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0 reviews for “The Yellow Rose

  1. Johnson12

    This place is a brothel not a strip club. Most of the guys that hang out here are pimps, drug dealers and thugs. Not a safe place to drink or host a party. Most of the dancers at the rose are escorts that come to work to find new customers to take home after work for sex. There are two Vietnamese strippers who work there that will do anything for the right price in the “dirty” booths behind the curtains in VIP areas. One of them always wears the same school girl outfit and she never goes on stage. Most of the dancers here also have ads on backpage and are 7/10 at best. The girls know that the high quality dancers with good looks work at Palazio or Perfect 10 (P10) because they make more money but these are escorts not stippers and they make most of their money after work. The Yellow Rose was cool about 5 years ago but then it became known as a place to buy drugs and find prostitutes and the management lost control and gave up trying to hire top notch talent. The carpet smells like dead fish , mildew and vomit … don’t waste your time or your money. Palazio and P10 are well worth the drive and you will have a MUCH better experience. Trust me, I KNOW.

  2. C W.

    Visited the Yellow Rose for the first time on Tuesday night. Their radio ads seem enticing, so I was interested in how it would compare to other clubs I’ve been to.We found ourselves a seat in front of the main stage and were completely ignored by the wait staff — for about 30 minutes. People who came in after us and were seated around us got attention almost immediately. It seemed like the waitstaff was catering mainly to people they already knew (their friends), large parties, or anyone throwing money in the air. We flagged down a waitress as she passed us by, and then it took about 15 minutes just to get our beers delivered. Our desire to continue drinking or spending more money here was diminished.There is also a sign in the entrance that says there is no smoking, yet people were smoking all around me and ashing on the floor.I’m also not used to seeing customers touching the girls. There were several customers who had their hands all over their lap dancers. That being said, the girls performing on stage did a great job – just wished I would’ve felt more welcomed by the staff.

  3. Kelly F.

    It is because of The Yellow Rose (and my jerkface friends) that (1) I do not remember a portion of my 21st birthday and later ended up removing my clothes and crawling from the living room to the bathroom to puke and die and (2) a very large bachelor party (and seriously y’all, it was the day before EASTER, WTF are you doing at a gentlemen’s club???) got to see some (and by some I meant most) of my lady bits exposed to the world. TWICE. I didn’t even know the dancers could touch you, let alone unzip your pants and lift up all upper body garments so that the men across the room who had stopped getting lap dances to watch your humiliation could see EVERYTHING.So, thanks, Boo. I’ll never forget you. (and neither will any of my friends who now think it is hilarious to ask if I want to go in and see you anytime we drive past.)

  4. Dancer

    This review is intended for entertainers seeking info on the Yellow Rose. I’ve worked here about 1 day a week for a year or so. I’ve been dancing on and off for roughly 10 years and have worked all over the US in a plethora of clubs. Overall, I’d have to say this is one of my favorites. The staff is professional and doesn’t deal with BS. As long as you do your job and don’t create a scene you’ll be treated very well. They can easily have 50-70 girls on a weekend night. There is more than enough girls that they don’t tolerate drama. Overall, the girls are extremely nice to one another. Being a bully or rude will not go over well. The club is extremely small when you take into account the number of patrons and dancers. It’s in a hip neighborhood where gentrification took over years ago. The patrons are usually IT guys, corporate guys or bachelor parties. Austin is a huge destination for bachelor party meetups and a lot of them come here. We’ll have at least 15 tables a night during the weekend that are in VIP on a bottle service. Actually, on the weekends from 11pm-4 am the club is packed! So much, that a lot of people don’t have a seat. This is a pro and a con …. Too busy means there isn’t enough room to give a dance. Dances start at 20, most charge more when we’re packed. Private cabanas are available. They are semi-private, so girls can’t get away with questionable acts. Which means you don’t have to deal with a bunch of questionable girls. The club takes 100 for the half and 200 for the hour….you keep whatever you charge from there. On the weekends, the cabanas are usually full late into the evening. This also means that a lot of girls really know the game. There’s serious money to be made. Some only average 400 a night, while others average 1200 a night.

  5. Zapman

    Last of four clubs visited in Austin this week. Overall this was the best. Layout and decor above average. Girls 5-9’s, with lots of 7-9’s. Waitstaff was good, but not pushy. Some of the lapdances were very high contact, just short of illegal. Some in the corners may have crossed the line, but I wouldn’t know about that. There were a couple of 2-for-1 dances before 10PM, on a Wednesday.

  6. John Z.

    I was sitting in my chair, pulled out my phone to show a buddy of mine a picture of my dog. This Porky’s-looking motherfucker in a cheap Men’s Wearhouse suit told me no pictures. Like id want to take pictures of all those shitty stretch marks anyway. Showed him my phone to prove I wasn’t taking pictures of the B-team, still got kicked out. After being a customer for the last 10 years, Oinky McFatnuts decided that pissing on a customer was worth maintaining his miniscule, community college educated ego. I’ll find a better place. Eat dicks,Porky.

  7. Jen N.

    I went here on a special night where The Yellow Rose was throwing a party, so all the girls were dressed up extra nice. Well, they were dressed up to take it off, but you get my drift. I came here on the request of my friend who didn’t want to go alone, but I digress. It had been a long minute since I had been back to the Rose. The new ownership and management def got this place into gear. I have been to some of the “better adult clubs” as proclaimed by so many. I don’t know what makes a club “better” to other people, but this place had the most bada$$ dancers. I don’t care for the pricey bottle service and the ultra plushy chairs–they are just added pluses. I go for the food and entertainment, and entertain was I. These girls were fit, I would call them more like very sexy topless gymnasts than “strippers”. If the Rose was like this most nights, I would recommend this place over the other adult clubs.

  8. Peter I.

    I have been to a few Mens clubs in Austin and this one has to rate as one of the worst. The women were subpar and not fun, the service was non-existent, and the food was terrible. Before I moved here people talked this place up a lot and it was a sad disappointment. That was my overall feeling of the place, sad.

  9. igor34

    Lots of girls. Some who go far. The numbers are the key here.

  10. mathewater12

    Constant “C” team I just got chewed out by a 50 year old stripper. Does the fun ever start?

  11. timmykilla

    Love the bar staff, managers and dancers. Yes they have a few of the “below average” or as I call them “b team dancers” but what club doesn’t have a few of those. For the most part, all the dancers are gorgeous and friendly! Best part about this club is nothing is crazy over priced and it’s not a giant prostitute ring like a select few other clubs I won’t name!

  12. Sasha C.

    You don’t get here often unless you have money and lack the ability to enjoy the women around you. That said it wise to go at least once, as the great Strip Joint is one of the institutions which defines Texas like no other. I was there for a friend’s bachelor party and some other people were footing much of the bill. It is wonderful to see so many scantily clad females. My major complaint is that they’re all young and skinny. I really feel they should appeal to a more diverse taste in body types. The lap dancer was extremely professional to the point of making me question what is affection. Indeed such an experience rather shocked me and I may never be the same. All said I still to this day feel a bit more culturally aware.This is also the best place in Austin to get two-dollar bills.

  13. harryharry

    NOT a FAN AT ALL! I was with a buddy going to SXSW and we decided to hit the strip clubs. We had an awesome time the night before at another club and I wanted to go back to the first place but my friend conned me into going to the Yellow Rose. I should have follwed my gut and went back to Palazio but we ended up at this dump. The place was pretty dirty and cheap looking from the parking lot all the way to the bathroom. The bouncer at the door was pretty rude and made it his mission to antagonize me on the way in. No idea why. The girls seemed lackluster and looked like they wanted to be someplace else. It’s not that they weren’t cute…they were. but they didn’t seem to have personalities. It took me FOREVER to get one to our table and one of the waitresses (who WAS very helpful, by the way-I think her name was Kim or Kitten-I feel bad that I can give props to the ONE person who made my night a little better) The music was loud and overbearing. It seemed like they were trying to be a regular club with the attitudes they all semed to have. I’m from NYC and I KNOW how to go out and the way they did it at yellow rose was amateur night at Best. I was sadly disappointed by the food-dry, tough steak and by the atmosphere. I wish I could say I had a great time here but I can’t…So, I won’t. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

  14. James D.

    Big, Bigger, Biggest. Those are the sizes Yellow Rose’s girls come in. Granted, this was during the afternoon on an early weekday. Still that’s no excuse for a place like Yellow Rose, with a good reputation for attractive dancers, to even bother opening up with such a horrid selection of girls.Word was already out how bad the club is during the day. But I didn’t think it would be this bad. The “lightest” dancer there was about 180 pounds, but also about 5’4″- so no height to go with the weight. The largest was probably close to 300 pounds. God I wish I could unsee what I saw. Stick with Perfect 10 in Round Rock.

  15. Austin T.

    A solid three star’s for years. FIVE star would be adding a female DJ voice and bringing back the gourmet food. My lady alway’s get more attention than me, maybe because she’s always in a skirt. I’ll wear my Kilt one day. LMOA

  16. Mistercap12

    I’ve never been here but the yellow rose is one of my favorite songs. Just a fantastic song. So I’d imagine if like the song so much, than this place MUST be good. So I give it 5 stars

  17. robert trlrky

    I was only there a handful times but it left a lasting impression. The girls were gorgous and talented. I have been to alot of strip clubs but this one is by far the BEST.

  18. nickstrip

    Cassandra made this moment in time something to remember. To think you could find another more sweet hearted bar tender is a gamble to say at least. Drinks were great and prices too bring your whole family.

  19. Harrison69

    lovely ladies, free pickup from downtown – why wouldn’t you do a bachelor party here? You were not going to do anything productive with the bills in your pocket, anyways. Right?

  20. Traveling Dancer

    WOW. I don’t understand why this place is considered great. It was a hole in the wall. It smelled. It looked like my mom was working there. This has got to be one of the worst clubs I have ever been in…ever. I was so disappointed, I left after and hour. The only plus side is the drink prices are cheap for a strip club.

  21. Helena

    Tattooes are hot and extremely common in Austin

  22. Imran M.

    The Yellow Rose brings some some fond memories. Those were some good times. YR is among Austins premier gentleman clubs and it deserves its reputation.

  23. Victor W.

    Strip Club reviews are always very subjective. If you are there for TV watching – I suggest another place like Sugars or P10. Most of the time – i go just to watch a pay per view event or basketball This place is rather shady too. I only say this because there was this lonely woman the one and only time i was there. she was sitting in a table next to me. You could tell she didnt fit in and barely spoke English. I was thinking she was either stranded at the nudie bar somehow or perhaps she was checking it out because she was considering working there. I asked if she was okay and she quickly started talkign to me for an extended period of time —-i wanted to end the conversation because i didnt understand her portugese that well and im not good at acting interested in peoples conversations…… long story short, i was later told by a few strippers to stay away from her as she was likely a prostitute and her pimp was outside. If it hadnt been for the kind hearts of the strippers – i mightve gotten into trouble only because me and my friends were about to go downtown and i had offered her a ride to drop her off in case she was stranded (im too naive sometimes) anyways — back to reviewing this cabaret. i will say one thing – most strip clubs offer the typical selection of dancers – you have your big boned black chicks, a lot of hispanics and extra old white women (when i say extra old – i mean for this profession) however, i was surprised to see a bunch of young college-aged girls dancing here.

  24. darknesses

    Great atmosphere. lots of tvs. the girls are cool. the food is actually good (hard to believe, i know). Some girls try to hustle for a dance, others will sit and talk to you all night without pressuring you. i really like this place.

  25. Mark H.

    OK, so the Yellow Rose (a.k.a. “Flower Shop”) is a topless joint. It still has a decent FREE Friday lunch buffet – enjoyed in the company of some of Austin’s most friendly dancers. The staff is also very helpful. Can’t say I feel the same way about nights at the Rose. The physical beauty of the dancers can range from ‘awesome’ to ‘why is she doing this for a living.’ The cost of beer ($5 a bottle) and a stiff entry fee ($10 on weekends) makes the Rose ‘not so nice’ (even for Kazakhs..LOL).The VIP area seems to be the only area worth visiting during weekend nights at the Yellow Rose – and of course VIP membership only adds to the price. The rest of the club can appear like the “Siberias” of fancy NY restaurants. The Yellow Rose is only average in the clubland (both topless and not) of Austin – but try the buffet on Friday if you are in the neighborhood.

  26. Zachary K.

    The Yellow Rose used to be my favorite gentlemans club before I moved away from Austin. On Tuesdays you can get a steak dinner for 3.99…..granted beers are 5 dollars at least but hey. I love partying with the girls here…they are more down to earth than alot of places but thats just Austin in general. I miss you Yellow Rose.

  27. james1412

    Ive visited all of the gentleman’s clubs in town or at least the upper crust of them.My recommendation to you guys and ladies is the Rose. Im going to give this place 5 stars based on overall experience.The Rose in my opinion is the right size not too small and not too big. When the place is busy its like a club scene with beautiful topless women walking around and when its slow its like a neighborhood bar with topless women walking around.These entertainers jump from club to club around town so its important to have strong ownership and management to lay down the rules on how customers should be treated. With that being said you wont find the girls overcharging you or trying to rip you off. The have valet, 2 large bars with a kitchen and transportation for those who have had too much to drink.I appreciate the employees and entertainers here for providing a great place to drink a cold one with a view!

  28. maxxy1

    Took a bachelor party here and everyone had a great time. If I had any complaints it was that a few of the dancers seemed poorly educated even though they were working toward graduate degrees. Maryland is a state located on the eastern coast of the United States of America, as is Virginia.The bartenders were exceptionally friendly, most notably Cassandra, and the drinks were not outrageously priced during happy hour…. However you do get happy hour grade talent along with it.The A squad which arrived later was top notch however. 8/10 doctors recommend it.would go again.

  29. JOE
  30. fuckery12

    Excellent food, hot day girls, and personable and friendly staff. The day crew in particular is under EXCELLENT management, and all the people working their seem to be cheerfull. If this is an act, then they are good actors. The bartenders and servers are great, and the drinks are reasonably priced. If you tip reasonably, don’t perv out on the girls, they treat you like family there. I love the place and think it does a great job of taking away from the seedy image that adult themed clubs have. Oh, and did I mention the food was GREAT!!!! Seriously, the grilled chicken sandwich and diablo bites are to die for.

  31. fritter17

    IT SUCKS ASS NOW! This place used to be a nice place to go to, but since it has changed hands…and management so many times its terrible now. My husband and I have gone back a couple of times thinking, maybe it’ll be better this time…NOT! The last time we went in for lunch we paid our tab and just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the girl a tip, yes, she was THAT BAD! She took our order and NEVER returned, we watched her chatting around the corner then proceeded to fiddle with the “daily specials” board…she wrote it out, then erased it, then wrote it out again, then erased it again…Really!? Some other girl eventually came by and ran our food, we gave her a cash tip before leaving. There are only dancers on the main stage and any table where you would actually be able to see the stage now costs $30, just to sit! Even during the tiny lunch crowd when they can’t even fill the section. It’s a shame, we used to have a regular table up there and enjoy our stay & spend a little $ and when they told us (in an empty club) that we couldn’t sit there unless we pay, we walked out! Really, they’d rather not have the business than to just let regulars sit near the entertainment during the slow times. What’s worse is that it was the same waitress we’d had (& didn’t tip) before and she wouldn’t even bother to ask the manager!We left, then called to speak to the manager a little later on and the girl was screening his calls & being very rude. NEVER AGAIN!

  32. The Master Viewer

    One of the funner times in Austin!! Everyone is real nice, you are almost guaranteed seeing some very attractive women even on a slow day. NO a good day few places can compete with the women here!!!

  33. Colby B.

    Show of hands. Who else has had all their stuff in the Yellow Rose’s parking lot, packed in the back of 3 pickups, an SUV and a Volvo? For the record, the Rose was the setting for the famous line, “I think that stripper really likes Colby.” She actually called me the next day. Said things were slow and I should come in and see her. Skeeved me the hell out. As it should.

  34. stripforme123

    Don’t bother coming in before 10pm, the real goods get there later in the evening. I was about to write this place off but decided to be patient. Friday night became super busy! Saw one of the hottest girls ever. She looked like the younger and better proportioned version of Kim Kardashian. Word of warming though, it’ll be hard to get a dance from the hot ones on a busy night. They only approach big spenders and even if you are but don’t look like one, they’ll ignore you. It’s kind of funny because the girls will huddle together behind the sofas and stick their heads out to spy marks in the crowd, lol. Staff is polite, a Miller will cost you $7. Lap dances are $20 a pop. Booths are $100 for half hour but does not include what the girl will charge you (depends on girl). I didn’t notice or smell any cigarettes. They had hot duo performing across yoga and combination pole work which was amazing to see!

  35. yanard12

    I went to YR on Friday and had such a great time, I returned on Saturday. Everyone at the club is super friendly. I got a two girl dance with Maui and Fancy, and it blew me away. I love that there are almost always three girls on stage. The Rose burger is incredible. Love this place!

  36. billtheguy12

    Not great, but not terrible. Ive been a few times. If I had to recommend something here, it would be to use YR for business lunch or dinner. The food is good, and the lunch specials are very good. The dancers are mediocre for the most part. Most look bored with life. The drinks are soso and on the fair to slightly high priced. Service is good.

  37. Wow

    Best club in Austin. Come in before 8:00 pm when there is no cover charge and the dances are 2 for 1. Even then, the talent is still great.

  38. Don R.

    Anyone who has spent any time with me knows I have a tick. When I find something funny, or amusing I have an internal laugh. It is completely involuntary, it is a tick, like a small version of tourettes. To me it is a little “mmmm” but on tape, and to others it actually can be a loud, MMMMMMPPPHHH!As far as I know, I’ve had it since I was born. My parents tried to get rid of it, thinking it would hurt me later in life. Rightly so. I went to speech therapy, and tried everything short of shock therapy to get rid of it. Nothing worked. When I’m amused, you will know it, I’ll give ya a “mmmmm.” I don’t even think it, I feel it, it just happens. I’ve come to accept it. It does hurt in the business world, but I just call it my little laugh and deal with it. There isn’t much I can do about it. I have another involuntary laugh, it is a huge long unstoppable, and I’m sure completely ridiculous and obnoxious belly laugh/cackle that only happens very rarely.I laugh all the time, life is funny to me, but this isn’t just a laugh, it is like a seizure. It happens so rarely, I remember the last time it happened, and it was over a year ago. I recall it shocked even my sister. My friend Eric said something that caused it. Well it happened again the other night. I’m not proud of it, or for that matter ashamed of it, but circumstances in business or life sometimes cause me to visit the Yellow Rose. I’ve gone there off and on since 1988. I met the now very famous manager, Don King, when he was still at Sugar’s. There is now a shirt at the Yellow that says, “It is ok! I know DK!” Because everyone in town knows Don King. I’m all for the Dons! This time I went, and had Lulu’s new Honda Fit, Junior, valet parked. When I gave the keys to the valet, I told him, “now listen I know how many miles are on this Fit, don’t be joyriding in it.” He laughed and ended up parking it “car show” style right in the front, where they normally park the Ferraris and bentleys. Wheels turned sideways and everything. Hilarious, but that wasn’t what caused my 2nd laugh. I was there with a business associate. The guy was from out of town, and had heard of the world famous Yellow Rose. I’ve closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in deals there, back in my insurance days, so this was old territory for me. There was a dancer, named “C”, who my associate adored. She did several dances for him, and he was in seventh heaven. “C” was heavily tattooed, which is commonplace nowadays. I remember back in the day, if a dancer had a tattoo she had to cover it up with make up. But times change. She had one tattoo on her…well on her behind, that had a name written in cursive. I’m half blind, so I just couldn’t make out what it said. I thought it might say Vince Young, but I just couldn’t tell. So I finally asked her, “What does your tattoo say?” She said, “YourName.” I said, “no it doesn’t.” She swung her rear around and pointed to it and said, “Yeah it says Your Name, I already had a bunch of tattoos and figured what the hell! I use it to win bar bets with drunk guys. I tell them, I bet you $20 I got yourname tattooed on my ass.” Seriously, it says “YOURNAME”I laughed so hard I thought they were going to throw me out. She was just so matter of fact about it. I couldn’t take it. It was one of those “now I’ve seen everything” moments. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. God bless her. She was ok, she thought it was funny I found it so funny, and of course I tipped her. She is my new favorite dancer in the world. Anywhere you go, no matter how tough it gets, just remember there is a gorgeous young dancer at the Rose in Austin with yourname tattoed on her rump.

  39. Camron R.

    I’m not the kind of guy who would usually go to a strip club. It’s somewhat depressing to know I have to give girls money before they’ll think about touching/looking at me. But when friends with money come into town, I can’t really say “No.” So said friends with money got us into the VIP section. It was somewhat funny when my friends were dressed like professionals and I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and I was always the first one the dancers would come to. I should have lied and told the girls I was their boss. My friends kept handing girls money so they would dance for me, so I can’t complain. If I were having to foot the bill, I wouldn’t have gone near the place. Things were going pretty great until one friend bought everyone Jager bombs. Please never buy me shots. So I guess the moral of the story is: This place is cool as long as you’re not paying for it.

  40. Bill C.

    I operate a competitive club (Perfect 10) and I must say that the management and owners of Yellow Rose run a class act. I’ve always had a good experience at YR and if any of my customers ask about YR I give them a thumbs up. I hope that my club is just as fun.

  41. Weedman420

    I just called to get information on employment opportunities & the door girl who answered was beyond rude! Very unhelpful and hung up on me!

  42. m

    Great place! Had my 21st birthday there more years ago than I want to admit. For years I frequented the VIP area — made lots of friends. Best strip club in the country!

  43. A A.

    i’ve been to yellowrose a few times and my past experiences have been good, occasionally they have some cuter girls there. drinks are expensive and the place can use a remodeling. overall an ok me and my friends were in town on a Monday and we decided to stop by. I told my friend it’s just 7$ cover, which is what I used to pay every time before. Door opened, bouncer say “I.D, and it’s 10$”, then he goes, “you get a $2 domestic beer though”, so I thought ar, you charge more on a slow night but cheaper beer, that’s ok with me. Then me and my friend sat down by a waitress, I ordered a shiner and my friend got a soda. drinks come and the waitress goes, “10 dollar”, yea……”WHAT?” I thought it’s 4$!? I said. “cuz you didn’t show it to me when you order then drink” I was like bs, but paid anyways (which I regretted). So there we were holding a $6 domestic beer made in Shiner, Texas and a $4 soda thinking damn we got ripped off in a strip club. I couldn’t stand it and when back to the cashier and ask her to correct it, she said no, shiner isn’t counted as a domestic beer here, “WHAT!???” and “the drink ticket doesn’t apply to soda” WHAT!? you’d give out a beer for 2$ but charge a sprite for twice as much!???? Then she called some security/manager guy over, the guy was wearing McGraddy jersey on a monday 3 point shootout night, he basically said some BS about how it’s a special beer, blah blah blah, and I said “but it’s made in Texas” and they didn’t say there were exceptions to the domestic beer, even on From official website the special is listed as, without any disclaimer :”1-2-3 HAPPY HOUREvery Monday Wednesday Thursday6-9pm$1 Wells $2 Domestics $3 Calls”finally, he says “there’s nothing I can do about the price” with an deep annoying tone, we got fed up and just left.It’s not about the few dollars but I hate the feeling of getting ripped off especially when all you want is to go out and enjoy your night after a hard day’s work.Me and my friends will never come back. This club ain’t all that anyways.They don’t deserve ever a single star but I can’t go no star.

  44. Hedonist

    An average club with average dancers. The main thing to know: DO NOT trust this club with your credit card. They will try to rip you off. And DO NOT give them your drivers license to authenticate your credit card. They will hold your drivers license hostage until you pay them for bogus and undisclosed fees, e.g. the $100 for the so-called “cabanas” used for private dances. (Feb. 2016)

  45. Huong N.

    The music was terrible, the girls were okay, 80% were really nice and entertaining, I had one stripper that was on stage that asked my group of friends “who’s gonna tip?” She hadn’t even started dancing yet, really? We went on a Friday night and there was no parking so we did valet, the drinks are decent and the area was nice. But the DJ played horrible music.I’m not sure how I feel about coming back.

  46. AssnTits5

    HA………..kinda forgot about the whole thing but I just had to write. Several years ago my brother had a bachelor party there. The DJ announces “Candy” and so you know how the “fresh” (that means clothed) girl comes out on main stage, teases a bit the at the end of her song she shows the goodies…..cute blonde spinner but somehow I think I’ve seen her before. Then they move to the middle of the room stage wiggle and squirm and all that. All the while this one girl looks more familiar to me…..we keep drinking. Well she finally comes to the back stage, HOLY SHIT tits my neighbor! Our eyes lock and she grabs her top and covers up her boobs (already saw em honey) and says…….Please don’t tell your wife. I waited until I got into the parking lot and called my sugar Booger and spilled the beans about our college student next door.I can’t help but smile when I pass the Yellow Rose and I hear the steak and shrimp are still out of this world.

  47. David N.

    How could I not have rated this place? I used to come here at least once a month on Fridays with some of my friends for lunch. Best Steak medallions!However, I came back recently for a friend’s bachelor party and well, it was FUN TIMES!

  48. larry1

    Was first introduced to this establishment by a girlfriend in Austin several years ago. I remember the weekend night that we went with her, the place was jam-packed, and it seemed like the Cheers of strip clubs – everybody knew each other, and it was more like a fun bar/club scene that happens to have hot alternative chicks dancing topless.Visited again recently on a Monday night, and it was much slower, bordering on dead. However, the girls are still (mostly) tatted-up and multi-pierced, and (mostly) sexy with great bodies. Best of all, the staff (waitresses, bouncer dude, dancers) all seem to have great attitudes and are fun to chat with. When I wanted a Yellow Rose t-shirt as a souvenir, our waitress modeled them all for me! And I love that slogan – “Keep Austin Topless”!!

  49. John X.

    This is a review primarily on the Friday Buffet, especially since I’ve always wondered about it but have noticed a lack of reviews about it. First, there is a one drink minimum, which isn’t really a problem, just an FYI. Second, there is no prime rib, which their website advertised. Was really looking forward to Prime Rib.The interior is about what you expect, but it was clean. The buffet was fairly well maintained, with salad and dressings in a large ice box, and 4 different hot items. The salad was good, fairly fresh. Fried chicken tenders and fried mozzarella was yummy, nothing outstanding, but decent. Had some steak medallions that were decent (a little tough), and some fried fish that were also yummy with plenty of tartar sauce. They also had baked chicken that was really nice and tender. Never felt hustled for a dance, and the waitress was really nice and ensured we had everything we needed. I would probably come back, although still feels weird to only eat at a strip club, and then run.

  50. Johnnyboy123

    I actually tried the talapia. The food was actually good. I’d go again!

  51. curtis17

    I’ve gone to every club in town at least once. If you are in the area you want to come here. The staff is friendly but seem willing to take no as an answer. The DJ was surprised to be tipped which I think is a bummer. Tip your dj people he keeps the show going. Food is decent drink specials are good. The drinks are not super watered down like at some other places in town. I’ve been here on a Monday and a Saturday both times were pleasant. There is a definite tiering system so if you don’t like one day come back the next you will see a little variety. If you aren’t into these kinds of places then don’t go it’s totally cool. FYI: The ATM fee is 7.99 so go to the bank’s atm before you show up.

  52. joseph1k

    Won’t be returning dancers are trashy food is poorly cooked and overpriced not a great experience what so ever. I don’t usually frequent at places like these but if I do I would rather be at Palazio or at Expose defiantly not at this dump

  53. brandonresh

    The Yellow Rose and the Landing Strip are always the first strip clubs you learn about growing up in Austin. My friend had never been to a gentleman’s club and after we both had a few drinks, we decided that tonight was the night to pop her strip club cherry, plus we needed a little entertainment. Mondays are likely not the best night at any one of these kinds of establishments so there were lower expectations on the crowd, girls, and prices. Upon entry, the one deterrent was the $13 cover for a Monday. There were not many people there as expected, but the music was good the lights were decent. Drinks were first on list which were at $7.50 for a vodka soda which isn’t great, but not terrible for a gentlemen’s club. My friend and I got a comfortable spot in order to be close enough to the stage to get a good view, but far enough away to still be able to chat with one another not to offend the dancers. I am gay (yes I know, but I still enjoy the clubs) and I would still say that even on a Monday, most of the girls were attractive and were not repulsing like some of the clubs I’d been to in Dallas on a week night. A lot of them performed good pole tricks to rap/hip hop and my favorite Rock, Metal, and alternative from the late 90’s early 2000’s which was exciting for me. A drunk guy spilled my drink on my leg and without hesitation, the bar tender got me a new one which is always awesome. All of the staff were really awesome and it was nice to have a bathroom attendant that didn’t look like he crawled out of a storm drain or a half way house lol. I look foreword to coming to this place during an event or a weekend to see it at its true performance. P.S. There is a bent rule after midnight (not sexual/illegal) that I am not disclosing on here because I want them to keep it going because it is really nice amenity to have for a patron like me, especially in Austin.

  54. moneyman2

    I went here with friends for a birthday party. We had a lot of fun. The drinks are *very* expensive but the place is fun and the girls were really friendly.My friends and I got dances from a a few girls. I remember Ashley, Andy(?) and Holiday. The girls were really sweet, very hot, and Holiday explained all the rules to us which helpes me becasue I am not a frequent strip club goer. Also these girls don’t seem scared to give dances to women which is awesome.Only downside was it got crazy busy at about 10pm and was hard to find a seat. I’d recommend calling ahead to see how busy they are.

  55. Franklyn

    The girls were pretty. We did get $20 stolen when we went to smoke and the waitress said she would watch our table. That’s cool, we were at at strip club. Besides the $10 beers, service was pretty good. After going through a rough break up, my friend wanted to buy me a private dance. So he payed an employee $20 for a private dance. She gave me the private dance, made me touch her breasts, felt around for my wallet, then got up. I asked if my friend had paid her for the dance, to which she replied “no”. So I gave her $30. She asked for another $20, in exchange for her phone number. I did not want her number because she’s dishonest and was still feeling around for my wallet. Once she realized that I was not going to pay her more money, she made some racist comments and walked away. I’m white, but I think she was confused, due to the coke. I’ll probably go back, but just to get the off site propositions that were offered.- god bless!

  56. Keri B.

    Oh Ember. Ember Ember Ember. Why’d you break my heart??I thought we HAD something. We had “our song” “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. You forcefully spun my wheeled chair around and we spent a whole 4:56 minutes together. I thought you only gave that special smile and purr for me. But then the song was over (damn short Def Leppard songs! Why can’t they ever play “American Pie” for dances???), and you took my (husband’s) $20 and were gone, with only your perfume lingering, er, all over me and a memory of our brief love affair. You loved me up and left me. Le Sigh.

  57. GarryWas

    there is a girl who looks like black China lol great drinks

  58. adamrod

    Came here with a bachelorette party, and we had a ton of fun. The manager sent us a free bottle of bubbly and gave us tables right by the stage. The dancers were great and they made the bride-to-be feel feel like a VIP. Just don’t get too wasted to drive and leave your car in their parking lot. You might come back to a broken window, like I did!

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