3904 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA 23224


37.473097, -77.4828234




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “CandyBar

  1. Richmond
  2. local

    I’ve checked out most of the strip clubs in the Richmond area and as far as friendly, personable girls, the Rabbitt’s day shift stands at the top. Beer prices are the cheapest around and the atmosphere is great. I always have a great time.

  3. Chicargo Mart

    This comment is directed at the Afternoon Lady dancers:

    You are a super group of entertainers; you are very friendly and very very talented bunch.

    I have had a great time each and evry time i have been to the club.

    Skye you are my heart attact babe;Lacy you are wow all that and a bag of chips too;Cheyenne you make my heart skip a beat… there are more but not enought time to continue..

    If you guys are reading this .. one thing to be said and it is in stone… the flag poles will raise in the afternoon for sure…

  4. loving it


  6. BillyIsACrook

    Nasty club , just like the owner. Stay Away!!!

  7. Mart/Chicago

    The Rabbit is a great place to unwind. I was turned on to this place from a friend in the area.

    There are some great girls working here and they are very friendly and put on a great show.

    Three of the dancers are my favorates. SKYE,LACEY,& CHEYENNE

    All of them have there own special talents.

    My most favorate one has to be Skye; she is an absolute 10+

    I am mezzerized every time she takes the stage.WOW WOW WOW.. You have to see for yourself…….

  8. dancer 2

    Dixie lee must be 50 years old and skye looks like she was

    run over by a truck. oops! she really was! if you like heroin addicts like bob and her fat sidekick brittany this is the place to be. this club has seen its better days.

  9. regular guy

    Not the best club in the world but it’s the closest and most of the girls are friendly with a good ratio of girls to guys. Laps are now $20 and the cover is $5 after 7pm with happy hour from 3 to 9.

  10. Closeed?

    no one around, not much different than in its hayday

  11. troy
  12. forever young

    I would’nt trade it for nothing GO DAY SHIFT

    GOOD move bringin Dixie Lee back in

  13. travis

    so sad!

  14. i know alot

    this club sucks. billy (the faggot ass owner )owes everyone $. he is a punk ! he likes to have sex with little boys.mike dickenson is a fag as well, i caught him giving billy a blow job on the bus one night , they both paid me well not to say anything, so i didnt until now. the dancers are old drunk whores , this club is total waste of time.

  15. joefromdenver
  16. jm

    the pits for sure

  17. dancerfan

    they fixed the place up a lot and has the best prices for beer in town. nice goodlooking dancers and is a really cool place.

  18. pissed off

    i hate this crackhead bar. the girls r way too drunk to dance(jewel)… i have never been so shocked in my life to see such a run down pieace of shit bar. i dont think u can fix that shit up so stop trying. at least quit hiring ugly ass girls that cant dance

  19. david n

    waste of time

  20. jerry R.

    This club is no good

  21. glen buchanan

    it is fun to be at good looking girls but

  22. yanard12

    Had a great time. Be aware that adult clubs in Virginia don’t serve liquor, only beer and wine. Went on a Saturday night and they had about 20 girls on stage at all times. Most were good looking and sexy. Waitresses and bartenders were sexy too. Good place to hang out.

  23. J B

    its a big joke

  24. jeff.m

    horrible time, girls ugly

  25. Customer
  26. Dirty Dave

    Wow what a suck club all mexicans

  27. BOOOO

    I see nothing has changed here still the same suck club, send in the ABC to check it out and hopefully bulldoze it.

  28. gus


  29. billy

    love the dancers wish someone else owned the place its really changed in the last 5 yrs.

  30. dj

    you obviously have not meet pete that piss ass at richard’s.

    He has billy beat to hell. Anyone that works for him is

    just asking to be screwed. He makes his wife wait tables because he won’t pay a waitress.

  31. the man

    this place sucks fat women


    Hey pissed off, I was wondering who you are (guy, girl, regular or what) and which Jewel you were talking about? Please give a vivid discription… much appreciation

  33. "SKYE LOVER"

    They say great things come in little packages…Well the saying is all that and more….Skye is the total package!

    She has great movement on the floor and the poles. She is super easy to talk to and Her smile is infectious.All she has to do is look at you and smile and you are grinning like a young buck on his first serious date.

    Can’t say enought about U babe/ U are super…..

  34. big bill
  35. cj morris

    this club s/b closed

  36. i agree

    bring in the dozer and get rid of the whole place

  37. guy

    not bad club

  38. On The Move

    I have sent my letter to Santa this year and have asked if there is any way he can deliever “SKYE” with a big bow under my tree. OOOOOOOH BOY what a present that would make.

    She is the best in Richmond…./……

  39. what a dump

    this place is a joke. you cant be serious..

  40. Dave

    Where is he ABC board? This place and the other 2 are allowing leud and discusting lap dances. Full contact everywhere, you can catch a disease or who knows what.

  41. david L

    ugly girls blk too

  42. BIGTOY

    While I heard a lot of bad hipe about the club the couple girls working were atractive and gave one hell of a show not as bad as what I expected.

  43. jerry

    Had a nice time will come back soon

  44. the old man

    Lucky to get out of here alive, stay away girls are ugly and mostly black

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