Trails Men’s Club



921 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


40.7490634, -111.8992041




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Trails Men’s Club

  1. BIG AL

    Trails Rocks!!! best club in the city 4 years in a row

  2. adamrod

    I was approached by Jenna and asked if I’d be interested in visiting Trails after she read my Southern X-Posure review! She promised it’s much better and a more accurate representation of SLC’s strip club potential. I was skeptical at first but…I am one for supporting women who are confident and financially independent, so why not?! Plus she told me about their no cover for women, no contact rules (aka no lap dances), and $5 ribeyes on Fridays! Haha, oh how the cheap foodie in me lurks out.Anywho, I came here with Vida and some dude…it was no cover for the girls and $5 for him. I really enjoyed it! The girls are really dancing and actively using the poles for their maneuvers! Many were really talented and super engaging! I’d say they were all beautiful and super fit! I was impressed! Music was upbeat and on point. Mood was good and lights were dim just right. They also switched the girls very frequently and there were several areas with dancers so many seats with good views. They all had their nipples covered and outfits just right.They serve popcorn here also! The waitress was great about checking up on us to see if we needed beer refills or anything. The only thing about this place that I didn’t like were some of the sleazy customers that would sit down, watch, and not tip. It’s just common courtesy to tip the girls after they’ve practically done a one-person show for these guys. It just bothered me a bit, but it’s not the business’ fault. Next time I come back, I’ll bring more bills and make it rain, especially when a jerk walks away after a performance without tipping.

  3. richard95

    pretty lame.I cant believe what these other reviewers are saying. I am pretty sure i revieweed this place before, and i am pretty sure i elaborated on the back stage, the 20 dollar dance, away, far away from being near my lap…and the way i coulde see the strippers panties were pretty dirty. You see, they took me to a back stage and closed this BIG white curtain around the two of us in the corner where theres a little stage…and there were probably MORE waitresses than strippers..period, so i was unhappy with this experience and when i went to find a massuese, they were chinese people who looked like black people and I wasn’t gonna go through with that crap niether….maybe the only interesting and intriguing thing is the BLUE BOUTIQUE next door that has porn and a staff that gives you the feeling that they do weird freaky stuff in some of the corner doors that are left ajar inside this place but, i didnt get invited, just bought a JUGS magazine and walked away

  4. DexterRexter

    I had never been to a strip club before going here with some coworkers for a going away party. I was pretty hesitant to go, but I agreed in a ‘yolo’ moment. I was blown away by this club – the women were gorgeous, super talented, and the music was awesome. Everyone I met that worked there was friendly and professional, and I never felt uncomfortable being there, which surprised me to no end. My jaw was literally dropped most of the time I was watching, much to the entertainment of my male coworkers. I would definitely go here again, which is really saying something, since I never in a million years thought I would step foot in a strip club.

  5. pussyeaterfrom hell

    you got to be kidding this is one of the worse clubs i have been in

  6. Aaron

    I went there just the other night for my bachelor party. All the girls except one were perfect in their own way. The pasties kind of sucked…but hey, that’s Utah for you.

    Great club, with good drinks!

  7. Joe

    I felt like I was imposing on the serving staff by being there. Ladies completely ignored me. Music was so loud that I thought I was going to have internal organ damage from the bass.

  8. sally peterson

    the dancers are absolutely beautiful

  9. james1412

    Ok its already awkward that your walking in to a strip club but this place is actually cool. Strippers wear pasties. Big to small, natural to fake, there is a body you will be watching and they are so talented. Seriously they have to be doing yoga or barre during the day because they are flexible, i mean crazy flexible. As a female I don’t mind coming in here. It’s kind of awkward tho when a guy sits and watches a girl perform and doesn’t even give her a dollar. We made up for it even tho we were not near the stage. Drinks are decent and priced well. Duh, more you drink the more your going to tip. Not bad.

  10. StripperApproved

    At first glance you wouldn’t think Utah would have anything to offer in the way of strip clubs. But if you can call it that, this is the closest thing to a real club. They have a number of high quality girls. Its a clean, larger, classy club. I’ve been to some other clubs in town and they don’t have the status of this club. I don’t know what some of these previous comments are trying to say, unless the manager is a hot blond, I don’t particularity care who or what they do. Now the girl that goes by ‘Sin’ is hot and blond, and heard she’s posed for playboy. She made my week.

  11. ryan123

    So it’s been at least 5 years since I was in a titty bar. We got housed at a King Diamond concert and somehow ended up at this place. I thought the bartender and the waitresses were very nice! And their dancers are all very fit and gorgeous. I really wanted to ask them where they get their tits done because they all looked great and I wonder if they go to the same guy. That’s the women in my talking. None of the dancers have cellulite! Um…. Yeah…..

  12. Travis B.

    If you like an array of poor beer selections, horrible service, and fit, scantily clad women with daddy issues, then do I have the place for you. Head on down, pay the cover (women are free so if you are like us you will bring your own with you) and get ready for all that this place has to offer…..ok that’s pretty much all the have to offer. So sit on perverts row with your girl and tip the dancers that make you feel like you are watching a dirty version of Cirque du Soleil.

  13. AssnTits5

    I have only been to this place a few times before my visit on Halloween and I can agree that this is probably one of, if not the best, gentlemen’s club in Utah. The dancers wore costumes which added to the Halloween atmosphere. The dancers are attractive and highly skilled in the burlesque arts. The place is clean, the cover cheap, and the drinks are great. This place earned my 5 stars and the countless amounts of dollar bills given on that night.

  14. SaRae

    i loved this club and the little red head i love

  15. curtis17

    Being a person that’s not from around here, doesn’t look like a place would advice walking to alone. The area is a little sketch, but the establishment isn’t bad. Basically it’s like a pool hall/bar with halfway topless and bottomless girls dancing for you. Contact or lap dances, but, plenty of I catching women to throw a buck or two at. $5 buck cover that saturday night. Lots of random folks inside watching and hanging out. PS. Utah believes in non nipple exposures….

  16. rickywho2

    Icepack aka Victoria made our visit 5* fantastic personality with genuine hospitality. Great view too 😉

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