The Green Girl Saloon



14341 Beach Boulevard #A, Westminster, CA 92683


33.7576582, -117.9897561




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Green Girl Saloon

  1. Cat N.

    Good local barI came here with three other people for drinks. We came on a Friday night and it was pretty mellow. There were a lot of people but everyone kept to themselves for the most part. The crowd was mostly older men. We had all three bartender girls serving us. None of them were friendly except for the short dark hair girl that was super sweet. Most of the bartender chicks looked older. We ended up getting shots and beers. The pricing is average.The inside is small but plenty of tables of chairs. There were two pool tables. The major annoying to this place is it’s cash only.

  2. nickstrip

    If I could give this place no stars I would. I have worked In the bar and restaurant business for more than 15 years. There was 5 of us all look over 21 and they won’t take an Id because it’s expired. Like the day it expired it ceased to be him. I have never been fined or ticketed for taking an expired Id. It’s a way for doorman to keep rude or otherwise undesirable people out. And we were neither. So good job green lady on pushing away new customers. All cause your door guy was a prick.

  3. Jenny A.

    if you’re a feminist and get offended when chicks that are hotter than you serve you drinks in itty bitty bikinis, than don’t come here. but if you’re like me and you like looking at hot girls prance around in almost nothing, you’ll have a blast! i haven’t been here in years, and it was just as fun as i remember. tons of pool tables and since it’s the holidays, the entire place is decorated inside. the place is really roomy and the girls are very nice! no pictures though. unless you ask the girls before you take them. so bring your friends, but leave uptight chicks at home.

  4. Jim E.

    This bar has all of the elements of a shitty dive bar, except there’s girls in bikinis and what not. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here. The place is dirty, the girls aren’t that hot, and quite frankly it’s the last place I’d want to meet women at. I was largely unimpressed by the green girl. I’d hate to be a regular here.

  5. Maxx B.

    What can I say about Green Girl Saloon? In a word… Awesome. Attractive, friendly women that can actually carry a conversation… And not to mention, the drinks are rather cheap! Highly recommended!!!

  6. Duc D.

    Stiff drinks, reasonable prices, friendly bartenders that are pleasant to watch jiggling =) around. They are actually really nice to chitchat with too. They have a few bar suzed pool tables $.50 a game, patrons are generally very nice and friendly as well. Sadly it’s a cash only place or I would have given it 5 stars. Great place to catch up with your boys and enjoy the scenery.

  7. Bob E.

    -++++MAN CAVE++++-if u r not man, y u enterz man cave??? Haz beer and haz sportz. The end.

  8. Steve M.

    This is the Chicago definition of a dive bar with one little difference and that would be the scantily clad bartenders. Otherwise it has all the characteristics of a dive bar. The service is above average. There is always someone asking if you are ready for another. They don’t serve food but have snack bags of peanuts. Parking is in the lot and never too packed that we haven’t found one. The beer selection is mediocre. The prices are fine.

  9. Kemp W.

    For this type of bar, this one is the cleanest and best. It doesn’t have a bad vibe like other bars of this kind can have from time to time. The staff is friendly.

  10. Ryan K.

    This place should have a higher rating but for some reason when I went it was just OK. I did not really impress me the a friend said it would. But none the less I still had a good time. I watched one of the bikini girls choke down a shot of Jameson I bought for her…I came here on the way to a strip a couple exits down the 405. The place itself is small…they have a couple pool tables and about 10 bar stools and a couple TVs. If it’s a slow night you’ll find yourself staring at yourself in that mirror and after a while it gets annoying.

  11. eddyL

    Don’t ask how I ended up here, but I did! Joined a friend who lived locally and we decided to have drinks last minute, and if your familar with Westminster at all you know there’s really no place to go and have few drinks past 11pm because most of the restaurants are either closing or already closed. The moment I walked in here I already felt out of place, I was the only girl besides the bartenders who were all wearing nothing but bras and underwears, the floor were filled with peanut shells, there were a bunch of middle-aged men just drinking their sorrows away while abnoxiously fliritng with all the not-so great bartenders. Service was horrible because the bartenders were too busy flirting and taking their own shots. WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN EVEN IF I’M A DUDE!

  12. Steve N.

    I was a regular at GG when I was in college during 2006–2008 and after college. Sorry, I’m older than I seem and still stuck in my hay days like a lot of men. Lol Anyways, I was there a couple of times a week and knew all the bartenders. The doorman/owner, Gibb, was cool as hell. Unfortunately, the line up has changed through out the years.

  13. Ryan F.

    As far as bars go, this one is like most others: it serves alcohol and has a bunch of pool tables and sports on the TVs.The differentiating factor is that bikini-clad 20-somethings serve you your alcohol and mix your drinks.So, it’s fun to go there as a fluke, but be warned: the half-naked women WILL try to convince you to buy more alcohol and if you’ve been drinking you’ll probably be inclined to agree to it.Protip: The pool tables take quarters. If you don’t like pool and half-naked girls, go to another bar.

  14. Chow C.

    Went there the past weekend on Saturday. Was a regular until our last experience. We also know all the girls there by there names and we ALWAYS tip generously for the girls. We all started to order rounds of shots for the group. Then comes the 5th round where we had the girl making the drink separate the drink-alcohol one glass and cactus cooler mixture in the other . To our amazement, the alcohol was watered down, less than 15% alcohol in the alcohol shot glass. We confronted the girl who made the drink and she was argumentative and told us we didn’t know what we were talking about and that alcohol was in the shot glass. Shit!!! we all drink this cocktail every week and we KNOW what it should taste like with alcohol. I called her bluff and had her get 2 bottles of alcohol from the back unopened and pour the same shot glass drink in front of us for comparison. As suspected , these girls are serving watered down shots.WARNING !!!!!!!! Don’t buy any mixed shots and/or drinks from the girls because they are serving watered down cocktails and ripping you off. If you do go, just order bottle drinks where they cant screw you.

  15. winston12

    Today was my 1st time at green girl! It was a great experience as I had a beautiful bartender named holly! All the girls are beautiful but holly stood out! She was genuinely nice and sweet! Beautiful green eyes as well!

  16. Joji J.

    Cash Only. Girls are nice even if you’re a girl. You can spot the noobs w/their ill-fitting lingerie. the veterans have some age but they have the most consistent eye candy in the area. : D

  17. Alan C.

    Why am I starting to feel like Westminster is the best place to live? I thought it was awesome just for having Vietnamese cafes with girls in bikinis and lingerie only to find out that they also have an actual bar that serves alcohol by girls in bikinis and lingerie. Say whatttt??Full bar, music, sports on TV, pool tables and girls in bikinis and lingerie. I don’t think that I can stress that enough. I don’t know how pricy the mixed drinks are since I only had beer but I can’t imagine it being too expensive. I really wish I didn’t live so damn far otherwise I’d be here all the time. Although, now that I think of it, maybe that’s a good thing.

  18. Vinh L.

    Good prices drinks friendly hot service cheap pool tables. You can’t go wrong. Just don’t be shy and have fun. I was there at 2pm. And later 1230 am cause it was so fun. Get some peanuts and decorate the floor!

  19. maxxy1

    I came here on my birthday. Doing the usual, bar hopping. The prices on the drinks was pretty reasonable . I really like the way how they got this place decorated. They have two pool tables for anyone that like to play a couple of rounds. They actually have some good looking girls here compared to other places for these kind of places

  20. fuckery12

    Everytime I’ve been to Green Girl, it’s been pretty amazing. The bartenders are always personable, and easy on the eyes. CeCe and Brittnay were great tonight. The excellent customer service from the staff definitely trickles down from great proprietors, one of which, Gib took the time to make me feel at home and showed me that there is alot of pride in ownership with this bar. That’s hard to find in Orange County. If you want a feel good, down home bar, Green Girl is a great spot. Cheers.

  21. fritter17

    No jukebox : (. Getting bored of hearing green day and rhcp type of music on their pandora

  22. Kristi N.

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!! I heard this place had a good vibe, upper class bikini bar, etc, etc. So I met some friends there to check it out. If your a girl……YOU WILL GET TREATED LIKE CRAP! The crowd was good, it was pretty ghetto looking on the outside, but inside was fairly nice and seemed like a good crowd. However, after being there a good half hour, never once did one of the waitresses ask me and my friends (3 girls, 1 guy) for a drink. So fine….I go to the bar and some nice patron buys myself and my friend a drink. OK…..not so bad I think. We go grab a seat along the wall and watch the crowd. Not once did anyone of the rather large staff of girls come ask us for our order. Continually coming to the people (guys) around us, but never asking us. Is my money no good there??? Finally, we asked one of the girls if we could order 4 beers. She was not all that friendly but took our order and all was good. Beers were fair priced – 4 beers for $13.25. My friend gives her a $20, she brings our beers and change. My friend tips her $6.75 – a good tip for 4 beers! Another hour goes by and NO SERVICE. Finally one of the uglier waitresses comes over and asks us if we want more beers. We order 3 beers this time – total is $9.75. She takes my order, $20 and splits. She brings us back our beers and NO CHANGE! OK……I give her the benefit of the doubt….it’s busy. Another hour (at least) goes by….NO sign of her anywhere and no sign of my change. I debated on making a big deal about this or not as it was only $10 bucks, but now it’s the principal of it. So after hunting down another waitress to find out who the one was that stole my money….I fill her in on the situation and within 5 minutes she has my change and says I’m still owed .25 cents. Forget the quarter……it’s now the point of being shady! Never once did the waitress come back and apologize or say anything explaining perhaps she was busy….NOTHING. The place sucks…..there’s too many options out there to have to drive to the arm pit of O.C. to be treated like crap and have shady waitresses steal my money. BAD, BAD, experience and I look forward to never going back.

  23. dopeboy19

    We go for fun, and there is no better place to spend your money than a place that does everything to take care of you. Come in and see what all the fun is about.

  24. Lea D.

    Always a great place to chill and talk with friends. The VIEW isn’t too bad as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ No food served here but they have peanuts for a few cents. You can also ordered pizza and have it delivered here. That’s what we did. They have yummy Moscow mule.

  25. timmykilla

    Super busy night girls running around getting everybody their drinks making everyone happy. I love this place

  26. Mistercap12

    As much as I like bikini bars, I went there last month. It was a huge sausage fest! I saw about 2 girls in bikini who were mediocre. I remember coming here last year and there were some attractive bartenders.Once again, huge sausagefest. I think it’d be chill to come to hang out with some buds, but not for talking to any girls, except to purchase your drink. The bartenders are too busy to really make much small talk on a busy night.

  27. Mark S.

    Im a regular at this bar, by regular I would say I make it there at least once a week. With that being said, it’s a small dive bar with extremely friendly girls serving you drinks, it is a bikini bar but you soon forget that as you get to know the girls, they are very down to earth. The owner of the bar is a good guy too, a Bruin fan so I relate very well to him. Three pool tables where you will get some competitive but not over the top games of pool. You would think a spot like this would cater to mostly men, well it does, but on several weekends you will always find girls scattered among the crowd… now as far as I go, if I see a girl in that bar, it gives her credibility points, it shows shes down to earth, accepting and willing to try new things, and yes I have met a few girls there too and none of them are regrets. Other than that, if youre looking for a good spot to start the night, end the night or a place to get a good drink for a good price, check out this spot, Im sure youll see me there.Side note… this bar does not accept credit cards but there is an ATM in there, it would be wise to show up with cash tho.

  28. Kevin F.

    What counts as karma points? Are karma points only limited to helping old ladies across the street or rescuing that bird with the broken wing, or can I get karma points introducing married co-workers to this place?If you include option c, then I’m going to be something good in the next life. I took some golfing buddies here after a round of golf, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. Every girl that would walk by, they’d tug my shirt, and say “wow, wow”. The look on their faces was utter joy. After all, its like going a strip club, but without lying to the wife. “Where did you go after golf, honey?” “A bar.”Green Girl has all sorts of beers, the girls can mix plenty of drinks, there are three screens for the game, pool tables if you want something else, and in general, the girls have fun personalities, haha, in addition to being quite beautiful.Definitely by far, Green Girl is my favorite bar of the kind in Huntington/Westminister.

  29. Cobra K.

    Amber is awesome! Bartenders are hot and friendly.

  30. K. S.

    Chill spot, beer is beer but the well drinks are strong & cheap. The girls are hot and easy to talk to [not stuck up]

  31. Celina E.

    The reason for a one star is simply because of the fact I was not allowed entrance for wearing a beret. It’s winter berets are used in the cold weather and it was raining! Next thing u know mayb scarfs and coats will also not be allowed in this place. Ridiculous, simply Ridiculous! Never coming back.

  32. Fortunato D.

    Fortunato D. walks into the Green Girl Saloon. Bartender says, “Oh crap…” It was a dark, stormy night…not a lot of folks were in the drinking mood. I reckon only the committed alcoholics were in attendance. I walked in with my head wet, peacoat damp, hands in pocket. Gibb says, “didn’t think you’ll ever come back.” “Don’t worry boys, I just came here for a Makers Mark and ginger ale…and maybe a Fireball/Jameson shot” I replied.A bald headed Asian man stood up, “We don’t like your kind around here, you need to get out!” I said, “You’re Asian too, what exactly is MY KIND?” He responded, “You’re too smoo’ve, takin’ all the ladies…prepare to die! *Kung-Fu movie war cry*” *Kick balls-jab eyeball-grab mandible-spin him with it then dropped him to the floor*(Amber in the background) “That was pretty awesome…I’m a little turned on.” “Is there no one else?” I asked. His buddies then all stood up and one of them yelled, “You dishonored my homeboy!” I calmly replied with, “Who TF uses the word dishonor and homeboy in the same context?” The Asian gang members tossed the tables aside and screams from the ladies and raucous filled the room. *Side kick-hammerfist-jab-cross-flying knee*(Maddie in the background)”How does he do it?! I’m buying his drinks tonight!”*Spinning back kick-spinning backfist-front elbow-kick to the chest*(Shayne)”That is bananas and I don’t even like the word!” *deflect pool stick-punch face-break bad guy’s nose with pool stick*(Brittany)”Sweet move, but you’re paying for the damages!!!” *front leg sweep-block-check-counter-deflect broken beer bottle stab-snap neck*(Karen)”IDK WTF is going on but I wish I can get this on YouTube!”*redirect knife-wrist twist-snap elbow-take knife-throw at other bad guy*(Julie)”djevelen er kompromiss!!!”I looked around for anyone else standing…no one else but the two computer nerds with their iPhones aimed at me while bearing the look of shock. “Are you not entertained?!?!?!” I exclaimed. they placed their phones in their pockets. I sat down and Amber approached me with the look of a sly devil, eyebrow raised…a sway in her hip, hands on waist. *Slaps me in the back of the head” “WHO TF IS GONNA CLEAN ALL THIS STUFF UP!?!?! THERE’S A REASON WHY I KICKED YOU OUT LAST TIME! NOW WE DON’T HAVE ANY PAYING CUSTOMERS, WE’LL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGES OUT OF POCKET, AND FIND THESE GUYS CAB RIDES HOME, AND GET AN AMBULANCE FOR THE ONES YOU HURT BAD! IDIOT!!!! THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T HAVE NICE THINGS!-Fin-I had to. Just, had to…The GG is a good spot. Cheap and stiff drinks, fun staff, chill atmosphere…and fifty cent pool tables.

  33. GQ M.

    Horrible customer service. I ordered a drink and I requested a receipt. I asked the person to make sure the amount I paid is on the receipt and the change given. The person didn’t comply. Instead, the person argued with me. I don’t recommend coming here. Whoever the person who argued with me should be terminated.

  34. Chris T.

    Great little bar! Good prices for the OC and the ladies are all 10s, which matches their personalities and fun attitudes. For an out of townner, this is a perfect little get away.

  35. dannyboy7

    Cash only. Rude waitresses. Cash payment is required each time they bring you a drink. What kind of bar doesn’t keep a running tab…a shady bar.

  36. Brian K.

    Mixed reviews on this place. 4 buddies and I went here a couple of weeks ago on a friday night. Mostly empty, maybe ten people there when we walked in. We all dress nice, and don’t look sketchy at all, yet when we sat down at a table, we got no service. I had to go up to the bar to order a round of shots. When our first waitress FINALLY came over prob 15 minutes after we got there, she took our drink order, brought our drinks, and never came back. I don’t know if we just caught her at the end of her shift, or that time of the month, but she was terrible.Our second waitress was much better, more friendly. The girls that work there are pretty, and obviously sexy, but they know it. A little more humility would be nice. We ended up having a good time when the girls finally started interacting with us, and we’ll be back again some time.

  37. Weedman420

    When I injured my foot a couple of months ago, my friends decided to ditch me and head over to the Green Girl Saloon. They told me it was a bikini bar and I was totally bummed I didn’t get to join them. They told me stories about how much fun they had and how the girls were awesome. It turns out that most of them moved on to someplace new.The atmosphere at Green Girl Saloon was pretty nice. The beers were cheap and the service was very welcoming. But with every bar, there are patrons that were too drunk and too loud to the point where you’re not having fun anymore.

  38. williamr

    What kind of place has the waitresses put a tip cup at your table and expect for you to tip them even though they don’t even bother to come by and say a simple “Hi” more than once. I’m not buying it! Sorry but my idea of someone tipping is to say thank you for you good service with a smile. Someone that is ingaged In their customers.

  39. eddyL

    The day crrew is waaay more friendly so get here before 7pm otherwise its just a bikini barf….but before 7 its a great bikini bar!!!After a couple more of night time visits, I wanted to recant the barf adjective, its a bikini bar now! The night time girls can be friendly when they want to be, but the day time girls are waaaay more outgoing, imo.and yes they all are smoking hot looking girls!!

  40. StripClub431

    Not a bad spot to come and kick it…..fairly small on the inside and a bit dark….they have two pool tables and a long bar to sit at with tables in the middle….The girls are cute and friendly…..they like to take shots so buy them one or two….they might be half naked but don’t expect them to be easy…..treat them nice and be polite and they will take care of you….Amber does a good job….Liz is awesome….Jessica brings me cold beer….Brittany is awesome….Lindsay rocks……. =) ….Upon further review I would have to say, this place is pretty much hit or miss, drinks are spotty at best, PRICES CHANGE FOR SHOTS ALL THE DAMN TIME (LOL), sometimes good service sometimes shit……depends on that time of the month I guess…… :PPictures are of my friends and I…..No bullshit, the best Moscow mule anywhere…..if you don’t think so I’ll buy you a drink….if it is you owe me… =P …..

  41. Cody S.

    This place is really clean the bartenders are super nice! It’s a wednesday so surprisingly at 330 there’s 5 or six girls working. They all talk to you if you want them to or not…. Kinda different idk I’m more of a dive bar fan with one bartender. The drinnks are fairly priced and service is obviously super good just seemed super fake idk find out for your self!

  42. Ray W.

    Had one drink while I was here. Men’s restroom was under repair or something so I decided not to have more than one drink. Walking in on someone snaking the only toilet killed my thirst. Bartenders were nice and attentive. Will be back later to give them another try.

  43. samantha s.

    This place was awesome. I was brought here by a freind in a group. We stopped in here our our way to Huntington because I was promised cheap tasty drinks. The girls were super freindly and made really good drinks. I had a blast and would defintely come back.

  44. Jennifer R.

    I’d put a zero if I could. Asked a girl if she would like a shot of absolute. She said yes. Watched her pour sweet n sour in her glass. And I got charged $14. Chunky blonde. Nope

  45. Michael B.

    My jimmies were rustledApparently someone thinks that men who go to bars to have a few drinks and look at scanty dressed women are depressed losers. I rarely go to these types of places but yes. I came here to drink, I am looking at the bartenders body, and I am going to enjoy myself. You’re probably too busy worrying about trivial crap like peanut shells on the floor to realize that most men would enjoy doing either of the two.The service was fine on my visit. They asked right away if i wanted another beer after finishing one so no complaints. I thought the bartenders were pretty. You would fall in love (lust) if you stared long enough (definitely lust). It’s a small bar but it wasn’t at all cramped the night i went. I wouldn’t mind coming here again if i want to shoot the shit with a few friends.

  46. David X.

    Awesome place to chill, relax and have a couple of drinks. The MAIN reason why I am giving them 5 stars is because they have Stone IPA on tap!!!

  47. richard95

    I came here a little over a week ago to meet up with a buddy to grab a quick drink because it was a few minutes away from my mom’s house and I overheard a male friend of mine talk about the place. So, when one of the girls in lingerie came up to me and asked me what I wanted to drink I drew a blank. I’m a beer drinker. I told her “something with tequila” and she started naming off a good list of drinks and their components. I was pleasantly surprised that she was very nice and knowledgeable. I chose the Peach Margarita. It was perfect (and little did I know it was also strong). She also gave me a heads up that the top shelf liquor is only a $1 more so I took advantage of it and chose Patron. The decor in this place is nice too. And the girls there the night I went (a weekday) weren’t trashy looking or anything. I dunno about weekends, but the week night I went there wasn’t much ethnic diversity with the bartenders (just a heads up for you males out there).

  48. Mindy H.

    this place is a lot nicer than other bikini bars. it’s nicely decorated, clean and it doesn’t smell. The girls are all good looking and friendly, haven’t experienced any rude bartenders. Drinks are reasonably priced, CASH only!! wish they accepted credit cards..And as for tip buckets, I know a lot of you don’t like that idea, at first I didn’t either but now I do.. If there are 4-5 girls working, how would you know what tip belongs to who?

  49. Santi T.

    Timber!Swing your partner round and roundEnd of the night, it’s going downOne more shot, another roundEnd of the night, it’s going down.I came here on a Thursday night without knowing what I stepped into and it was quite jumping with the majority of the crowd being XY. The scantily clad ladies were dressed in bikinis yet didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. There were high tables and stools plus the bar where the ladies come and take your orders. The reason why I gave this three stars is because my vodka soda was rather watered down. Other than that, I didn’t see any cocktail specials which was slightly disappointing. Our vivacious waitress came by frequently checking in with us as we ordered two rounds. As for the second drink, I was hoping for a heavier pour but was let down.The interior reminded me of a western style theme and the gals were in good spirits. The Green Girl Saloon is located on a strip mall with free parking.Timber!!

  50. Angeline D.

    I’ve been here on multiple occasions with my guy friends, and we’ve always had a good time (aside from the one almost-fight that was starting up as we left).The drinks are stiff, inexpensive, and the girls are really nice. If they don’t know a drink, they’ll make it as long as you know the recipe. I requested a Galvatron here, and our server did a good job mixing a brand new drink — something she called “the strongest drink I have ever made.” Two thumbs up! My friends like this place because the girls aren’t trashy looking, the service is nice, and “the view is great.” The inside is clean and dimly lit, and it’s never been too crazy when I go. Super crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, though!The only complaint I have is that they don’t take credit/debit cards. DARN, I hate making that extra trip to the bank. :(As a practically married woman, I genuinely enjoy coming here with the guys just to throw back a few beers. I’d love to bring the hubby here sometime. I know he won’t look. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. harryharry

    There are places that you go to have a good time and there are places that you go to have a cheap drink and hang out for a bit. This is the latter.It’s a bikini bar but most of the girls are wearing lingerie, not that it matters to u guys as long as they are half naked. Drinks are pretty cheap and service is ok, the girls are friendly. It’s an Irish pub so u can throw peanut shells on the floor. And seriously when drinks are this cheap you want to complain about the service?

  52. Brayam A.

    Places is so laid back , great people around you . And of course the girls are so beautiful & kind to you . Highly recommend this place to go to

  53. GarryWas

    Over prices on there drinks I ask for a Jamison and Ginger ale my drink was nothing but ice and ginger ale and like half a shot !!! The bartenders girl beautiful there mix drinks are not the best

  54. Toshi U.

    No food, Cash only but great bartenders made my time here very sweeeeeet ^_^

  55. Deedee A.

    This place is a JOKE!!!! We came in and wanted to order a drink and one of the bimbo bartender ask us if my bf smokes weed and he reply with a yes . Then she says we have to leave because he smoked . He did not smoke there or anywhere near the premise so anyone that smokes weed are not allowed here ! They discriminate against marijuana users .

  56. james1412

    Been awhile since I’ve been here was greeted warmly by Andrea she is such a sweetheart good at remembering faces always provides great friendly service with a smile… is very clean as usual unless u count peanut shells on the floor which your encouraged to add tooThe bar itself has a classic Irish bar feel nice decor…2 pool tables girls are very beautiful liquor and beer haley is great too cash only spot with an atm.

  57. adamrod

    I was expecting some sleezy, smelly dump of a bar filled with old pervs but I was pleasantly surprised that it was neither. Just a chill bar with a nice atmosphere serving good cold beer and liquor by pretty girls in their lingerie or in some cases little tops or jerseys. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I love the idea of watching football and being served by friendly girls in their underwear. It’s just too bad I discovered it during the divisional round of the playoffs. I’ll be back with my Comrades. Great for the married fellas or women. Nice flat tummies all the way around.

  58. curtis17

    Gretchin and Erin are awesome bartenders! Gretchin has a great personality — bubbly and very friendly. Erin is a superstar, formerly a bartender on Wall Street who makes the best drinks. She can mix anything better than any pro. Both are of course super hot!! So if you want to chill out with pretty bartenders, have great service and enjoy delicious drinks, the GG is the place!!

  59. marlonmoney12

    Out of this world 1 minute experience! No remorse for giving 1 star, I would rate it lower if I could! Wht happened?! I stumble upon this place, being really thirsty so I say to myself: “what a blessing” I’m going in without even thinking twice, some cute girl briefly dressed smiles, says hi and asks me what do I want;One bier please,Can I see ur ID?Sure, here it is (European driver license)Erm…do you hve another one?Yeah, here it is (European National ID card)Let ask my manager…10 seconds later, a women that looked more like a man comes to me and says “sorry, we can’t serve you, unless you show us another form of ID, an american one.And I tell her: you do realize that on BOTH ID cards says clearly, even in English, that I’m 30 years old, right?!?And he/she goes “yeah, sorry”I’m still in shock…in her opinion, a tourist from Europe should change his ID for the stay here?! Dear Lord, hope I’ll never come across such level of ignorance and sheer stupidityMy money were good the next place, so…have a good night

  60. Thao V.

    This is definitely a cool place to sit and watch sports, play pool, or just chat with friends. You’ll find that 95% of the customers are men ranging from the late 20s to 50s. I was probably 1 of 3 girls there on a Thursday night.It’s a bikini bar and the girls are actually really pretty. They don’t have a butt load of makeup on and their bodies are pretty fit.Service was mediocre. They didn’t frequent our table so much, maybe because I’m a girl, but they were friendly and sweet.Will come again.

  61. Andreas L.

    Got kicked out of here even though I presented two ID’s stating I’m over 21. Interesting, the CHP unit that pulled me over earlier in the week didn’t think they were fake.

  62. Jonathan B.

    My first bikini bar so far, awesome local hole in the wall bar, the girls are all very nice and dressed the part to impress! Pool tables and TV’s very chill relaxed atmosphere, come with friends and always have a good time! They don’t mind if you bring outside food or order pizza either!

  63. DexterRexter

    So I sat down to order a beer from the bartender, and she tells me she can not serve me beer since I smell like marijuana. So I just said ok and got up and left the bar. This really fucking pisses me off and u will never recommend green girl saloon to anyone. Especially when I smoke cigarettes and not marijuana assholes. Ps that tall brunette is a dumb trailer trash door. I am the guy with the beard bishes.

  64. Joseph H.

    Great local spot to grab a beer or a shot. Best true dive bar(full bar) in my area that I know of. Waitresses are half dressed and very friendly. We drop in occasionally for a few drinks before we hit up our planned destination for the night…

  65. Frida L.

    Great atmosphere. Even tho its a bikini bar the women there don’t make other women feel secluded, plus Jen is like hottest one there. Total body goals and I’m not a lesbian.

  66. Ashley H.

    The girls are all very pretty with great bodies. I get my drinks relatively quickly (it’s packed in there usually, give themA break). It’s cheap and the music is good. Cheap pool tables also. Only complaint is that they dot accept credit cards and I refuse to use their ATM machine and get charged a fee. If I run out of cash, I don’t bother getting more. They probably lose a lot of extra money not having credit card option.

  67. Laura R.

    This is a bikini bar in the bolsa area with white chicks behind the bar, not coffee shop girls.-No Happy Hour or food.-Drinks are reasonably priced-It’s really dark inside. Possibly because no one wants to be seen here?-There’s 3 or 4 pool tables.-The music is very “girly”. Not sure what’s up with that considering -there is ALWAYS more men here than women.-The chicks are pretty hot – but what’s up with all the bruises ladies? Put some cover-up on that shiz.

  68. Phyrun D.

    I was always skeptical about going to a bikini bar because I always assume the majority of the bartenders are just trying to squeeze every penny out of you… BUT, I didn’t get that vibe from this place.The women are the ones that really make it. (((by the way, I do love their own personalized tip jars, so that you know who has been getting you drinks. I wouldn’t want to tip the wrong bartender that didn’t deserve it.))) They really go to actually have a conversation with the patrons. At least from my experience, I’ve met some great bartenders and some of the ones here have me coming back. I’ve only been to the place about 3 times and I always go when it’s slow, usually a Sunday night. But it really gives you time to just sit back and relax, meet some new people, get to know the bartenders, and just unwind. I’ve heard they have various events occasionally. One of their bartenders was leaving and they had a going away party. So you can expect future parties such as St. Pattys Day, Halloween, etc. to be themes here.Fair prices, in my opinion, for drinks. I wouldn’t mind if they served food, but I’m sure that’s a whole new venture the owner would have to pursue, then it wouldn’t be the same kind of bar. They do occasionally have bags of chips.Not singling out any of the bartenders, but thank you to the beautiful Michelle who made LA Water and some specialty shots for me and my buddy. Thanks again to her! Great drinks!I understand that is the main theme from bar: attractive women in bikinis, alcohol, sports, pool. Go grab a cold one and spark a conversation; whether it’s the bartenders or the fellow beer drinkers. It’s a simple bar. Pool table. Sports on 3 sets of flat screens, and some cold drinks.

  69. Mike F.

    Green girl… If you’re considering going there, I’m sure you know what the attraction is. Therefore you should now what you’re getting yourself into. The girls aren’t hired for how good they are at being bartenders or servers. And you agree completely with the hiring criteria. I have had better servers at many other locations. They were not nearly as visually appealing though. With that said, I would argue with the reviewer who said the girls are all 10s. I would say there are a bunch of 6s – 8s running around. None below average, but no high end knockouts either. So beyond the obvious, green girl is a decent bar. Prices are fair and the pool is 50 cents a game. It’s a cash only bar which is a bit bothersome and unprofessional, but whatever.

  70. yanard12

    Should I try this place? What are pros & cons lol. I want to enjoy my drinks while being entertained Is that too much to ask?

  71. justinlk

    Top bikini bar in the OC for sure. Really hot girls working, but they manage to keep it classy. Andrea is the manager and I swear I’ve never seen her or any of the other girls in a bad mood. Super friendly and the service is amazing. It’s a small bar and they always have 4 girls working so there’s no waiting for drinks.

  72. Eric H.

    Drinks are decent price, but absolutely poor service unless you are a regular. We were there for 2 hours and the girl who got us a drink never approached us again. Blonde skinny girl with a mid size tattoo on her left wrist…she was very rude with poor customer service. In the 2 hours we were there, we were approached once by another bartender, but that was only because our glasses were empty. Mind you it was a Sunday night and it was slow, all three bartenders were busy talking to their regulars. If you are not a regular there, you will get poor service. I’ve been there about 3 times already, all on different nights, but more of the same poor customer service experience.

  73. Kurtis K.

    Prices a little high but this is no dive bar. Its a nice place friendly girls and chill atmosphere. Reminds me of an Irish pub with bikinis.

  74. Johnnyboy123

    PRETTY GIRLS LINGERIE BAR, AVERAGE-CHEAP PRICE DRINKS (BEER IS CHEAP), DIVEY SPORTS BAR FEEL WITH PERSONABLE BARTENDERSThat sums it up in a nutshell, they also have 2 or 3 pool tables and there isn’t a wait usually because most of the guys are sitting by themselves at the bar talking to the waitresses/bartenders.The beer is good, and the mixed drinks are good too, but a big tease as some of them are aspiring models to be, and dress in provocative clothing so they don’t really seem to be the type to just go out with you or whatever you plan on asking haha…Oh and if you don’t like hearing flirtatious guys oogling and ogling girls in bikini’s then stray away my friend.ITS THE GREEN GIRL SALOON! Popular amongst many older folks.

  75. Steve J.

    This used to be a GREAT spot. Not so picky about the bartenders they hire these days and it’s shows….

  76. Franklyn

    Yes its a bikini bar.. and the girls are actually all good looking and friendly! Been here 2x. I guess for a woman to come into a place like this she’d have to be open minded to have a good time. Drinks are fairly priced. Good music and good service.

  77. Mike T.

    I haven’t been in a while, so this review is from memory. The inside had a cool, personal library feel to it, with book shelves and antiques. You know, the kind that has a huge world globe that you open to reveal a bottle of scotch and crushed ice? I dug the pool tables, since there wasn’t much of a wait. The bartender was decent to look at, but then again, she was the ONLY chick in the place. The guys drooling at the bar were all pretty shady…. a balanced mixture of bikers and gang bangers with a few poser HB surfers added for flavoring. The cap off of the night was a fight. haven’t seen a bar fight since Tank Abbott knocked out some other douche bag at the old Patsy’s location in Huntington. The tab wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there, but if I was driving by with some friends, I’d probably stop in.

  78. igor34

    Pretty good spot lovely ladies a little $ in my opinion it’s really small only 2 pool tables overall its OK

  79. Alex T.

    A FUN PLACE TO HANG!I enjoy alcohol, women & sports….not in that particular order or in any order, come to thing of it. The Green Girl Saloon has all 3. Beautiful women in bikinis who seem to enjoy the company (who cares if they are faking?). Stiff Drinks… & TV’s with sports… what more could you ask for? The drinks are moderately priced also…so there… You can also play pool for .50 cents a game.. the pool tables are in the greatest shape, but not bad. It may be a little hard to find a seat on a busy night, but that never deterred any of us… So check out the “OC’s BAR OF THE YEAR”… I think you will enjoy it!Oh yeah…& it’s a Cash Bar…so make sure you bring $$

  80. Jennifer P.

    How could this place not get 5 stars? The women are beautiful and nice, the pool is cheap, the womens bathroom is in great shape for a bar, and drinks are at a good price and cash-only so you don’t go completely overboard! They let you order food from surrounding restaurants and they do a good job keeping out the riffraff. The owner is a gentleman and always is polite to me. Even though I am usually one of the only chicks in there other than the bartenders, they make you feel super welcome and comfortable. Mmmm tall Bombay Gin & Tonic served by a gorgeous woman in booty shorts (Sara? or Amber? or Leslie? or Ashley? Anyone here really! ) COUNT ME IN!

  81. Alex V.

    This place is Petty cool, they got some nice girls on bikinis getting drunk and having fun. Big screen in the center of the bar. This is definitely a regular’s bar. I think the drinks need to be stronger. And please do something about the men’s bathroom. I’ve been to better bathroom in TJ. Anyways I would come back.

  82. Senia N.

    Could use some more televisions for sports games, but pretty good bar overall!

  83. Adam K.

    Awesome place! Cheap prices, no cover, and super hot girls wearing lingerie. ’nuff said.

  84. rommel c.

    girls are really hot and friendly. wish they had more selection of beers and took atm, but i like the vibe of the place.

  85. Craig L.

    Holy molybdenum. Unabashed dive bar with it’s main quality being girls in booty shorts that are so tight, you have little left to the imagination. Pros: owner brought in free pizza the night I was there. Drinks are strong and cheap.a couple of pool tables are inside the joint. Staff is friendly and attentive. Even to women. Crowd is an eclectic mixture of young people, locals with multiple tattoos and leering men there solely to see women they don’t have to pay for. Cons: bathroom is nasty. Place is tiny with limited seating. No food that I saw other than delivered pizza. Place isn’t particularly clean. Crowd is…well…see above. If you’re a 25 year old looking for stiff um drinks then check it out. Best to go with a small group. If you’re worried about your reputation, probably want to steer clear.However, if you’re a young hispter and want to hang with a divers crowd, see pretty girls in their underwear, this place is epic.Probably it’s biggest drawback is that’s it tiny…hard to pack in a good crowd and harder still to get a good view and the sexy waitresses.

  86. Chris O.

    First remember CASH ONLY. Really good place. The girls are cute, the drinks were strong, and the pool table was cheap. Good times and doesn’t break the bank.

  87. Minstro J.

    It’s good sometimes and other times it’s shitty. Last night was just shitty customer service and some of those girls should not be working there. If you go on a good night 90% of the chicks working there are sexy. Music is typically lousy. According to staff, it’s the owners shitty iPod? One girl Michelle, Seems to think she’s gods gift to that bar. The “bartenders” don’t know how to make drinks either and are more interested in socializing to make a bigger tip than actually serving the booze. They also only take cash.

  88. Jeremy T.

    so, i was shopping at the diesel store in south coast plaza and i text my buddy to see where i can meet him for a drink and a bite to eat before i head back to san diego. in short, he texts me back as asks whether he should get someone to cover his shift tomorrow and i start laughing out loud in the dressing room (hes a fireman)…i spent two nights in orange county and barely made it into work on wednesday.we went on a bender on bikes and hit up all the possible bikini bars in the area. although some parts of the experience are foggy, green girls stands out high above the rest as a must visit the next time i’m in town.the best part about this bikini bar is that they serve hard liquor and the girls are hot and classy. i’ve been to other places and they use soju as a substitution for liquor and the establishment and employees remind me of bars in tijuana…where i’m afraid to touch anything. forgive me if i forgot her name (tall brunette, tan) but one of the managers is one that sticks out because not only is she smoking hot, but shes just got the best all-around personality. you can tell others are either a little too sauced up or they’re somewhere else in la-la land while they’re talking to you. i also remember her by her odd specialty shots that she makes for us. can’t say my taste buds are totally in agreement, but its impossible to refuse a shot when you have a hottie in a bikini standing right in front of you ready to take one herself.go to green girls…its in a league of its own.

  89. billtheguy12

    Reasonably priced drinks and hot girls. And they let in outside food. Chill place to go.

  90. Kevin S.

    Good drinks at decent prices

  91. Linda F.

    Awesome drinks!Nice/hot girls!Great service!And if felt safe … whats not to like?

  92. Tatiana J.

    That’s right, friends. I am giving a place called The Green Girl Saloon 4 stars. One Friday a few weeks ago, my male friend asks me “Hey, wanna get drinks at The Green Girl Saloon?” My response was predictably, “WTF.” As our discussion progressed, I decided that, what the heck. Let’s try something new.Upon our arrival, I was alarmed by the poor lighting outside of the bar. Having lived on Beach Blvd for 2 years, I had never heard of or seen this place before. It looked shady. We strolled in, and too my surprise, it was not shady at all. The bra and underwear-clad bartenders were attractive in a not-trashy way, and they were really nice. The clientele was around my age (mostly guys), but a handful of females as well.Overall, I had fun here! The drinks were pretty cheap ($3.75 for a bottle of Fat Tire). I think I’ll be back.Oh! Also, although they were playing sports on their three flat screens, they were playing fun pop music all night. Highlights: Britney, Paula Cole, and N’Sync.

  93. Christina F.

    Decent place to get served booze by girls in bikinis that really should be wearing one-piece suits that trap in the extra flab. Luckily they don’t go out of their way to chit chat with you if you don’t want them to. Extra bonus: it’s right across from the police station so you won’t have to go far to get your DUI!**UPDATE: Just went in again and girls are much thinner than before. Perhaps the crystal meth has caught up? Whatever it is, they are easier on the eyes.**

  94. Marie C.

    Been here about 3 times in the past year, and I actually like the place; each time it’s because a guy-friend chose it.. no surprise there. Truthfully though, the servers and bartenders are all very nice; not shady at all.. unlike a couple other “bikini bars” I’ve been to in the area that I won’t mention here.. The atmosphere is very chill and the drinks are good and affordable! I purchased a round of 3 mixed shots (e.g. buttery nipple) and it was $16 not including tip. They also have a couple of pool tables that cost nothing to play, if you can get one.

  95. Jay S.

    Like every other bikini bar: Hooters, cooters and beer. Everyone tells me that all kinds of “wild” and “crazy” shit goes on here when the hostess girls get drunk enough (they will take shots with you all night), but the only “wild and crazy” thing that’s ever happened to me here is that I went wild buying heinekens and got handed a crazy tab at the end of the night.There is a certain Hooters-like element of trashy female exploitation here, but the girls do a really good job of reassuring you that they would be showing their tits and ass for free somewhere if it weren’t for this job, so you don’t feel so bad.Keep drinking, they get cuter.

  96. Mel M.

    This place made me sleepy. Mostly dudes which would be cool if you weren’t one of the only 4 girls in the joint and practically married. Whatever. I wanted a Red Bull to wake me the fuck up but they don’t have Red Bull. Instead they have something called “Vampire”-umm yeah. The waitress convinced me it was going to taste better than Red Bull or even Rockstar. I believed her because she was wearing a sarong with her bootie hanging out and cleavage toppling over an awfully thin bikini top. I know I have issues. If you ever come across an energy drink called “Vampire” do yourself a solid and pass. Energy drink and well vodka $7. I can buy a fifth of Popov, a red bull and have a parking lot party for less. Once again I have issues. Laura’s Stella tasted like perfume-weird. We joked that it too, like the energy drink, must be something fake and second rate so we dubbed it Ella, Ella, a, a. I look forward to getting a second impression of this place considering it’s within stumbling distance of my girl’s house.

  97. Carlos O.

    Cheap beer and attractive women!!! Only thing missing is some cheap bar appetizers…….

  98. Tamara J.

    If this is your regular bar, no offense intended.It is very clean and very nicely decorated. The girls are pretty. The drinks are fairly cheap. As they should be- they’re pretty light handed.But a totally weird vibe. Like everyone was on Xanax. We did a one-and-done.And if you need a sign at the door saying no colors, knives, drugs, etc…. maybe you should work on attracting better clientele. Just sayin’…

  99. Rho L.

    So it was a Wednesday night, and after a very mundane visit to the Lounge 3 in Stanton (Remind me to write a review about that later) we decided to take the 2 mile trek down to the Green Girl Saloon which was actually a friend’s recommendation. From the instant you set your parking brake and look back at that little homely box of a saloon, you think to yourself, wow, this is going to suck. There are no crazy flashing lights, no outer shabang, nor does it even sit in a location where there should even be a bar…but I suppose this is where you also realize, one can’t judge a book by it’s cover. (Terrible cliche of all cliches but shxt it works)As we approached the little entryway, this super friendly surfer lookin guy comes out introduces himself and makes a commentary about the crowd inside. I decided to investigate while my troop was busy doing who knows what in the parking lot. It’s a small bar. It wasn’t crowded, probably because it was a Wednesday, but what drew my attention were the 3 hot-to-trot chicks in bikinis working behind the bar. Yup, they were the determining factor.I ran back out to grab everyone and as soon as we all walked in, and found our places, we felt right at home. The regulars were very friendly, and the three gorgeous girls were very accommodating. They’d almost make any regular joe feel special. They even took pictures with my cousin.The drinks aren’t expensive. The atmosphere was very chill, I quite liked it actually. I think the one drawback was that they didn’t accept credit cards, but they did have an outdated (but functional) atm sitting in the corner. Overall, it’s a cool place to hang, especially if you’re coming with a bunch a guys who want to see hot chicks strut around in bikinis. I liked it just as well, cause for some reason girls gravitate toward me anyway. Haha.. I’d definitely go back again!

  100. Caroline K.

    Surprise, surprise. I had no idea what to expect when a friend brought me here. I certainly did not expect to be served by women in their lingerie. I always thought this type of bar would be sleazier, but it was actually clean and decorated quite festively for the Holidays! The scantily clad servers seemed out of place. Drinks were really cheap, too, at about $5 or $6. I thought it was unusual that the server wanted us to pay like a few minutes after we got our drinks, but then after she returned with a little pail w/ her name on it, I realized this is how they get their tips. Sometimes you’ll see tables with a few pails stuffed with bills. Very interesting.Anyway, because of this tipping business, I think it’s a cash only bar, but I’m not quite sure. I was with another girl and a guy, and I think the two of us were the only girls in there besides the servers. They also have a pool table, which I think is free to use but no one was playing. I’d come back, mainly for the cheap drinks, though I don’t have much of an incentive to tip big. Maybe if they hired some male servers…

  101. Tyler M.

    I knew a girl that worked here quite sometime ago, but I never really had the urge to check it out. A few weeks ago – finally I went. Here is my review, I am sure I will get a little flack for it. OK 3 stars – I realize that this place has been rated #1 in OC by OC weekly several years straight. We went in and were pretty much ignored for the first 10 minutes. We ordered our beers, and our shots of Patron, waited and finally got them. Alot of regulars attend this bar so for us as newbies we were put on the back burner. Which having been in the bar industry for 12+ years the worst thing you want to do is make your newbies feel like newbies. We were there a little over an hour and saw our waitress 3 times. 2 times in a half hour she checked our drinks and seen if we were OK. 1 time was when we stopped her on her way to the back. The 3 stars are for the girls and definitly not for the service. Will go back if I can’t find a different place to call home.

  102. Ben W.

    The Good: It’s a bikini bar, what more can you ask for? Tiny little place that had 4 bartenders during the Laker game. They had 3 tvs, left, center and right. Service was meh, but they girls did walk the bar to make sure your drink was full :DThe Bad: Only those crazy high tables with tall bar stools. I hate those for some reason. They have no kitchen, you can buy peanuts, chips or order delivery from a list of menus they keep on hand……strange I know.The Ben: Andrea…, very sexy. She might be the reason I go back. Since XO lounge was closed(are they closed for good?) we went here. Friendly bunch, but they never seemed to hangout at my table, I know, it’s me ๐Ÿ™

  103. rickywho2

    My coworkers and I always go to green girls best spot awesome vibes awesome people till our last visit on Monday we were treated very rude by Mitchell the manager horrible customer service and I might never come back because of this All the other ladies are always very friendly and show great customer service

  104. Troy H.

    Fun little local dive bar. Bikini clad gals servin up booze. Almost borders on trailer trash kinda place, but it’s fun. Too bad it’s basically across from the police department. I do like the Vietnamese coffee shops, but unfortunately they don’t serve alcohol…

  105. Mark M.

    Good god. I’m thinking of moving across the country for this bar alone, ha! Such fine bartenders… They even offered to wrap my presents for Christmas – after giving me crap for not doing so lol. I like the atmosphere a lot. Really down to earth and everyone is really chill. I’d imagine this would be an awesome place to watch games. Next time I’m out here, this will be my go to.

  106. swys -.

    OK, yeah bummer that the court house is just across the street… Bummer that there is a bunch of middle age men who own their own construction business drinking at the bar in the middle of the day… Bonus that the gal’s behind the bar drink , drink for drink with yeah! Bonus that the gal’s actually like working there, Bonus that the gal’s don’t mind you staring at them, Bonus your not in a strip joint and the bartender actually will talk to you if your not a creep… G.G.S. is not all that bad but it does smell of the O.C..

  107. Shelley H.

    I think my guy friends thought they were playing a funny joke on me by inviting me out here without mention of the fact that this place is a bikini bar. That aside, drinks are pretty cheap, though really disgusting. Pool is only 50cents, and you can be surrounded by miserable depressed middle aged dudes pretending not to ogle at barely dressed girls .

  108. Chris V.

    Great place to sit back with some friends and drink a beer. Pool tables are really cheap. Most of the girls are very very friendly. It’s a dive bar with a great view. ****

  109. XhXeXy

    Nice ambiance and well decorated – Great customer service.Cheap. No cover. Cheap drinks – 2 Jameson on the rocks – $11.50Good chill spot on an off night – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

  110. Toffee n.

    Nice local dive bar. Old antique decor. 3 pool tables. Cool place to chill with some friends and grab some drinks. Sucks its across the street from the police station, but as long as you dont dont peel out of the parking lot your ok. Girls are in bikinis, but very nice and friendly. And Sunny …. shes hot! will come there again

  111. tonycluber

    My coworker dragged me here after work one night. Great service with a smile. Very friendly bartenders. Good drinks. My only complaint was that I felt uncomfortable looking at the bartenders. But that’s mostly bc I’m a girl and I was jealous of how good they all looked in bikinis.

  112. Jorge S.

    What kind of bar doesn’t serve an IPA? I shitty one. All this rave on here about how good this place is and this and that well drinks are cheap, one star, girls are friendly and in bikini, second star.

  113. Teresa N.

    I really liked the vibe of this of this place. It was definitely very chill. However my friends and I came here with the hopes to shoot some pool as well, but they only had two tables and both were taken. Our “chill” night turned to a “boring” night all too quickly once there was nothing to do, and the music and vibe wouldn’t suit getting “wasted fun” for us. We couldn’t have been there for more than 30 minutes.The service was good, the girls were quick to take our order and offer us a second round when we finished our beers. I had a guiness that night, I was so excited to see that they had it on tap since its my favorite beer, ESPECIALLY on tap. However the guinness tasted odd here, I couldn’t put my finger on it… The mister gave it a taste and suggested it actually tasted flat. Either way, I didn’t enjoy it and i’ve never had that problem before.Not bad, but nothhing too impressive either. All in all it’s a cool place to wind down and have a drink or two.

  114. R S.

    I recently found this place and visited a few time. The first couple of times were good experiences: the women were friendly and hot, the place was clean, they had a decent selection of alcohol, and several widescreens. HOWEVER, on a recent visit, after having a beer followed by a club soda (I was pacing), I was asked to leave by the door man. At first I thought he was joking: I hadn’t spoken to anyone other than to order my drinks and I wasn’t engaging in any behavior beyond watching sports recaps on the TVs. He said (politely) that one of the servers told him that I needed to go. I asked what I did to warrant this, but he just said that I had to go. I wasn’t going to argue with him and it was very civil, but I was perplexed.I went home and sent an email to the bar management to try to determine what I d did to get kicked out. I never heard back from anyone.The only conclusion I can draw is that one of the servers, I think her name was Karen, was irked that I ordered a club soda, for which I paid and tipped her.Needless to say, given this experience, I don’t plan on returning. I’ll spend my $100 per week bar budget elsewhere.

  115. Chris M.

    Pros: Gorgeous half naked women, 50 cent billiards, cheap cocktails, great service, cozy feeling. I also hear there’s a tournament-style beer pong night coming to the bar in the future. Sign me up!Cons: I don’t like how this place is cash-only. I know there’s an ATM located inside but it’s so much more convenient to pay large alcohol bills with plastic. The draft beer selection is limited but at least there’s Blue Moon and most beers are bottled. Other than that, I love this place!

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