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3501 Andtree Boulevard, Austin, TX 78724


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “XTC Cabaret

  1. Jason S
  2. fuckery12

    Well, it was pretty gross and sad. Don’t go on Mondays I guess. On other news it was interesting to walk out and seeing two henchmen who work there just recently knocked out a drunk guy and left him bleeding right on the doorstep. Yeah..that’s very comforting.All models there were just average and below.There were hardly any women in there also it was really dull.

  3. nomadic1

    This place was a pleasant surprise. The 25 dollar cover was a bit steep but I got in to find they had 5 dollar dances until 11:00! At that rate I took about as many as were offered. There were mostly Latinos and Caucasian girls with one black girl, Faith. I was impressed by the number of girls working Monday night! At one point in the night they have a $1.00 short dance and every girl comes and gives you a quick dance. Then they switch, so in 10 minutes 10 songs, 10 dollars, good deal. They girls were friendly and some of them would give you a nice talk before a dance, some of the Latinos though I don’t think could speak English too well. Quite a few mommies dancing but it was fun anyway. I didn’t feel pushed or pillaged and got to enjoy a good time. I will go back for Wednesday 10:30 oil wrestling and I want to see a few girls again that were particularly nice, like Amber. No touching unless you go to the VIP which is 20 to get in.

  4. BlueWolf

    Well it was an alright club. B.Y.O.B was nice. Cover was alright too. Atmosphere was eh alright. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends but some of the girls there were really stuck up. And there weren’t to many good looking ones. I’ve been to acouple clubs and I would have to rate this in the lower catogory. Some girls there are alittle to touchy and grabby. Try to get more out of you then a table dance. But some were alright to talk to and get dances from. Management was pretty good keeping on their toes, and the DJ was great kept the guys excited all night. I dont know if I will ever go back. But if you are 18+ and want to see some tits and pussy its the place to go…

  5. Mistercap12

    Well, it’s been many a year since I’ve been to this club and we had a great time for my Grandsons 18th! While the ladies were very friendly and talkative they were no pushy at all trying to sell their special dances. Definitely a place I’d be comfortable visiting again. Even noted a few girlfriends and wives visiting. Cover was $25 on a Saturday but you can have a good deal of fun minder $100 total. If you don’t like a place with friendly, beautiful, curvy and not so curvy ladies, then don’t go. Otherwise, go, behave, and treat the ladies like gentlemen.

  6. chris
  7. adamrod

    I showed up here on a Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend. Maybe half of the girls actually spoke english who approached me looking for a dance. I personally find this to be a turn off. I mean isn’t a big part of the fun of stripers being able to hear all stories and and pillow talk they are willing to tell you? The stage dances were disorganized. It is definitely a mood killer to have to listen to the DJ threaten and cajole–what I now have judged to be a bunch of pouty dumb stripers–not to leave their stages the whole night. Finally, about halfway through my planned evening the waitress tells me I have to take my beer back to my car or buy a ten dollar cooler if I want to stay. To that I say, no thank you to your hidden fees and poor atmosphere; I will take my wad of twenties elsewhere.

  8. AssnTits5

    A fucking ten, and no i don’t mean the girls are tens just the experience. imagine a place where you can barter with the girls using cigarettes and your own alcohol for dances. Yes there were some girls i would bring home to mom, if my mom was a toothless trailer hooker. Don’t get me wrong we had a great time, especially when we hung out doing shots with some of the girls just about to get there night started. ha most still had braces. These bitches love to barter too, i traded two parliament lights for three shots, when i asked here where she got the shots from she gave me a funny look and said “my locker duh” This place is a Cl short of Classy but a good time. My advice Make sure you inspect the muff closely and remember make it rain…but no thunder storms needed to leave with the girls a brief summer shower will do. If your looking for top shelf tush not the place but a hidden gem deep in the ass of Austin Texas.

  9. Aaron W.

    Love this place. There is this one girl named Barbie who is AMAZING. She looks really really white but only speaks spanish so that makes things a little difficult. The other is Amberlin and her friend Chanel, came and sat with us for at least an hour and it was a blast. They are both wonderful. If your wondering why i only gave it 3 stars ill tell you. Im 20 and I went with my fiance who is 18 and my brother who is 19. We are not clubbing people and never have been so we went at noon on a sunday expecting nothing but the worst girls they had and an empty room. I think there were only 5 or 6 working but Barbie and Anberlin made it 100% worth it. Now the reason we chose sunday was because it advertised on the website $10 cover, $10 dances. When we get there the guy said $15 cover and asked for I.D.’s. After that he said minors pay another $5. So we went for $10 cover and each ended up paying $20. If the website was more specific it would be 5 stars for sure. However after 3 or 4 or 5 $10 dances by the 2 or 3 girls we liked (all of mine were from barbie) we had forgotten all about the cover. All and all I think we will be regulars at that time even though the website was wrong about cover charge. I may call and make sure the 2 girls we like are working though. The girls pick the music so there is a lot of Spanish music but they also required to play one rock song per set (3 songs). $10 dances, almost empty place, a couple favorite girls, some good friends, and a lot of relaxing.

  10. Mike T.

    Don’t go here! Super unkept the bathrooms were not clean there was trash on the floor and gum all over the walls! My wife went to the restroom and said the restroom was so dirty it was full of toilet paper all over and I flushed toilets! The girls are ok but the ones who don’t speak english will rip you off $80 a dance when it’s only $20 a dance.

  11. larry1

    Nothing special unless your coming here on a mission… There’s no sex in the champagne room!

  12. DexterRexter

    XTC Cabaret in Austin was the best strip club I have ever been to. It was a fun experience hence it being my first time going to a gentlemen’s club. There was a $25 cover and a $20 VIP pass and within 3 minutes of being in the club, one of the girls there approached me and asked me if I wanted to dance with her. I said yes and took me to the VIP section. Her name was Emily I believe and man oh man she was great, she was giving me lap dances for DAYS, I loved every minute of that club and I’m willing to come back with a lot more money in hand. Especially when I made a promise to Emily(my dancer) and I have to come back next Friday(Dec.18) to see her again. Another dancer approached me and I think she was hitting on me and I tried to escape but Emily came back(thank goodness) and we continued but I enjoyed every moment there. Emily said that if I come back at 8:00 PM on Friday night, she would give me her number. I’m freaking excited about coming back because you’ll never know what you gonna get the second time 😉

  13. Me

    I stopped in a couple of times. The girls are fair. There are good variety. Dances are fair. VIP’s are good depending who you get. There are a few good looking girls, Savana is my favorite!

  14. traveler

    I went there Monday night and $5.00 table dances that were pretty good. BYOB, so cover is $25.00, but you save on alcohol. Not one fake there and I loved that. Would go back again.

  15. army dad
  16. xtc fan

    Went here friday night. Too many Mamas, but enough smokin hot girls too. girls were 6’s to 10’s. Dances were good, but no touching except in vip and still not much touching in there but better dances. $20 to get in vip, but dances cost more than in the main room. Some girls not worth it in vip. I had lots of fun with a girl with long blonde hair and a girl Michele and then her friend Mariposa. good party.

  17. 2tall

    I showed up before shift change and there were mostly dancers of latin decent before 9pm. After 9pm there was more variety. Fully nude. Great lap dances. Wait for the specials announced by the dj for the VIP room discount. BYOB. They only sell energy drinks and their food is served only till 6pm. Smoking allowed, decent ventilliation. ATM has a $6 fee and can only withdraw $100 at a time. My favorite club in texas.

  18. Willy J.

    Let’s put it this way, we had a group of 16 guys out to Austin for a bachelor party and one of the 16 guys made it to XTC all 3 nights we were in town–and this guy doesn’t really care for strip clubs.

  19. groggs

    This club is hit and miss. Some nights its awesome and some nights you night as well stay home.

  20. Jon

    Good dances durring 2 for 1. Good girls on a saturday afternoon. VIP worth it with the right girl

  21. Weedman420

    Been there once expected to be propositioned. Wasn’t. Brought a Crown 103 proof bottle. Scared even the “Hardcore” drinkers. As soon as they turned down a crown and sprite, for coconut ciroc I knew I was amongst a bunch of women. The ladies were as different as produce in the market. Every different taste was represented. The prices for mixers were pretty decent. The selection of cigars, decent. The security, armed to the teeth and thorough. I felt secure inside the building. But that’d the only place that is secure. The exterior is less. Parking lot saved for special clients, regulars, lady drivers, friends of the valet. I parked 15 feet from the valet booth and my car was broken into. 15 FLIPPING FEET. Ridiculous. Pathetic valet. Lost my my job in 60 minutes. Was inside long enough to say happy birthday to my bro in law, have a drink and walk out. If you’re going to have giants guard the entrance post one on the exterior go that extra mile for the clientele. No exterior security is the reason I WON’T be recommending this place. To anyone for any reason. Car pool, in a jalopy. Losing my tools set me back a month’s pay and lost me my job. It’s astonishing what an armed patrol guard does to local criminals confidence.

  22. harryharry

    I went to XTC during the day around 1:00…I love this place hands-down the best strip club with good company! When I got there sat down this beautiful woman walked up to me…quickly!! She went by the name Brooke! (Highly recommend ) All the other girls were scary if you know what I mean!!! They were all outta shape and alot of them couldn’t even speak English!!! I’m really happy she walked up to me so quickly really made my day! I had a blast I will be going back to see HER!!!!

  23. tonycluber

    Great place ….byob…. $25 cover. . Well worth it.. Good deals 9n Dances thru the week…..ask for Sam she is cool as shit watch for her 3rd eye … this is a must visit. .

  24. danielson

    I’d give it a zero if they let me. Showed up with four customers and apparently the front entrance thought rape at $25 a person on Monday night was in order. Tried to reason with them and the five people I brought and all I got was a big bird. Well here’s your bird back. Please don’t waste your time traveling here it’s not worth it.

  25. Jeremy H.

    This was a first time club for me. Heard of it through some friends. Definitely worth going to for a first timer.

    Girls are very friendly, good atmosphere. Worth going to!

  26. Brian B.

    Watch this place for the thieving and hustling. The 2 foreign chicks took $80 from a friend and delivered a poor dance for the money. Sure my friend was naive but the girls could have put a bit more into it. Then my other friend “lost” his wallet which was later found with all the cash removed. My dance was !@#$ good for $20 but talk to the girl a bit to pick up her vibe.

  27. thx1138
  28. John

    Alyze, Natasha and Claudia are the shit!

  29. Franklyn

    Nastiest (and I mean that in a good way) place I’ve ever been!BYOB, he’ll yes! You can smoke inside!!!Girls run the gambit, but they are all nasty!!!

  30. smc

    was there tonight had a very good time like always best all nude club in austin

  31. XhXeXy

    I am new to Austin, so for the amount of money I spent at this place in one night I could have flown to Los Angeles for the weekend, rented a room at The Standard and walked to the Seventh Veil or The Body Shop. Here is what I experienced: $100 round trip cab ride from downtown Austin, $25 cover, no booze, $20 per song (no matter what the flyers say), 12 songs added up quick, $6 ATM fee, B-teamers at best on a Friday night. Plus got my brand new iPhone 5 stolen… my fault for thinking the security that was hovering all around the place would keep an eye on my table. lol The security guards sure made sure I didn’t take any pictures tho. If you want a strip club that has the same atmosphere as a bowling alley or a probation office then this is your place!

  32. billtheguy12

    The head manager hispanic guy kicked me out for no reason last time i went we send abt 1000 this time i went i was spending abt 500The manager didnt like that i was tipping the gal he was dancing with. So for his reason i will not go thereManagement need look in to.

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