The American Bush



2630 South 300 West, South Salt Lake, UT 84115


40.7144199, -111.900105




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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18 reviews for “The American Bush

  1. Alexandra

    If you want a divorce, head here! Utah is supposed to keep clothes on. Not the case. My husband had 3 lap dances here. 1 of them bit the girls breast & made out with her, 3rd one she gave him a blow job. He’s a great looking dude & yea he’s a sleeze bag & I deserve better. But.. seriously! This is good old UTAH. Follow the law!!!! Maybe I should tip the cops off to this trash bin & these sluts

  2. that one guy

    Definately a place to go for a good time. Will be back for sure!

  3. Franklyn

    This is for the out of town visitors like I was when I was there. Parking is packed in front so we parked across the street at the car shop. The cover is really reasonable at $7 and I like how they don’t make you buy a minimum drink. This is a totally different strip club experience. The dancers have to wear pasties which is a bit odd. But how the stage works is that each girl essentially has 3 songs. Song 1: for the patrons sitting at the stage. The girls keep their clothes on at this point.Song 2: they usually do a pole/stage dance. The top goes offSong 3: they come around and collect tips from everyone willing All in all, the girls were HOT! And you don’t have to spend too much money if you’re looking to chill and kill some time. A big plus that we were never pressured once to get a private dance.

  4. M-Dizzle

    For being Utah…well the state of Utah sucks but not American Bush! That place owns and it owns me! Because I have forked over more money to that place than most do to a home!

  5. Joe
  6. justanotherpervert

    Girls come and go. Better looking recently. Excelent service on the stage seats. Don’t know about the one on one since it is expensive but nude. Cover $6, Lap $20 per song.

  7. Danie

    Pretty good for utah

  8. tonycluber

    Out of all the strip clubs in Salt Lake, American Bush is by far the best. Friendly, beautiful ladies. Lapdances! Private rooms! What’s NOT to Love. You definitely get more attention then any of the other clubs. NO BOOZE but twice the action.

  9. Theodore

    I like the girls but none of them show cleavage.

  10. Joey Grayson

    Shelby, Isis and Scarlett rock my world!

  11. nw

    Great place. Cheap cover charge, private rooms are pricey but if you have the money, very worth it. Very friendly girls, especially one that I really really like. I like that after each dance they walk around and give a kiss on the cheek to everyone. Men’s room is the only really bad thing here.

  12. Greg Barnett

    Hot Girls!!! I love the front row.

  13. So Great

    Pretty Good over all… If you don’t mind Pasties and Thongs… The Girls are smoking hot. But Utah is not the place for full nudity Clubs

  14. junior

    The American bush is a good place to spend some time.cover is fare

    but no alcohol,the ladys rank from 7’s to 10’s, after their stage show

    they will come and socialize in the hopes of selling them a lap dance

    for $20.00 or even a private show. Private rooms average $45.00 for

    a half hour and $85.00 for an hour. Dancers tip also average $100.00

    to $200.00 and is worth the price if you select the right lady to

    spend time with.

  15. Sean

    Hot dancers! I love the lap dances and the private shows. It’s worth the money.

  16. XhXeXy

    LOVE the flashlight night on FRidays so sos o fun!

  17. VincentJ

    The private dances are $145, but don’t bother going unless you get one – it is fantastic.

  18. Kahn R.

    It has a “Circle Jerk” feel to it… Girls are hot but if a dancer from another club tells you she felt like a pedophile when she first visited this club, you know it’s bad. Don’t get me wrong the girls are good looking they are all of age of course but they just look very young. The seating is very creepy and the patrons are even creepier, walked in with my friend and everyone turned around when we walked and kept looking at us even after we sat down an they had a “alright two more for the circle jerk!” Look on their faces.We stayed for one song and walked out.

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