Deja Vu Showgirls Lake City



14556 Bothell Way Northeast, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155


47.7357008, -122.2923036




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls Lake City

  1. djeskimo0309

    Go on the slow nights. I went in on a Monday night and got several dances from summer. She’s cool and hot as hell will go back soon.

  2. TONYA
  3. Aaron

    Try another club. Same old thing here.

  4. natey


  5. gary

    This is a good strip club . Dancers not afraid to show some skin.

  6. Mitch
  7. eatadick
  8. jems

    i have been to this club about 60 times in the past years..

    some times the service is good and a lot of times is it poor

  9. Weedman420

    Only three girls. wtF . Just wasted my money. This location need to step on .

  10. Jennifer

    This Club was fucking great….I came in there shy as hell but left sooooo happy….Janessa is the greatest she smelt beautiful and had a beautiful body I LOVE HER!!! I am female but it was ridiculously awsome…I am most definatly going back there again such a clean club…..WOOOOOWWWW

  11. adamrod

    OK ,, I have been to this establishment many times.. This will be the last.. I went there a few weeks ago and I went to the back area with one of the dancers for a couple lap dances. I had two dances one after the other with this dancer and after the second one I said : ” that’s it for me ,, I’m good with two dances” She then insisted it was three dances .. These were $30 dances . I offered to split the difference with her and give her $75 for the two dances ,, but instead of taking my offer she went straight over to tell her story to the guys behind the counter near by . Then without hesitation or asking me my side of the story or trying to work it out with me ,, this guy from behind the counter insisted she was right and I needed to pay her for three dances . I again offered to compromise on the third dance that didn’t happen .. He immediately took my offer . I soon left and it will be the last time I step foot in there.

  12. Rick & Sara

    my husband & i actually live in Las Vegas & don’t frequent the strip clubs there. it’s something we look forward to when we are on vacation. so, we were in the mood for some stripper action and came across Deja Vu in Lk. Forest Pk. we ended up spending the entire evening with one sexy girl!! her name is Jade and she is a Brunette with perfect little boobies & a thin frame. she was just soooo sexy and made us feel very comfortable and our overall experience was such a pleasant one that we look forward to spending more time with her on our next visit to Seattle. thanks Jade & thanks Deja Vu!!!!

  13. tiredtraveler

    Ellie and Houston are the best both hot little numbers that will have you bursting your zipper if not your nut. Get a grind. Both will show you plenty of what you want to see whithin the rules. They both make this club worth the stop and there are many other hotties for every taste. From thin to buxom. From A to D cup naturals to DD plastic.

  14. Giant

    A good selection of lasses to choose from.

  15. Tile

    Was shown a kick ass time by my friends at this spot,

    really enjoyed myself

  16. Erik

    really nice

  17. Camdog

    Great experience, everyone was very friendly and made me feel very welcome, I will be back as often as I can.

  18. JohnnyOnTheSpot

    I’ve had two good experiences here recently on Monday and Tuesday nights. Very clean facility, good value for combined entrance fee and bottomless drinks, attentive and cute drink servers, very attractive dancers, and the dancers give you ample attention without being pushy. First night, a very cute (to most) girl who wasn’t my type came right over and asked what kind of girl I like. I answered honestly, and shortly thereafter, a total beauty who completely matched my preferences (big bottom and small perky top) came over, she made a little dough, and I was a happy customer. Can’t stress enough what an awesome way this was to do business – no drama, no hurt feelings, just be honest, whaddya like and there you go. On the other night, I had some great dances with another total cutie. The evening was sullied a little because another dancer gave me flack for not getting a dance after she sat down to chat for a few minutes. Please note that I didn’t flag her down, invite her over or even make eye contact 🙂 – she just sat down since it was a slow night. Whatever to her, but this club is still a good choice overall.

  19. Brian

    couch dances are awsome

  20. Nick

    Nice club

  21. jake

    it was good

  22. SC
  23. KOOL _CA
  24. jo

    not bad but not good

  25. James

    Great place. Quite enjoy the club. If you get in there, make sure to find Summer. I think she only works during the day, but quite worth the VIP price!

  26. Carlos Hermanitez

    Great place to go with buddies. Great service also.

  27. A Club Goer

    Keep it up LAKE CITY DEJA VU!!!!

  28. daddy

    By far the best club I have been to in WA. The only thing I dont like is when that younger DJ is working… the one with the glasses and tattos dont know his name dont care.

  29. GF

    A friend and I have visited the club a couple of times and its worth checking out. We have always gone on weeknights where it hasn’t been very busy and the girls come around alot. Lap dances were $30 and were ok, just watch the girls cause they like to start dancing in the middle of a song. Also beware that the waitress’s try to have you buy the dancer a drink…for $20!! Never do that.

  30. Matthew K

    Me and my buddy went in on Valentine’s day expecting it to be dead but the place was packed there were a lot of sexy girls. The shower show was crazy hot, I got my face smashed in between to sets of wet tits…We’ll be back!!

  31. craig

    My wife had her first dance and loved it…Thanks

  32. olov

    charged a drink that no one asked for

    one of the girls cheated me

  33. eatme
  34. Dakota

    Took Dakota tight hot babe and went to Vip room anything goes with this babe kissing finger fucked her she pulled my cock out stroked it then took me in her mouth for few minutes she then pulled her panties aside and put me inside her bareback no condom and rode me until I shot the biggest load of my life inside this babe! Great tight body perfect body expense but worth it to fuck this hottie 🙂

  35. Billy Watson

    Damm…These girls are fucking hot!! I am so glad I wore sweat pants, wowhee I am coming back to this place soon

  36. Harry

    Plenty of girls there most weekday nights

  37. o


  38. SirOatALot

    I went there again as a second time on Saturday night. Oh man, this place is way better than other clubs in seattle area. Girls are hot, very welcomed, and willing to do whatever they can to satisfy you. Don’t forget to check this place out and you will never be disappointed.

  39. kaylah

    got my first lap dance from nina last night!! thanks! it was bomb!!

    girls are hot! i had funn! thanks for the kissesss!

  40. ThisIsBullSheet

    I walked in tonight (Friday night). I sit down after paying 20 to get in. A stripper I didn’t like sat down and said “hi”. Two seconds later, waitress asks if I want to buy the stripper a drink. Ok fine whatever. I ask for a small drink. This is ten dollars. The waitress comes back with a small drink and 0 change. I ask for my 10$ change from my $20 bill. Waitress says “what”, stripper says “what”. Fucking ROBs. I will never go back.

  41. Rob B.

    I took a friend here for his bachelor party. Being a small collective of nerds, I have to say that the best manner to describe our group walking in would be… shall we say… Terrified? Perhaps.The lady at the door was a real cutie and definitely willing to help us out (she even flirted with one of the more socially inept member of our intrepid band, and for that she has my gratitude). Once in the door, we realized no drinks. Sad. However, the cola was free, so bonus.The girls, however, are the real ‘meat’ of the review so lets get to them. By and large, they were all very attractive. A few of the pole-dancers had, aside from kicking bodies, phenomenal skill. The waitresses were also pretty attractive and attentive to our party.Now, I’m not as seasoned a connoisseur of strip joints as I am of food, but the assortment of women there was mighty good. Not much in the way of that nasty fake augmentation. The place was very clean. The girls were polite and friendly.We subjected my bachelor buddy to a series of nearly non-stop lap-dances before I worked it out with the manager (an AWESOME guy, btw) to have my buddy on stage and get all the girls in the place to give him a little attention.It’s the personal touches that make a party memorable, and these guys helped a ton.

  42. Trev

    I went in on a Sunday and it was dead. Probably cause of football (which they were not airing, no idea why). I sat and was right away introduced to Lexi. Ok, she is awesome and I was easily convinced to get a dance with her. She is easy to talk to and has an amazing body. I guarantee I will be back to see her and recommend anyone to check her out just be cool because she tells me she doesn’t take “””.

  43. g1

    Girls were average looking, a couple of hot ones. Lap dances were great!!

  44. BRANDI
  45. ethan

    All the dancers are very hot

  46. joe
  47. John


  48. dude

    best strip club in seattle

  49. clubgoer

    Great club, heard a lot of good things and I was not disappointed. Definitely spring for the VIP cover and don’t miss the shower show especially if Champagne is in it. Make sure to get a VIP dance from her, she is AMAZING!! Don’t take too much money because you will end up spending it all.

  50. BandidoCheeto

    Club is better now that the old honeys dancers are gone and there are fresh new faces.

  51. Pervert

    dances that make you fall in love

  52. KC

    I loved how Naomi danced for “me” last night (8-1-07).

  53. Mikey Fischer

    Pretty good looking girls. The one thing I wanted was a song played and one of the dancers requested it. Thanks!

  54. Bob
  55. bh

    awesome club

  56. 1234


  57. adslfkj
  58. loop

    ya the service is really poor to me it seems the bouncers and dances team up with one aother to rip some people off. some girls dont come up to you and when they do and you dont wanna a dance from them they get all pissy.

  59. cowboy
  60. 1


  61. Ed

    The club was very well kept and the dancer Sasha was bomb.

  62. Tony

    that was one of the best strip clubs ive been to in washington. The girls were extremely beautiful and very nice. The VU is #1

  63. Mike
  64. Omg Its' Matt!

    Ive been to this club twice, First time there had several dances from “Sasha” lets just say i returned to see her again! The Club is very very clean. Great atmosphere not some rinky dink hole in the wall club. Recommend to anyone A++

  65. ANDREW
  66. Al

    I’m here every other weekend. I love it here.

  67. Olivia

    Heeeey! I dance at this club every wednesday for amature night so make sure you come and make it rain on me 🙂

    love you!!!

  68. Freeboy

    I had a great time here. I was ready to give up on clubs after my experience at that shit hole in south Lake city. The club which starts with a P ripped me off so bad ( credit card ) that I had pretty much given up until I came in here. They treat me very well

  69. Some Loser

    Had a very good time twice this week. Nice club, very nice girls. Seems well run.

  70. Jimmy

    By far the best in town!!!

  71. Hank

    Best place in town

  72. Trevor McGuckin

    Great place to go. Girls are beautiful and it is really easy to spend money.

  73. Jim Weldon

    I went there for my bachelor party, a little less than a year ago. I was treated

    well. A friend of mine who knew all the staff set it up. Not sure if that had any

    effect on my service, but I was happy. So was my wife, when she arrived later


    I really wish this club posted a list of the dancers. Every guy who goes to a

    club has his favorite, and I would love to know if my favorite is still working


  74. Regular
  75. Lindsay G.

    A GREAT DEAL! $10 gets you in the door with two free drinks! The girls are beautiful and it’s always lively! From shower shows to couch dances – if you’re looking for a fu place to go any night of the week – this is it!

  76. emtdean

    have never had a bad experiance at this club everyone is so friendly including managment there all great. the manager snap is probably the coolest person you’ll ever meet at this club he’s helped me out so much when i go there. and i know about 6 or 7 different girls that work there and the girls that i know are so understanding and friendly. one of the best girls there that i know her name is Ashley probably the most friendly dancer i know there. just met her saturday night and she’s super friendly if you go on the weekends ask for her she’s super friendly

  77. jb
  78. Curtis

    The girls are absolutely beautiful! Even the manager! Went in day time and again at night and i loved it.

    Will definately go back again!

  79. John H.

    This place can be a lot of fun. It’s only $10 to get in and includes 2 drinks. There’s good stage shows, and the lap dances are decent with mild contact. Grab a VIP band even if you’re not going to get private dances, because the shower shows are awesome…especially when more than one girl is doing them!

  80. Vaizard

    well I go in off and on when I feel its been to long, but I always meet such great woman there, I dont have regulars I see but there is one there I will always make time for Kimber 😉

    over all this club is great, for new comers and long timers both, I will always return here anytime.

  81. Kurt

    Yes this place definately rocks! The lunch is awsome! so are the women!

  82. Sam

    it’s awsome

  83. honey bear

    i got a dance with honey, i must say i’m hooked!

  84. MELOS
  85. Dan

    I’ve been coming here for years dancers come and

    go the circle of life whatever but recently all of

    my favorite girls are gone the whole grab my dick

    to get me dancing is nice but let me sit down at

    least and don’t get me off and rip me off

  86. jose


  87. Max
  88. Bill

  89. Much Improved

    I must admit that this place is much improved in the last 3 months. Lots of young hot fresh faces. Mmm Mmm!

  90. Jay

    Went to this club with some friends, and had a great time. Some of the girls can’t take no for an answer, but the ones you do say yes to definitely make up for that. One particular red head was quite the bombshell. Cherry was an absolute blast. One of the nicest dancers I’ve come across. We will definitely be back.

  91. Some young guy

    I had a great time last Saturday night. Girls are hot and friendly both waitresses and dancers. I was there at around 4 pm and I was the only guy at that time. I was thinking about leaving the club and come back at 5 or 6 pm instead, but the wait staff told me not to leave yet trying to change my mind to stick around by telling me that there will be more dancers coming soon, so I ended up staying until 10 pm and had a blast! It’s quiet in the evening with only 4 dancers but it gets better and better at night shift right around 8 pm with tons of hotties hopping around trying to sell themselves. I will be back again next time for sure.

  92. Mr. Robot O.

    Yeah, the sign says “Now hiring waitstaff”. But what they fail to mention until AFTER you’ve paid your $10 to get in, is that they really mean “Now hiring FEMALE waitstaff.”Also, they’ve got naked girls in here.

  93. Robert
  94. Heliopause

    Way too far for me to get there from Mt. Vernon, Washington.

  95. B.Back
  96. Danny

    All the girls were really cool. Got a dance from carmen and famous, both hott pieces of %#%!!

  97. Bobby

    Sometimes when I go I get quite good dances.

  98. mark

    Went in on a weekend night recently and it was mediocre. Dancers are rude and the

    staff seems tho be all over the place. Kind of dingy looking. Was hoping.for better

    music but it was a young kid with tattoos and glasses that seemed more occupied with

    his phone or busy with flirting with the dancers and talking. Maybe met one.girl I liked

    the whole night but cant remember.her name. Met too many to remember. Might go

    back but want to try the newcl

  99. lame

    The only good lookin dancers don’t do shit. The nasty lookin dancers hustle you with drinks. Why does anyone go here? Oh because they have some good lookin dancers who don’t do shit. Lame club

  100. Larry

    Went in for Jello wrestling on Monday. Had a Blast!

  101. Bridget

    Ivy was a great dancer and excellent companion well worth the time and price.

  102. TONY S

    had a great time, beautiful ladies, amazing dances

  103. Big D

    If you get the chance to have Philly dance for you take it. She moves great and

    makes you feel like your the only one. Which of course is true.

  104. Pete


  105. JAY LO

    2-4-1 TUES ROCKS

  106. Taylor Mozingo

    Girls are great and the service is fantastic. Private dances are cheap, but excellent. I will be back alot in the near future.

  107. MSweets69
  108. Edgar

    Pretty girls, nice personalities, and a clean club.

  109. Dave

    Two girls really made my last visit awsome: Summer and Chelsea. They are both very beautiful and really friendly before, during and after the dances

  110. GOAT

    Quite a comeback, reminded me of how this club was a few years ago

  111. I. Freely

    Have not been here for many months, and thought I’d give Sunday night a try. WOW!!! There were 12 maybe 15 dancers and some were just OK some I would never talk to, but 10 were just freeking gorgeous. Not much mileage which sucked but damn just to look at them I could almost blow – almost 😉

  112. Darren

    This was my favorite club until about a month and a half ago. The

    change seemed to happen over night. All I know for sure is that the

    change did coincide with a shift in management. The silver lining is

    this all forced me to shop around and I’m happy to say that ive

    found a new home at Pandora’s Box.

  113. douglas
  114. Kris T.

    Having only been here a “handful” of times with friends, Deja Vu hasn’t disappointed me in whatever sense that would be possible. Aside from the no liquor rule (which is nice… nothing makes you feel like a man quite as much as a lap dance while drinking a Dr. Pepper), it’s a nice place and the dancers are very pretty and friendly. However, sometimes they do tend to make you feel like not buying a VIP area dance is the height of gauche strip club behavior.

  115. Nervoso

    I went here last night on my way home from work. I met a dancer named Mercedes who was the best damn dancer I’ve ever seen or had grind on my lap for 20 minutes. She made it worth coming back. good times. $15 bottomless drink cover is a good deal. Again all about Mercedes, she was the bomb.

  116. QuietSunday

    This club was absolutely amazing. Went on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and the girls outnumbered the guys by 5 to 1. Many of the dancers were definitely trying to sell you on the VIP room; it is worth the extra $10/dance for many of the dancers (MJ and Violet in particular). It was a little light on the blondes on the night that I went, and that’s the closet thing to a complaint that I can come up with.

  117. bluemoon

    Lots of hot dancers. too many cameras

  118. JORGE
  119. Ryan Q.

    So I came in there thinking that maybe they had a dr. in there that could help me with the sudden cases of Deja Vu I was having. I was a little shocked when the lady at the front told me they had a door fee to even get into the waiting room!So I paid the door fee, and walked into a suddenly dark room, I was thinking maybe they did that to save on lighting, and possibly to prevent headaches, so I went along with it.Then OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE!!!! Some girl that forgot to maybe put her clothes back on after taking the patient robes they give you off. Anyways, all the sudden some freaky music came on and she was dancing around. I left before anyone noticed that my pants started to feel too tight.

  120. TDK

    This club took a huge downturn when they fired Taylor, the hottest friendliest waitress there!

  121. DanTHEman
  122. MEECH

    SPECTACULAR!!! Worth the ca$h.

  123. Charlie

    Adrianne is the most amazing girl I’ve ever met.

  124. Kittens

    Just come to Kittens so we stop posting fake reviews.

  125. Kris

    Hot girls, cheap to get in, best strip club ever!

  126. Josh Wright

    I came to the club on Saturday night, July 22nd, I’ve been wanting to visit the club for quite a while since I last visited a few months ago. There were two girls I had been wanting to see, Wednesday and Ariel. Unfortunately, Wednesday wasn’t there that night, but the lovely redhead Ariel was. She came to me and sat on my lap and we chatted for a few minutes before we went into the back for a couple lapdances.

    After that, we came back out in the lobby and chatted a little bit more and watched a guy get lapdances on stage and get spanked with a bel t by the last dancer, funny thing was, it was that guy’s bachelor party, so that made the night memorable lol. After chatting for a few more minutes, Ariel and I went into one of the VIP rooms for an hour and had fun time snuggling, cuddling and kissing each other. It reminded me of the things I really liked about her, she has a very cute bubbly personality, she loves being spanked, and she loves beards. She is an absolute sweetheart and she has become my #1 favorite dancer and I definitely want to see her again.

    There were quite a few lovely girls there that, such as Nadya, Natalia, and a few other ladies who I can’t remember their names and I apologize to them and whoever reads this. But there was one other lovely girl who also made my night a great night, and that was Rain. She was a very beautiful curvy African American woman who had one of the best big natural breasts I have felt. And like Ariel, she is a sweetheart! Needless to say, after a couple lapdances from her, there was no way I was leaving without spending some time with her in the VIP room. We went in for a half an hour and cuddled and rubbed each other up and even tickled each other a little bit, which was a lot of fun. My only regrets were I didn’t spend more time with her and Ariel, but the club isn’t going away anytime soon and I doubt they will either.

    I did spend a ridiculous amount of money here that night, but you know what, it was worth every cent! I went through hell the last few months working long stressful hours and I felt that I deserved to reward myself and forget the stress and BS I deal with everyday and I indeed did that with the help of the lovely ladies at Deja Vu in Lake City Way, particularly Ariel and Rain!

  127. felixnada

    This is the most beautiful club in Seattle. It is clean, safe, and fun! The staff are amazing and helpful and they have the most beautiful dancers! I feel 100% comfortable going here with my friends for a girl’s night!

  128. Gary G

    The girls are awesome!! the club is clean and pretty, and the staff is friendly. WELL worth the $$

  129. Corey

    The girls are really nice and extremely beautiful. They take time out to talk to you and make you comfortable in the very clean establishment. I would recommend very highly!

  130. richard95

    my girlfriend wanted to go to a strip club to celebrate her birthday, as neither of us had been before, so we got some friends together and tried it out. it was awesome! the owner is an awesome guy, the girls are hot (we went on a saturday, we figured they’d have the hottest ones then), the bottomless drinks are a nice touch, and the whole place is very cool looking. its 15 bucks to get in (includes bottomless drinks), and lap dances are 30 bucks, and last one song. although often you can get a deal where you get 3 songs for the same price. when you get a lap dance, they take you into the vip section with couches, i bought one for my girlfriend and she said it was the greatest thing ever, and after watching it i agree. also, there weren’t a whole lot of people there, even considering it was a saturday night, so we got to sit in the front row the whole time. great first strip club experience, would recommend

  131. unbelievable

    Do not even bother going in early. They open at 11, I was there at 11. The guy at the desk let me in for free because no strippers had come in yet – wait, what?

    I got a free drink, that was great, but the waitress was only female in the damn building. They made her clean the stage 4 times, I guess so I had something to look at. Then they started playing pornos and some deja vu advertising on the big screen TVs, so I left.

    Really? Porn?

  132. williamr

    I have been here twice now. Once on a weekday and once on the weekend. The weekday was slow but there were a lot of girls. The weekend was steady with a decent amount of girls. I did go a bit early on the weekend. The girl are very attractive. I think I might have saw 3 unattractive girls between both visits. Everyone has different taste so that’s fine. It’s 20 dollars to get in. No alcohol in Washington state. Unlimited refills on juice. Waitress are not very attentive but I dont expect much in this kind of environment. 30 dollars for a vip dance. Every dance I had was good. These girls want to make money. The vip dance area is semi private. Its not bad. I have never done the champagne room deal and don’t know the prices. I honestly have no desire to. You will have to look at a different review for the prices.I never noticed management when I was there which is good. Girls do push for dances but not too hard. I will go back when I get chance.

  133. crazy

    This club is horrible. I will never go back the girls rip you off and so do the waitress’s. The best place to go is either the sands or centerfolds. Both nice places and the girls there are so friendly they welcome you with open arms i will never go back to dejavu its horrible service and the managers are cracked out. No thanks im going to sands and centerfolds

  134. S

    Plenty of girls there most weekday nights

  135. Robert N.

    Of the three lake city strip clubs this Is my favorite hands down . First all it has the large main and a smaller second stage . They are as does something fun on the slower nights to draw more guys from oil wrestling to the shower shows . The booth are nice for lap dancing and in a semi private dances . Just beware always ask a dancer how much they charge per dance . The sign says 20 a dance that is the clubs rate , if they want more than that , just say no thanks .Or yes please and you get asked by ever girl in the club for a dance until you leave . To tip or not to tip that is up to you , like anything less in life , how good of a job did they do ? You make the call .

  136. Roadrunner

    Good music, Good times. I’ve been going in on the weekends the last couple weeks. Nasty coffee is the only negative thing i have to say about this club. Ivy the tattoo pinup looking babe is awesome, anyone know her schedule? She dances too good music!

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