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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Expose Men’s Club

  1. Peter I.

    I have been to Expose a few times, both during the day and at night. This place was awesome, the girls were super fun and waitresses made sure I was taken care of in every way. I would highly recommend this place for a Men’s club connoisseur or the rookie, this place will take great care of you. Tony F. the manager, has taken great care of me on multiple occasions, I didn’t want or wait for a thing.

  2. david

    sundays are average with a mix of experience and new dancers. Monday they bring out all the profesionals including there top dancers which were Diane and isabella. They were the best.

  3. tonycluber

    When I first stepped in to this this classy establishment, my first thought was “this is not a classy establishment.” But boy was I wrong!! The lavish decor screams class! CHAIRS WITH WHEELS?!? I’m sold already. The first woman who confronted me made a little weary, I had a strange feeling that she might have been smoking crystal-meth, mainly because she asked me if I had any. Shortly after this unsettling experience I met the stripper of my dreams, Destinee (with two e’s.) from the first time she sat in my lap i felt like a king! Shortly before the ending of the first (and to my exuberant surprise not the last) Mötley crew song she offered to take me to the VIP lounge. 40$ and a short walk later, I could really see how they treat their VIP’s like they are a couple steps above the rest. The luxurious booths and private stages made me feel like Destinee (with two e’s) was dancing just for me. A few dances and 200$ later we both decided to step out for a smoke, and then the real magic started happening. As we smoked our cigarettes, she informed me that Destinee (with two e’s) wasn’t her real name at all. Her Christian name was actually Shaniqua-Rakiim Nguen, and of her ambitious pursuit of visiting the countries of her parents origin, Alabama and Vietnam. At first I was very confused, knowing Alabama was not a country, but one of the seven continents. However, I could never break such unsettling news to the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life, struck with the wanderlust of wanting to understand the origins of her cultural background. I offered to pay for her trip to both “countries” however, she refused, but to my great pleasure, she informed me that the only way she could travel to such far off lands was to bring me with her. The very next day we embarked on our epic journey. And quickly fell in love. We are now settled down in anchorage Alaska with 6 children and a lucrative salmon fisherie living the American dream. And it was all the cause of Expose Gentlemen’s Club, thank you Expose, you have changed my life and many others for the better. The dances might only last the duration of a song, but the memories last forever. THANK YOU!!

  4. Kyle W.

    Cool, clean, and comfortable. I’ve never felt more welcomed than I was here. It was impressive to see that the building was actually a building, and not some hole in the wall or run down place. The food was at a level that was more than acceptable. Music was great, never heard a song I didn’t want to listen to. Above all, even though it seemed to be a slow night, there was not one unattractive dancer. Favorite dancer of the night was Helen, she as a dancer gets 5 stars from me. Overall great experience and can’t wait to go back.

  5. john paul

    i have been to several clubs in Austin but this one always has that certain atmosphere that makes you want to come back.

  6. justinlk

    An update to my prior review. This is clearly the best club in Austin. The dancers are in better looking and in better shape then all the other clubs. They are also not just all cookie cutter girls with fake breasts and collagen filled lips. While there are some like that there is also a wide variety of body types, looks and styles so every guy should find a woman to his liking. (My personal favorite is Natasha. If you are lucky enough to have her keep you company I am pretty sure you will agree). If you are there in the evening make sure you request either Alex or Janis as your waitress. They are both excellent, professional and go way out of their way to make sure you enjoy yourself. Again, if you are lucky enough to have either Alex or Janis serve you, you will find they are as big a part of making the night an enjoyably experience as the dancers themselves. If you open a tab (which I normally do) there is never anything on it that you did not order. So if they are serving you have no fears about using your credit card for drinks. I would suggest paying tipping in cash if you can. Servers tend to appreciated it more. If you are also finding company to your liking hard, both Alex and Janis will help finding someone to your liking. They have pretty good taste so trust their recommendation. Prices – This is one of the most surprising things about the club. Drink prices are about the same or less then a regular bar or club in Austin. The sitting at the club is very reasonable. Typically the cover is $5 which includes the States $3 sin tax. During the day the cover is just the $3. If you want a booth they range from $10-$25 during the day. The larger booths may go to $75 at night. That is a far cry from Palazio where the booths can be several l hundred $’s and if you don’t have one it is difficult to find a nice place for a dance. One negative. The club advertises $10/ dances. This is just a ridiculous advertisement as most dancers will not do a dance for that price. The ones that do will not give the same lap dance that you get when you pay the more typical $20 price. Bottom line.. Expo is an excellent establishment particularly if you stick to my recommendations concerning waitresses.

  7. Jason Lee

    don’t think I’m gonna go back

  8. timmykilla

    I noticed I hadn’t yet reviewed this place although I have been here before. As such, I went in on Saturday night.The first thing to know about this place is that it’s extremely tiny and it didn’t help there was a sizable crowd (expected for the weekend, I reckon). I felt a little claustrophobic not to mention that, for at least 40% of the time, there was someone standing in front of me blocking my view to any of the stages.I haven’t ever heard much about Expose but, I got to admit, I was pleasantly surprised of the quantity of good looking entertainers. I also saw a few familiar faces who told me they’re treated nicely by management.I liked very much the little booths on the back which you can rent for the whole night for only $20. However, as they are at the back of the establishment, it’s extremely likely you won’t be seeing much of the stage given the standing patrons mentioned above.With all that being said, the service rendered by my waitress was dreadful. I drink like a champion but, at the end of that night, I couldn’t feel even the slightest buzz. Not only was she taking forever to bring my drinks when ordered but, she also let my empty drinks stand for up to 15 minutes in several occasions.I do have a little bit of a concern about the crowd that gathered at Expose that night. It felt like the average age of the patronage was rather young; mostly college kids. Now, I normally don’t care about who else is at a strip club but, it was clear to me that, a huge portion of the crowd, were drunk. In my experience, highly intoxicated young guys have a high yield rate of starting fights for no apparent reason. I am not trying to bash anyone, mind you. I didn’t have such experience on that day. I reckon what I am trying to say is that I felt a little unsafe.You may stop reading here as the following is just a small personal and uncalled for rant of mine: I was delighted there’s no bathroom valet! I know some valets from other clubs who are very nice and I’d tip them sometimes but, I feel they’re completely unnecessary and sometimes, a bit of an annoyance; I know how to wash my hands and use a little bit of tissue to dry them out. I have done it before, after all! Furthermore, more often than not I am coming from doing a line off the toilet cover. Let’s just go out on a limb for a second and say hygiene is probably not my biggest concern at the moment.

  9. Jorge

    Like most clubs, the talent comes after 8pm but the earlier women can be excellent too. The club itself is classy and the staff friendly.

  10. fritter17

    Smells a bit like vomit… Not gonna lie, the bar has an odor that resembles a give gallon bucket of vomit.

  11. Mike T.

    This is one of the best happy hours I’ve ever been to in this type of establishment. Steak & Fries cooked to preference with $3 you call its 5-8pm. Great deal. I spent very little money and still had a great time. Not many times you can say that at a gentlemans club.

  12. Scott T.

    Not much to say here, but the place is clean, good service, and beautiful women. I am not a fan of strip clubs but it is nice to unwind every once and a while. The girls here were nice enough to have conversations with and are quite good at dancing. I would recommend this place for couples or for single people. Either way, be prepared to have fun.

  13. Shane H.

    Now if I was rating and reviewing this place based solely on food it would get five full stars, but seeing as how I have to take into account the mediocre decor and the girls that work there it drops to 2 stars.Let’s start with the good news, the burger here is one of the best I have ever had and last time I checked it was only like $3 for a burger and fries during happy hour. The fries are great, the burger is juicy and delicious. The bartender was great and served great drinks and all for an incredibly cheap price. If your bartender really loves you have her cover the mirror behind the bar so you don’t have to see the girls behind you.Now the bad news….the girls and the music. Both I could have done without. The girls looked like they just recently were granted parole and the music was typical way too loud strip club garbage. I swear there was a soccer mom dancing around in the buff behind me while I was trying to eat my burger, it was disturbing to say the least. Maybe it’s because I went during the day, which is typically when the C team works, but these girls were straight nasty. All I know is these girls wouldn’t be allowed to park cars at one of the better clubs, but here they get to dance, naked, while I am trying to eat the best burger in town. It’s kind of weird.

  14. Harrison69

    Ok, the good: (day shift)Intimate environmentGood soundGood waitressesNo coverGreat location10 buck dancesThe bad:Warm beerAnorexic dancers (no ass, no boobs)

  15. richard95

    Here is a little of my background in the “titty bar” industry. My mom danced in various places from the time I was 12 till I was 21. I have seriously grown up in “titty bars”. I will say this with absolute certainty. This is a great place to see cute naked girls. Period. I have had a good time, everytime. The waitresses are always friendly and quick. They have dancers of all different ilk. I hate it when you go to a club and it’s all the same type of girl. You can see when you walk around. The bathrooms are clean, and they have a smoking area. Yay, that.You can’t beat the Happy Hour specials, everyday. Period. So, if you like naked girls, cheap top shelf drinks, friendly waitresses, and a good atmosphere….go here.

  16. Ryan D.

    It’s like a local hipster bar with a modern flare and some damn hot women! Got a buzz, some grub and sexy dance and didn’t even dent the wallet. My new fav spot to escape and be myself!

  17. ryan123

    Girls, Girls, GirlsLong legs and burgundy lipsGirls,Girls, GirlsDancin’ down on Sunset StripGirls, Girls, GirlsRed lips, fingertipsOr Pour some sugar on me…….Oh la la. Where to begin….First of all, I don’t just frequent a Gentleman’s club for no apparent reason. On this night it was a special night that needed a place to start our party off with a BIG BANG. Back up story: My friend was getting married on this particular day. The wedding was called off, so we needed something spectacular to replace the date with a fond memory. We had a Freedom Fest for our guy and went all out. He loves dancing, so in honor of him the night was themed around it. These type of places cost a pretty penny and were very cautious of this.Expose has happy hour from 5-8 pm or as I like to call it “Lappy Hour”. $3 anything – you call it. Ex. Red Bull & Grey Goose vodka $3. I was floored and oh yeah – $10 lap dances. This is a man’s dream that I was living in. Anyways, we had a big crew and given a corner section. All the staff & dancers were very courteous and wanted to make our night memorable. We were given the star treatment from beginning to end. The girls were very friendly (duh) and talented. I think my mouth dropped a few times. Where in the world did you learn to do that? WOW. BTW, girls are typically the worse critic than a guy would be. These girls are worth looking at, so bring yo’ dolla bills. Can it get better than this? YES. We had paid for our guest of honor to be on stage. They provide 2 dancers, a DJ and 3 dances. The first 2 dances were from the dancers and the last is the guest of honor to dance. E.P.I.C. Words cannot describe how we made his night and how we all enjoyed this moment. I’m so sad I could not document any of this. It’s down in the books for a great night, especially for the establishment that made it happen.

  18. Johnnyboy123

    Attended a bachelor party here yesterday, loved this place, girls were cool (attractive as well), wait staff even though busy, still gave us great service. Told my wife about this place and now she wants to check it out. So probably have to pay you guys another visit next time we are up there. Thanks for a fun night expose.

  19. XhXeXy

    Good time whenever I go in. Bartenders are friendly and drinks are stiff!

  20. Weedman420

    This place is dirty. They just stole money from me. They threaten me to pay them for something I did not get. I hope somebody cares and gets back to me, but I doubt it

  21. james1412

    been to better place

  22. Franklyn

    Went there with a couple of buddies for lunch one day a few weeks back. Mind you this is the first time I have set foot in a place like that in over 25 years. It sort of felt like I was doing something I shouldn’t be doing and I felt like an 18 year old again.The girls were super nice and told us they only started dancing when there were at least 3 customers, Lucky us. Also showed my lack of experience when I clapped every time a girl finished a song but that is what we always did those years ago. The DJ took notice and asked what we were drinking and they ran a $5 special.Also fell in love with a girl named Sativa (Yes, I know its not her real name) but her lap dancing was incredible as was her pole dancing. For the lap dance she led me to a secluded corner and asked if I would mind if we waited on the next song and we spent that time chatting and getting to know each other and I had a great time hearing about her life and how she ended up in Austin.Would have gotten 5 stars but on a subsequent visit when I was approached about a lap dance, the girl didn’t remove her top until the song was about to end, then asked if I would like another. HELL YEAH, it was just getting good when the song ended so the second song was sans top.I’d go back

  23. Keri B.

    I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I thought I was pretty, ahem, well informed on the strip club excursion but I learned something last weekend, and I have my companion to thank for that. She illustrated the lesson brilliantly. I will save you the pain of learning this on your own. Here it is: Do NOT sit right next to a stage. There. You can thank me later for that as it will save you from getting nailed in the head with a stripper spike as she enthusiastically spins on the pole. Cause that is a complete buzzkill and your fun will end in a flash of plastic and pain. However, prior to that incident, I was really diggin the joint. I had never been to this establishment before and I guess I had my own pre-conceived notions going in. Since this is Deep South Congress, for some reason, I was imagining all the girls would have pit hair and smell like patchouli. I was very pleasantly surprised to see quite a few, well groomed lovely ladies and they smelled pretty good too 🙂 I was able to get an impromptu instruction on poppin my booty (something I aspire to do someday) and also got a sweet kiss from a girl (and I do mean girl…maybe 21?) for handing her my glass of wine while she sweated on stage.Once again, the major flaw in this establishment was the fact they wouldn’t let me in without a penile escort. Luckily I had one or they woulda lost my dolla dolla bills ya’ll. If I ever find myself Deep South with a penis again, I just might go back!

  24. maxxy1

    Looking for a REALLY good time? Do yourself a favor. When you walk in the door, look for a tall indian dude with a pencil-thin mustache. Before he can say anything to you, grab his hand and shake it LEFT TO RIGHT (not up and down like a normal handshake). Then quietly mouth the code word “Hamstring”. He will take you to the ULTRA TOP-SECRET VIP ROOM, or as I call it…the land of pure imagination. For $17.50 this sweet little cutie named Guinevere gave me an unforgettable Guatemalan Backsplash and then topped it off with a complimentary Rickles’ Pickle (named in honor of Don Rickles, I suppose… RIP). I’m too savvy to think she had anything on her mind besides business, but damned if I didn’t revert to my school boy days and just fall in love on the spot. Long story short, I had to call my hombre Benecio to come and pick me up, I was feeling so loosey goosey from the VIP fun. The only chemical I need is LOVE baby! This place is the best.

  25. StripClub431

    Girls were beautiful and down to earth, drinks affordable, and music/vibe was great. My wife and I went and overall We were very impressed. It’s a great couples date!Disagree with some of the negative reviews. The steep parking lot? Average girls? I have high standards and I found them fit, approachable, and sexy. And it won’t break the bank!

  26. Jay P.

    First review.Perhaps fittingly, Expose was my first exposure to “gentleman’s entertainment”. And this was not as a curious college student, but rather as a professional in my late 20s who went over lunch on a lark. Sadly for all other similar establishments in Austin, I am afraid I may have been spoiled.Expose’s vibe is both classy and casual, with plenty of tables scattered around the main floor; during those busy evenings, it can be a bit more difficult to get the perfect spot, but with three dancers in a cozy (read: intimate) club, you’re never far from some action. During the day there is only one dancer on stage at a time, but plenty of lovely ladies that are willing to provide one-on-one attention. Plus you can’t beat the daytime prices, both for drinks and dances.In terms of dancers, the club hires a wide range of girls. It is likely that no matter what your taste (long-legged blondes, tatted-up alterna-angels, fuller figured or petite) that the club will have someone that will catch your eye. Most of the girls give excellent company and dances, and servers are equally friendly. The music, for the most part, is the typical pounding stripper hip-hop and rock, though the DJs sometimes will throw out a curveball. I got a lovely table dance to TV on the Radio’s “Staring at the Sun”, for example, with surprisingly positive results.In summation, Expose is a laid back gentleman’s haven that makes you feel welcome, appreciated and very special all while not breaking your wallet. Also consider it’s higher dollar brother Palazio down the road, but for the gentleman on a budget looking for a great time, you can’t beat this treasure of a club. Thanks Expose for the lovely welcoming.

  27. eddyL

    I am a consummate observer. Airport layovers make me giddy. Coffeehouses fill me with glee. Eeyore’s birthday…well, that almost made my head explode, but I can handles me a strip club. Mainly because it’s never a pre-planned excursion. It’s usually a product of a slurry group-think and thirst that only an earsplitting rendition of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” can quench.I forgot to remove my Southern California bias glasses (again). I live in T-E-X-A-S, which, apparently, is not the mecca of plastic surgery I born from. Therefore, I was initially perplexed that the dancers were less Pam Anderson and more Rachel Maddow. Seriously, one was wearing glasses. If your tastes are of the variety, um, variety, then Expose is your place. The ladies ranged from Naughty Social Studies Teacher to I Am Paying My Way Through Zoology School. My favorite was “Pretty Woman” meets “Cirque Du Soleil”. Least favorites were Whackadoo High School Volleyball Player and 12-Year-Old Rasta Boy. All of the women were attended to, so I stress that Expose has a gal for every guy.However, I found myself captivated by the young man me and my pals lovingly dubbed Steve Urkel.

  28. Kyle W.

    Good, down home titty bar. The gals really know how to work a pole in here. Lap dances are reasonably priced and I didn’t see anything that was too shady. I’ve only been here once and I was pretty messed up while inside the place, so I don’t remember a whole heck of a lot. What I do remember, was hot chicks and strong ass drinks. I will be back when in Austin!

  29. j-dog

    Vondelle is a stank ho. Don’t get dances from her.

  30. XXXbeast

    cute gals, great staff- cordial management- great happy hour!!

  31. Jan G.

    Ok, so you have been in the sun all day, drinking but need a place to go before the next event. Well, if its between 5-8pm, Expose is not a bad place to catch thappy hour and the last afternoon game, have a $3 “you call it ” with no cover and ummmmm $10 table side entertainment. This service was friendly if not a little inconsitent and the girls charming without being pushy. Not a bad place to kill an hour or two. I understand the food is good and the prices were certainly right. Mia, you are a doll !

  32. Casey

    Good service, good variety of dancers, and a good DJ. I went here for a bachelor party, and they treated us well. Recommended.

  33. Charlie B.

    Thank you Expose…you topped a great vacation off with a bunch of booty!!! and we loved it. Awesome staff here, everyone on down to the cocktail waitress was amazing.Big thank you to my lap dance princess, I really didnt care that much that you werent a blonde…its all good. You even let me share you with my man…it doesnt get much better than that. Ive heard the food is great here, unfortunately Id already eaten by the time we got there. The drinks were strong and right on time. The VIP is comfy and the music….well its loud …..and its lame but its always like that at the nipple huts. I was to busy looking at butts to care anyway.Cheers crew at Expose….Ill be back again soon….. get my VIP chair ready for the pile up!!!!!XoXoXo

  34. Virginia M.

    I’m no stranger to gentleman’s clubs and have been to every one in Austin as well as the surrounding areas. Expose is definitely one at the top of my list. I send people here All the time when they ask about a good local club to go to with dancers. I work downtown so I see big convention groups as well as bachelor party groups frequently. Expose is close to DT which tourist absolutely Love because it’s a straight shot down Congress, a cheap cab ride, close to their hotels, and easy to get to and from seeing as how they don’t know their way around Austin. I’ve eaten here many times and I used to be sketched out to eat at a place where half naked people were walking around. Don’t be. They aren’t in the kitchen and they don’t handle your food. The food is always good, reasonably priced, and prompt. This place is on my way to work so if I want to stop in and have a quick meal or a pre-shift drink, I just go sit at the bar which is never a problem even when I am alone. The bar staff here is awesome, male and female, and are always in a good mood. Coming from a place where a lot of employees are cranky, it’s a real nice change of pace. I can tell they are happy to be there. I’m not sure what the specials are because I always drink the same exact thing everywhere I go but I do enjoy drinking at the bar here and my tab is never outrageous. I really like the dj also. He plays a great mix of music. I personally am a huge fan of hip hop, classic rock, and metal. I hear music I like every time and I also believe it’s important to mix it up. The only problem I’ve ever had here was that there was no soap in the bathroom. I found a manager, told him about it, and he fixed it immediately.

  35. john

    i have been to all the clubs in austin and this is by far the best onbe that i have been to. they have a lifetime customer from me.

  36. fuckery12

    I’ve been here 2 times. The first time I came here it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile and I was very happy. However the next 2 times I came here I was dealt so injustly (not a word, I know) in my opinion that I feel like I should write what happened. So on the 2nd visit with Expose I asked this girl for a dance there right? Well she danced for me and all for quite awhile. The dances there were supposed to be 10 dollars… then guess what? She says that she gave me more than one dance and tells me that I have to pay 20… even tho’ I only asked her for one dance. I gave her a 10 instead and she gave me a snide look. Then right after that someone asks me for a drink, and I said no (I already brought one drink there, which was very expensive might I add), and she kicked me out cuz she said that every customer there had to buy 2 drinks or leave. This happens right after a stripper tried to rip me off. There was so much room there for people to sit at that it makes absolutely no sense that I should be kicked out…. I mean I paid for a dance and 1 drink. Almost 20 dollars worth of money to Expose… and they have the nerve to kick me out? So the 3rd time I came there I was pretty skeptical of the place. I brought one drink like usual (an orange juice, no point drinking alcohol I decided if it’s too expensive to get drunk). I asked a girl called Lexi to dance for me there. I saw her there the first time I was there. So she danced for me… and after the dance she told me she gave me 4 dances even tho’ I only asked for 1…. and she charged me 40 dollars. I decided to be generous and give her a 20. She then said to give me the extra 20 dollars or she’d ask the manager to kick me out, and that I had to “take care of her” in a very sinister tone of voice. After I said no because I only asked for 1 dance, not 4, she told me to **** off. Then the manager came up to me and kicked me out of the bar. He even did it even after I told him what happened. It seemed like he didn’t believe what I had to say based off of his stern countenance Sounds terrible right? Anyways that’s my story. If I were to come there again I would never even think about supporting this place with my money. My 2 star rating is mainly because the girls there are very hot, the great first time I had there, and that’s it. Overall, I loath this place because the strippers try to rip you off, and the manager was an asshole. I’ll probably try The Yellow Rose out sometime next, hopefully the dancers there won’t force you to pay more for something you have not ordered, or have a drink limit like stupid Expose does. Such a shady place.

  37. James D.

    This is a club that features pretty much rap ghetto ho’s. I went on an afternoon before this weekend’s ACL fest hoping some quality girls attending ACL might be working there to supplement ACL expenses. But it was the same ghetto ho’s and wall to wall rap music the club has been for the past couple of years.Ironically, the only black girl there danced to rock music. The rest were white and hispanic ghetto ho’s.

  38. J M.

    “No matter what you want,gotta go, gotta go.We’re waiting there for you…”I don’t really go to strip clubs (except for the usual exceptions like bachelor parties and whenever a girl tells me she wants to go to one), but this song they have on their commercial and the smokin’ hot girl they have lip-syncing it make me feel good in my happy places.UPDATE: YouTube has the commercial:youtube.com/watch?v=kswN…

  39. curtis17

    My favorite Gentlemen’s club in Austin. Friendly staff and beautiful dancers. Everything I want in a bar/club. $3 dollar drinks during happy hour got me in the door. The great atmosphere and easy to talk to girls made me stay and keep coming back. Keep up the good work!

  40. chris

    Worst Club. no private dances. not worth club for $20 dance prices

  41. felixnada

    Their website advertised no cover and two for one dances. They charged a $5 cover which I was happy to pay. It was all fun and games until 1 am, at which point a dancer tied to charge twice the rate. So something that I thought cost $10 suddenly cost $80. When we refused, a manager came over and tried to convince us that we were at fault. I used to visit this place once a year, but never again.

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