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3020 East Coronado Street, Anaheim, CA 92806


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Angels Sports Bar

  1. AssnTits5

    Had a amazing time here $5 dollar cover that was worth it and cheap compared to other Topless bars that cost around $20 Bar had a very beautiful, very friendly and well spoken bartender that knows how to laugh and have a great time with her customers!! Vanessa really made this bar shine she never wondered off to have a cig or check her phone she had a great smile a great attitude and kept me at the bar all night she introduced me to all the dancers and I had a few lap dances with Chrisy which I would highly recommend for about $20 a dance!! I will come back most likely every week to see Vanessa she made me a regular in one night!! Took one star off for not having food past 8 on a Tuesday night I was hungry but didn’t want to leave to go grab food and take a chance getting pulled over it would have been nice to have!! Four stars for Vanessa and Chrisy!!!

  2. Danielle O.

    Love coming here! Yes it is a topless bar but even as a female I have a great time. Play pool, see beautiful ladies and have drinks with friends. Can’t go wrong. It is hidden away in back streets but always have fun.

  3. ryan123

    Dicey at best… gang bangers and Bikers are regulars here. Some drinks are over priced. I’ve been here a couple times and I’ve never even had a girl come up to ask if I wanted a lap dance because they were too busy getting bombed. Dancers are on average in the category of overweight and not propionate. Me and a friend came to shoot pool here one time and when the cue ball got stuck the guy running the bat said to steal someone else’s cue ball…. yea that works as all the tables were taken.. I’ve seen girls play pool with other customers which is cool but most of the time I see them shit faced which is bad for business

  4. Stephen L.

    By far the cheapest place in town to see some titties…but remember you get what you pay for.Cover charge is $5 and domestic bottles are $4.75. The bartender was friendly enough but definitely paid more attention to her regulars. The girls come around to chat but don’t pressure you like at other clubs. Most of them are cute, but not gorgeous by any means, and are a little overweight (not always a bad thing, btw). Clientele is a little dicey though…mostly cholos with assorted neck and face tattoos that don’t seem to like when white guys come in their bar–I was getting a lot of mean mugging the whole time. The bathroom was disgusting so go with an empty bladder and try not to drink too much.

  5. igor34

    This place sucks! I went on a Friday after work with some co-workers. We tried to order some beer, and they were out of most beers we like. When we finally got two pitchers, the beers was warm! We decided we would just get a bucket of beer which was like $30 for six bottled Heineken. Rip off. The girls there are horrible. One looked like a crack head which must have been like 50 years old, another chick was overweight, and the rest were some nasty looking black chicks. We ran out of there!

  6. XhXeXy

    Dirty Diana is the only girl that makes this dive worth five stars. Baddest dancer on stage and for private dances. Other wise its an ok dive. No cover and decent drink prices.

  7. Ez D.

    Cold Beer. Plenty of TVs. $1 pool. Friendly girls. yeah, this place is cool. Went there last night with a few buds and the music is rocking, pool games were going on and the ladies were always there to offer up a friendly conversation. Waitress named ‘jenny’ was super nice (she hates being called that she told me, lol)the only thing that was wack was the food. I had nachos that had olives, chilli, shredded cheese (not cheese sauce) and everything else they can find back there, i think. we printed a coupon so we got a discount so it wasn’t too bad. hope to be back soon.

  8. fuckery12

    This place is exactly what you’d expect it to be. It is pretty divey and comes with cheap beer and pool like many other bars, but it also has a side of titties. I can’t complain. The dancers aren’t aggressive and won’t talk to you unless you start the conversation. They offer lap dances for pretty cheap as well if you’re into that kind of thing. The beer is very cheap, $3 bottles of Coronas when I went in and I also saw $5 pitchers on game night. They also have a midget dancer coming in which I’m sure is an interesting spectacle. I also hear Hell’s Angels members hang out here sometimes, so I would be cautious when drinking here.

  9. winston12

    This place is not for everyone. It is not the Spearmint Rhino. It is not full of plastic Barbie dolls with perfect hair and no curves. It is not the place you get dressed up fancy and shower the stage in $20’s. It’s laid back. The drinks are reasonably priced. The girls are real but, for the most part, cute, fun, and sexy, and some are knockouts! I use to be a semi regular here before moving to the bay area, but when I come to southern California I try to hit up Angeles. I’ve had some great times, enjoyed the company of some great girls, and generally enjoyed myself here without breaking the bank (too much). Lapdances are fun, but be aware some girls will try to keep it going and might end up trying to charge you for another dance if you aren’t careful. Just watching the main stage with a beer in hand will be a nice evening But remember, these girls are NOT your girlfriend and they sure as hell aren’t there for charity. So tip the girls you cheap bastards! Oh, final tip. Unless you simply can’t resist the cute girl serving shots, avoid those. Overpriced and under alcoholed (is that a word? Oh hell I’m making it one). They’ll use that cute smile and other… ASSets to influence you into it but the only reward will be making her happy, for the drink will not satisfy.

  10. StripClub431

    Yuck. Heard bad things about Angels but thought I would check it out anyways with my gf. Looked ok from the website, but was extremely disappointed with our experience. $5 cover, no drink specials, 2 girls at the bar, one being the bartender (who was really nice). We were there for less than an hour and their line up of girls began to repeat. Can’t comment much on quality of food as we didn’t eat there. Actual venue itself is ok, but don’t be misled by the “topless” in their title. I read “topless” sports bar, and expected topless servers, but my gf and I instead experienced topless bbw dancers. Angels is pretty much a strip joint featuring bbws… which is cool if that is what you enjoy. We will not be coming back.

  11. Bryan B.

    Topless bar located in an industrial area off of Kraemer Blvd and Coronado. Probably would never have found it if I didn’t work around the corner. Been going in there off and on for about 5-6yrs. Seen many girls come and go. I would have to say my favorite dancer is Cheyenne and Bella. Girls are cute and there are plenty on the busy nights (Friday and Saturday). Think they may bring some in from the other location in Corona. Bartenders are friendly and prompt. Weekday afternoons seem to have the best deals on beers. Not bad to swing by after work a grab a pitcher for $6. Some time ago they began charging a cover, not a fan and not really sure they need to do so. I’d recommend it as a place to go with the boys to start your night out or end the night.If you bring a girl(s) hopefully they aren’t too picky or think they are too good for some cheap beer and boobs. About 4 pool tables and plenty of seating, though they could use some new bar stools.

  12. james1412

    Still a horrible place to go. Girls only talk to guys if they have money . Warm beer cold girls . I wish it was Harvey’s again

  13. Dan C.

    Not a bad joint to have a beer and chill.

  14. maxxy1

    Now has $5 cover charge and kitchen was closed. They no longer have specials on sundays. Same 3 chicks danced all night. However, cheap pool at $1 a game. I would rather play here than at D &B

  15. Johnnyboy123

    This place is clearly the official bar of the Anaheim Angels, right? No?! Then why is it that I see the hot dog vendor from the game chilling and getting a lap dance? I swear, we saw the dude at the stadium just hours before serving up wieners. it’s only fitting that on his off time he’s still serving them up. This is a bikini bar that has an actually impressive selection of beer. Though who the fuck can think of enjoying some Arrogant Bastard when you can get some cheap ass pitchers of beer to go with the atmosphere of pool tables and whatever the hell is going on with the pole on stage. The trouble comes in when you’re pretty much feeling like the ladies are hard up to make the quota of shots/dances/etc. sold. They will constantly bug you to buy their shit and help a girl up. Every time I’ve come here with Cheaptimes, we’ve always had the snaggletooth looking waitress try to unload her pussy shots on us. And like clockwork, Cheaptimes always rejects her. It’s actually pretty damn funny and if I go and that doesn’t happen, I’ll probably feel like I’ve gone to Disney and not seen Mickey Mouse.So yeah, it’s the type of place you want to get a cheap beer and potentially get harassed by waitresses who need to sell a certain quota of drinks otherwise they’d get even poorer treatment at work. Go figure.

  16. Nicole P.

    Havent been here in a while but def will go in soon. The girls are always really nice, they’ll come sit w you just to hang out wo trying to just get money from you. On that note, theres no pressure to buy drinks or anything like that. The music is always really good that the girls choose. Theres no cover charge, drinks are pretty decent and shooting pool is only a buck! Plus, the door guy is pretty cool. Favorite over-all dancer would be Kendal and favorite cocktail is Mandy! Miss you guys!

  17. yanard12

    Basic bitches with a 5 dollar cover on a Wednesday before 9 PM save your Money Rio Vista is a great bar yes with out da snatch but when a strip clubs parking lot is full of strippers rides and no clients should be a clue if you don’t take heed catch an STD

  18. Mike M.

    Not a bad place to go with the guys and hang out for a bit. It’s not your regular strip joint where the girls bug you to buy them drinks or ask you for dances, which is nice. They willl come over to you and BS with you for a bit without any pressure. There are pool tables around the stage so you can look and play at the same time. The drinks are prices reasonably, and the fact there was no cover was nice. The quality of girls was OK,nothing special, but it was a cool place to chill and have some drinks

  19. Dr V.

    Great little sportsbar. Plenty of flat screen tvs. More than one football game on at one time. Good atmosphere.

  20. Harrison69

    I bartend here, I don’t think it’s a dump by all means. Everyone has a bad day, but I enjoy my job. This place has been one of enjoyment to all my friends and customers. I’m Jenn =-)

  21. Frank S.

    I have to say all the topless dancing going on in this establishment can get very distracting when you’re trying to focus on the sports. Or all the sports can get very distracting when you’re trying to focus on the topless dancers…I sometimes come here to do charity work. There’s often a guy in there just watching the dancers without any alcohol. A pitcher of domestic is only $6 on certain days so I pour myself a cup or two and give him the rest.I have to disagree with another reviewer who says they pressure you to buy drinks/shots/dances. In my experience, they rarely pressure you to do anything here for the most part… BUT let me tell you, don’t ever waste your money on the shots of wet pu**y here because it’s one nasty, sorry excuse for a drink!

  22. Ted

    Catch this club on a good night and you will find everyone is having a great time from the dancers to the patrons the bartender and the management…On any given night you are likely to walk into a room full of happy drunks…do yourself a favor, designate a driver…this is a great place to party on a friday or saturday night…Did I mention there is no cover charge and plenty of pool tables with a great view of the stage…on top of this, the girls do not come around and bother you for tips or lap dances…since it is a bikini bar, the girls understand that not everyone is there for them so they will leave you alone if you so desire or give you the stage show of your life if you are up for it…your choice…through a couple dollars on stage and you might find yourself a great drinking or pool buddy..also there is no cover charge which helps the wallet…liquor flows like water and the girls are extra friendly…there are a few hotties amongst them all and the rest are average or above average..check out Jasmine, Erica, and Sasha…smoking!!!!

  23. eddyL

    I was out with the gfs, We were debating what to do and where to go. We ended up here. It was very quiet. Lots of regulars. We talked to two of the girls. They were quite nice and friendly. Had a few drinks and then headed out. This is an older establishment that has been around for a long time. In general a a ok place like the rating states …

  24. Kali

    the girls are second rate as far as bikini clubs go… a good place for a beer though.

  25. tonycluber

    I’ve been coming here for a while now for the cheap beer and free pool. Some of the dancers look like rejects but ehh it’s always entertaining to watch them try. Since they let my boy JD go who was the best security guard I stopped gong! The wings are delicious and like I said Cheap 6$ pitchers on Wednesday and Sunday I believe.

  26. Matt H.

    Yay. so now I’m the Duke. This place has been around as long as I’ve lived in the neighborhood. I originally came here when it was Harvey’s while I waited for the cover charge at the club around the corner to drop to zero. I kinda liked that fact that it was a bikini bar and that the dancers were also your waitresses. Cheap drinks didn’t hurt either.Flash forward a number of years and I’ve been hanging out here on and off. Now the drinks are outrageously priced (except the happy-hour domestic pitchers), it is a topless bar, and there are separate waitresses trying to sell you $5 shots. It was more fun years ago, but despite the bikers and police walkthroughs I will still drop by once a month or so.

  27. joseph1k

    No dancers on a Sunday afternoon. Walked in and walked right out.

  28. Ashley D.

    I used to really like this place not cuz it was clean or supermodel epic goddess girls but because I always enjoyed myself and descent priced drinks, good drinks, no cover, and really really close to home. But recently they started charging a cover I can understand a friday Saturday night but not weekdays. It enough to make me not come here anymore. I would suggest another bar until the cover is gone.

  29. Matt Q.

    No cover, the drinks are cheap and topless girls. Not a bad equation for a good time. If your looking for a strip club to to the Venetian, if your looking for a bikini bar go to the Lounge. We came with open minds and left being dissapointed. The girls where lacking and the place it self was rather dirty and filled with some shady looking patrons. Overall we will not be coming back.

  30. Franklyn

    I go in after a hard days work to unwind, have a few beers n see some titty. I’m a dive bar junkie so this place felt like a long lost home to fulfill my lust for TnA and booze. Overtime I’ve met some really cool girls, most importantly the bartender Jen. She’s fucking gorgeous! The talent seems fitting in my opinion. C and B level with an A thrown in the mix here n there, I’m not complaining. It’s a hard life so I tip every girl on stage even if they aren’t my cup of tea. Go in, have some booze, have some fun, and tip your bartender and dancers.

  31. w
  32. Mistercap12

    Terrible place I went here with a friend The service was the worst I ever had Took 20 minutes to take our orderThenAfter about 20 more minutes waiting Our waitress disappeared We asked were she went She clocked out her schedule was over so to find out after waiting 40 minutes Still no food, So a different new waitress#2 takes our orderNow after 1 hour our food finally shows up By another different waitress #3And before we are going to eatWaitress #2 brings us more food They try to double charge usWe were so upset Waiting so long for them to be so unorganized and double priced We didn’t even touch the foodWe couldn’t trust this place So we just left, terrible place

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