. It’s also a fun environment. The cocktail waitresses make you feel welcome, too. Jen is my absolute favorite. A super cutie!There’s no pressure. If you want a dance – great. If not, no problem either. I’ll visit just for lunch and you can enjoy your meal without being harassed. They have a full bar so there’s always something cold to sip on.If you choose a strip club to check out, check out P10!

  17. wrangler

    Stage dances werent too impressive which is a shame because the club has a great stage. Lots of pretty dancers but they seemed inexperienced in customer service and I just didnt see much action going on.

  18. Brian

    Candace is the hottest dancer there.

  19. bob

    Went on a Saturday afternoon, so my expectations were low. The girls weren’t bad, but a bit sparse as to be expected. There was one girl who I heard went by Victoria who looked amazing, but she was with a regular the whole time I was there so I never found out how she was “up close and personal”. That was kind of a bummer.

  20. Fire Stud
  21. yanard12

    A bunch of my buddies came down to Austin to visit, and we picked this club because we heard this was “the best club in Austin.” If that’s true, then there are no clubs worth going to in Austin.So by far the biggest complaint was that this is a smoking club. Indoor smoking is fucking disgusting.The girls weren’t anything special, “Perfect 6s” was the running joke. They all had bolted on tits and looked kinda used up. I’ve been to clubs where the girls are cute, energetic, and talented dancers. This was not one of those clubs.The drinks were really awful. I ordered a vodka lime and soda, figured it was a safe bet. The waitress came back to confirm, “You want a vodka soda with… lime?” Then 5 minutes later, “You want a vodka lime and… coke?” Eventually did get a vodka soda with lime, but it was the worst vodka I think I’ve ever had. The waitress was probably the cutest girl in the bar though, was happy to have her come back a few times.At one point this woman came over and forced herself into my buddy’s lap. Literally she didn’t even say hello first, just sort of flopped down while we were chatting. She was maybe a 4, older than we were (and we all met in college in the 90s). After we paid her $20 to leave, my buddy was like, “My wife must have called ahead to make sure I’d have an experience that would make me agree with her when she said strip clubs were disgusting.”The best thing about the night were the waitresses. There were a few that were really cute, but overall the place reeked of smoke, the drinks were awful, and none of the girls dancing did much more than an uninspired walk around the stage.We left pretty disappointed that we had wasted 45 minutes driving up there.If you are management at this club, for fuck sake get rid of indoor smoking already. Get a real bar. Get some dancers who don’t just look like they stumbled out of a trailer park.

  22. harryharry

    This place was a little hard to find but it was huge once you get in. I was impressed with how nice it looked and how friendly the service was. The club is big enough to accommodate larger groups with no problem. Next time im in Austin I’m sure to find my way back here.

  23. timmykilla

    We went here for a friend’s bachelor party. When we were back in college we would only go to the Yellow Rose because it was close to campus and had great lunch specials. Well on this particular occasion, the group decided that the entertainment at Perfect 10 would be better! But what got me was that they were showing the UFC 205 fight with no extra cover. The fight was on with Sound in the VIP area. It was a great venue to watch the fight and then the entertainment was top notch. The man of the hour had a great time.

  24. daveed

    Kimberly really knows how to please a man.

    The stage rotations the girls do is incredible.

    This is one of the best experiences I have ever had.

  25. john

    Used to be a great club when Frank was a manager… Has gone downhill since.

  26. AssnTits5

    A random girl named Naomi decided to sit in my lap BC a friend at a table made eye contact with her. After 8 minutes of conversation I told her I ” was just here to see the show” she bitched at me and my friend that she had to pay 125$ to get in for the night and it was the end of her shift and she didn’t appreciate us wasting her time. No thanks

  27. Johnnyboy123

    P10 is hands down the best gentlemen’s club in Austin. Plenty of space to sit, very attractive dancers, excellent waitresses and a good upscale crowd. Hands down the best dances I have gotten in the past. But on my recent visit, I was very disappointed. For one, a couple of dancers (newbies, I guess) came over and asked me if I wanted to go in the back. And that costs like 300 bucks. I told them I just wanted to hang out for a bit and see how things go. I swear that no other dancer approached me after that. Granted, I come from a different country and my ethnicity was very different from all the others that were there. But I was willing to spend a shitload of a cash on table dances but didn’t want to blow it all in the back. Towards the end of the night, I was approached by a dancer and she gave me dances for 4 songs but in the end claimed that I took dances for 7 songs. Clearly this place has gone downhill and I would avoid this place if I am not a white guy.

  28. Franklyn

    Last week, my co-workers and some friends of mine convinced me to go to a Strip-Club for the first time in the US instead of just going to 6th street as usual.We were all in a good mood and we got a nice table, so nothing wrong till that point. However, what happend afterwards was just not acceptable for a nightclub calling itself “perfect”. I’m gonna split it up into 3 parts:1. GirlsFrom the 10 girls I saw during that night, 2, maybe 3 knew how to dance – all the rest just tried to to the best out of their not existing skills. Even talking to the guy in charge of the toilet would have been more exciting than looking at those unprofession dancers.2. WaitressWe got one of the older waitresses and she did a good service in terms of bringing us new beers quickly. However, the fact that she was spitting at us with every word she said was really disgusting!!! As a result I only gave around 13% tip, because it really pissed me off. How should I have fun watching the 3 good dancers if the waitress is always spitting at me like a lama! After she realized that I only gave her 13% of tip, she came back to my table and started complaining (of course, again spitting at me while doing that).So we left the place directly with a feeling, hopefully it will be better next time! But the story is not over yet…3. Credit CardI don’t know if it was on purpose or not and I don’t want to accuse someone without kowing but my credit card was then charged with tabs I didn’t open and it took me a lot of time at BoA to get those tabs closed after one week.So in a nutshell: I was thinking about going there a second time to give Perfect 10 a second chance but after all I can only say:Perfect 10?? Better call yourself “One lonely star”!

  29. XhXeXy

    First off, let me say I don’t go to these places…really ever. I’ve never much understood the strip club vibe.My understanding of it:I’m paying cover to watch you dance half-heartedly, and then paying you more to come closer and frustrate me. Having been in burlesque for damn near a decade, I was hoping some of that showiness had made its way into the “gentlemen’s club scene”. It has not. At least, not here.Fortunately, I know hot females who like to convince me to try it out again once every 10 years or so. You know who you are.Cover was $15 at “happy hour”. All happy hour means is that you’re not being charged $9 for a crappily poured drink. Not knowing better, I ordered a Maker’s Mark manhattan, and the waitress looked at me in utter confusion. Her: “Wait you want Maker’s Mark? But what’s the other thing?”Me: “A Manhattan. With Maker’s Mark. On the rocks.”Her: “So, a Manhattan…”Me: “…is a drink. The name of the drink is a Manhattan. Please use Maker’s Mark.”See there? Did you see where I should’ve just ordered another whiskey rocks or wine or beer or ANYTHING? It was right there at the beginning. *headdesk*And, true to form, it was not only the worst manhattan I’ve ever had, it was also the tiniest. There was less liquid in it than was in my Jameson’s on the rocks. That’s kinda the opposite of what’s supposed to happen. And you know what? All of that…ALL of it would’ve not really been a big deal if the entertainment was any good. Of the 10-12 girls I saw come out to dance, 2 held my attention for more than a moment. And their moments were lovely, but not long-lived. Otherwise, it was some girl up there with a soulless look in her eyes gyrating listlessly like Paula Abdul on quaaludes. Really, the great part of the trip was the girls’ enthusiasm for going, and the company of everyone who showed up. That was worth it. But next time ladies, I’m taking you where the talent and entertainment is. And choreography. Life is nothing without choreography.

  30. Ray H.

    Very impressed. Seemed like the women out numbered the men last Friday night. That a great thing. Not just ordinary woman but very attractive women. Good job P10!

  31. Jonathan S.

    Hands down the best VIP service in the industry, there is one very specific reason why. ANGELA! She is always hustling and never sitting around. She has been doing this for over 10 years and it shows!! She is never involved in the other drama. When I walk in and see her, it’s like seeing a really good friend. She has a great energy about her and if you get the chance to have a chat with her you will see that she is a really down to earth girl, and very very sweet!! Oh ya!! And they have $2 Tuesday’s!! $2 u call it’s ALLLL NIIIGHT LOOONG!

  32. Adam

    Some of the dancers will charge you for more dances than they gave you.

  33. maxxy1

    Save your money guys.. I may be a little spoiled here but being from Florida I am used to seeing a… well lets just say a better mix of talent. I heard how great this place was and then tryed it out for the 1st time and to be honest I have seen less scars on burn victims. I thought ok maybe I just got them on a bad day so tried a few more times and where none of my visits have been as bad as the 1dt.. they just don’t have the talent. Look if you go in with the mind set of lets have a good time you can.. They try there best to take care of you when you are there I just think they need a better talent pool to pull from

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